Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 374 Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence

Izroth used his full strength to try and remove the ring that had attached itself to his finger, however, it would not budge. It was as if the ring had fused with him and become a part of his actual physical body. In the blink of an eye, the only items left equipped to Izroth were his Sword of The Storm, accessories such as his necklace and ring, as well as, his trinket. As for the other pieces of equipment, they had all been destroyed the instant the blackish-red aura encompassed his body.

After finding that it was impossible to remove the ring, Izroth decided to cease his fruitless attempts. This was the fourth floor of Zushuatri's Treasure Room. Why would he store a cursed item in this place and then grant Izroth access to the fourth floor? Was this his way of secretly getting revenge on Izroth for having injured his student? No, Izroth did not believe this to be the case.

'What's done is done. I can only hope that the effects aren't permanent.'

Izroth tried to view the system information about the ring, however, it was made unavailable while the Overeater effect was active. The one thing that kept Izroth from not being too disappointed was the fact that, surprisingly, his stats had not decreased but increased. Although it was not by much, Izroth was certain that this was due to the effects of the ring that attached itself to him.

However, even if it kept the stats from his equipment, skills such as Sky Step from his Skystep Boots were no longer accessible.

A few moments later, the blackish-red aura finally calmed down and disappeared. What appeared in its place was a strange type of black armor with a red aura pulsing throughout certain areas as if it were a heartbeat. The armor itself seemed soft and resembled cloth or leather more than actual armor.

'This is the work of the ring?'

Izroth inwardly furrowed his brows as he touched the new material that had appeared on his body. It was a bizarre feeling to experience as it felt as if he were touching an actual living and breathing creature instead of the lifeless equipment that he previously had on.

〈System Alert: The effect of «Overeater» has ended!〉

〈System Alert: No skills set for the effect «Perfect Emulation: Set Skills»! Randomly setting skills... Skills successfully set! Please note, the user may change the skills set by default after 12 hours.〉

'Skills set?'

After seeing that the Overeater effect had ended, Izroth decided to take a look at the simple-looking ring that had now completely integrated itself into his physical body. When he read over the information of the ring, he was stunned. This type of item also existed within RML?

'If an item like this appeared on the auction house, how much chaos would it cause?'

Izroth no longer felt that he had been robbed at all. It turned out his misfortune was actually a great fortune in disguise! The Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence was indeed worthy of being an item on the fourth floor of the Treasure Room. In fact, if not for its unusual equip method, it was possible that the master of the Sky Palace himself would have claimed it a long time ago. However, due to the unique nature of the item, one did not choose it, but rather, it chose its own wearer!

Armor Name: Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence(Soulbound)

Armor Rank: Growth Type

Armor Level: 46

Armor Type: Living

Requirements: ???

HP: 4,550(+928)

MP: 0(+0)

Attack: 55(+3)

Defense: 367(+74)

Agility: 795(+177)

Magic: 0(+0)

Movement Speed: +10%

Living Armor(Passive) - This item cannot be equipped through normal methods. This item has a will of its own and is capable of choosing its own master, as well as, automatically equipping itself. Once equipped, this item integrates itself with the body of its wearer as it becomes permanently Soulbound and cannot be removed.

(Skill Currently Disabled)Insatiable(Active) - The wearer rapidly burns through absorbed equipment, losing the stats and skills provided by it. In return, the wearer gains a temporary massive stat boost for up to 10 seconds. This skill will be automatically disabled if there is not enough equipment to consume. Cooldown: 216 hours

Copy Appearance(Active) - The wearer can copy the physical appearance of equipment sets or special clothing and store it. The wearer can choose any stored appearance and the Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence will take on its form until the wearer deactivates it. Once deactivated, this item will return to its original appearance.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.

(Skill Currently Locked)??? - ???

Peerless Conduct(Passive) - While this item is equipped to its wearer, other items that are equipped or that would be equipped are instead destroyed. Items destroyed this way are automatically affected by the skill «Overeater».

«Overeater» - This item can absorb equipment to increase its level, gain bonus stats, and store any attached skills. The stronger the equipment absorbed, the greater the benefits this item and its wearer receives. The same equipment cannot be consumed more than once. If the difference in level is too vast, the wearer may not experience the full benefit of «Overeater». The wearer also gains the ability to use the skill «Perfect Emulation».

«Overeater: Equipment Consumed» - [Common: 0][Uncommon: 1][Rare: 3][Epic: 1][Legendary: 0][Unique: 0][Divine: 0]

«Perfect Emulation»- Choose from the skills absorbed by «Overeater». The wearer may use the chosen skills within the skills' original parameters. The skills chosen cannot be changed for 12 hours [Total Skills Stored: 5] [MAX Set Skills: 5].

«Perfect Emulation: Set Skills» - [Crystallization][Adapt][Hellfire Rampage][Silverline's Life Essence Magic][Sky Steps]

Description: A living armor, thought to be long lost, crafted by Mazi, the God of Craft before his ascent into the divine realm. Legend has it that this item is sentient and chooses its own master, however, this legend has never been proven.

The Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence was actually a growth-type item! What this meant was that, unlike the conventional piece of equipment which had stats that were carved in stone and unchangeable, the Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence was capable of growing in strength over time by absorbing other equipment.

Although it could not compare to a full set of high-level rare gear with its current stats, it had the potential to surpass all other equipment sets! If Izroth had to estimate how much the Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence was worth, only the term priceless could describe it. Even his Sword of The Storm could not compare to it as its limits were already reached.

Even though Izroth would have to make some effort to "feed" the Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence, it would eventually overtake an epic or even a legendary set of armor. It was even possible that one day it would become a divine armor!

Of course, this was something that could not be achieved until the distant future, but nevertheless, Izroth felt that it was worth giving up his previous equipment for this single item. It was not at all a loss as he originally believed it to be.

'It's a bit troublesome that I'm unable to remove it freely, however, it does have some interesting features and skills. I'm unsure of how fast its growth rate is. It seems that it'll require some testing once I return to Amaharpe.'

Izroth finished reading over the effects of the Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence. He still had around five minutes remaining until he had to descend the stairs and head back towards the first floor, therefore, he took a moment to properly organize the information he gained from his time in the Treasure Room.

The gains he made this time were not small. Just the information regarding the exact location of the hidden treasures, mysterious areas, and rare resources that he acquired from the maps in the Treasure Room was enough to make others green with envy.

'This should do it.'

[Name: Izroth]

[EXP: 17.30%]

[Level: 46(Stat Points: 0)]

[Title: Oathkeeper(Primary), Protector of Amaharpe(Secondary), Scholar(Solitary)]

[Class: Combat Master]

[HP(Hit Points): 17,879/17,879 (100%)]

[HP Regen(In-Battle): 74 HP/s]

[Energy: 225]

[MP: 115/1,170 (9.83%)]

[MP Regen: 10 MP/s]

[ATTACK: 2,331]

[DEFENSE: 869]

[AGILITY: 1,798]

[MAGIC: 109]

[Physical Resistance: 25%]

[Magical Resistance: 25%]

[Luck: 1]

[Critical Hit: 8%]

[Lifesteal: 6%]

[Armor Piercing: +6%]

[Attack Speed: +13%]

[Movement Speed: +10](Doubles when out of combat)

[Spell Casting Time: -10%]

Izroth was satisfied with his current stats. For someone with the combat master class, his stats were incredibly solid. Also, one of his major weaknesses, his lacking health, and defensive capabilities had been further reinforced. Though after seeing that his MP was still regenerating at an extremely slow pace, Izroth could only smile helplessly.

During his fight against Roudin, he had once again pushed his mana pool past its current limits and invoked an Element Fusion. While he temporarily depended on potions to constantly restore his MP, in the end, it was far from being a long term solution.

'It looks as if I have no choice but to make a trip to Everpeak to have my mana pool fixed. I have to find a way to undo the seals on the Seal of Ten Chakrams so that this problem doesn't continue to occur in the future.'

Once Izroth finished up, he took one last look around the fourth floor before walking towards the exit. It did not take him long to reach the first floor and the moment he arrived, he noticed that there was no one around to be seen besides Zushuatri and Kayn. As for the others, since he did not see anyone else on his way down from the fourth floor, they must have already been sent away from the Sky Palace.

When Izroth arrived on the first floor, Zushuatri had a brief expression of shock on his face when he witnessed Izroth's appearance and noticed the aura of the item he had on, however, he quickly regained his composure as a gentle smile appeared on his face. Though it would be a lie if he said that he did not feel a bit dejected at having to give up such a treasure. But, he knew that things were better this way. After all, how many years had it been since he dug up that item and had to deal with it not acknowledging anyone?

Zushuatri gave a nod of approval as he said, "I see this stubborn item has finally chosen its master. Young man, this item is very special. In the future, you must remember that it is not lifeless like other armor, but has a will of its own. If it finds you unworthy, it will not hesitate to abandon you and await a new master. Therefore, I advise you to take good care of it just as it will take good care of you."

"I will take the words of the master of the Sky Palace to heart." Izroth responded.

"Your luck is really good. Let me tell you, that stubborn thing didn't even want to come to this young master." Kayn stated with a grin on his face.

"It just so happens that my luck is a bit good, that's all." Izroth responded in a carefree manner.

After exchanging some words, Kayn requested for Zushuatri to hold off transporting Izroth back to the surface as he had some things to discuss with him. Of course, Zushuatri would not refuse such a small request and gave Kayn permission to use the Transport Magic Formation to send Izroth back after they finished their discussion.

After leaving the Treasure Room and going their separate ways from Zushuatri, Kayn and Izroth arrived in a spacious room with a large magic formation drawn on the floor. It did not take long for the atmosphere to turn somewhat solemn.

"I haven't forgotten about the promise I made to you back then. You asked for information regarding the Path of Dragons and I will keep my word, but before we start, I have to ask you a very important question. How exactly did you come to hear of the Path of Dragons?" Kayn said as his tone and facial expression had become serious.

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