Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 551 Absorbing The Essence of a Great Spiri

Chapter 551 Absorbing The Essence of a Great Spiri

"I see. I had a feeling that would be your answer. But, I had to ask anyway. Besides—that woman would have given me an earful if I snatched one of her people away." Aurie stated. She was disappointed that Izroth turned down her offer, but it was not outside her expectations.

She then turned to Maeva and asked, "What about you, Lieutenant Maeva?"

"This..." It was so sudden that Maeva did not know how to respond. If she said that she was no longer interested in joining the Resource Management Division, it would be a lie.

That being said, she enjoyed traveling with Izroth as part of the GSU. But, if she became a member of the Resource Management Division, Maeva understood that she would not be without some restrictions on her movements.

Of course, the main thing that troubled Maeva was that she did not want Izroth to think that she was ungrateful. After all, he was the one who took her in and granted her the position of Lieutenant in his Division. In addition, if not for him, Maeva doubted that Aurie would have made her such a favorable offer. If she left him now, wouldn't it seem like she was tossing him aside for greater benefits?

"I-" Just as Maeva was about to give her answer, she was interrupted by Izroth.

"Maeva, sometimes one must be selfish with their actions. Whatever you decide to do, whether it's as the Mystical Realm Palace's owner or your Captain, I will not hold it against you. Do you remember the words I said to you back on the steps of the Event Center?" Izroth commented.


"Light and darkness are usually never far from one another. Since your circumstances are set, you can only do your best to make the most of them." (Izroth)


"Until you decide on how to do that, you are welcome to accompany me, 'Lieutenant Maeva'," (Izroth)


A look of astonishment found its way onto Maeva's face. Before she knew it, her lips had curved into a smile, and the hesitation in her eyes had vanished without a trace.

"I've decided—please allow me to join the Resource Management Division, Commander Aurie," Maeva requested.

She faced Izroth and continued, "I am grateful to you, and although our travel together was short-lived, it was an enlightening experience. But, I know that my skills will flourish under the Resource Management Division. In this way, not only will I improve myself, but also become a larger asset to the Mystical Realm Palace."

Maeva did not want to become someone who depended solely on Izroth to advance in the event. If she remained with him, Maeva believed that there would be no shortage of potential opportunities, especially considering what he told her about that realm with those Shadahi creatures.

But, Maeva knew those achievements would not belong to her. In the end, she would end up being no more than Izroth's shadow—this was not something she desired.

Izroth gave a small nod of agreement as he replied, "You are a member of my Mystical Realm Palace. Not only do you have its full support, but mine as well."

Even though Izroth would not have held anything against Maeva, his opinion of her would have lowered some if she chose to stay in the GSU. A fish was meant to swim and a bird to fly. In this case, Maeva was the bird, and the Resource Management Division was her sky to soar to new heights. Right now, she was a bird trying to swim in an ocean that was the GSU.

Izroth was no mind reader, but one would have to be blind not to understand what was going through her mind. If she passed up this chance for growth over such an insignificant reason, her priorities would have fallen out of order. After all, one should never stunt their own development for the sake of keeping others happy. That type of person—Izroth was not interested in having them as part of his Mystical Realm Palace.

"Then, it's settled. Since you're joining the Resource Management Division instead of the War Brigade, I'll have to send in a transfer notice. It should take around an hour to complete. Until then, you should stay close. You will have to return your insignia to the GSU's Xanaharpe base of operations and pick up your new one from the Resource Management Division headquarters at the outpost." Aurie explained.

After going over a few essential details regarding the transfer of war branches with Maeva, Aurie shifted her attention back to Izroth.

"What will you do now, Captain Izroth? Since things have quieted down here, I doubt you'll be sticking around." Aurie inquired.

"I have not been in the Commander's company long, yet you seem to already know me so well. Indeed, I will be taking my leave from the Unsanctioned Zone and head towards the Demilitarization Belt situated between Tempest and Rosentarus. Though I suppose it can't be called that anymore now that there's a war going on." Izroth responded.

"You're headed to the frontlines so soon?" Aurie knew that with his talent, Izroth would make his way there eventually, but not this early in the war.

"Yes. Though it is related to a personal matter I need to take care of. You can say that I have a few heads I need to hunt." Izroth answered nonchalantly.

A few moments later...

Izroth sat alone at a small table inside of a tent. While the space it provided was smaller than the one Aurie used, its size was decent and did not leave one feeling uncomfortable.

Izroth requested the use of this private tent from Aurie, and she gladly made the proper arrangements. After everything he did today, how could she deny him such a simple request?

As for Maeva, she parted ways with Izroth and went to Xanaharpe to return her GSU insignia.

'It has been some time since I've journeyed alone. But, considering what I intend to do next, it's probably for the best. For now...'

Izroth looked down at the table in front of him. On its surface were the two items he received from the system after completing the dreamworld.

The first item was a transparent crystal a little more than thirty centimeters in length called a Spirit Awakening Contract Crystal.

'Interesting. Aren't these the same crystals that summoners use to form a Pseudo-Soul Contract with a spirit? However, it's certainly abnormal. A standard Contract Crystal is only the size of a finger, but this one is several times larger. It also has Spirit Awakening in its name, something I have not seen before. As for the other item-'

The second item Izroth acquired was a palm-sized orb with specks of blue energy particles dancing within its confines. This item was called the Essence of a Great Spirit.

'I didn't expect to find one here of all places. It's the first time I've obtained one for my own use.'

There were two ways to increase the power of one's Source. The easiest and most commonly used method was the Source Chant, while the other involved obtaining a treasure birthed and formed from the world. To Izroth's surprise, the Essence of a Great Spirit was such a treasure!

It could not compare or come anywhere close to what a page from the Book of Beginnings was able to offer, but it was still a treasure of the world.

'This will be my first experience consuming something like the Essence of a Great Spirit to develop my Source. I wonder how great its effects will be. I suppose there's only one way to find out.'

Izroth placed his hand onto the small orb as the blue energy within it spiraled into a vortex before quickly rushing out of the orb and into Izroth's hand!

The energy rapidly spread throughout his entire body as a refreshing and cool feeling washed over Izroth.

'What gentle energy. It's like dipping into a cool spring after a long hot summer's day.'

〈System Alert: You are absorbing the natural energies carried within the «Essence of a Great Spirit» at an efficiency of 20%!〉

〈System Alert: The effect of your trait «Perfect Source Compatibility» has been activated! Absorption efficiency has increased to 100%!〉

〈System Alert: Your Essence is steadily increasing...〉

〈System Alert: Your rate of Essence Regeneration is steadily increasing...〉

Although it said steadily, Izroth could physically feel the Essence in his body expanding at an insane rate. In just a few seconds, his Source Stage actually ascended to the next level!

〈System Alert: Your Source Stage has increased to 2.〉

But, it did not stop there. Izroth's Essence continued to grow as it devoured every last drop of the energy that was contained within the Essence of a Great Spirit.

Then, just as the final bit of natural energy merged with Izroth, his Source Stage rose yet another level!

〈System Alert: Your Source Stage has increased to 3.〉

〈System Alert: All natural energies have been absorbed.〉

In the blink of an eye, Izroth's Source Stage had not risen by one, but two levels—nearly doubling his Essence and Essence Regeneration in the process!

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