Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1766 - 1766 The Lovey-dovey Couple During Pregnancy

1766 The Lovey-dovey Couple During Pregnancy

Qi Zhenbai paid a lot of attention to nutritional supplements for his wife. He immediately brought in the soup which Mother Qi had made and ladled a bowl for his wife to drink.

As soon as Mother Qi left, Chi Shuyan decisively had the man drink the rest of the soup. She really couldn’t drink anymore. The smell was a little unbearable. At that moment, Chi Shuyan was very glad that they hadn’t moved back to the old residence. Still, Mother Qi had good intentions. Chi Shuyan didn’t want to waste them, so this man drank the rest of the soup for her.

At Chi Shuyan’s decisive request, Qi Zhenbai naturally drank the soup for her. He drank until he felt a little nauseated.

Although his mother’s cooking was good, the taste of the soup was very light. It would be strange if he could get used to it.

Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but secretly gloat. After the man finished eating, she deliberately curled her lip and smiled. “You’re done? Bring the bowl and chopsticks down tomorrow morning. I’ll go take a shower first. Take your time to digest the food!”

Chi Shuyan got up and was about to leave, but before she could take more than a few steps, the man suddenly lifted her into the air and forced her to sit on his lap. Chi Shuyan was so shocked that her face changed slightly and her heart jumped. After all, she was pregnant now, and she was still very concerned about the child. She was afraid that something would happen during her first pregnancy.

Sitting firmly on the man’s lap, she opened her mouth to immediately scold him, but the man’s cold thin lips blocked her first, making her vision turn black.

Qi Zhenbai was shocked by his wife’s reaction and immediately let go. His hands were still trembling as he hurriedly asked seriously, “Are you feeling unwell? Wife? Shall I take you to the hospital?”

The man got up in a panic and was about to leave the room. Chi Shuyan jumped in fright and hurriedly stopped him to say that she was fine. She emphasized that she was fine, but this man insisted on taking her to the hospital. She was helpless.

She regretted gloating and laughing at this man just now. Afraid that this man would really force her to go to the hospital and alarm everyone in the Qi family, she hurriedly patted the man’s shoulder and had him put her down. “I’m really fine, Qi Zhenbai!” Seeing that the man was still looking at her worriedly and doubtfully, she could only tell him honestly, “It’s just that your mouth tastes a little strange. You’re not allowed to kiss me after you drink in the future!”

Her reaction didn’t last long. Not long after, the taste of alcohol in her mouth disappeared, and Chi Shuyan didn’t feel like vomiting anymore, and her complexion improved.

Qi Zhenbai took a few more careful looks at his wife. Seeing that her complexion had indeed improved a lot, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

After that, he didn’t dare make a fuss, and obediently went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and shower before going to bed.

Chi Shuyan also took a shower. Just as she was about to, the man insisted on taking a shower with her; or, in his words, if she didn’t want to take a shower with him, he could just sit inside with her.

Chi Shuyan refused right away. Although they had been together for quite some time now, she really didn’t dare imagine what it would be like for this man to be in the bathroom and stare at her as she showered.

As for when they were at the villa, the man was usually willing to let her shower alone because the bathroom was closer and she usually didn’t close the door.

In the old residence, the room was bigger and the bathroom was a little further away, so Qi Zhenbai was naturally worried.

In the end, Chi Shuyan could only take a step back and agree not to lock the door. The man stood at the door and waited as she showered.

With this tall and strong man waiting for her at the bathroom door, Chi Shuyan felt very safe.

After taking a shower and putting on her pajamas, Chi Shuyan finally heaved a sigh of relief. The man at the door wasn’t impatient at all. After she changed, he picked her up and strode to the big bed.

When the couple got into bed, Qi Zhenbai didn’t dare really make a move even if he wanted to. He only dared to kiss and caress her from time to time.

In fact, Qi Zhenbai had asked the doctor early on when the couple could have intercourse. The doctor said that it would be fine in three months, but even then, Qi Zhenbai was still a little worried. His wife was young and looked thin and weak. No matter how much he craved ‘meat’ in his heart at that moment, he didn’t dare do anything else. He took a deep breath and planned to accompany his wife to her prenatal checkup in a few days to verify her health.

Chi Shuyan didn’t know that the man next to her might look very calm, but was in fact unable to hold it in anymore after being a ‘vegetarian’ for several months. It just so happened that she was used to the man hugging her to sleep, and she clung to him.

Seeing his wife cling to him and even put her feet on him, Qi Zhenbai’s face was a bit tense and the veins on his forehead throbbed.

Chi Shuyan had actually never had this habit before, but the man had already conditioned her.

Coupled with the fact that it was winter, the man’s body was like a hot water bottle. Chi Shuyan really liked to hug him to sleep when it was cold.

Now, Qi Zhenbai felt that he had brought this on himself!

Chi Shuyan didn’t know what the man was thinking at all. Ever since she got pregnant, she got tired easily. With this ‘hot water bottle’ around, she fell asleep not long after. On the other hand, the man finally couldn’t take it anymore after a long time. He immediately got out of bed and went to the bathroom to take another cold shower.

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