Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 286: Your Purpose?

Chapter 286: Your Purpose?

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The world’s most powerful force disbanded after those words appeared. How could that not make them special?

People wondered if they could find some secrets behind those words if they could truly comprehend it.

They thought that even if they couldn’t be as powerful as the master, they would surely become stronger.

That was why those words became a treasure code after Master Bai disappeared. Nobody truly gained anything from it though. In fact, many people died when seeking the way to understand those words!

After a while, Master Bai turned his eyes to Ye Xiao from the floating smoke. He said blandly, “Dozens Red… Where did you meet him?”

And then he murmured to himself, “It shouldn’t be in the Land of Han-Yang. It should be in the Qing-Yun Realm.”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He did meet Dozens Red in the Qing-Yun Realm. Back then, he hadn’t become the Xiao Monarch yet.

Master Bai was lost in thought. He then spoke peacefully, “Dozens Red, he… He had nearly reached the peak in cultivation back then. He should have broken through not after long.”

And then he looked at Ye Xiao and asked, “You are from the Qing-Yun Realm. Am I right?”

And then he continued, “But you are so weak now… Were you stricken down?”

Ye Xiao was shocked.

Master Bai truly had a rigorous mind.

He had actually conjectured a lot of things from only one thing that Ye Xiao told him. He was not yet finished, but what he had spoken had already hit on Ye Xiao’s weak point. No matter what, Master Bai made Ye Xiao feel scared.

Master Bai didn’t finish the conjecture yet.

“When you met Dozens Red, it should be dozens of years ago, or maybe a hundred years ago… So, you shouldn’t look like this. You are in disguise right now,” Master Bai spoke blandly. He looked at Ye Xiao and asked, “That is why I feel weird that I have met you but remember nothing. I think we have met a long time ago. Hmmm. You met me before.”

“Then who are you? I mean, who were you back then when you were with Dozens Red?”

This question made Ye Xiao feel that Master Bai’s eyes were sharp like hell. His eyes were like thunders and lightnings locking at Ye Xiao’s eyes.

At this moment, Ye Xiao had a strange feeling.

The feeling was… the way Master Bai looked at him was like a lightning from the sky enlightening his heart. It revealed all the secrets in his heart! No one could stay calm under such a stare.

Ye Xiao moved aside his eyes to avoid looking in the other party’s eye. He once again got away from the eye contact.

In fact, he wanted to go on with it.

He didn’t want to show weakness.

However, Master Bai’s eyes were profound like the night sky full of stars. Ye Xiao couldn’t bear it.

Ye Xiao knew that he was doing great in cultivation, but his mind power was absolutely not a match to Master Bai.

If he kept staring at those eyes, he might expose the secrets in his heart. Even though he didn’t want to, he chose to get away.

Wan-Er felt it unbelievable though; her eyes were filled with astonishment.

Her master has yet to recover to the most optimum state, but nobody had ever turned away from his stare.

That stare of Master Bai was called Soul Sight!

If Master Bai was in a perfect condition, he could block one’s soul by only looking at him. The one who was blocked would not be able to move, and Master Bai would know all the secrets inside that person’s heart.

Even though he wasn’t fully recovered and couldn’t block someone and see through one’s mind, the power he had should still be enormous.

Under such a stare, no one could hide any secrets!

However, Feng Zhiling just moved aside his head and got away from the stare.

He did it in a perfect way, casual and easy. That was outstanding and impressive.

Master Bai was also surprised. He looked at Ye Xiao and said, “Feng Monarch is indeed an outstanding man.”

Ye Xiao said, “I am flattered. I happened to have some experience in mind cultivation.”

Master Bai smiled blandly, “However, it isn’t enough. That is just some little trick in front of me.”

He talked peacefully, but the words from his mouth was overwhelming.

“That’s true. Master Bai is like a god. You are way beyond our reach.” Ye Xiao frowned and slightly nodded. He was acting casually.

Apparently, he was saying, “well, you might be a god-like person, nit I am not bound to be weak”.

Master Bai obviously understood the meaning behind these words. A smile appeared in his eyes which then turned into coldness. He said, “You came to me with the words that I once said before. You got in, and I believe that you are not just here to tell me this. You are after something else, that is why you want to get in.”

“You are a wise man.” Ye Xiao nodded.

“Those two sects were suppressing Ling-Bao Hall,” Master Bai blandly spoke.

Ye Xiao answered, “Yes, they are.”

Master Bai looked at Feng Zhiling’s face with both of his sharp and cold eyes. He blandly said, “Ling-Bao Hall has been forced to fight, but it is never going to defeat the two great sects. Even when fighting against one of them, you will surely fail.”

Ye Xiao nodded in agreement.

Master Bai smiled casually and said, “So, you came in for my help. Facing the two sects at the same time, there is no one else that can offer you anything useful except me.”

“Even if your country gives you all, it couldn’t save you.”

Ye Xiao nodded/ “Like I said. You are a wise man. That is what I mean.”

Master Bai didn’t change his gesture, and his eyes showed a slight sense of disdain. He looked at the smoke rising in the air and said, “Why would I help you? I can’t think of one reason that I should help you for! It truly is a question that even a wise man like me couldn’t answer!”

Ye Xiao still acted casual. Then, a bland smile appeared on his face. “I am not asking you to do it as a favor. I am asking for a cooperation. If you disagree, we will have to deal with the recent situation ourselves. Well, we may not lose this one anyway.”

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