Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 267: Putting up a Desperate Fight

Chapter 267: Putting up a Desperate Fight

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Ye Xiao raised his right hand. The golden glow increased. The cold qi on his left hand suddenly exploded and covered Nan Tianxing's wounded hand. Ye Xiao spoke with a strange voice, "Hmm? Why is this poison working on you?"

"Bullshxt! If not me, then where will it work on?" Nan Tianxing shouted in anger, "Are you blind?"

"It works on monsters, bastards and asshxles! But it doesn't work on human!" Ye Xiao laughed and moved away, leaving a row of ghostly figures around Nan Tianxing. All of a sudden, countless Ye Xiao appeared around him attacking.

The golden glow and the gelid qi were working in a perfect match.

After a short while, all the figures were gone. The only thing that remained was a line.

A line of light.

[How dare he call me non-human...!]

Nan Tianxing stopped talking. He, on one hand, tried to heal himself, while on the other hand, he defended the attacks from Ye Xiao. At the moment, he was full of hatred in his heart, yet he didn't dare to waste time talking.

Because he knew that he could never defeat the Feng Monarch who had a smart mouth by talking.

To argue with Ye Xiao, he would only be humiliated more. He would be derided to the utmost!

Ye Xiao kept attacking. The gelid qi from his left hand and the golden glow from his right hand never stopped. They were like floating clouds and flowing water. His eyes were concentrated. He was never too harsh. He just did it on a gradual pace.

He looked calm, yet inside his heart, he was a bit surprised.

The needle attack was shapeless and signless. Ye Xiao stroke it out by the method of the Shapeless Needle in the Qing-Yun Realm. In this Land of Han-Yang, Ye Xiao was confident that no matter who the opponent was, whoever under the ninth level of the Sky Origin Stage would never be able to escape it.

There would only be two options. One was to take it; the other was to block it.

The needle he struck out moved in a strange way. It was signless, nearly invisible. When an opponent realized it, it would already be too late to defend in a proper way. If the opponent didn't pay a great attention on what Ye Xiao was about to do, it would be impossible to just grab something to block it.

So, the most efficient way to defend it, was to use a part of one's body to block it. The hand should be the primary option.

Nan Tianxing used his hand to defend!

It was just as Ye Xiao expected. However, there was one thing he didn't thought of. Nan Tianxing was so experienced. He had a quick reaction. When the needle hit on his palm, he instantly operated the martial art to make his palm hard like steel. The needle didn't get deep; it just cut the outer layer of the skin.

After this attack, Ye Xiao confirmed that Nan Tianxing's true capability should be higher than what he had expected.

He should be at least at the eighth level of the Sky Origin Stage.

He should be so close to the ninth level; the highest level of the Sky Origin Stage.

By only one needle strike, Ye Xiao had figured out the true capability of the enemy, and at the same time, humiliated his enemy. He was occupying the higher position in this fight. However, he was worried.

He could never defeat a man this strong with his present capability.

He was attacking wildly, and indeed, he had the higher position. However, the truth was that Nan Tianxing didn't know Ye Xiao's true capability. Nan Tianxing didn't dare to act recklessly because he was scared by that needle strike. Once he was healed and figured out how weak Ye Xiao was, Ye Xiao would be the one who should worry!

Even so, Ye Xiao didn't have any good plan for such a situation. That needle strike was, after all, the most powerful strike he could make. Yet it just damaged the lightest outer skin of his enemy's hand. It didn't even make it bleed. What should he do to win this fight?

Ye Xiao was deep in thought while he was attacking. The golden glow from his golden hand was becoming dim.

The gelid qi was increasing.

The whole space was like an ice cave.

Nan Tianxing was far stronger than Ye Xiao in cultivation. However, because Ye Xiao kept attacking in a weird way, he was confused; he could defend the attacks though. However, he couldn't catch up with the rhythm of Ye Xiao's movement.

His hand was wounded and poisoned. He was not sure if the poison remained inside his hand or not, so he didn't dare to take any aggressive moves. He only fought with one hand, and his mind was distracted. He felt more and more unable to defend.

After a while, he finally felt that the pain in his palm was getting harder and harder to bear. He felt the pain, causing him to slightly lose his concentration. He knew that it would be okay. If he couldn't feel the pain from his hand, it meant that the poison was still inside it. Now that he felt the pain, it meant that all the poison was gone.

The physical wound was just nothing for a Sky Origin Stage cultivator. While he just felt relieved and prepared to fight back, he heard something. The figures around him suddenly faded away.

And - bang bang bang... -

All of a sudden, his neck, back, chest, dantian and his head... were hit by palm strikes at the same time!

All eighteen palm hits firmly hit on his body.

The strong and extremely cold gelid death qi struck on Nan Tianxing's body and head.

All that were hit were the important areas of his body!

Ye Xiao's figure blurred as he stepped back ten meters away. - Shoot! - He stared at Nan Tianxing.

Nan Tianxing stared at Ye Xiao fiercely. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and spat out a dense mass of white qi. And then his head and his neck turned hot as it emitted mist.

His back, chest and dantian were all frozen. Some parts of his clothes were frozen. - Pah pah pah. - Several frozen pieces of his clothes dropped down to the floor. They were in the shape of a palm.

Nan Tianxing's body started to shine with a blue glow!

At the moment, all of his cultivation capability was activated.

"Such a good palm strike! I have travelled a lot in the world. This is my first time to see such a wonderful technique. The palm strike and the move worked perfectly together. Even I, who is seven levels higher than you in cultivation, couldn't handle it. It was marvelous! If you are not so under cultivated, you may truly defeat me this time!"

Nan Tianxing smiled with a vicious expression, "What a shame. You are still too weak! With such a huge gap between you and me, even though your palm strike is an incredible martial art, you cannot harm me in any way."

Ye Xiao was quiet. He just stared at those broken pieces of Nan Tianxing's clothes on the ground. After the pieces fell down, Nan Tianxing's cyan skin was emitting mist, and its color turned normally fresh.

The gelid qi didn't work on him!

The golden hand didn't work on him either!

Ye Xiao sighed deeply in his heart. He had used all the best he could. It hit on the target, yet it didn't harm Nan Tianxing in the slightest. It didn't break through the defense of his physical nature. The distance between the first level to the eighth level of the Sky Origin Stage was just too much.

Ye Xiao quickly made up his mind to change his strategy. To defeat the man in front of him, he had to use his soul power and his true trump card!

He had to put up a desperate fight!


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