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Chapter 521 Decaying Whisper O' Wisp

Chapter 521 Decaying Whisper O“ Wisp

There was not much information available regarding the Antumbra in the Event Interface. Outside of their name and importance within Malentansium, the Antumbra was shrouded in mystery. However, what Izroth did know was that every member of the Antumbra was a Night Lord!

If the Night King was considered the head of the Skounae race, then the Night Lords beneath them could be seen as the limbs that helped bring motion to everything.

Compared to Skounae like Salokin or Essirie, the Night Lords were on another level. But, what Izroth failed to grasp was why a Night Lord had personally paid a visit to Vostracane.

Indeed, the Unsanctioned Zone resources were valuable; however, how could something like that attract one of the top powerhouses of Malentansium? Was there some great hidden secret within the Unsanctioned Zone? Was his visit arranged beforehand? Certainly, it could not be a mere coincidence that he stumbled into Vostracane.

"Insolent human brat! How dare you utter such unruly words before the honorable Night Lord! When you respond, it should be on your knees with your head buried into the soil!" Essirie shouted angrily.

"Oh? I didn't realize a Night Lord needed his dog to speak for him." Izroth said indifferently.


Zarolas held his hand up as Essirie bit her tongue and swallowed her words.

Zarolas grinned, "There is a saying that words cut sharper than any blade. If the tongue were a sword, then you humans would be swordmasters without equals in this world."

He then held up one finger as a black wisp formed and continued, "I am curious as to how you removed control of my Decaying Whisper O' Wisp. You also escaped virtually unscathed from the explosion of a City Magic Grid. Human, this lord has taken interest in you. I think I will take you as a servant. Rejoice."

When Izroth observed the black wisp conjured up by Zarolas, he inwardly furrowed his brows. The attack that gave him so much trouble was executed so effortlessly. To Zarolas, it seemed as easy as drinking water and breathing air. Seeing this, Izroth was once again reminded of just how powerful the individuals deemed to be the strongest below the divine realm could be.

But, more important than anything was the last word that left Zarolas' mouth. Servant? This feeling of being looked down on as if he were at Zarolas' mercy—there was nothing more Izroth loathed. He unsheathed his Sword of The Storm as an intense burst of wind was released. Izroth then lifted his blade and pointed it towards Zarolas.

"To call yourself a lord before me—how amusing. You may have an interest in me, but, unfortunately, I have none in you. Even if the Night King himself appeared before me and pleaded, he would be unworthy to carry my shoes, let alone be my servant. Yet, you, the blood slave of the Night King, want to take me as your servant? Laughable." Izroth spoke unhurriedly as his gaze turned sharp, and he took a single step forward. He was welcomed by an immense pressure that made him feel as though he had walked into a gravity pocket.

But, there was not a hint of fear or hesitation in Izroth's eyes. So what if he offended a Night Lord? Even if he perished at this spot, it would not be the end. Once he increased his strength, Izroth would return the favor a thousandfold. By the time he was done, the Skounae would be a rare race to encounter within the Mortal Realm!

The grin on Zarolas' face transformed into one that was unamused. Essirie, who stood behind the Night Lord, had an extremely ugly look on her face after listening to Izroth words. The Skounae practically worshipped their Night King as a deity; therefore, Izroth's comments were a form of blasphemy!

There was a deathly silence that lingered in the atmosphere but was soon broken by Zarolas.

"Oh? You're approaching me? Indeed, a sharp tongue, but a dull mind. Impudent. Originally, this lord wanted to show you mercy and raise you as his servant. But, you've dared to tread on the name of the Night King. For this, there is only one outcome—death." Zarolas' tone changed as there was a glaring coldness to it. At the same time, four additional black wisps appeared, one hovering above each of his fingers. However, it did not stop there as Zarolas raised his other hand and created yet another five black wisps. Now, there was a total of ten black wisps—each with power no weaker than the first one that Izroth faced!

"Wither." Zarolas lightly flicked his fingers as the ten black wisps soared through the air and were on a direct collision course for Izroth!

Izroth realized that outrunning one wisp was already challenging enough, even with all of his highest-ranked movement skills working together. To shake ten wisps with those movement skills on cooldown was not improbable; it was impossible. But, he had no plans on going down without a fight!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

As the black wisps danced and moved in unpredictable patterns, Izroth increased his level of concentration. Then, as the first three black wisps closed in, Izroth waited until the last possible moment before disappearing from view. He instantly reappeared fifteen meters away from his previous location using his final charge of Enhanced Instantaneous Movement.

The three black wisps slammed into one another. But, instead of scattering, they merged and became a single deadlier wisp.

Izroth had no time to think as the next pair of black wisps approached. He utilized his Light Feather Footwork to gain a temporary boost of movement speed as he kicked off the ground.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Izroth stepped on the air using Sky Steps as the black wisps crashed into the earth where he just stood moments ago. However, they quickly changed their direction and followed Izroth into the sky.

Since he was in combat, Sky Steps could only be used for up to ten seconds, and Izroth planned to make the most of it.

'I have to get up as high as possible.'

10 meters...

25 meters...

40 meters..!

Izroth reached the max height of 40 meters that his Sky Steps allowed. Right as he arrived at that point, Izroth came to an abrupt halt as he accessed his inventory and removed two items. The first was a Medium-Grade Mana Potion, which he consumed with haste.

The second item was a dark blue paper talisman with dimly lit white characters engraved onto its surface. Izroth placed the talisman against his chest as it lit up and firmly attached itself to him. He then closed his eyes and looked to have entered a deep state of concentration.

Meanwhile, the black wisps below sped up and shot into the sky from nearly every direction, leaving Izroth with practically nowhere to retreat!

Izroth's eyes snapped open as he tilted his body back and kicked off the air, causing him to shoot horizontally into the atmosphere. Then, Izroth leaned further back within the same breath as he swept his leg out and stomped on the air at an upward angle. After doing so, Izroth immediately terminated his Sky Steps.

Woosh! Woosh!

The black wisps soared past Izroth, barely missing him as his speed of descent increased the instant he deactivated his Sky Steps. At the moment, instead of falling in a straight line, Izroth was plummeting at a slanted angle! This was due to the still existing momentum of his final action with Sky Steps. Not only would this extend the time he remained in the air, but it would also put some distance between him and Zarolas.


Izroth returned his Sword of The Storm to its sheath as the clouds above him turned gray. The skies darkened, and purple lightning wildly thrashed about.

Bzzzt...! Bzzzzt! Clap!

The sound of a thunderclap echoed as two bolts of purple lightning struck Izroth, and in his hands, a magnificent longbow made from the lightning element appeared. This longbow had a unique appearance as its upper and lower limbs were shaped like a sword's blade.

'Call of the Thunder God. First State: Heavenly Descent.'

Izroth used the Call of the Thunder God's first state to conjure a sword-like longbow as he drew the bowstring made from lightning. As he did so, a purple thunderbolt in the shape of an arrow formed as a crackling sound emitted faintly from it.

While falling virtually upside down, Izroth aimed at his target down below.

...Swoosh! Crrrckle... Clap!

Izroth released the bowstring as the thunderbolt unleashed a deafening roar as it sailed through the skies!

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