Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 509 Accepting The Invitation to the Night King's Rite

Chapter 509 Accepting The Invitation to the Night King“s Rite

"Amusing. You are asking an enemy who has killed your allies to join your side. Is this the value that the Immortal Umbra Horde have towards their troops?" Izroth stated nonchalantly.

"Don't push your luck! You should be honored that a human like you will be able to undergo the Night King's Rite! Rejoice, as you will obtain power far beyond your imagination!" Essirie shouted.

'Night King's Rite?'

Izroth narrowed his eyes. He saw that term before somewhere in a book within the Amaharpe Palace Library. If it was what he imagined it to be, then...

A carefree smile suddenly appeared on Izroth's face as he responded, "My honor? Very well, if that's what the two of you desire, then I shall accompany you."

"Hahahaha! Good, very good! Now there is no need for you to die here needlessly!" Salokin stated with a grin. With how arrogant that human had been acting, he figured that he would have to make him submit by force. But, to think that he would willingly surrender himself!

Aurie inwardly frowned. She had never misjudged anyone in her life, and it was one of the things she took pride in. Not to mention, he was someone with the approval of that woman.

Therefore, Aurie was not worried that Izroth would betray Amaharpe. But, she had no idea what he was planning by agreeing to go with Salokin! Whatever it was, it would be far too dangerous to cross into Malentansium territory alone. Even she was not 100% confident in escaping from a situation like that with her life in-tact!

"Commander, it seems I will be taking my place as a captive for the Immortal Umbra Horde. I hope you can relay this message to my Lieutenant and prevent her from recklessly coming after me. After all, that would be far too troublesome. Our previous deal still stands. My second Lieutenant will deliver the package to you." Izroth said as he returned his Sword of The Storm to its sheath.

He then looked towards the two Earls and continued, "The Commander will regain her full strength soon, and your troops are already being pushed back. Not to mention, your ally on the ground over there is not in the best of shape. Why don't we take our leave here?"

Essirie's expression darkened as she said, "You think we'll let your Commander live peacefully when-"

Salokin held his hand up and cut her off as he replied, "Alright. As long as you come with us quietly, we will withdraw from this place."

"With all due respect, is that a decision you can make alone, Earl Salokin?" Essirie questioned.

"I will take full responsibility for this action. Of course, I will take full credit as well." Salokin replied, without hesitation.

Salokin pointed a finger towards the sky as a white burst of energy shot into the air before exploding. This was the Immortal Umbra Horde's signal to retreat.

"Go fetch Norebua. We will leave before that woman recovers. After all, she's giving off quite the terrifying aura." Salokin smirked as he watched Aurie, who was currently releasing a boundless killing intent. It was no doubt due to the sudden betrayal of a great human talent. No matter who it was, the temptation of power was too alluring to ignore.

Essirie swiftly went to retrieve the severely wounded Norebua. Meanwhile, Izroth had gone over to join Salokin. Once she returned with Norebua, Essirie positioned herself behind Izroth just in case he wanted to attempt an escape.

"I feel as though you do not trust me," Izroth said casually.

"Hmph, if you not had come willingly, I would have bound you and carried you away like a wild beast. Be grateful that I allow you to walk on your own two feet, human brat. Follow me. Oh, and if you lose your way... Well, I'm sure you understand." Salokin stated as he gave Izroth a meaningful look.

Without further delay, Izroth, Salokin, and Essirie transporting the wounded Norebua took their leave from the battlefield.

Not too long after they escaped, Aurie opened her eyes. She had successfully cleansed the toxin in her left arm and prevented it from spreading into other parts of her body. At the moment, Aurie had a thoughtful expression.

"Our previous deal still stands. My second Lieutenant will deliver the package to you."—these were the exact words Izroth said to her. However, they did not make any sense. When they first met, he introduced himself and Maeva as the only members of his division. In other words, he had no second Lieutenant! Also, what package was he referring to that was supposed to be delivered?!

"Was he trying to tell me something?" Aurie sighed. She was grateful that the Unsanctioned Zone had not fallen into enemy control; however, she was angry with herself. If she had not fallen for that initial ambush, perhaps this entire situation could have been avoided. But, there was no use lingering on something that had already passed. Right now, she had to start preparing for the future.

Aurie removed a communication talisman from her side and crushed it as she announced, "All troops of the border defense, hear my orders! Clean up any remaining Skounae! Captains and Lieutenants, reorganize your troops and immediately submit a damage report! And one more thing-"

"Lieutenant Maeva of the General Support Unit's 9th Division—report to the Head Command Camp at once!" Aurie terminated communications after she finished her announcement.

"Perhaps this Maeva can assist in identifying this second Lieutenant and her Captain's intent. For now, I can only hope that he does not take too much after 'that woman' and has a practical plan." Aurie said to herself.


A few moments later...

After making sure that there were no Skounae remaining in Amaharpe territory, Aurie had returned to the Head Command Camp at the edge of the Unsanctioned Zone. However, before doing so, she rushed over to the Rosentarus and Malentansium border.

Though what Aurie did not expect was that she would meet the Rosentarus Commander, who was on his way to the Amaharpe and Malentansium side of the border!

Aurie knew that Malentansium would not attack Amaharpe while ignoring Rosentarus. Therefore, they should have dispatched Earls and members of the Immortal Umbra Horde to that location as well to overwhelm the Rosentarus troops. The strangest thing was the Rosentarus Commander did not appear to be in bad shape—as if he never experienced a hard fight. Naturally, this raised a lot of questions.

In the end, the Rosentarus Commander accompanied Aurie back to Amaharpe's Head Command Camp and right now, sat across from the two Commanders, was none other than Maeva.

Although she was a little nervous, Maeva maintained a calm outer appearance faced with the Commanders' stares. At the moment, it was just the three of them inside the command tent, which created a solemn atmosphere.

"May I ask why the Commander has called me here?" Maeva asked.

Aurie had been observing Maeva since she entered the command tent to see if she displayed any suspicious behavior. However, besides being a bit nervous, Maeva showed no signs of malicious intent.

"Your Captain has been taken as a war captive by the Immortal Umbra Horde. No, to be more exact, he willingly accompanied them back to Malentansium. Tell me, what do you know of his plans and your division's second Lieutenant?" Aurie questioned.

Maeva's eyes widened from shock as she jumped to her feet and said, "The Palac—no, Captain Izroth has been taken by the Immortal Umbra Horde?! What second Lieutenant?! Nevermind that, shouldn't we-!" Maeva exclaimed. Plans? What plans? He did not tell her a thing about getting captured! Besides, why would the Palace Master willingly go with the Immortal Umbra Horde? That made no sense! But, what reason would an Amaharpe Commander have to lie to her? This is what troubled Maeva.

"Please have a seat, Lieutenant Maeva. Your outburst will not change the reality of our present circumstance." Aurie spoke in a stern tone.

Maeva slowly returned to her seat as she entered deep thought. The Palace Master was not the type of person to simply walk into enemy hands without a fight. Even more so, he would never betray those he sided with—this is what Maeva believed ever since she saw how he ran things at the Mystical Realm Palace's competition.

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