Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 254 - Here Comes The Robbers

Chapter 254 - Here Comes The Robbers

“The two most powerful sects in this world. They are the Sunshine Sect and the Starglow Sect.” Wan Zheng-Hao’s face turned green, “We are just tiny little figures in front of them. Ling-Bao Hall is equal to nothing compared to them. They are too powerful… Ah.”

Ye Xiao humphed and said, “Too powerful? What did they say, that Sunshine Sect and the Starglow Sect?”

His face turned cold.

[Sunshine Sect? Humph. It should be the branch sect of the Sunlight Sect in the Qing-Yun Realm. Starglow Sect? Must be the branch sect of the Starlight Sect… It turns out these two factions both have their branches in the Land of Han-Yang!]

“The Sunshine Sect said that they need all kinds of supreme dan and they want six dan beads of each. The Starglow Sect required the same, but they asked for eight dan beads of each kind…”

Wan Zheng-Hao was bitter, helpless and annoyed.

Ye Xiao turned a cold face. He laughed, “Heh, heh. So they asked for that much? What did they offer for what they wanted?”

Wan Zheng-Hao showed a bitter face, and there was an even stronger anger inside his eyes. He said, “They never said anything about the price.”

“Hahahaha…” Ye Xiao couldn’t help laughing out. He laughed because of being furious. He said with a deep voice, “So they want to rob us? They don’t want to pay? So something like being robbed is truly happening to me?”

“Even though they are planning to pay, it won’t be much. It would be out of their budget to pay for one dan bead, I am afraid.”

Wan Zheng-Hao sighed and continued, “I screwed it up this time. I didn’t expect such super sects who had thousands years of history would actually do such a shameless thing.”

“You are wrong, Wan Zheng-Hao. You know so little. And things you know are all too low-class. That’s why you would blame yourself on such a thing. In fact, you don’t need to, because…”

Ye Xiao sneered and said, “Because the more powerful those sects are, the more shameless they will be. They think that they have the absolute power to overwhelm us, and we are unable to resist. That’s why they would act so boldly like this.”

“It is lucky that we make the auction into such a huge issue, otherwise… We may be wiped out by some sects secretly. We have told the world that we have a lot of supreme dan beads. It was like a child carrying gold walking in the market. People are greedy.”

He smiled and said, “I have seen such things before it happened. I will actually be more surprised if they will be willing to pay even a bit. In my opinion, it is normal that they won’t give us anything and just rob the dan beads… Well, they actually still know how to protect their reputation. Maybe in their minds, they think we should be grateful that they are willing to pay that bit.”

Wan Zheng-Hao wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “No wonder you told me to make it as big as I can. You already have a plan for this. However, what should we do now that things are like this? They are sick and shameless, and we are the weaker side. It is true that we cannot defeat them!”

In his heart, he was thinking, [Why does the Monarch know so well about the way those sects do? He is angry, but he isn’t surprised. Apparently, he knew it already. He had planned how to deal with it. I have been in this business for so many years, but I have never reached those super sects. Monarch is still young. How does he know so well? Even though he is naturally born smart and wise, he is short in experience after all!]

He was just thinking. He didn’t dare to say anything.

Monarch Feng was so confident and mysterious. That made Wan Zheng-Hao feel worshipful.

“Wan, you don’t need to worry too much. Since I have known this would happen, I surely know how to deal with it. It isn’t easy to take advantage from us!” Ye Xiao sneered. He was full of disdain.

Wan Zheng-Hao felt eased at once.

In fact, Wan Zheng-Hao believed in Feng Zhi-Ling out of no apparent reason. The two super sects were the most powerful forces in the whole Land of Han-Yang. Even the entire Kingdom of Chen might not be able to defeat any one of them, and they both have their supports from the upper realm.

That was some extremely powerful forces. Feng Zhi-Ling indeed have a lot of supreme dan beads, and as Wan Zheng-Hao knew, he had a grandmaster dan-maker. Feng Zhi-Ling himself was a good dan-maker, but he was still lacking in the basis of martial cultivation. Ling-Bao Hall had improved a lot recently, and even Liu Chan-Jun joined them. However, they only had limited strength. It might be easy to deal with some normal sects, but as for Sunshine Sect and Starglow Sect, it would be like throwing eggs onto the stones. However, Feng Zhi-Ling just said something and Wan Zheng-Hao truly believed it and stopped worrying!

Ye Xiao asked, “Are all our big rooms booked?”

“All booked. Only three rooms are reserved for you as you wish. The rooms of Sky, Earth and Human. All the other people who hadn’t booked any rooms will need to sit in the main hall. The rooms of letter Earth and room of letter Human had been occupied by the Sunshine Sect and Starglow Sect.” Wan Zheng-Hao answered.

Ye Xiao nodded and said slowly, “What about the Sky Room No.1?”

Wan Zheng-Hao was surprised as he stared at Ye Xiao. He thought that he should be the only one who knew about the Sky Room No.1. However, Ye Xiao sounded like he had known it well.

“Monarch, how did you know…” Wan Zheng-Hao said.

“It is under my expectation. In the Land of Han-Yang, there is only one man who is powerful enough to take the Sky Room No.1. Only this one man.”

Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up as he said blandly, “I need to meet him.”

Wan Zheng-Hao was shocked as he said, “Well… I am afraid… It will be a bit too dangerous.”

Ye Xiao spoke blandly, “It is only for the current situation. If we want to get rid of the current obstacles, we have to use his power. As long as we can have time to develop, when we get strong enough, they will all die!”

“The two super sects… Hey, super?!” While Ye Xiao was speaking the word ‘super’, there was endless indifference and killing intent inside his voice.

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