Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 255 - The Egg That Had No Idea What To Do

Chapter 255 - The Egg That Had No Idea What To Do

When Wan Zheng-Hao heard Ye Xiao’s voice, he couldn’t help quivering.

“That man hasn’t shown up yet.” Wan Zheng-Hao said, “The person who came and booked the Sky Room No.1 only brought a token. And that’s all.”

“Since the token was shown here, things are obvious…” Ye Xiao made two steps ahead and affirmatively spoke with a low voice, “He will show up eventually.”

Wan Zheng-Hao was confused. He had no idea what that meant.

He truly didn’t understand why the Monarch was so confident that the mysterious man would definitely come to the auction the next day.

The auction was indeed a big event. The objects on the auction were all precious. However, that mysterious man was truly a person who could stir the storms with one hand. He was a super figure who could decide on anyone’s life and death. How could he be so sure about such a man’s motivation.

And, according to what Feng Zhi-Ling just told him, he was about to use such man’s power to deal with the two super sects. It seemed to be a difficult job, and even if he succeeded, it might lead to some disastrous consequences.

However, those were only thoughts of Wan Zheng-Hao. He didn’t dare to say it.

“The auction will be launched as we planned. We don’t give anyone or any forces any special treatment.” Ye Xiao said, “Ignore the requests from the two sects. If they have money and resources, they are free to join the auction. If they don’t, they won’t get a damn penny. They must be crazy to think that they could get things for free from us!”

He sneered and left.

“That is crazy…” Wan Zheng-Hao murmured these words twice.

Nobody knew whether he was talking about Monarch Feng or the two super sects…

Ye Xiao just disappeared like a mass of fog.

The gelid qi that he had absorbed from Bing Xin-Yue started to take effect with the Cosmic Hades in the Boundless Space. The gelid qi, which had been quiet for a long time, was now popping out. It seemed as though it was going to shake the balance of the Spaces. Ye Xiao had to deal with such situation first. It might lead to a severe consequence, so he didn’t dare to ignore it.

He wanted to stay in the salesroom for a little bit longer and discuss about the auction with Wan Zheng-Hao, yet he couldn’t. He just hurried back to the House of Ye.

The change brought by the gelid qi from the illness of Bing Xin-Yue was big. Since he absorbed the gelid qi, only a few hours had passed, yet the gelid qi had already created a disaster in the Spaces. He nearly lost control of it.

When he returned to his room and checked on the Spaces, the Wood Space was about to break down.

He didn’t dare to hesitate. He immediately started to digest the gelid qi.

He was now quite skillful with digesting the energy in the Spaces. Only after a while did he finally stabilize the Spaces. This time, he entered the Sky Space and sealed the Sky Space completely. He stayed inside it and took care of the gelid qi himself.

In the tunnel, the egg was able to absorb some of that gelid qi, but it was just a tiny piece of all the qi that was created this time.

Ye Xiao could feel that the egg had its self-consciousness already. It started to know how to snatch the resource for itself.

That was not allowed!

It was forbidden!

Ye Xiao would never let this kind of things happen again.

[This is my place. It is inside my body!

I am the owner! All right?!

If my place is snatched by an egg…

How can I, the Xiao Monarch, smile? I should just go hit the wall on my head and let myself die for it.

That is so embarrassing.]

He was concentrated on digesting the gelid qi in order to make it bring some positive effects on himself. He felt that his cultivation capability was improving bit by bit. Step by step, he started to forget everything else.

When he was about to become fully immersed, he suddenly felt that the Spaces were shaking.

Surprisingly, the egg actually flew up and was making turns in the air.

It looked anxious.

Ye Xiao hadn’t put things into the Boundless Space for over ten days. And in fact… He had taken out many things from the Space…

The egg was quite upset and pissed about it.

Well, it knew that Ye Xiao must be angry about being kicked out the last time though.

Recently, when Ye Xiao occasionally entered the Space, he would just ignore the egg. The egg had tried to get close to him and fix their relationship. However, Ye Xiao never gave any positive replies.

He was obviously angry!

The first few days, the egg was still casual and did nothing. After three or four days, it started to roll and turn every now and then. It seemed okay though. After six days, it started to feel anxious, and it started to try to improve its relation with Ye Xiao. Yet it never worked. Eight days had passed, they were still in a bad relation. The egg finally panicked.

[He won’t just cut off the supply to the Spaces, will he?

Well, it won’t be a problem for him at least for a short time. It will just slow down the pace of his improvement!

But what about me?]

The egg was so worried, and it wanted to apologize to Ye Xiao, but Ye Xiao wouldn’t give it the chance to.

The egg was worried and anxious. No matter how amazing it was, it was still an egg. It couldn’t speak. As long as Ye Xiao quit trying to communicate with it, they wouldn’t be able to talk.

Things were so bad that its yolk nearly broke up.

Finally, it saw Ye Xiao enter the Space again. It was so happy. Although Ye Xiao kept ignoring it, it decided to do something immediately.

Otherwise, if Ye Xiao ignored it for a longer time, it would have less and less food to eat. That would certainly lead to his death.

Hmm. That could truly finish him. [1]

So it flew up and flew around outside the Sky Space, waiting for Ye Xiao to get out.

The Sky Space was sealed up by Ye Xiao, but it was an easy job for the egg to open it and enter it.

It would have opened it if things were just the same like the old days, but now it wouldn’t dare. It wouldn’t want to risk losing its life because it pissed Ye Xiao off again.

When Ye Xiao was showing kindness to the egg, the egg got to do whatever it wanted. When he stopped caring about it, it had no idea what to do.

After reaching the first level of the Grade of Tianyuan, Ye Xiao clearly felt that his dantian’s capacity had increased by nearly ten times. His Jing and Mai had become more flexile.


[1] Here the author uses the word 完蛋. It means finished and it has the character 蛋 which means egg.

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