Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 552 Spirit Awakening

Chapter 552 Spirit Awakening

Trait Name: Spirit Source

Source Stage: 1 -> 3

Essence: 1,000 -> 1,800

Essence Regeneration: +100 per hour -> +180 per hour


Izroth was shocked to see the improvements to the quantity of his Essence and its regeneration. To think that consuming a single Essence of a Great Spirit would increase his Source Stage by two levels in one go!

Of course, Izroth understood that such a huge leap would not have been possible if not for his Perfect Source Compatibility.

Instead of absorbing 20% of the total natural energies within the Essence of a Greater Spirit, his Perfect Source Compatibility enabled him to devour five times that amount! It was no wonder he was about to jump two stages at once.

'It's too bad I can't consume the page from the Book of Beginnings. Otherwise, who knows how much my Source would progress?'

If one were to compare the two directly, then the Essence of a Great Spirit was like a cup of water, while the page from the Book of Beginnings could be seen as an entire lake. Though whether or not he would be able to assimilate that much energy with his Source's current level was unknown.

Once he finished checking over his Spirit Source to ensure that he had not missed any changes, Izroth shifted his focus to the Spirit Awakening Contract Crystal.

When Izroth looked over its details, he could not help but release a small sigh.

'Isn't the Commander like a portable world of treasure?'

Aurie's dreamworld was similar to a dungeon in the way that it granted rewards upon completion. Furthermore, she was a living and breathing half-spirit, which meant her blood itself could be seen as a mythical tier material. After all, even a legendary figure like Zarolas wanted to get his hands on it.

'Maybe I should have asked for some of her blood.'

Name: Spirit Awakening Contract Crystal(Soulbound)

Rank: Legendary

Usage: Allows the user to form a genuine Soul Contract with a compatible spirit. This item contains «Spirit Awakening».

«Spirit Awakening» - When activated, attracts the spirits of the world to its location that, if chosen, will automatically undergo a «Second Awakening».

«Second Awakening» - The spirit evolves to a higher form, greatly enhancing its overall strength and abilities.

Special Note: This item is Soulbound to the user and cannot be traded or sold. If dropped from the user's inventory, it will be permanently destroyed.

If those with summoner type classes could see the effects of this crystal before Izroth, they would salivate with greed and be unable to hide the envy in their eyes. Even non-summoners would want to get their hands on this item since it did not have the same class restrictions as a regular Contract Crystal.

The Spirit Awakening Contract Crystal was an authentic legendary item, and its effects were nothing to scoff at.

Not only could one form a true Soul Contract with a spirit, but it even went as far as attracting spirits to its location. But, the biggest feature was, without a doubt, its ability to give a spirit its Second Awakening.

Izroth did not know much about Second Awakenings, but he read enough about it to understand its significance.

Just like monsters, the vast majority of spirits had a set strength from birth and would possess that same level of power their entire lives. This was one of the main reasons why players with a summoner-type class were on a neverending search for more powerful spirits every day. While their skills amplified the spirit's abilities, there was only so much it could do.

It was also why there were virtually no summoners who started around the same time as Izroth that still had their starter spirits. In simple terms, they were too weak to be viable this far into RML.

However, a Second Awakening could make even the weakest of spirits undergo an incredible metamorphosis that was not as simplistic as one plus one.

After he examined it, Izroth touched the surface of the Spirit Awakening Contract Crystal as a faint white aura encompassed it. At the same time, a small blue light appeared inside of the crystal. It was soon followed by a green light, a yellow light, and a red light. Before Izroth knew it, the crystal's core was filled with a myriad of lights that covered a vast spectrum of colors.

Each light danced around freely within the crystal as if they were searching for something.

'These lights... They're all spirits? There has to be at least a thousand of them.'

When he made contact with the crystal, Izroth "linked" with it, so to speak, and understood the chaos happening within. He sensed some weak spirits bidding their time, strong presences attempting to intimidate and suppress those around them, stealthy presences that silently hid away, and even terrifying ones that seemed almost uncontrollable.

Every spirit appeared to be drawn by one thing—the Second Awakening. Unfortunately, despite having more than a thousand spirits to choose from, Izroth discovered that while all of them were somewhat compatible, only a handful of them possessed a high compatibility with him.

Though not every spirit was reserved. Some of the more terrifying and domineering spirits wanted to forcibly merge with the crystal; however, every time they attempted to do so, the white aura that encompassed it briefly intensified and suppressed them.

After pondering over his choice, Izroth finally decided on which spirit to pick. However, right as he made his choice, something bizarre took place.

The white aura around the Spirit Awakening Contract Crystal intensified and cleared out every last spirit within it!

Then, in the next moment, the light receded as something began to engrave itself onto the crystal using pure energy.

In less than a breath, the engraving came to an abrupt halt as Izroth inwardly frowned. The spirit he chose was no longer anywhere to be found.

Even those terrifying spirits were incapable of overpowering the crystal with brute force. So, how was this one able to take over with such ease?

Izroth immediately made out the symbol etched into the crystal as a crescent moon.

'A moon? But, why does this one feel somewhat familiar...?'

Just as that thought crossed Izroth's mind, the crystal turned into numerous tiny particles of energy that created a sphere one meter in diameter.


Suddenly, various cracks spread through the sphere as if it were an egg about to hatch.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The energy scattered in every direction as a figure emerged from the sphere.

It was a bird that resembled a cross between a caladrius and a phoenix. Its feathers matched the clouds in the sky on a sunny day with a pair of eyes that reflected an untainted spring.

Around its eyes, neck, wings, and talons were white flames that constantly swayed as if they were being influenced by an outside force.

〈System Alert: Your «Spirit Awakening Contract Crystal» has been destroyed!〉

〈System Alert: A spirit wants to form a «Soul Link» with you, do you accept?〉

Soul Link?! Izroth never imagined he would get the opportunity to experience it for himself with a spirit!

'How is this possible?'

Izroth had a Soul Link with Empyrean, but this was only natural since Empyrean was his Soul Avatar. However, a Soul Link with an unknown spirit should be impossible!

Soul Links could only be developed with spirits after bonding with the summoner over an extended period of time. Even then, it was not something guaranteed.


The spirit flapped its wings and landed in Izroth's lap.

"Coo~ Coo~" It softly cooed as it rubbed its head against Izroth's chest as if showing its affection and urging him to accept the Soul Link.

Izroth gave a helpless smile as he reached out and stroked the top of the spirit's head as he inwardly sighed.

"First, you force your way into my crystal, and now you want to force a Soul Link? Little bird, you're too overbearing." Izroth said half-jokingly.

"Coo..." The spirit turned meek as it dropped its head and behaved in a manner that could only be described as pouting.

"Alright, what's done is done. Since you've gone this far, it must be with a purpose." Izroth stated as the spirit immediately cheered up.

"Coo! Coo!"

Izroth accepted the Soul Link with the spirit as the system sounded off.

〈System Alert: You have formed a «Soul Link» with a named spirit.〉

'Named spirit? Aren't spirits named by their summoner?'

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