Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 35 - Two Tumbles

Chapter 35 – Two Tumbles

Master Feng was, of course, Ye Xiao in disguise.

The Xiao Monarch had once again changed his appearance into that of Feng Zhi-Ling. He casually walked into the salesroom and stood against the handrail on the second floor, looking down at the crowd.

He was acting high profile in everyone’s eyes.

All the people were giving him confused looks, but he remained indifferent and ignored them all.

He just stood there silently and carefully observed everyone who entered the salesroom.

The prime connoisseur of the salesroom, Guan Wan-Shan, walked over humbly and smiled, “Brother Feng. You are early. I apologize for not being at the entrance to personally greet you.”

In fact, Guan Wan-Shan was thinking, “Didn’t he say he wanted to stay low key? Why is he acting so strikingly in front of such a large crowd? Does he not know that he may expose himself?”

Ye Xiao spoke calmly, “It doesn’t matter. I just want to check and see whether my dan beads will be sold for a proper price.”

Guan Wan-Shan replied seriously, “No need to worry about that. Such a legendary treasure is certainly something people are willing to die for. In fact, we bought 5 beads from you for only 500 thousand silver bars. We truly have taken advantage of you.”

Ye Xiao said peacefully, “Well, I am sure that if you didn’t get this little advantage, you wouldn’t have been able to handle this job properly.”

Although he was experienced in reception, Guan Wan-Shan couldn’t give a reply. He thought, “This guy is too straight; he talks nothing like a business man. He knows nothing about confabulation and doesn’t care about my feelings at all.”

So he walked away after making a few more conventional remarks.

People from different sects were seated on the first floor and people from the royal families and the noble clans were taking their seats.

The eight noble clans were well known worldwide and all of them held unimaginable power. Although their positions were still lower than the royal families, everyone knew that this arrangement was only in name.

After all, it was the royal blood that ruled the land, not the noble clans.

Meanwhile, the names from the Mu clan sounded at the door. An old man and a middle-aged man entered. Both of them were wearing robes with serious and righteous looks. They casually entered the salesroom.

They acted nobly, like dragons and tigers, and showed an overbearing attitude!

They were showing exactly what a noble clan should be like!

Ye Xiao’s eyes were distant when he saw them. He tightly clenched his right fist, which was hidden underneath his sleeve.

The power of the gelid qi was aroused and was swarming in his fist.

It was traceless and silent.

“Of course they are one of the noble clans. Look at their distinguished manners.”

“Absolutely. That’s the spirit of a noble clan…”

People couldn’t stop praising these two men.

The two men from the Mu clan didn’t seem pleased at all; but in fact, they were delighted inside their minds. They were sure that after the auction, they would be promoted as they had rendered a great service to their clan…

They felt that they had already shown everyone the great image of their clan…


When the middle-aged Mu clan delegate was striding proudly ahead…

He suddenly felt his foot slip. He had been really complacent and vigorous, but he unexpectedly lost his balance and staggered ahead, nearly falling on the floor. But, he was an experienced cultivator and was able to use the spiritual energy in his body to forcefully steady himself. Otherwise, he would definitely have suffered an embarrassing tumble.

Even so, it still looked quite awkward. Such an accident suddenly came out from nowhere. He thought that it was ridiculous!

People’s praises immediately turned into silence. Everyone was stunned. They couldn’t believe that a delegate of the well-known Mu clan was actually acting in such a clumsy manner during this important occasion.

After a while, some people in the crowd started to laugh aloud.

The next moment, the middle-aged man stood straight, completely flustered. He looked down at his feet and saw nothing wrong. He continued walking ahead as he thought that it would be more embarrassing if he stopped now. So he braced himself up and took a step ahead cautiously. He acted like nothing had happened.

When he took the third step he finally felt relieved. However, the next moment he suddenly felt that his foot had slipped again!

Again, it was totally unexpected. It was even more embarrassing this time. – Poof – He staggered ahead with great momentum!

He almost rushed forward!

As he moved too fast, his hands uncontrollably rose up and he immediately fell down to the floor. He really couldn’t hold himself up, so he had to quickly draw back and put his hands on the floor. He finally prevented his head from crashing on the ground disgracefully.

He then used his flying skills to raise his body and stood straight. His face was totally flushed, like it was about to bleed.

He had just brought shame on himself and his clan in everyone’s eyes!

“Why is he acting like this… What the fxxk is wrong with him? He’s from one of the bloody noble clans… It may be just an accident to fall down the first time, but to fall down again is even worse, isn’t it just too stupid?”

“Hey you! He is from the Mu clan alright?! Don’t involve the others! Can you talk decently?”

“Urhh… Yes, you’re right… Haha ha…”

The crowd burst into a peal of laughter and it lasted a long time!

The old man – the other delegate of the Mu clan rebuked the middle-aged man in a low voice with embarrassment written all over his face, “What is wrong with you? How could you make such a stupid mistake at this important moment? You are really an unbecoming useless shit! You shouldn’t have come with me!”

The middle-aged man was so embarrassed that he had to bow and explain, “It felt like I stepped on some ice…”

The old man raged, “Bull-fxxking-shit! Ice in a hot summer?! It is in the Ling-Bao Hall! How could there possibly be ice on the floor? You could at least make up a better excuse! Moron! I should let your mother have an abortion if I knew you would bring me such shame!”

The middle-aged man had no words to argue against the old man so he just kept apologising, but he was thinking, “My mother was dead long ago… You beat her to death… How dare you mention her… Old bastard, I would kick you to death if you were not my bloody father!”

They both had suspected that someone was messing with them, but they quickly gave up on this idea, as they thought nobody would dare to do such a thing in front of all these people. Besides, they didn’t feel any trace of spiritual power, so they had no reason to make that presumption. As the old man had said, it was in the Ling-Bao Hall; even the eight noble clans, who were usually pretentious, didn’t dare declare themselves to be the most powerful.

The most important thing was that even though these two fellows had seen many things in the world, they could never have thought of a wonderful martial art called the East-rising Purple Qi!

On the second floor, Ye Xiao relaxed after assaulting the Mu clan delegates. He quickly loosened his fist when he felt a hint of coldness on his palm.

Minutes ago, he had used his gelid qi to make two pieces of ice that were thinner than cicada’s wings. He had been remotely controlling the ice and had set the ice under the poor middle-aged delegate’s feet. No one had noticed it!

In fact, it was a risky move.

But in the end, Ye Xiao had successfully played a trick on the Mu clan and most importantly, it had gone unnoticed!

People in this place might not be that powerful in the Xiao Monarch’s eyes, but right now, he was just Ye Xiao. These men here were all the top-class cultivators of this world. Ye Xiao might have the chance to overwhelm one or two of them, but it wouldn’t be easy!

There were some people from the sects that Ye Xiao was unable to see through. So he kept his mind completely alert.

The assault was just an inoffensive trick, but what it had resulted in was enough to satisfy Ye Xiao for now.

“The East-rising Purple Qi is truly wonderful. It must be the number 1 martial art in the world!” Ye Xiao was thinking, “If anything in the future with which I can not deal personally happened, I can totally use such skill to overcome it. No trace will be left! It is really a perfect skill for assassination and sneak raid…”

Ye Xiao kept looking at the red carpet on the first floor and found nothing. Only after this, did he show his satisfaction.

The ice vanished quietly after it had made the man’s feet slip. It left no marks of water or any other color. It was truly traceless and soundless.

Ye Xiao believed that even if it were on dry soil, the ice would leave no trace, especially in the battle field where everyone was fighting and sweating…

A smile appeared on Ye Xiao’s face.

The next moment, Ye Xiao saw Su Ye-Yue and some of her sisters enter the salesroom. Following her were two lads who were dressed decently and walked into the house side by side. They seemed personable from a distance, but they were actually Lan Lang-Lang and Zuo Wu-Ji.

One of them was walking like he had no spine and the other was looking around with his weirdly crossed eyes… They were somehow uncomely.

They were muttering to each other.

“Where is the little fxxker Ye Xiao? Doesn’t he know that today is a big day for the ‘three lords’? We should atleast show up together…”

“I wonder if I can get my jade ruyi… Damn it, is it really happening? These people are not all coming for my jade ruyi, are they…”

“Fxxk them all!”

“What? You dare…?”

“I don’t… but I know that you dare…”

“Of course I do, but I’m afraid I’d lose…”

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