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Chapter 48 - Mutation Of The Sphere’s Space

Chapter 48 - Mutation Of The Sphere’s Space

Guan Wan-Shan and the accountant thought with disdain: “Screw you. Look at your mouth. The grin on your face has reached your ears and you actually said that it was improper and that you couldn’t accept?

Is there even a single damn thing that you’d feel embarrassed for?”

But on the surface, Guan Wan-Shan was acting fervidly, “No No No. Please. We’re pleased that you don’t dislike them.”

“Of course I like them. Even if you give small gifts like these ten times a day, I will never dislike any of them!”

Ye Xiao answered in his mind, but the expression on his face implied ‘it's impolite to refuse, but shameful to accept’. He rubbed his hands and said with a smile, “You deserve those dan beads, but now you’re… Gosh. I am really… Hahahaha… You’re so generous and so enthusiastic. Master Guan, you and me, we’re friends!”

He tapped Guan Wan-Shan’s shoulder while he was talking with an enthusiastic look.

Guan Wan-Shan’s cheek muscle couldn’t help but twitch...

“I knew it. I understand you... If I don’t give up and give this money to you, you’d definitely not make friends with me…”

Ye Xiao left the salesroom, laden with bags filled with treasures, in front of the staff of the salesroom. He left through the back door and got on the private sedan-chair owned by the salesroom, heading back home with his fruitful results.

It wasn’t exaggerated to say ‘fruitful results’. He had obtained about seven medical materials, one piece of the Cosmic Hades, and a bag of Sky Crystal Sand; this was quite the harvest!

As for the notes of silver and gold, they were actually kind of a burden to Ye Xiao.

The sphere’s space wasn’t able to absorb these notes.

When the amount of money one possessed had expanded beyond a certain amount, it really had the ability to smother them to death. Even though they were just very thin notes, it was still frightening when there were too many of them.

Therefore, Ye Xiao only took 500 notes, which were all worth the maximum value of 5 thousand silver bars. As for the rest of the money, he decided to leave it in the salesroom for the time being.

Of course, Guan Wan-Shan consented at once to the request of Ye Xiao. In fact he felt happy about it: “Now that you’ve left such a large amount of money in the salesroom, how could you possibly abandon us?”

The sedan-chair had travelled for a long distance when the two carriers suddenly realised something was wrong.

What could be wrong?

The sedan-chair was too light!

There is a huge difference between an empty sedan-chair and an occupied sedan-chair!

They stopped the sedan-chair and looked inside. Only to find the man who had been sitting inside the sedan-chair to have already disappeared. The two carriers looked at each other and nearly thought that they had seen a ghost.

Ye Xiao took the notes, which were worth a huge amount of money, with him and walked through the streets like his sleeves were filled with gold. He was overcome with joy, not only because he had earned his first giant pot of gold in this second life, but also because the medical materials that he got in the auction had surprised him. He had thought that no more than two of them could be absorbed into the space, but in fact, four of the seven materials were absorbed and had taken root.

As for the other three, they were naturally drained and thrown away like dried turnips by Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao was quite proficient in this process; as a matter of fact, he was extremely skilled with it.

In fact, there was another thing that had surprised him. The Sky Crystal Sand had also been entirely absorbed by the space. Although he didn’t know what it was used for at the moment, he was sure that the sand was valuable as it had been accepted by the space.

The Cosmic Hades, which had been re-auctioned many times before, had been waiting for its rightful owner, and it had finally met him this time - or more specifically, the right ‘space’, because it was automatically absorbed by the space, just like the Pure Heavenly Crystal!

It was equal in strength to the Pure Heavenly Crystal.

No. The Cosmic Hades was even more powerful than the Pure Heavenly Crystal - a lot more.

After the Cosmic Hades entered the space, it kept producing the gelid qi as usual. The Pure Heavenly Crystal was also producing scorching qi at the same time.

These two energies, with opposing attributes, were actually blending.

However, the energy from the Pure Heavenly Crystal was obviously weaker than the other. The only way it was coping with the gelid qi was through combining with the energy that originated from the other consumed medicines. But even with the help of the other medical materials, it couldn’t fully withstand the gelid qi.

Therefore, the temperature of the space decreased gradually…

The whole space seemed to come to a standstill, except for the transforming energies.

The energy of the medical materials kept flowing under the egg and most of it had even been absorbed by the egg. On the jade plate at the end of the tunnel, there appeared several new dan beads.

Ye Xiao walked over and had a closer look at it.

He was instantly overjoyed!

The dan beads that had shown up this time were also top-quality supreme dan beads with dan clouds. Among the ten supreme dan beads, there were eight Pei-Yuan Dan; the other two were purple dan beads with a shiny metallic lustre.

Bone Ablutionary Dan!

It was one level higher than the Pei-Yuan Dan!

As an expert of cultivation, Ye Xiao recognized it with a single glance.

Bone Ablutionary Dan was literally used for ablution of muscles and bones to expel the filth of the body.

Cultivators who were lucky enough to use it could have a brighter future.

A ’brighter future’ wasn’t just a saying. A cultivator who used 10 Bone Ablutionary Dan beads could steeply increase the quality of their Jing and Mai. No matter what kind of martial arts he cultivated in afterwards, he could get twice the result with half the effort. How could this not be a brighter future?

Therefore, the Bone Ablutionary Dan was what a cultivator, who hadn’t built his foundation yet, most wanted and most needed.

The Bone Ablutionary Dan was quite normal in the Qing-Yun Realm, but since the Land of Han-Yang was a rather low-level realm, it was an extremely valuable dan. Even the major sects didn’t have many. Basically, only the disciples who were the crème de la crème, could have a chance to use it.

Ordinary disciples would never stand a chance to touch it, much less use it.

“My sphere has started to produce the Bone Ablutionary Dan…” Ye Xiao was pleased with these qualitative improvements.

And then he started to pay attention to the weird egg.

The way it absorbed the energies was really horrible.

Ye Xiao frowned and stared at the egg for a while and he had finally found something new. It seemed that more mysterious veins had appeared on the egg. The size of the egg had also gotten larger. However, Ye Xiao suspected that he was seeing an illusion…

If it wasn’t an illusion, then why is it that the color of the egg seemed brighter than before?!

There were no other changes, except for those mentioned above. It still had no traces of life.

Ye Xiao looked at the egg, and then gnashed his teeth in hatred… “Wicked egg. When will you hatch? How many more cultivation resources do you need to absorb…”

He then turned to the side, where the planting was going on and all the gloom in his chest had instantly vanished.

In the middle of the planting area, the Heaven’s Cyan was already tall and straight. It was as thick as a bowl and had already reached 16 meters in height. Its crown was almost 10 meters wide!

Every soft green leaf was like a flashing light.

The green was even more delicate than one could imagine.

It was no longer a Heaven’s Cyan; it had become an early stage Tree of Cultivating Tea!

Naturally, Ye Xiao was smiling from ear to ear.

The four medical materials he had just gained had rooted themselves in the north, south, east and west corners of this area. He could clearly feel that they were much more animated now that they were inside the sphere.

Ye Xiao did some maths and was shocked by the outcome!

When he had first acquired the Heaven’s Cyan, it was already over nine thousand years old. However, it still needed hundreds of years to upgrade into the Tree of Cultivating Tea. But how long was it since it first entered the sphere’s space?

Five or six days?!

It had actually already become a Tree of Cultivating Tea? And since it was already in the early stages; it had even completely skipped the baby stage.

So, how much faster was the growth rate inside… compared to outside?

This question wasn’t easy to answer. It required scientific research. Regardless, it was definitely a lot faster!

While Ye Xiao was overjoyed and thinking about the fast growth rate of the medical materials in the space, he clearly felt the space quiver. It brought a horrible feeling, like this place was about to collapse.

The horrible pressures came from all directions.

The pressure was crazily pushing towards the center of the space!

Ye Xiao didn’t even have the time to react, before he felt himself ejected from the space.

This was not the first time that he had been ejected from the space, but this time, the feeling was countless of times stronger than before!

He totally lost control, like he was dangling inside the furious billows of the ocean. He felt nauseous and dizzy; he felt as if the world was spinning and he couldn’t do a single thing to help himself!

“What the... What’s going on?” Ye Xiao closed his eyes to try and relieve the feeling of nausea, but failed. He then tried to move to a nearby street corner to find something to lean on, but he couldn’t. He had to crouch down and put his hands on the ground, like he was crawling.

Such an afflictive feeling was something that he had never been through before - not in his previous life, nor in his second!

His thoughts were flying about in his head. He could clearly feel that his spiritual power was being absorbed. He had fallen into an idiot-like condition, as he turned completely muddle headed…

When his spiritual power was drained completely, Ye Xiao could no longer hold on; he collapsed on the ground and passed out.

Before he passed out, he only had one thought in mind: “For goodness’ sake, don’t be seen by others. I am still Feng Zhi-Ling at the moment…”

However, things always went contrary to one’s wishes.

Right after Ye Xiao passed out, several people were walking toward him slowly.

The one walking in front was the girl in cyan. Behind her, there were two other persons - one was a middle-aged man while the other was a middle-aged woman.

“My lady, shall we just go back… or shall we…?” The middle-aged woman stopped talking, as she frowned.

The girl in cyan had her face covered with silk. That’s right. She was the girl in cyan who had been bidding for the Regeneration Ink Lotus against Ye Xiao at the auction.

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