Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 257: The Position of the Egg

Chapter 257: The Position of the Egg

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Although Ye Xiao was weak compared to who he used to be in his previous life, he was now one of the top cultivators in the Land of Han-Yang. His true capability made him an absolute superior cultivator in this realm. Even though he was carrying a troubled heart, he shouldn't be attacked under expectation at this moment.

He calmed himself down and looked up. All he could see was only... an egg.

The egg seemed to be frightened too. It was struck out about ten meters away, shaking and flying round and round in the air.

[It was it?}

Ye Xiao suddenly felt scared about what happened.

He was surprised that he might get into some surprising attack, but now he was really scared about it.

There were not many things that could scare the Xiao Monarch. To hit that egg was definitely one of them.

It was an egg that could smash a Dao Origin Stage cultivator like Gu Jinlong to death. It was a super egg. Ye Xiao still remembered the scene when the egg smashed Gu Jinlong's head which was hard and invulnerable into a pile of minced meat.

And now it actually hit Ye Xiao's head.

Ye Xiao shook his head and touched his head and found it swollen.

It was lucky that it only made it swollen.

"What the fxxk!" Ye Xiao felt himself lucky and then felt annoyed. He frowned and shouted angrily to the egg, "Get out of here."

The egg didn't leave. It kept flying round and round, up and down in the air around Ye Xiao's head. It seemed it was apologizing.

Ye Xiao was in an extremely bad mood. He didn't want to talk to it. He just waved his hand and moved to the exit with a dark face.

- Shoot. -

The egg came to the front to his face fast.

"What on earth do you want?" Ye Xiao frowned and shouted, "I don't have time for you right now. There are countless of things waiting for me to deal with. Even if I do have time, I won't to talk with you. You actually expelled me in my own place... Since you are so powerful, what is the thing you are not capable of? Let's just ignore each other and we both have a peaceful time."

And then he just walked out and didn't even want to look at the egg for one more second.

The egg flew to him again, and this time, it directly stayed right next to his head,pushing him. Apparently, it didn't want him to leave.

Ye Xiao was more annoyed and he tried to resist it. But he found himself unable to push the egg a bit. Nothing happened to the egg, and he only felt pain on his head. The egg didn't do anything. It just stayed still right there, not stepping back in the slightest.

"What on earth do you want?" Ye Xiao was angry.

He had every reason to get mad. The egg was too violent on asking for cooperation. It was a super egg that could kill a Dao Origin Stage super cultivator by one hit. He must be stupid to forcibly push it away. Of course he would get hurt. It was lucky that he didn't get his head smashed. Well, it was enough for him to understand it by hitting it one time. If he did it again, he must be retarded.

Ye Xiao shouted with anger, and the egg was jumping up and down in front of him. It jumped and jumped. Eventually, it stayed still in front of him.

It felt like it was expecting something, but it wasn't sure.

Ye Xiao understood it a little, so he said, "So you are apologizing to me, aren't you?"

The egg jumped like it was nodding.

"I don't care." Ye Xiao turned away and tried to get going.

The egg was like in anxiety. It pushed his head again and didn't want him to go.

Ye Xiao slapped on it with his hand. Nothing happened to the egg, but only his hand was struck with great pain.

He felt more furious as he said with anger, "Get the hell off! You are just an egg. You are not a dog, are you? Even a damned dog wouldn't block people's way!"

It seemed like the egg didn't care about whatever he spoke. It just kept him there and wouldn't let him move.

Apparently, no matter how many things Ye Xiao wanted to say, the egg was just right there.

For a long time, Ye Xiao just couldn't do anything about it.

He rubbed the sides of his head in annoyance, "You are nothing but an egg. You shouldn't even have consciousness. Not to mention feelings... And you just stay here blocking my way. What do you want? You can't even talk. How am I supposed to communicate with you?"

Finally, the egg moved. It flew around him again and again.

Ye Xiao sighed.

[What the hack.

Even though you keep responding by doing something like this. How am I supposed to understand it?

What do you expect me to say?]

Things cooled down again. The egg suddenly shook itself in the air like it was enlightened. It actually moved to the back of Ye Xiao and pushed him forward.

And when Ye Xiao was moving to the direction it didn't want him to, it flew back to the front and stopped him. And then it returned to the back and pushed him to where it wanted him to go. Ye Xiao finally got it. It was trying to lead him to the tunnel.

It was the area where the spiritual qi was the densest.

Because the egg was so tough and stubborn, Ye Xiao had to walk to the tunnel step by step. And when he eventually saw the big plate inside, the egg speeded up over to the plate and flew around it. And then it returned to Ye Xiao and moved up and down in front of him. At last, it moved to the back again and pushed him forward again. When Ye Xiao was pushed close to the plate, it was still pushing him.

"So you want me to... to get up on it?" Ye Xiao looked at the plate and understood something. He felt speechless.

This plate was the most precious area in the whole Space. The egg had been occupying it alone for a long time, yet now it actually gave it to Ye Xiao.

[This is a movement to show kindness, but I don't really want it.]

The egg was still pushing him. He didn't have any way to resist it.

So he had to go up and sat on that plate, thinking that perhaps it was worth a shot.

The egg stopped pushing him, and it just flew round and round in the air happily. And then it landed in front of him, right at his crotch...

It turned silent and didn't move anymore.

Ye Xiao suddenly lost his bearings about the last few actions of the egg. He was a bit dizzy.

[What... What the hell is this?

Isn't it too shocking?

When I was trying to find somewhere near this area to cultivate for a while, the egg didn't want me to. It always drove me away. Now it actually pushed me to sit here.

But... It really isn't a proper place for me to sit on.

The plate is obviously for an egg.

The edge of the plate was curled up a bit, and at its center, there was a little bun. It was perfect to put an egg on it. How could it be possible for a man to sit on it... Well, it could be a proper thing to sit on, because, after all, we all have butt seams...]

The spiritual qi was rushing out from that bun like wild. He only felt his butt cooling down. Who else could experience... a wild wind howling inside the butt seam...

[Well, I do.] Ye Xiao spoke in mind and didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

He guessed that even if he could fart all the gas he farted since his life began, it wouldn't be as fierce as this.


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