Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 373 A Message From Law, Izroth's Misfortune?

After exchanging a few more casual words, Lances bid Izroth farewell as he went back downstairs after selecting his item. As for Izroth, he repeated the same process as he had done on the first floor and went over every item located on the second floor. He paid most attention to the pills, reagents, materials, books, and maps. While he was not interested in the pills themselves, it was not a bad thing to expand his overall knowledge of the Apothecary profession within RML.

When it came to the reagents or special materials, Izroth's main focus was on the effects they possessed. His main goal was to find ingredients to act as potential substitutions for the ones he already had knowledge about from the Seven Realms.

Around five minutes later, Izroth finished going over all the items on the second floor. In the end, the quantity was far less than that of the first floor. Izroth believed that there would be even fewer items on the third and fourth floors. However, this much was to be expected seeing as how the quality, usefulness, and power of the items improved the higher the floor one had access to.

'The second floor has an abundance of reagents and unique materials, however, there are only six maps. There are a few interesting skill books, but I can't waste this chance on a simple skill. Though some of the general books here provide information that exceeds that of the books on the second floor of the Amaharpe library. I'll have to properly organize it in my thoughts later.'

Izroth looked towards the third floor. This time, the barrier was not transparent, but instead, there was a dense aura that blocked the path leading up to the third floor. It was obvious from a glance that the restrictions and defenses of the third floor were many times greater than that of the second floor.

Izroth began to walk up the stairs to the third floor, however, just as he was halfway up the stairs someone exited the third floor.

The person who stepped out was none other than Zouren. When his gaze landed on Izroth who was headed up the stairs, a cold look full of disdain appeared in his eyes. He refused to believe that someone with Roudin's talent had fallen at the hands of some nobody like that in a straight forward battle. He started to make his way down the stairs, but as he passed by Izroth he halted his steps.

"When we get back to the first floor, you should willingly hand over the captain spot of the second team to me." Zouren stated.

Izroth stopped as he spoke without sparing Zouren a single glance and replied, "And why should I do that?"

Zouren narrowed his eyes as he responded, "There will be many vicious eyes who want to claim the captain spot for themselves. I am offering to help you by taking this off of your hands. You should know that there are certain people that you cannot afford to offend. There is still nearly half a year until the Lustrum Imperial Bout and it is not uncommon for there to be unusual accidents during that time among the members of the second team. Don't refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit."

"Oh? I see..." Izroth replied in a nonchalant manner, but there was a hint of coldness in his voice. Izroth tolerated many things and he did not mind letting dogs bark, however, there was a clear line that one should not cross. Zouren was clearly threatening him and trying to intimidate him into giving up the captain spot.

To be truthful, Izroth had no real interest in being captain of the second team. But, would he allow himself to be bullied into giving up his position? Those who had threatened him never had a good ending. Since Zouren wanted to threaten him, then he had better be ready to deal with the consequences that followed.

"It's good that you understand your position. Now, I will-" Zouren believed that Izroth was frightened by his warning just now and did not dare to offend him. After all, Izroth had not spoken up for himself and had Lances there to defend him last time, therefore, he thought that Izroth was afraid of offending him. But, he was quickly shot down back to reality.

"I think you've misunderstood me because I've chosen remained silent earlier, however, I can see that your eyes are clouded by your own self-arrogance. Tell me, when an unknown dog barks at you on the road, do you try speaking with it?" Izroth said with a carefree smile on his face.

"You-!" Zouren nearly coughed up blood from anger. This guy dared compare him to a barking dog?! Did he even know who he was talking to? It seemed as though he was in a hurry to die.

"I'll forgive your ignorance this time due to the generosity of the master of the Sky Palace. However, I will only say this one time. No matter who it may be, those who block my path are my enemy. The fates of those who become my enemy are all the same." Izroth stated as he started to walk up the stairs once more.

Just before stepping onto the third floor, he then continued, "Think carefully if you decide to become my enemy. If that day ever comes, then not even those above the firmament will be able to protect you." Izroth walked through the barrier and arrived on the third floor of the Treasure Room.

Zouren wanted to attack Izroth right then and there, but he restrained himself after remembering where he was located. If he really did start a battle here, then he would be automatically kicked out of the Treasure Room. Even worse, he may lose the item he had chosen on the third floor. With his power and influence, was he afraid of a small figure like Izroth? One should know the limits of the power and authority they were able to wield before others. In his mind, Izroth had no one else to blame but himself for what was to come.

"Brat, if you want an early death so badly, there's no need to try so hard. I will be more than happy to grant your wish. Let's just see if you can make it to the Lustrum Imperial Bout." Zouren thought to himself as he headed back towards the first floor in a foul mood.

'It seems that he won't be so easily dissuaded. Well, that's fine. I will cross that bridge when I reach it.'

When Izroth entered the third floor, it was less than half the size of the second floor. There were only around 30-40 items in total on the third floor, however, the quality of the items were leaps and bounds ahead of those on the second floor. Izroth could not find a single item that was comparable to one of rare quality. This was because each item on the third floor was as valuable as an epic quality item!

'I knew that there would be fewer items on the third floor, but I never thought that it would be this little amount. However, the value of these thirty to forty items alone are probably worth more than the entire first and second floors combined.'

There were still three individuals on the third floor when Izroth arrived. Two of the individuals had strange symbols on their forehead and the other person introduced himself as Law back on the platform.

'I've never heard anything about this player before. I doubt he's a part of any top guild, otherwise, why would he hide his identity?'

Izroth knew that top guilds loved to flaunt their achievements whenever possible in order to draw in more attention and potential sponsorship to their guild. Not only did this player participate in the selection, but he even managed to claim second place! Izroth had a feeling that if he himself had never participated in the selection, then perhaps Law would have taken the first place and been selected as captain of the second team.

'Was he also an exception made by that person?'

Izroth was curious about that player, but since his time was limited in the Treasure Room, he would have to leave this matter for later.

It did not take long for Izroth to examine the items on the third floor given the quantity. There were even lost skills similar to his Call of The Thunder God on this floor! Although their overall power did not seem as versatile, they were all still abilities that were at least S-ranked or even SS-ranked skills. There was also a sword that contained a power greater than Izroth's Sword of The Storm!

'Lost Skill: Blood Gorging Demon, Phoenix Rebirth Pill, Sun Blazing Sword, Great Treasure Map of Rinishuye... Good items.'

Izroth could close his eyes and pick any item on the third floor and everyone within RML would fight to the death over it. This showed just how impressive the items on the third floor were. Unfortunately, Izroth could only remove one item from the Treasure Room. Just as Izroth was lamenting over this, there was a certain item that caught his eye.

'Hm? This is...'

Izroth picked up a map labeled as the Damaged Treasure Map of the Mysterious Lost Kingdom. The map appeared to be ancient and degraded in quality, however, what immediately grabbed Izroth's attention was the symbol on the front part of the map. It was the same ancient symbol that appeared on Luna's forehead after being gifted with the bloodline of the Trephasia race. Luna received that gift from Zelfyrion back in the Undying Maelstrom region of the Endless Pandemonium Tower.

'Could this marking have something to do with the Trephasia race and the statue of that faceless empress?'

Izroth carefully examined every detail of the treasure map and committed it to memory. If this mysterious lost kingdom was truly what he believed that it was, then the treasures in that area could be potentially boundless!

After he finished examining the map, Izroth closed it and placed it back onto the shelf as he walked over towards the staircase. It was time for him to head up to the fourth floor of the Treasure Room. Just as Izroth was about to enter the fourth floor, he suddenly received a message. This message was from an unknown user who had hidden their player name, however, it had the alias Law attached to it.

The moment Izroth read that message, he inwardly furrowed his brows and immediately turned to look for Law. However, Law had already taken his leave from the third floor.

'To know this much... This person isn't so simple. Just who is this Law?'

Initially, there was only some curiosity about Law's identity, however, Izroth was now determined to find out more about that person after reading over the message he had just received. This was due to the fact that the contents of the message contained a shocking secret!

Izroth decided to put the fourth floor on hold as he quickly headed back down towards the first floor. But, by the time he arrived, Law had already taken his leave along with the other participants who had finished choosing their reward. In other words, he had already been sent away from the Sky Palace!

"Have you already decided on a treasure?" Kayn questioned.

"No, I will hurry and choose one now. I was just a bit curious about what happened to the other participants, that's all." Izroth stated in a calm tone as he made his way back to the entrance of the fourth floor. However, the message that Law sent him had left his mind wandering and asking countless questions.

'Forget it, I have a feeling our paths will cross again. At that time, I'll naturally get some answers.'

Izroth cleared his mind and decided to push this issue to the back of his mind for the time being. He then stepped through the dense barrier leading to the fourth floor.

The room on the fourth floor was small and could barely fit twenty or so people inside. There were a total of ten items and each emitted a terrifying power. There was one skill book, one pill, one talisman, two magic items, and five pieces of equipment/weapons. Each item was located on its own individual holding platform.

'SSS-ranked skill Mantra of the Sky. What a domineering skill. It's a shame that it's not suitable for my current playstyle. This magic item is also pretty interesting, but it can only be used three times.'

There was a magic item called Destructive Eye of Tetrimere. It was capable of easily one-shotting a level 50 or even level 60 rare boss monster! Unfortunately, it could only be used a total of three times. Not to mention, it would eventually become useless as Izroth leveled up, therefore, he disregarded this item.

Izroth swept his gaze over the five pieces of equipment/weapons it stopped on a simple-looking ring.

'Forged by Mazi? Why does this name seem familiar? Ah, right. It was at that time...'

Back in the Chaotic Dogma Realm during the final trial, that strange voice made Izroth an offer. There was a supreme weapon and a set of legendary gear that the voice said was crafted by the great Mazi, God of Craft. It was the first legendary weapon and equipment set Izroth had seen within RML and its power was far above anything he had ever come across.

'This is also made by that Mazi person? Interesting.'

Izroth took the simple-looking ring into the palm of his hand. The moment he did so, he was covered by a blackish-red aura and received an alert from the system.

〈System Alert: The item «Apparel of Insatiable Transcendence» has been forcibly Soulbound to you! The effect «Peerless Conduct» has been activated!〉

〈System Alert: The item «Crystal Sea Head Ornament» has been destroyed!〉

〈System Alert: The item «Hellfire Crafted Oblivion Chest» has been destroyed!〉

〈System Alert: The item «Earth Devouring Gauntlets» has been destroyed!〉

〈System Alert: The item «Skystep Boots» has been destroyed!〉

〈System Alert: The item «Adaptation Cape» has been destroyed!〉

〈System Alert: The effect «Overeater» has been activated!〉

The ring attached itself to Izroth's finger and although he tried to pull it off, it was of no use. His items were being destroyed one by one! Even his epic quality Skystep Boots was not spared! What was this cursed ring?! Did this Mazi want to rob him of every item he had?!

'It's no use, it's not coming off.'

Izroth did not know whether to laugh or cry. This was a huge loss for him! He casually picked up the ring and yet it had destroyed nearly all of his equipment and automatically bound itself to him. What was with this sudden misfortune that had befallen him?

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