Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1767 - 1767 Fu Qing Comes to the Capital

1767 Fu Qing Comes to the Capital

The next day, the couple returned to the villa after lunch at the old residence.

It was mainly because Chi Shuyan’s teacher was arriving today, and she had to pick her up.

The Qi family was very reluctant to see them leave. Father and Mother Qi never stopped suggesting that the young couple move back to the old residence. Fortunately, Qi Zhenbai was adamant, and Chi Shuyan heaved a sigh of relief.

In fact, she wasn’t repulsed by the idea of living in the old residence. She was just a little worried that Mother Qi would make her drink soup every day. She planned to wait until later in her pregnancy before she moved back to the old residence. After all, she and Qi Zhenbai were pregnant with their first child. Two newbies like them didn’t know anything; she would be more at ease with parents by her side.

Her father had also mentioned this a few times before.

Besides, she would definitely have to go back to the old residence after giving birth.

Fine, she wouldn’t think about anything else for now. The more she thought about it, the more worried she became.

Because Chi Shuyan’s teacher was coming to the capital, Qi Zhenbai arranged for someone to pick her up, but Chi Shuyan was a little worried. In the end, Qi Zhenbai personally drove her there.

They picked her teacher up at the airport at 1:30pm.

As usual, Fu Qing was wearing a cheongsam, which was light blue in color. Her face looked fair and very young. She hadn’t applied any makeup on her face, and there was only a thin coral red layer on her lips. Her long, black and bright hair was also tied up into a bun. Apart from a jade hairpin on the back of her head and exquisite pearl earrings that peeked out from time to time, she didn’t wear any other jewelry at all.

It had to be said that Chi Shuyan’s teacher’s style was minimalistic, but it still couldn’t hide her good looks. What was even more unique and attractive was her gentle and aloof temperament. Many people who saw her were filled with amazement.

Chi Shuyan found her very beautiful and outstanding teacher with one glance at the airport. It had to be said that her teacher had changed a lot in two lifetimes.

She had never suffered the ruin of her family or the scourge of that scumbag in this life. Her teacher’s life was getting better and better, and her complexion and temperament were also getting better and better. Just by looking at her teacher’s rosy face, one could tell that she was doing especially well.

It wasn’t like in Chi Shuyan’s previous life, when her teacher was only immersed in revenge. She hadn’t let that scumbag off, nor had she been kind to herself.

This life was still the best. The more Chi Shuyan thought about it, the more emotional she became, and the more glad she was.

Her teacher hadn’t embarked on the path of a Celestial Master in this life – who knew what man would benefit in the future. The more Chi Shuyan thought about it, the more sour she felt. She made up her mind that if her teacher fell in love again, she would definitely help take a look at the other party before she could relax.

Qi Zhenbai took in the subtle changes in his wife’s expression and didn’t say anything.

“Shuyan!” At that moment, Fu Qing’s gentle voice came from afar.

Hearing her teacher’s familiar voice, Chi Shuyan quickly came back to her senses. She hurriedly waved at her teacher. “Here, Sister Fu!”

Qi Zhenbai’s eyes were fixed on his wife. Seeing her walk in Miss Fu’s direction, he calmly went ahead, making way for his wife. Afraid that someone would bump into her stomach, he instructed in a deep voice, “Be careful of your stomach and slow down!”

Unfortunately, Chi Shuyan’s attention was all on her teacher, and she didn’t hear the man next to her at all, let alone see how he was attracting bees and butterflies.

“Sister Fu, you’re finally in the capital again!” This was the second time her teacher had come since her wedding. She had wanted to entertain her teacher properly back then, but unfortunately, she suddenly got pregnant and her plans were disrupted. Later, when she made time to entertain her teacher, her teacher had already left the capital.

Chi Shuyan was very happy and didn’t hide it at all on her face. Her excited and happy appearance somehow made the face of the man next to her darken.

Chi Shuyan didn’t notice the man’s strange behavior at all, and continued to ramble at her teacher. In her heart, although they weren’t fated to be teacher and disciple in this life, her teacher was still the same person who had wholeheartedly treated her well in her previous life. So, she didn’t act the slightest bit distant and polite toward her teacher.

Fu Qing also didn’t find it strange, mainly because the two of them chatted very often on WeChat. Moreover, Fu Qing had instinctively had a good impression of this young lady from the moment she saw her. Before she met Shuyan, she never thought that a person like her, who took a long while to warm up to someone, would have such a good impression of this young lady whom she had only met in person a few times. She felt especially close to her every time they met, and didn’t feel distant at all.

Later on, she thought about it and felt that fate was probably just that strange.

Chi Shuyan was so happy to meet her teacher that she completely forgot about the man. In the end, the man coughed softly to remind the two of them that it was time to leave.

Only then did Chi Shuyan snap back to her senses. She took the initiative to help her teacher with her suitcase, but before she could touch it, the man next to her pulled her to the side and motioned for the two of them to leave.

Fu Qing had also met Shuyan’s husband at the wedding. She also had a very good impression of him, but she wasn’t as familiar with him as she was with Shuyan. Fu Qing was still very polite and distant toward Shuyan’s husband, and said that she could carry her own suitcase.

Chi Shuyan immediately interrupted her teacher and said intimately, “It’s fine, Sister Fu. Let him carry it. We’ll talk as we walk.”

As she spoke, Chi Shuyan immediately took the initiative to hold her teacher’s arm. Qi Zhenbai was worried and pulled the suitcase behind him as he walked vigilantly beside his wife.

He was tall and had a strong aura. The people coming and going in the airport hall didn’t dare crowd them. The three of them all had very outstanding looks, especially Qi Zhenbai, who stood out from the crowd and had a strong aura. On the way, many women glanced at him.

Of course, Chi Shuyan and her teacher were also outstanding in appearance and attracted the attention of many people. It was a pity that the man next to her had such a strong aura that other men didn’t dare look at them.

Fu Qing took in Shuyan’s husband’s considerate actions and was very pleased.

It wasn’t until the three of them got into the car that Qi Zhenbai heaved a sigh of relief. He waited for his wife to speak to him, but unfortunately, she was still talking to Miss Fu and didn’t look at him at all.

Qi Zhenbai: …

“Sister Fu, have you been well recently?”

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