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Chapter 520 Opening The Leaderboard, Face To Face

Chapter 520 Opening The Leaderboard, Face To Face

There was a circle of golden light on the ground behind Izroth that disappeared after he stepped forward.

Izroth inwardly sighed as the two rings on his fingers had various tiny cracks formed on its surface. These rings were the main body of the Twin Lasting Epoch Sentinels, and it was currently reduced to an unusable state. He removed the rings and set them into his inventory.

'It seems I won't be able to use it again until I find someone who can restore high ranked magic items.'

Being the closest individual to the center of the explosion, Izroth should have been the first person eliminated by the blast. However, it was thanks to the Twin Lasting Epoch Sentinels that he walked away from the destruction in one piece.

This was Izroth's first time using the Champion of the North Shield, and he was not disappointed. Unlike the Grand Millennial Archer that was offense orientated, the Champion of the North Shield was the complete opposite, focusing wholly on defense.

The golden light that appeared beneath Izroth's feet just before the City Magic Grid exploded was linked to a skill of the ancient shield warrior's Six Gates Northern Shield called Principle of Pacification.

Name: Twin Lasting Epoch Sentinels(Magical Item)

Rank: A -\u003e Unranked(Broken)

Durability: 198/500,000 -\u003e 0(Broken)

Energy: 35% -\u003e 0%(Unchargable)


*«Six Gates Northern Shield» - Enables the «Champion of the North Shield» to utilize the «Gates of Six Principles». Each «Gates of Six Principles» drains 35% energy from the «Twin Lasting Epoch Sentinels».

*«Protector's Right» - The «Champion of the North Shield» can be summoned by itself instantly, ignoring the 15 second channel time. Forcibly summoning the «Champion of the North Shield» this way will disable all effects of the «Twin Lasting Epoch Sentinels» for 168 hours once the activated skill(s) ends.

*«Principle of Pacification» - Covers the user in a protective aura for 10 seconds that can absorb up to 100% of their maximum HP in damage. If this protective aura is destroyed before it reaches the 10 second mark, the area within 5 meters around the user becomes a «Pacification Zone» for the remainder of the skill's duration. While within the «Pacification Zone», the user, allies, and enemies are unable to receive or deal damage and are immune to all crowd control effects.


Special Note: This timeless treasure is a memento of two particular individuals' participation in an ancient war.

Since the Twin Lasting Epoch Sentinels would be out of commission after a single use regardless, Izroth took advantage of Protector's Right to directly summon the Champion of the North Shield. If not for this ability, then he would not have taken such a huge gamble.

'It's a pity. But, this exchange was well worth it.'

Izroth swept his gaze over Vostracane, or rather what little was left of it. Despite the state of his magic item, Izroth did not view the overall situation as his loss. His gains this time around were enormous!

An SS-ranked production type magic item, a Realm Fragment to a Secret Realm, and, of course...

〈System Alert: ...Calculating complete!〉

〈System Alert: Your Contribution Points has increased by 1,149! [Total: 1,242.07]〉

〈System Alert: Your feat has been recorded as a great contribution to the war effort! [Reward: +500 Contribution Points]〉

〈System Alert: Your Contribution Points has increased by 500! [Total: 1,742.07]〉

〈System Alert: You have received the title «City Destroyer»!〉

〈System Alert: You have received the skill «Ruthless Slaughterer»!〉

〈System Alert: You are the first player to reach 1,000 Contribution Points. As a reward, you have unlocked a hidden feature of the «Event Shop»! In addition, you will receive a permanent 5% discount on all items purchased within the «Event Shop» for the duration of the event.〉

〈World Announcement: The «Top 100 Event Leaderboard» for «War of the Titans» has been unlocked!〉

〈System Alert: You have met the requirements to register your name for the «Top 100 Event Leaderboard». You are currently ranked [1st]. Would you like to display your player name on the «Top 100 Event Leaderboard»?〉

Izroth received a long list of messages from the system. Of course, the first thing that stood out was his massive jump in contribution points. From a bit less than 100 points to nearly 1,800 in a single breath! The vast portion of these contribution points came from the thousands of Skounae that dwelled within the city. The system registered the deaths of the Skounae as Izroth's—no doubt due to using Sword Return to redirect that black wisp to the City Magic Grid.

However, Izroth felt regrettable that most of Vostracane's population were Hunter Skounae of the Immortal Umbra Horde. Not to mention, the emergency war objective had already ended, and so he only received around 0.25 contribution points or less for most of the eliminations.

As for the extra 500 points, it came from successfully destroying Vostracane's City Magic Grid and leveling the city itself. To put how many points that was into perspective, even killing someone who was the equivalent of a Skounae Earl during non-emergency times only granted 16 contribution points. This meant that one city like Vostracane was equal in value to the lives of almost 32 Skounae Earls!

But, the biggest surprise for Izroth was that he acquired a new title and skill as a result of his actions.

'There's quite a bit to cover. However, it will have to wait until I arrive back in Amaharpe territory.'

Izroth had used up many of his high ranked skills. He also had a feeling that the Penumbra Inquisitor who sent that black wisp after him was not done in by that explosion. Even if they were injured, Izroth was not in the best state himself. The side effects of the Compressed Lightning Movement were still apparent, and his Essence was practically drained. Fortunately, Izroth narrowly avoided undergoing Soul Weakness. But, he felt as if the blood in his body had been replaced by lead.

As for whether or not he would put his name on display, Izroth decided to allow it. After all, what was there to lose?

〈World Announcement: Congratulations to Player Izroth[Rank: 1st - 1,742.07 contribution points] for joining the «Top 100 Event Leaderboard»!〉

『Top 100 Event Leaderboard:

1st: Izroth - 1,742.07 contribution points』

At the moment, Izroth was the only player listed on the leaderboards with 2nd to 100th place remaining vacant. In order to appear on the leaderboards, Izroth assumed one had to obtain a minimum of 1,000 contribution points. However, most players were still struggling to acquire their first 100 contribution points—how could they already have 1,000?

Izroth checked his system messages; however, his communication functions were still grayed out.

'The space around this area has been damaged pretty badly from the blast. Even my link to Empyrean has been negatively affected. For now, I should head back to the Unsanctioned Zone border. Hopefully, the War Brigade has taken advantage of this opportunity and already made their move.'

Izroth proceeded to make his way out of the ruins of Vostracane and to the Unsanctioned Zone. Even though he eradicated the Skounae within the city, there were still hundreds; perhaps thousands spread out among the borders. Since their stronghold had fallen, there was a good chance that they were preparing to retreat deep into Malentansium.

Woosh! Crash!

All of a sudden, something fell from the sky and crashed into the ground around ten meters away from Izroth. The impact created two small craters and kicked up a cloud of dust.

Izroth instantly halted his steps. His Soul Sense warned him just now that if he had taken that extra step forward, the consequences would have been disastrous! Izroth witnessed two figures emerging from the craters.

"Are you not going to run away from this lord again?" A voice sounded from within the dust cloud as one of the figures inside snapped their fingers, causing the particles of dust to scatter.

Izroth finally got a clear look at the two individuals who appeared before him. One of them was the Skounae Earl, Essirie. As for the other, it was the Penumbra Inquisitor Izroth ran into back in Arkogis's Ordeal—or, so he thought.

'I see. Now I understand why my Soul Sense has been acting strange and why that black wisp was able to obstruct my Energy Vision Sense.'

"So it's you that I have to thank for that gift. You've saved me quite some trouble. Though I must say that I never envisioned meeting one of you in such a remote place. Is the Unsanctioned Zone that important to Malentansium?" Izroth said with a carefree expression.

The Skounae who arrived before Izroth accompanied by Essirie was none other than the Antumbra Night Lord, Zarolas!

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