Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1624 - The Red Fire Lord of the Seven Colored Lords

Chapter 1624: The Red Fire Lord of the Seven Colored Lords

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“Ahem… It is not that… Well… You see… You fooled the Purple Dragon King away, kid. We are going to overcome this… We will be fine… I am just a nobody…” The old man said, “I am nobody… There is no need to know about me…”

Ye Xiao couldn’t hold it anymore. He dashed ahead and pushed the old man on the bed. He grabbed the old man’s throat and gritted his teeth. In a fierce voice, he said, “Do you think you are fooling a kid around here? Is that so? You are nobody, aren’t you? The Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan must have protected their eggs well. You are a nobody, yet you can steal their eggs! You are a nobody, yet you survived the fight against thousands of superior cultivators led by the two kings in person! Are you really just nobody? You don’t think I am truly just a kid, do you? Tell me the truth or you can burn in hell! Why wouldn’t I kill you? Why not? As long as I kill you and give the dragon and the phoenix your head, the Monarch’s Hall will be safe! You old bastard is full of bullsh*t! Go to hell!”

The old man was still injured severely inside, so he couldn’t use any cultivation power. Ye Xiao grabbed his throat and he couldn’t resist. All he did was groaning and rolling his eyes up. “Kid… Stop this… Stop… Careful… Cough, cough… Cough… I… I can’t breathe…”

Ye Xiao knew the old man’s condition very well, so he let go of him. He was still angry. In fact, it was not the old man who made him angry, but himself. He and his organization were in a dangerous situation, but he actually helped somebody, which broke the rules only because he pitied the old man. He got nothing good from that decision, and there was a huge problem ahead of him.

“Well then, the Nine Sky Golden Qi must be given to you by the Golden Phoenix King, and the Scorching Saber Qi must be from the Purple Dragon King. Am I right?”

Ye Xiao asked.

“Impressive. That is correct!” The old man said, “Those two bastards fought me together… If I can have a fair fight against each of them one by one, I will…”

“You are not their rival no matter how fair the fight is!” Ye Xiao disdainfully interrupted and said, “If you are really as powerful as one of them, you could at least easily escape the battle! You wouldn’t have been injured so severely if you were that good!”

The old man was embarrassed, and he said, “You are smart, and you obviously know a lot, but you shouldn’t be so frank when it may hurt an old man’s feelings. Oh heavens… Kids these days…”

Ye Xiao raged again and said, “Oh, I am such a bad guy because I said something to hurt your feelings! What have you done? Where is your dignity? If you want me to respect you, give it up! I want to kill you right now and end this stupid mess!”

The old man said, “I know you are trying to scare me. You wouldn’t do it! You are too kind to do it!”

Ye Xiao looked at the old man and said, “Tell me who you are! Just give me your name! Do not play your little games anymore! I am not going to go easy like this if you keep irritating me. I will put you down.”

“Kid… You can’t… Fine… I am Chihuo…” The old man sighed and said, “What happened… Well… It was an accident… I used to eat a lot of phoenix eggs, and nothing ever happened… Everything was fine…”

“Chihuo? As a man who is addicted to food? That is right! You are exactly who you should be. Now you get your punishment, don’t you?” Ye Xiao coldly said.

The old man hastily said, “I am Chihuo, as red fire, not as a guttler!”

“Chihuo? Well, you better change your name to Guttler now. If you were not so hungry for the egg, you wouldn’t have to make such trouble. Just listen to me. You should admit it…”

Suddenly, Ye Xiao was shocked. He turned around abruptly and said, “What did you just say? Chihuo? Are you Chihuo as in the Chihuo? You are Chihuo!”

The old man looked upset. “Chihuo… The red fire… Not Chihuo the guttler…”

“One of the Seven Colored Lords? The Red Fire Lord?”

Ye Xiao was shocked.

‘I was wondering who he was! He is the Red Fire Lord! That makes sense!’

‘The old guy is one of the Seven Colored Lords!’

It was known that the most powerful men in the Human Realm Upon Heavens were the five sky kings.

Under the five sky kings’ leadership, there were a lot of capable cultivators as well. Some of these people were not included in any ranking lists in the martial world.

There was one man who was known to be as powerful as the five sky kings. It was the Great Master Ye.

He was the only one who could reach the height of the five sky kings.

Below Great Master Ye, there were the Eight Worlds Itinerant Cultivators, Seven Golden Lotuses, Four Great Swords, and Two Mad Sabers.

After that, it was the Seven Colored Lords.

The Seven Colored Lords were listed below the Seven Golden Lotuses, but that was just an official list.

The Seven Colored Lords were definitely great cultivators in the world!

“Are you really Chihuo, the Red Fire Lord of the Seven Colored Lords?” Ye Xiao grinned.

“Why should I lie?” Chihuo rolled up his eyes and said, “I stole the eggs from the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan! What? Am I not better than what they say?”

“Sure! You are!” Ye Xiao nodded and said, “There are people who seem to be better than you, but you are definitely the only one who is shameless enough to steal their eggs. You are definitely Chihuo.”

Chihuo humphed and said, “Is that a compliment?”

“A compliment? Oh heavens… You must have broken your brain… This is impressively stupid!”

Ye Xiao rubbed his own eyes and said, “Fine. I can’t kick you out, not before you are cured. However, behave yourself when you are staying in my place. When you are cured, leave as soon as possible! I will accept this bad luck!”

Ye Xiao did not want to be an enemy to the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan.

He used to think that the old man must be a powerful man who could help the Monarch’s Hall to a great deal. He even planned on recruiting the old man. Now, he just wanted to stay away from the trouble maker.

That was not a joke.

Being a friend of this old man meant becoming an enemy to the powerful Dragon Clan and the great Phoenix Clan at the same time!

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