Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 36 - The Girl And The Golden Hand

Chapter 36 – The Girl And The Golden Hand

There were four groups of people who had come representing the royal families, about fifteen groups from the martial clans, and eight groups from the eight noble clans who were seated in the salesroom. There were also many people from the active sects while surprisingly, fifteen reclusive sects had actually sent their men here…

There were nearly four hundred people attending this auction, including those that were mentioned previously, and some unattached cultivators.

Everyone who had arrived here had high status in the mortal world…

Such an auction was the only thing that could gather all these men in the recent ten years!

It was time to close the door and begin the auction. No more people would be allowed into the salesroom.

Suddenly, just as the doors were closing, a carriage slowly pulled over.

The carriage had a strange appearance. It was made completely out of bamboos and it was small and exquisite. It looked upmarket and it was filled with the vivid scent of nature.

The carriage stopped in front of the door.

Two strong men bowed and opened the drapes. A beautiful foot reached out from the carriage slowly and stepped on the ground. It was an extreme eye catching scene.

At the moment, this beautiful foot drew everyone’s eyes immediately.

The next moment, a girl in white with a gorgeous body and dark hair got off the carriage and stood at the entrance.

She became the center of attention by simply standing there. Even though she was just wearing ordinary white clothes, its beauty surpassed thousands of glittering suits.

By now, the salesroom had turned completely silent.

People were all shocked by her elegance!

“So this is the well-known Ling-Bao Hall, right?” The girl in white entered through the doorway and smiled gently.

The two lines of ceremonial girls at the door were actually charming, but they became commonplace girls when compared to the smiling beauty in white.

Guan Wan-Shan hurried out and looked terrified. He was no longer his usual calm self. He stopped in front of the girl in white and gave a humble salute, “It is my honor to meet you here, my lady. How is the master?”

The girl in white looked at him and smiled. She slightly returned a salute and said, “Oh I am surprised that Master Guan still remembers me. Thanks for your concern. My master is fine.”

Guan Wan-Shan felt relaxed and kept bowing, “You have graced Ling-Bao Hall with your presence, my lady! Please! Come on in, my lady.”

The girl in white smiled, “I came without notifying you. I hope you don’t mind, Master Guan…”

Guan Wan-Shan had started sweating and kept bowing, “No. No. No… Your presence is our enormous honor…”

The girl in white, along with the humbled Guan Wan-Shan, entered the salesroom with a smile.

Following her were two men in black, completely expressionless, like two majestic pillars– one at her left while the other at her right.

Ye Xiao looked at the girl and her guards. He felt extremely curious.

Who was this girl?

Guan Wan-Shan was simply the connoisseur of the Ling-Bao Hall, not a supreme cultivator, but everyone knew that there was an extremely powerful force backing the Ling-Bao Hall. That was why even the eight noble clans dared not to make any trouble in the salesroom. Yet Guan Wan-Shan acted so humbly in front of the girl in white and was actually terrified of offending her! Why?

In addition, they mentioned a person when they were talking – the master!

Who was the master?

Ye Xiao’s face was peaceful, but he was thinking nervously, “Guan Wan-Shan called that guy ‘master’. That is nothing strange. But the noble girl also called that guy ‘master’. Now that is strange… Could it be…”

Ye Xiao gasped and thought about one possibility, “… Could it be that this noble girl who seems powerful is only a maid of that ‘master’?”

As Ye Xiao speculated, this girl was just a maid, but Guan Wan-Shan treated her respectfully – in fact, he was extremely humble. There must be a mystery behind their relationship!

The question was that who on earth could actually have such gorgeous beauty as his maid?

The girl was walking. She suddenly looked up at Ye Xiao with her charming eyes, and smiled, “Master Guan, the auction is still far from beginning and there is already a friend standing beside the handrail in the upper floor… I guess this friend is not an ordinary man.”

Guan Wan-Shan was an experienced man, so he understood that the girl was actually enquiring about Ye Xiao. It looked like the smart girl had already noticed that Ye Xiao was not an ordinary person.

People of the salesroom were all busy preparing for the auction, so she was sure Ye Xiao wasn’t a staff member. Everyone else was sitting and waiting for the auction to begin and wouldn’t leisurely stand there.

So when the girl noticed that Ye Xiao was different, she naturally felt curious about his identity.

Ye Xiao stood there away from the crowd, because firstly, he wanted to watch the outstanding cultivators among the crowd, so that he could be prepared for any possible situations; secondly, he was in disguise so he didn’t need to be cautious about getting into any trouble; thirdly, as a profound man, he was actually trying to attract the attention of elegant young ladies…

The girl in white had given her attention to Ye Xiao, and it was just what he had wished for. The girl was interested in Ye Xiao while Ye Xiao was interested in her as well. The girl had completely drawn his attention when she showed up. Ye Xiao felt her uniqueness which made him interested in both her and her master.

The girl and Ye Xiao held ‘affections’ towards each other and they looked like a couple on their first date, but nobody knew that Guan Wan-Shan was in an awkward situation.

The girl was asking him about Ye Xiao and he should have answered her without hesitation. However, Ye Xiao was the man who had provided the supreme dan beads, and he didn’t want her to know this fact.

If her master learnt this fact, the Ling-Bao Hall would lose the chance to get more supreme dan beads from Feng Zhi-Ling.

So he had to lie to the girl even though he knew he might offend the powerful master!

Guan Wan-Shan spoke bitterly, “I beg your forgiveness my lady. The guy is an old friend of mine. He has been in the wild for a long time so… he barely knows etiquettes. Please forgive him.”

“Oh.” The girl answered peacefully, “It is a man without etiquettes! A man like this may bring you huge trouble someday…”

She had a soft voice, but this sentence sounded scary.

She looked around for a bit before finally rested her gaze on Ye Xiao once again.

She decided to figure out who this guy was.

Ye Xiao sensed the sharpness of the girl’s gaze.

“Well? The girl is trying to mess with me! Does she want to check my background?” He thought.

Then Ye Xiao spoke gently, “You are so imposing, my lady. I am afraid you have no rights to poke your nose into other’s business, as you are just a little girl. A lady speaking like that, I am afraid it has showed your ignorance. In my opinion, your master should teach you more about manners.”

Guan Wan-Shan called her ‘my lady’ was because of his respect, but when Ye Xiao used it, it sounded sarcastic.

The girl in white frowned, “Sir, I am afraid you are overreacting. What? Is your name really that unpresentable?”

Ye Xiao glanced at her and replied, “You spoke bitingly first. I just stroke back. How am I overreacting? I don’t know if my name is unpresentable, but I am not. I am standing right here.”

Guan Wan-Shan was awfully anxious. The girl and Feng Zhi-Ling were having a standoff right in his face; they might start a fight if this continues. He felt bitter in his heart, as the situation right now was completely out of his control.

He didn’t understand how this Feng Zhi-Ling, who used to be so steady, could become so unreasonable at this moment. He actually got himself into a quarrel right as the auction was about to begin, and that too against somebody he should never mess with.

And he also didn’t understand how the smart and elegant lady could become so hot-headed.

However, what he truly didn’t know was that they were doing exactly what they intended to do.

Even though the girl and Ye Xiao didn’t know each other, they felt the importance of each other. Ye Xiao felt that the girl was someone important while the girl felt the same about Ye Xiao, so coincidentally, they produced this conflict together. It created the seed for future interaction between them.

They were both smart and insightful.

The girl in white spoke chillingly, “You talk wildly, so you must have some outstanding abilities, I assume.” She was challenging him.

Ye Xiao sneered, “Of course I have some specialties. It is a dangerous world after all. Do you dare to try me?” He faced the challenge head on!

The girl’s face turned gloomy and she spoke calmly, “Go get him!”

One of the men in black behind her suddenly jumped up high with a focused look in his eyes. He turned into a black whirlwind in the air making a cracking noise, and then he suddenly reached his hand out to whack Ye Xiao’s scalp.

It was a slapping move. If Ye Xiao was incautious, he would be killed instantly!

Ye Xiao glared down at the moving figure and shouted, “Nice move.”

When the man was about to reach the upper floor and get Ye Xiao, Ye Xiao had already rushed out from the handrail like a flying arrow. He was rushing toward the man in black, aiming for a direct confrontation!

– Puff! – His hand suddenly emerged from the sleeve and instantly turned golden!

It was one of Ye Xiao’s special martial skills. It allowed him to turn his hand solid, like gold; it was a hand that could crush mountains into pieces! It could crush everything!

It was the Golden Hand!

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