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Chapter 47 - The Weird Master Feng!

Chapter 47 - The Weird Master Feng!

This might be the only chance Shi Yue could possibly seize in his entire life, to finally improve his cultivation level!

One dan bead might give him some hope, but it’s far from a guarantee.

If there were two, the success rate could at least be doubled.

Xiao Mo-Yan Sighed.

Considering the practical value of the Pei-Yuan Dan, 50 thousand silver bars would be the maximum price for one dan bead. However, the Pei-Yuan Dan with dan clouds could actually make people go crazy. As for now, the price had already reached an unbelievable number of 2 million and 250 thousand; and that was just for a single dan bead!

Even a top-grade dan bead wouldn’t be worth such a high price!

However, this dan bead could give rise to unimaginable future achievements for any dan-maker.

It even concerned the future of a sect!

The competitors who were still bidding for the last supreme dan bead, were all comparable to the Ling-Yun Sect. Even though there were differences among them, it wasn’t a huge gap. If this dan bead was snatched by any of the other sects and they managed to gain something valuable from it, the Ling-Yun Sect could very well be surpassed in the future.

That would be a devastating result for the Ling-Yun Sect. Xiao Mo-Yan had to consider it.

He thought for a while, before he turned his head to look at balcony No.17.

“The problem now is this Feng Zhi-Ling… Can he take out any more of these supreme dan beads?

Were these supreme dan beads made by himself… or did he just stumble upon them by coincidence?”

“Patriarch… We can’t take any risks on this…” Shi Yue was burning with anxiety.

Xiao Mo-Yan eventually sighed and spoke with a deep voice, “3 million and 150 thousand!”

That was over half of the sect’s available funds. If he couldn’t win the supreme dan bead with this price, he could only give up.

If he used any more of the sect’s money and an accident happened, the daily operations of the sect would be badly affected.

Xiao Mo-Yan secretly made a decision in mind: “The more money we have in this mortal world, the better…”

When people heard the unreasonably high price of 3 million and 150 thousand, they couldn’t believe their ears.

“Only one dan bead!”

“Three million and 150 thousand!”

“This is totally insane!”

Many people lowered their heads in disappointment. It was possible to run out of strength sometimes and the same could also be applied to wealth.

The sects, who were still competing for the last dan bead, saw Xiao Mo-Yan stand up and raise the price of 2 million and 250 thousand by 900 thousand. Once this stage was reached, they could only give up.

They all knew, that if any of them bid again, they would be offending the Ling-Yun Sect in public - even challenging it!

That was like kicking a huge hornet’s nest. Nobody could afford to mess with them.

“Lunatics like Mu Zi-He… Really are rare in this world after all.” Meng Wu-Fei smiled bitterly and sighed.

As the Qing-Yun Sect was the major competitor of the Ling-Yun Sect, it signaled the end of the auction as soon as Meng Wu-Fei quit.

The drastic bidding had finally come to an end. At this point, when everyone tried to contact Feng Zhi-Ling, they realised that this mysterious man had already left.

He had already left, leaving absolutely no traces behind.

The girl in cyan - Wen-Ren, the girl in white - Xiu-Er and Xiao Mo-Yan, were all surprised.

“This guy has been maintaining a high-profile, acting as if other people didn’t even exist, like he was the only one who mattered. Why did he disappear so quickly?”

Ye Xiao was sitting comfortably in the private VIP reception room, while drinking a fragrant tea.

The auction has concluded. Now, it was time for him to get the cut he deserved.

“I’m interested to see, just what kind of trouble the Mu Clan could possibly make for me this time. Humph…” Ye Xiao was thinking, “They must be busy dealing with their own problems right now.”

“Anyway, this House of the Chaotic Storm sounds really powerful…” Ye Xiao frowned, “The other night, they had put in a lot of effort to frame me. They seem to have been plotting against me so far…”

While he was thinking about what to do next, Guan Wan-Shan walked in with an accountant.

They felt like they were seeing a plutus [Editor note: God of wealth] when they saw Ye Xiao. They nearly bowed in worship!

The ten Pei-Yuan Dan beads from Ye Xiao had actually brought them a revenue totaling 15 million and 300 thousand!

This much money couldn’t even be described by simple phrases like ‘turning a stone into gold by touching it’ or ‘a pie falling from the sky’!

It was actually equivalent to a mountain of gold falling from the sky!

“Brother Feng…” Guan Wan-Shan ran to Ye Xiao fervently and shook his hands, “Never has an auction in my lifetime created such a profit. It has also created a miracle in this land! 15 million! 15 MILLION!”

Ye Xiao watched him with a faint smile and said, “Uh-huh?”

He drew back his hands from Guan Wan-Shan and said blandly, “Is it really that much?”

Guan Wan-Shan was rubbing his hands and said, “Yes. Yes. Absolutely. This time, we’ll take 20 percent of it as our profit, according to the agreement. However, there will still be 12 million left for you, Brother Feng!”

Ye Xiao nodded with a faint smile, “Uh-huh? 12 million. That is a lot.”

Guan Wan-Shan noticed that something felt off, so he cautiously asked, “Brother Feng, is there anything you aren’t satisfied with?”

“No, it’s nothing.” Ye Xiao smiled blandly and said, “Master Guan, those things that I got in the auction, please send them to me. As for the money… Hehe. Just deduct it from my cut.”

Guan Wan-Shan repeatedly promised, “Yes. Yes. No problem.”

Although Ye Xiao had taken a lot of items in the auction, the money which he had spent had only amounted to 2 million and 500 thousand.

Under normal circumstances, this would have been an enormous amount of money.

However, compared to the 12 million he was going to get, it was not a huge amount.

By now, the experienced Guan Wan-Shan had noticed that something was definitely wrong.

“Master Feng’s smile looks... Complex somehow… No, it’s weird...

Ordinary people would definitely faint from excitement when getting such a large amount of money. Why is he acting so nonchalantly?”

Guan Wan-Shan couldn’t understand it.

Ye Xiao remained ambivalent . He didn’t say anything, but only urged them to complete the remaining tasks. Guan Wan-Shan felt confused, but he could only murmur in confusion while wrapping up the formalities, wondering what could be wrong.

Ye Xiao kept a rigid and faint smile on his face, while he sat cross-legged, as he was watching the accountant.

The abacus was making a noise.

Guan Wan-Shan was really tense and his mind was running at full speed.

“What on earth… made this guy unhappy?”

That was not a middling issue, the guy was truly their plutus. If they couldn’t satisfy him, it would definitely be a huge loss for the salesroom!

“All right. After deducting the cost of the purchased items, Master Feng’s earnings will amount to 7 million and 550 thousand.” The accountant finally finished counting while drops of sweat were rolling down his forehead, “As for the tax that should be paid to the treasury, we will cover it. That’s an order from Master Guan.”

“No need. There’s no need to bother the salesroom with such a small amount of money.” Ye Xiao spoke in an odd tone, “I have so much money, that it really isn’t an issue. Besides, the supreme dan beads are nothing special to me anyway… I don’t think you should be the one who pays that tax. You’ve worked hard for this auction and only earned a little.”

“The supreme dan beads!”

Guan Wan-Shan was enlightened. He finally realised what it was that displeased Master Feng.

“I see.

I guess what makes this guy unhappy, is that… The ten supreme dan beads were sold for 15 million and it’s really a huge price, but he only got 500 thousand for the five that were sold to the salesroom.

According to the average price in the auction, those five dan beads could be sold for at least 7 million and 500 thousand silver bars.

500 thousand, when compared to 7 million and 500 thousand, was absolutely nothing!

That’s a huge loss that one could even figure it out with his toes.

It’d be weird if this guy felt happy about it.”

However, the problem now, was that the price of the five dan beads were previously agreed upon. And at the end of the day, business was business. Ye Xiao couldn’t say anything about it, let alone go back on his word.

However, it didn’t mean that the Xiao Monarch would be happy with a loss of over 7 million!

And to make things worse, it was given to the man who made money off of him.

The Ling-Bao Hall Salesroom was not doing this auction for free; they got 20 percent of the total sales price. That amounted to almost 3 million!

“Hold on. Stop for a second.”Although Guan Wan-Shan had finally realised the problem, it wasn’t something he could solve with his authority.

Guan Wan-Shan understood one other thing: If they failed to satisfy this Master Feng… He would definitely say nothing about it, but he wouldn’t come back to the Ling-Bao Hall when he got anything valuable in the future!

He might’ve earned a lot this time - it was of course, no loss, but he didn’t feel satisfied; it wasn’t enough.

Time passed. Ye Xiao had already finished two pots of tea by the time Guan Wan-Shan returned, wiping sweat from his forehead. He walked over to Ye Xiao and smiled, “You see, Brother Feng, I just asked our boss for instructions… and we’ve come to a decision…”

Ye Xiao replied blandly, “Really? What decision?”

“Yes. Since we bought five of the supreme dan beads from you the other day for a really low price, we have taken advantage of you after all. Brother Feng is a generous gentleman and hasn’t voiced his displeasure about this, but we can’t just accept such kindness for nothing.” Guan Wan-Shan looked at Ye Xiao’s face while he was speaking.

“Hmmm……..” Ye Xiao drawled.

“How about this… those items that you won in the auction, we’ll give them to you as gifts. We won’t charge anything for them. They are just some small things. Please don’t refuse.” Guan Wan-Shan said.

Ye Xiao was thinking: “That was well said. You give me things worth approximately 3 million and actually called them small gifts. And you actually asked me not to refuse… You really are speaking louder than others because of wealth.”

A joyful expression was covering his face, however, his mouth was saying hesitantly, “Well that… That isn’t appropriate. It was an agreement which had been made in advance. I feel that I should refuse your offer... Hahahahaha…”


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