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Chapter 510 A Promise of The Unsanctioned Zone

Chapter 510 A Promise of The Unsanctioned Zone

"Is that true, Commander Aurie? Did one of your Captains voluntarily go with the Skounae?" The Commander from Rosentarus was also visibly surprised. He wore extravagant leather armor with two sharp blades—one on each of his elbows. However, the most shocking thing was his physical appearance—it was not that of a human. It would not be surprising if he were mistaken for a monster by players.

The Rosentarus Commander had a tail at his back, and instead of skin, he was covered from head to toe in black fur. His eyes were yellow and matched that of a wild cat beast. The whiskers on his face twitched after he heard the information Aurie disclosed. He belonged to the Zensana, a beast-like warrior race.

NPC Name: Rosentarus Panther Battalion Commander Baut(Rare)

NPC Level: ???

"Commander Baut, I have some questions for you as well," Aurie said.

She then asked, "Rosentarus' border was also attacked. I do not doubt your skills as a fighter, but to be this free of injuries—can it be that there were no Earls on your battlefield?"

Baut growled as he slammed his fist onto the table, "Don't remind me! That humiliation... I will pay the Skounae back tenfold for making me endure it!"

He then continued, "I was ambushed when I went to check on the situation and outnumbered two to one. That's when that thing appeared."

"That thing?" Aurie inquired.

"A silver light of death," Baut said solemnly.

Silver light of death? Aurie inwardly furrowed her brows. As the reports from her unit poured in, there was one thing in particular that stood out the most—a silver streak of light that brought death to the Skounae wherever it passed.

Since it did not target those from the War Brigade, Aurie surmised that whatever it was must have had a personal vendetta against the Skounae. Either way, at the very least, it appeared that they were not an enemy.

"I'm afraid I need more details than that, Commander Baut. Reports of this 'silver light' as you call it have been pouring in nonstop. If I am not mistaken, the Curse of Darkness was lifted by that same individual—whatever or whoever they are." Aurie stated.

"I don't know what I don't know! All I can tell you is I've never seen a race like that in the Seven Kingdoms! A man with silver wings and eyes of the morning sky, that's all I know. As soon as the fight was over, it flew off into the sky without a word!" Baut growled as he kept his anger from surfacing.

The Zensana were a prideful race. For Baut, being ambushed was already frustrating enough, but having to receive help from an unknown outsider who was not even an ally was humiliating! He would be a laughingstock among the Battalion Commanders if the others discovered this event!

Aurie released a light sigh. This was getting them nowhere. A mysterious race? A second Lieutenant that does not exist? Questions only led to more questions instead of reliable answers.

"I will continue reviewing the reports. Since the Immortal Umbra Horde has retreated, the chances they will launch a second large scale attack are small, but we should still be prepared for the worse. For now, I-" As Aurie was speaking, she abruptly stopped as she heard a commotion going on outside, which caused her to frown.

"What's that falling from the sky?"

"Eh? Who are you? State your business- Hey! Wait, you can't just go in there!"

"It's headed towards the Commander's tent! Stop them!"

"Is it an enemy attack?!"

"Where did this wind come from?!"

Enemy attack? Maeva went on guard, and Baut immediately stood to his feet, ready to fight.

"The Skounae dare launch another sneak attack?!" Baut roared. He was still holding his rage from their previous battle, so he was itching to let off some pent up anger.

"I see... This saves me a lot of trouble," Aurie said to herself as she stayed seated. This mana—she had felt it once before on the battlefield.

"At ease, Commander Baut, Lieutenant Maeva. This guest is a little lacking in mannerism, but they harbor no ill intentions." Aurie confirmed.

She then ordered the troops outside, "Let them through!"

The moment Aurie gave that order, the noise outside quieted down. A few seconds later, the entrance to the tent opened as someone stepped inside.

"It's you!" Baut exclaimed. He had been so focused on keeping his rage under control that he overlooked the familiar presence.

"You saved me quite the trouble of having to look for you, silver light," Aurie said.

The one who entered the tent had a pair of silver wings on his back that were neatly folded over one another and with an indifferent gaze that seemed to yearn for something long lost. It was Izroth's Soul Avatar, Empyrean.

Empyrean swept his gaze across the room before it landed on Aurie.

"Deliver to Commander of War Brigade..." Empyrean said in a soft voice as he held out his palm, and a talisman appeared. Without moving his hand, a gentle wind swept the talisman away as it flowed through the air briefly before it settled down on the table in front of Aurie.

"Hm?" Aurie carefully examined the talisman. After doing so, she picked it up and studied the markings on it. However, even though it was well made, it was not particularly impressive for someone of her caliber.

She then held the talisman up and inquired, "What do you mean by giving me this talisman?"

When Maeva got a clear look at the talisman, she was startled. That talisman resembled one that she had created. No, it did not just mirror it—it was perfectly identical! It even had her unique craftsman signature in the bottom right corner! Without a doubt, this talisman was designed by her hands.

"Where did you acquire that talisman?" Maeva questioned as she stared intensely at Empyrean. The talisman in Empyrean's hands was not just any item; it was the Mirrored Steps Talisman! A normal Mirrored Steps Talisman would not cause concern, but this specific talisman was graded.

Maeva had never sold or given away any of her graded Mirrored Steps Talismans to the public, and the only one she gifted some to was the Palace Master. So how did this person get their hands on it?!

"Do you have a history with this talisman, Lieutenant Maeva?" Aurie inquired.

"That talisman is one that I personally gave to the Captain. It even has my unique craftsman signature." Maeva answered as she removed a similar talisman from her inventory for Aurie to see.

She then continued, "I can guarantee you, Commander, this talisman is not something that I give out to others. The only way he could have gotten this talisman is from Captain Izroth."

After hearing Maeva's explanation, Aurie came to a sudden realization. She had a vague feeling when Empyrean mentioned the word "delivery", but Aurie still had some reservations; however, she was sure of it now.

"Second Lieutenant... Delivery... So it's like that." Aurie muttered to herself. When Izroth spoke about a second Lieutenant, he must have been referring to this man. As for the delivery portion—it was unlikely that the talisman was the actual delivery.

"It was given to me. I have been tasked with relaying a message to the Commander..." Empyrean spoke plainly. His words captured everyone's attention.

"That message is?" Aurie asked.

Empyrean held up two fingers and replied, "Two hours. Within two hours, you will be able to secure the Unsanctioned Zone. Have your troops ready at the border by that time—that's his message. The message has been relayed... Uncomfortable... I shall take my leave for now."

"Hey, wait a sec-!" Baut called for Empyrean; however, he was gone just as fast as he had arrived. The moment he stepped out of the tent, Empyrean soared into the sky. Naturally, it was impossible for Baut, who did not possess a flying skill, to follow him.

Aurie had a thoughtful expression on her face as if she were determining her next move. They would be able to secure the Unsanctioned Zone in two hours? What gave him the confidence to guarantee such a thing?

Maeva deeply sighed, "What is he planning? This would be a lot easier if my messages got through."

First, the Palace Master failed to meet her at the checkpoint. Then, he walked off with the enemies of his own volition. Now, this silver winged guy comes out of nowhere with a talisman she made talking about claiming the Unsanctioned Zone!

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