Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1623 - Eggs of the Dragon and the Phoenix

Chapter 1623: Eggs of the Dragon and the Phoenix

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“Stop the nonsense… I didn’t eat anything from the dragon or the phoenix…” The old man weakly said, staring at Ye Xiao, “I am telling the truth. I didn’t eat the dragon’s liver or the phoenix’s guts…”

“I doubt it! I deeply doubt it!” Ye Xiao was angry. “If you didn’t mess with the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan, why would they send thousands of men to kill you? Look… Listen… How far away is the Glaze Sky? Who are the Purple Dragon King and the Golden Phoenix King? Why would they come all this way to find you if you didn’t offend them? Stop lying to me!”

The old man weakly said, “I… Well… I must have… I definitely didn’t eat the dragon’s liver or the phoenix’s guts…”

“You didn’t eat them. Fine. What do you mean?” Ye Xiao was surprised. ‘Why does he keep mentioning the liver and the guts?’

“I did not eat any liver or guts…” The old man repeated, but this time, he sounded tougher.

Ye Xiao came up with an idea, and he said, “You didn’t eat any liver or guts… Well… You must have eaten something that you shouldn’t have, right? What is it? Say it!”

The old man turned weak as he heard Ye Xiao. With hesitation, he said, “Well… You’re probably going to get something to eat when you are really hungry, don’t you? What is wrong about that? Nobody should starve!”

Ye Xiao knew that he had the right guess, so he felt awkward. He said, “Go on!”

The old man became weaker. “Well… Is trying to get yourself fed that serious of an offense? I was so hungry… I was starving… And I heard that it was delicious… So… I just… I…”

Ye Xiao kept both of his eyes widely opened. He knew something must have gone wrong. “Can’t you just say it? What was it? What happened? What did you eat? Just say it! Didn’t you say you didn’t eat any liver or guts? Was it even more serious than liver and guts?”

He was anxious!

“Well, it is not that important… I heard that the phoenix’s egg tasted good…” The old man’s lips twisted, and he continued, “So I thought I should get an egg for myself… I was just going after the phoenix egg, not the dragon’s egg…”

Ye Xiao was shocked. He stared at the audacious old man. ‘Did he mean he took the dragon’s egg as well?’

“I didn’t think that… Well… The egg… You know… I took the egg that belonged to the Golden Phoenix King…” The old man looked upset. “I thought it was some egg of some ordinary phoenix…”

“You f*cking bullsh*t!”

Ye Xiao couldn’t help it anymore. “Some egg of some ordinary phoenix? Would you really risk that much to get some ordinary egg?”

He just wanted to scold the old man so much!

“You can’t blame me…” The old man said, “There were two eggs at the same place… A phoenix usually only lays one egg. I saw two eggs… so I guessed those eggs weren’t that important…”

Ye Xiao felt something wrong, so he asked, “Did you say there were two eggs at the same place?”

“That’s correct… I thought they weren’t important, so I ate them both…” The old man looked sad. “That was followed by the tragedy… One of the eggs belonged to the Golden Phoenix King, and the other belonged to the Purple Dragon King… They put the two eggs together because they wanted to make the two babies a pair in the future… Well… I didn’t know, did I?”

Ye Xiao felt dizzy, and he finally fell to the floor and couldn’t get up!

‘Holy hell… It would be much better if you just ate some liver and guts… You ate a dragon and a phoenix! You killed the prince and princess of the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan! Give me one reason why they shouldn’t hunt you down! They have all the right to kill you!’

The old man complained and said, “Do you understand, kid? Come on. Tell me you understand. They shouldn’t put the two eggs at the same place! It was as if they were tempting me! People would definitely think they were some inconsequential eggs! Besides, I was starving… How was I supposed to control myself…”

Ye Xiao held his own forehead and said, “Stop! Stop now! Don’t you explain anymore! You can’t cover this up! You did it! You know it! You can’t explain yourself out of this!”

He was so sad about what happened. “I finally know what you have done… Please, don’t call me a kid anymore. I am scared. You ate a dragon baby and a phoenix baby! That scares the sh*t out of me!”

“How can you say that, kid! That is not what you said! I didn’t mean to kill anybody. Besides, those were eggs. I ate two eggs, not babies… There is a huge difference…” The old man still tried to explain. In fact, he knew he was fooling himself!

“No wonder they are after you…” Ye Xiao’s head was throbbing with pain. “I know what huge trouble I have brought myself into… Oh, heavens… Oh, earth… I shouldn’t have saved you… I am helping the bad guy…”

The old man seemed to be embarrassed too. He said, “Kid, don’t blame yourself. I did eat the eggs… Well, they have hunted me down… Thousands of them… I almost died… If you didn’t save me, I should have died!”

“Pah! They should do much more than just hunt you down! They should have killed you out there! You shouldn’t be alive! The world wants you dead!”

Ye Xiao was furious. “Even killing you with thousands of cuts and torturing you for ten thousand years is not enough to punish you for your sin! You have brought me, the Hall of Life and Death, and the Monarch’s Hall down to the trouble you made! I was wrong… I must be blind… Why would I decide to help you? I was blind… I thought too unbelievably high of you!”

The old man looked at Ye Xiao and gently said, “I am flattered… Well, you aren’t blind… I know you blame me! We are all cultivators in the martial world… We should always help the person in need in the martial world. You are a good kid. You would surely save me! Come on… There is an old saying, which is good… A smile erases all hatred…”

Ye Xiao gave up.

‘Holy hell… If anybody dares to say that I am invincible as a talker, I would kill him immediately. This old man showed me what an invincible talker is like… He is more shameless than anybody else I know! His skin is thicker than the wall of the city!

‘You actually ate the son and the daughter of others, and now you are telling me a smile erases all hatred…

‘What the hell is wrong with you?’

Ye Xiao had a conclusion. If the old man’s cultivation power was as strong as his shamelessness, he should be the strongest person in the Human Realm Upon Heavens!

“Fine… Let’s move on… Just tell me… Who are you? I may go to hell because of you, but at least I deserve to know your name, don’t I?” Ye Xiao weakly said.

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