Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 285: Dozens Red

Chapter 285: Dozens Red

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Ye Xiao was talking tactfully. He denied that he had met Master Bai before, and at the same time, raised his status. [You may be the top attraction and the most powerful person, but I don’t want to be tuft hunting. Trying to get close to a man in high social position just because of a feeling is disgusting!]

He then smiled bitterly and said, “Please don’t laugh at me. I am always retentive. In fact, I once called myself the most retentive person in the world. Normally if I met someone, I would never forget him. It would never be just a dim image. Master Bai, you are such an outstanding man… If I have met you before, I wouldn’t forget.

“However, I just feel like I know you. I don’t think I can remember where I have met you in the past. That is weird. You said we met before. Could you please give me a hint? Maybe it would remind me something.”

Ye Xiao frowned and looked troubled like he was thinking so hard.

Master Bai became a little bit peaceful now. That was a fair explanation. [Whoever saw me would forget me very soon. The problem is… Where did this guy meet me? He doesn’t remember. That is normal. How come I cannot remember it either? That is strange!]

Master Bai thought for a while. He didn’t keep talking about this topic though. He spoke blandly, “Feng Monarch, you just said something. Storms are not meant to be chaotic; the martial world is not the world… Where did you hear such words? Do you know what they represent? Do you know the meaning behind them?”

Ye Xiao knew it was an important moment now.

If he couldn’t give a good answer to that, he would be kicked out of the room or even be killed instantly. Such a conclusion wasn’t impossible.

He thought for a while and then cautiously spoke, “I met someone.”

He paused, but nobody replied to that.

Master Bai and Wan-Er were just listening quietly, waiting for what Ye Xiao would say.

It cooled down the conversation though!

Ye Xiao expected that Master Bai or Wan of the Cloud would ask him who, so he would continue by answering them. When someone is telling story, sometimes he would stop and people will ask him “what next’s”. It arouses the interest of the story teller. However, the two listeners in front of Ye Xiao didn’t want any interaction.

Ye Xiao surely couldn’t stop it; he had to go on by himself, “His name is Dozens Red.”

“Dozens Red…” Master Bai murmured.

Wan-Er raised her head and looked at Ye Xiao.

“Dozens Red and I had lived together and supported each other for quite a long time. We were such close friends. One day, he was killed by an assassin, but before he died, he said something to me…”

Ye Xiao talked with grief. At least, he looked grieved.

Master Bai’s eyebrows moved a bit.

Wan-Er’s face turned dark and she asked slowly, “What did he say?”

Finally, someone asked a question!

Ye Xiao sighed and said, “He said… ‘If one day you will meet my master, please tell him that I understand it. Storms are not meant to be chaotic; the martial world is not the world… It is a shame that I understood it too late’…”

Ye Xiao finished.

Wan-Er was solemn; she wasn’t as calm as before. Master Bai was still calm, but he couldn’t stop his eyebrows moving.

Ye Xiao continued, “I didn’t understand what it meant. I didn’t know who his master was, so I was confused. That is why I haven’t done anything after that. Today, I saw the House of the Chaotic Storm, then, I started to understand it… His master is very possibly the world-shocking Master Bai, right?”

Master Bai’s face looked indifferent. He didn’t talk at all.

His eyes seemed to be getting more profound and sharper. He looked at the smoke from the censer, unmoving and without letting out a single world.

Wan-Er’s face looked weird.

It seemed like she was thinking of somebody and something a long time ago…

In fact, Dozens Red was not the full name.

That person’s real name should be Dozens Red Dust…

About hundreds of years earlier, Dozens Red Dust was a ringleader who worked for Master Bai. He had followed Xiu of the Heaven once. He was an important figure in the House of the Chaotic Storm.

However, the House of the Chaotic Storm disbanded for some reason once. People went to different directions, and everyone headed to different places.

When Master Bai returned to the mortal world, he had thought about gathering all those men that hehad left. However, it had been too long that they were all gone now.

Now, he finally heard something about his man, yet it was the death of this man. The person who told him so was the monarch of this salesroom, Feng Zhiling!

Among all the words he said, the two lines were the most important.

The last time when Master Bai made a collapse to the world, he saw the Heavenly Mystery emitting a glow in the sky. He said something, “Storms are not meant to be chaotic… The martial world is not the world!”

He had believed that it was his last time to make a collapse.

When he said those words, he thought the House of the Chaotic Storm could finally call an end, and the collapse might not be the end of the world.

He knew that he would eventually go back to make war in the Outer Nine Sky.

As long as he got the Heavenly Mystery, the world would be under his control. The martial world was not the world. The martial world was, after all, too small for him.

After he said those words, he disbanded the House of the Chaotic Storm.

In fact, he was planning to return to where he belonged with the Heavenly Mystery.

However, unexpectedly, he lost the Heavenly Mystery. That was why he had to rebuild the House of the Chaotic Storm to make another collapse!

Back to the old days when they disbanded, those important figures all heard what Master Bai said.

They went to different places since then, but they all remember the last words they heard from their master.

The words “storms are not meant to be chaotic; the martial world is not the world” had many different explanations.

That was the words from a god-like master after all.

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