Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 266: Who Strikes First Prevails!

Chapter 266: Who Strikes First Prevails!

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“Praise you… Feng Zhiling, you are asking for death! In fact, you are going to end up begging for death!”

Nan Tianxing said viciously.

Ye Xiao sneered, “Oh yeah? I really have no idea, how such a shameless, evil, crazy and mad bastard could make me beg for death?! Are you sure you can do it?”

He suddenly laughed out loud, “I guess not! At least my bones are tougher than yours! At least deep inside my heart, there is still a place for my country, my home! At the very least, I would never be able to do those dirty animal things like you did!”

Nan Tianxing shouted loudly.

The ground suddenly shook because of it.

He shouted, and the anger was vented in a certain extent.

Ye Xiao humphed and thought, [This bastard, indeed he doesn’t want to kill me, because I can bring him greater profits alive! However, he is going to break down soon anyway.]

Nan Tianxing’s face was cold and dark. The muscle on his face didn’t move, yet he looked more vicious, “Feng Monarch, what you are doing now is picking the punishment liquor instead of the friendly liquor! [1]”

“Well, it is still liquor.” Ye Xiao was calm. “It can also make me drunk! What would your father like to drink?”

“Don’t you dare mention my father!” Nan Tianxing could not bear it anymore.

“Hahahaha…” Ye Xiao viciously spoke, “What? Do you feel guilty? Do you want to give me punishment liquor? Fine. I won’t mention him. Then, does your son drink liquor? Hmm. I forgot to ask first. Do you have a son? Like you, a bastard. If you have a son, the gods must be too merciful to you!”

“Don’t be glib. The punishment liquor is always not so easy to drink.” Nan Tianxing stepped forward, showing his dark and vicious face. “Feng Zhiling, you have successfully made me run out of patience.”

“Let me tell you what next. You have two choices now. One, you die. Two, be my slave and make supreme dan beads for me from now on! All the supreme dan beads belong to me alone from now on!”

He smiled with a dark face full of ferocity, “I was trying to seek cooperation with you. And I even thought about letting you be a free man to a certain extent so that you can still enjoy your life. But you just ruined the opportunity to have a better life.”

Ye Xiao smiled coldly and sneered, “Oh really? Just by saying something about your bastard old father and your bastard son who may or may not exist? Really? Bastards are unlucky, for the three of you are humiliating all bastards by being a part of them!”

The way he talked and the way he looked made Nan Tianxing furious deep inside his heart.

“You are asking for death. Don’t blame anybody else then!” Nan Tianxing gritted with his teeth as he spoke.

“What stupid thing is your father? Why can’t I talk about him? And your son, I am not sure he would like to have a father like you!” Ye Xiao said, “People like you and your father, to be honest, I feel my mouth became smelly just because I talked about you! Why are you so angry? Isn’t it a great honor for you and your father to be mentioned by my mouth! Shouldn’t you be the happiest about it?”

Nan Tianxing shouted with anger. He finally made a strike!

He moved aside and suddenly became a mass of dark figure.

Unexpectedly, Ye Xiao had moved right before he did!

A stream of cold light appeared with no signs!

Both of his hands, one with golden glow while the other with cold qi, was moving in the air!

Nan Tianxing couldn’t bear it anymore so he attacked in anger.

In fact, Ye Xiao couldn’t bear it either!

Because, the flame of anger inside his heart was already too big to suppress!

He felt that it was so wrong not to kill this man who was so vicious and evil.

[Even though that general had messed with your father, how could you do such a cruel thing to him while he was protecting the whole country for us all during the important moment? And you actually killed all those ten thousand innocent soldiers. They were all tough men who tried their best to protect their homeland!

Nan Tianxing… you are not human!

How vicious are you and your father?]

Ye Xiao stroke with his hand and a needle was unleashed!

Nan Tianxing was about to attack, yet he surprisedly found a cold glow appearing in front of him. Dense killing intent approached him!

He was experienced in battles. It was a surprising attack, but he didn’t panic. He just moved his body aside and raised his hand to defend. In his mind, even though Ye Xiao was in the Sky Origin Stage and was a gifted man, he was still young and not experienced enough. He thought that Ye Xiao’s fame must be piled up by the resources from the Ling-Bao Hall. The strength that came from those outside resources was weak. He was sure he would knock Ye Xiao down when he fought back!

Their attacks crashed. - Pak. - With only a small sound, Nan Tianxing felt that his palm was in pain. That truly scared him. He quickly stepped back and operated his martial art to make his palm hard like iron steel. Doing so, even though the attack from Ye Xiao was strange, he was sure it would do him the least harm.

After that strike, he stopped attacking. He just moved backward dozens of meters away. He looked down on his palm and there was a narrow needle sticking on it. The needle was all black. It had stabbed into his skin and was so close to make him bleed.

A dark gelid qi was being emitted by the needle. It was shining with a dark glow like the color of hell.

“Shxt!” Nan Tianxing felt fear after the attack. Goose bumps appeared on his back because of fear.

That needle was clearly something poisonous. And it contained a strong sense of death.

If it stabbed further into his palm and made it bleed, he would have lost this hand right there. He might also lose his life because of it.

Nan Tianxing shouted loudly and gathered his energy in his hand in order to break the needle. While he was gathering his energy, he felt an extreme itch on his palm. He was terrified as he threw the needle away in an instant. When he looked closer at his hand, there was a dark area in his palm. It was spreading up to his arm.

He was surprised and scared. However, he was an experienced cultivator. In a split second, he had already made a decision as he swung his sword. He just cut off the whole piece of flesh that was covered by that black color.

His blood wildly oozed out. At the beginning, it smelled stinky. After a while, it became normal, red and fresh.

Astonishment riddled him as he bathed in cold sweat.

[What is this needle? How can it be so fierce?

I didn’t bleed, yet it nearly took my life.]

He gritted with his teeth and dodged all of Ye Xiao’s attacks. He even forcibly endured some of the attacks. During that, he ripped off a piece of his sleeve and tied up his wounded hand. He raised his right hand and forced Ye Xiao to step back a bit. He asked with a dark face, “What is this poison?”

Nan Tianxing’s complexion turned dark, as if water would leak out of it at any moment! [2]


[1] punishment liquor instead of the friendly liquor, 敬酒不吃吃罚酒, means picking the hard way instead of the easy one.

[2] 南天星的脸色,已经阴沉的快要滴出水来!

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