Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 258: Happiness of the Egg

Chapter 258: Happiness of the Egg

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It was an awkward position, and the way the spiritual qi got into him was awkward too. However, Ye Xiao got to know how good it was when he just sat down.

That was... he didn't even need to do anything yet the spiritual qi would rush into him crazily like storms. The only thing he needed to do was to take it!

Digest it! Gather it! Purify it!

That was all!

The speed of the spiritual qi entering him made him feel like he couldn't catch up with it. It seemed that he would explode if he was a bit slow with it. The streams of spiritual qi kept rushing over his Jing and Mai. He didn't have the time to care about how it worked. It just kept rushing over and over again, like it would never end.

"It is a good place indeed." Ye Xiao was truly shocked. Even though Ye Xiao knew that this plate must be something extraordinary since the egg had occupied it for such a long time, he didn't expect that it would be so marvelous. Now when he looked at the egg, there was heat in his eyes.

[What an asshole egg. It stayed so long sitting here. I can't imagine how big the amount of spiritual qi it has taken.

It must be a terrific amount.

It must be more enormous than the word astronomy, enumerability and infinity!]

Even when he was the Xiao Monarch in his previous life, he wouldn't have absorbed more than this egg did.

And the Xiao Monarch had to purify the spiritual qi before it was useful for him.

The egg didn't need to purify it. No matter how much spiritual qi, it just kept taking it all in. It would never be too much.

It just accepted any bit of it.

For all those days it absorbed a huge amount of spiritual qi, yet it still hadn't hatched!

It didn't look like it was going to hatch at all.

"You are really a weird egg!"

Ye Xiao sighed with emotion. He was focusing on dealing with the rush-over of the spiritual qi. Even though he was giving out whatever he could to deal with it, he felt it harder and harder to handle. He didn't have the time to purify it at all. There was just too much spiritual qi!

Besides, he was in a very indelicate posture.

Sitting on a plate that was designed for an egg, didn't it make him another egg?

He just sat there acting weird with the wild wind blowing under his butt. And the spiritual qi kept blowing into the hole of his... That was super awkward.

And most unbelievably, there was an egg lying at his croth. That made it three eggs at that place...

Thinking about that, Ye Xiao was a bit scared. He hurriedly stood up.

In fact, he had to stand up. If he went on sitting there, his Jing and Mai might explode because they could no longer hold more spiritual qi. He should digest and purify the spiritual qi in his body as soon as possible.

After the awkward but pleasant butthole blowing experience, Ye Xiao looked at the plate in astonishment.

He did some math in his mind. According to the speed of the spiritual qi coming out, he wondered till at what level could he just sit there and continue cultivating without stopping. And then he was astonished like hell.

The conclusion was that even he was at the top level of the Sky Origin Stage, he wouldn't be able to hold it.

He would be killed with his body exploding.

To continually sit on this plate without stopping, he would have to be at least at the top level of the Spirit Origin Stage! And that couldn't last for over two hours!

The egg was apparently surprised about how soon Ye Xiao got off that plate. It flew over to Ye Xiao, and it looked confused and upset.

[I have given you the best spot... and you actually stood up from it?

Are you still mad at me?

You... Don't you think you are being too narrow-minded!]

Ye Xiao noticed the egg's emotion, so he coughed with awkwardness. He was a bit embarrassed about doing something unfair to the egg. He said, "This is your spot, so it should be you sitting here. I get your kindness."

The egg moved backward a bit. Apparently, it didn't understand why.

Ye Xiao held it up directly and put it onto the plate.

And then he sat on the corner beside it and nodded. He said, "It is fine for me to sit here!"

The egg jumped on the plate and showed some sense of happiness and dependance, like it was moved. [What a good man. He actually gave me the best spot...

What a good man.

He actually treats me so well and thinks so much for me. I actually kicked him out of here once. I was so wrong... It is reasonable that he was mad at me.]

The egg was touched, so it flew up and got into Ye Xiao's arms rubbing him.

It was like a little kitty trying to please its owner.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He could clearly feel that the egg was relying on him. It was ten times relying on him!

[What happened?

What did I do?

I didn't do anything, did I?]

He was truly shocked. [I just gave you what belongs to you. And I gave it to you because I cannot handle it... It actually moved you this much?

An egg is an egg after all...]

Ye Xiao sighed.

However, the egg had gone soft, so Ye Xiao didn't want to keep going against it. [I am a man. Why should I be mad at an egg?]

He was being generous, and he decided to treat it better...

When he left the Space, the egg was unwilling to let him. [The good man is leaving...]

It walked him out to the entrance and nearly jumped into Ye Xiao's arms to leave with him.

The egg was so simple-minded. Ye Xiao felt a bit guilty. It was not honorable to take advantage of it.

So when he got out, he put all the materials outside back into the Space. That was a huge amount of materials that had been collected by Ling-Bao Hall in the recent days.

The storeroom of the House of Ye was almost full.

He just put them all into the Space at one time. All of a sudden, the Wood Space had been doubled in space, and the Gold Space was filled up. After a long time, the essence of gold and metal were all digest, and the other things inside became dust.

That increased about half a thousand kilograms of essence.

It became a small piece silently staying at the center.

The Gold Space became empty again.

The other Spaces got their gains too. The spiritual qi was increased rapidly in the Spaces!

There was more spiritual qi flying around in the Space.

The egg was so excited that it nearly broke itself on a rock. It kept rolling and spinning in the air. If it could speak, it would say "hail".

It was so happy!


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