Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 267 Carnage, Over The Edge

As the ground beneath the Mystical Realm Palace shook violently, the members of Sage Falls within the shop began to have trouble standing on their own two feet. Some of them even fell flat out onto the floor due to a sudden loss of balance! It was a bizarre situation, to say the least, considering that they had never experienced such a thing within Amaharpe before today.

"An earthquake?!"

"Where the heck's going on?!"

"How did he kill someone inside Amaharpe? Is that even allowed?"

However, just as everyone was confused and in disbelief as to what was going on, the first wave of damage struck them and tore straight into their defenses like a hot knife through butter.

As Izroth moved towards the magic caster he had just eliminated, one of his feet stopped against the floor with a strange rhythm present that released a powerful tremor imbued with a mysterious energy. By the time he reached the magic caster, the tremors had finally caught up and sent out the first wave of damage!

It was Izroth's Behemoth's Quake empowered by his Essence! In total, he used a bit less than twenty percent of his Essence to greatly strengthen the Behemoth's Quake and caused it to become even more terrifying. It was able to reach every corner of the Mystical Realm Palace!

Thankfully, Gear was kind enough to provide him with that small droplet of legendary medicine that removed his Soul Weakness and even replenished his lacking Essence. There were not many things that could catch Izroth's eye, however, he would not mind having some of that medicine always on hand.

While everyone was busy trying to recover from the Behemoth's Quake that was still taking place, Izroth did not halt his assault. He shifted his position quickly and moved in between a group of nearby players. Most of them had just somewhat regained their balance when Izroth had suddenly appeared before them.

The next thing they witnessed was hundreds, maybe even thousands of palms descending towards them!


Izroth effortlessly and accurately struck the weak points of the surrounding Sage Falls players with his Myriad Elusive Palms skill! He hit seven targets in total which was more than enough to activate the side effect of the Myriad Elusive Palms and reset its cooldown time!

After only one strike of Izroth's palm, along with the damage built up by the Behemoth's Quake, two of the seven players were instantly killed!

Without pausing, Izroth adjusted his positioning and shifted his feet using incredible footwork to station himself within the range of a few more players as he once again executed the Myriad Elusive Palms. Soon enough, players were beginning to drop off like flies every time Izroth made a move.

"Stop him! If he can attack us, we should also be able to attack him!" Slayer ordered in a voice filled with rage as he saw the members of his guild being killed off one at a time. If the system allowed Izroth to attack them, then it only made sense that they should be able to do the same to him!

However, even after figuring out that they were capable of attacking Izroth, they simply were unable to lay a single finger on him! Every single time one of their attacks were close to hitting him, it would just barely miss. His level of luck was incredible!

At least, that was how it seemed to them. In truth, Izroth was intentionally using the bare minimum of movement to avoid the incoming attacks. In doing so, it allowed him more control against a high number of opponents. Not to mention with his current agility implementing a minimalistic evasion movement was as easy as breathing air and drinking water to Izroth.

However, how much longer could he possibly hold off against the hundreds of players present? No matter how skilled one was, in the end, overwhelming numbers would always triumph over a single individual. Unfortunately, none of them had ever come across someone like Izroth, until now.

"Ha!" One of the nearby players who had just survived against one of Izroth's palm strikes stabbed forward with their sword and pierced right through Izroth!

"I got him!" A large grin formed on that player's face. What he hit Izroth with was a move that would stun him and prevent him from running away any further. It would not take long for him to meet a swift demise. His luck had finally run out!

But, just as that player celebrated, he felt something cold slip past his neck. It only lasted for a fraction of a second, however, he was sure that something had brushed past him.

By the time he lifted his hand up to feel his neck, he found that his body had already started turning into countless particles. Just before he disappeared completely, all that player saw was a flickering silhouette of Izroth where his sword had just been moments ago. His facial expression turned extremely ugly and he almost looked as if he wanted to cough up blood from anger.

Slayer looked disgusted as he watched the multitude of flickering images of Izroth forming within the shop. There was an overbearing pressure being released from each of those images as every time a new image appeared, one of the members of his Sage Falls would meet a swift end.

"What are you morons doing?! He's just one player!" Slayer shouted furiously. He felt that everyone was intentionally stumbling around like idiots! Since when was his Sage Falls so incompetent when it came to getting things done?

"Boss, we should retreat." Silver Crux said as he stood next to Slayer with a gloomy expression on his face.

He hated to admit it, but it was not worth it! This was not the way things were supposed to go. By now, Izroth should have been begging to make a deal with them just or forever cowering helplessly within Amaharpe for fear that they would kill him if he dared try to leave without providing them with what they wanted.

Fear was the strongest tool at Sage falls disposal. When one mentioned the name Sage Falls they did so while trembling at the thought of crossing paths with them! Now here they were being overwhelmed by a single player! When he first heard some of the rumors surrounding Izroth he believed that it was just a bunch of nonsense.

Plus, even if it were true he would still be unable to fight against their numbers. But, he was currently on a rampage and clearing everything, as well as, everyone in his path! The most frightening part was that no one even knew where he was! Every time someone would say they hit him, it would just turn out to be a flickering silhouette and what followed soon after was death.

"You want my Sage Falls to retreat before one person? Fan Yijun, since when did you become such a coward? Besides, wasn't this your idea?!" Slayer said with disdain present in his voice. If they ran away now, they would lose all face, especially after being so overbearing with their stance! How could he ever show his face again within RML if he ran away now? No, Izroth had to die now that it had come to this!

Of course, the last thing Silver Crux wanted to do was retreat. However...

"You misunderstand me. We aren't running away, we'll just be killing some time. That guy has to be using some kind of powerful skill, however, there has to be a time limit. After that skill ends, hmph, let's see how he handles us then. He'll be begging for mercy in no time." Silver Crux said as a vicious look flashed through his eyes.

"Powerful skill? So what! There are over three hundred of us and only one of him! What does it matter if a few die? In the end, he won't be able to survive." Slayer responded as he completely dismissed Silver Crux's suggestion. Right now, the only thing on his mind was seeing Izroth die. He was too consumed and blinded by his own rage to think with a clear mind.

However, his reaction could not be blamed. Sage Falls had suffered wave after wave of continuous losses ever since the betrayal of the Headhunter Syndicate within the Protector of Amaharpe event.

When the event ended, it severely weakened their hold on many key locations that they could no longer afford to guard such as valuable mineral deposits or rare garden fields. The other top guilds had snuck in between every crack that appeared! That was not all, a lot of his core members actually left to join the Headhunter Syndicate which made him cough up blood!

It was almost as if someone was intentionally out to destroy his Sage Falls guild from the inside out!

Silver Crux furrowed his brows when he saw that crazed look in Slayer's eyes. He had been with Slayer long enough to know what that look meant. Even if it was him doing the speaking, it was useless.

Once Slayer reached this point, there was no talking sense into him. He would tune out any outside advice and press forward without hesitation. It was something Silver Crux admired about him, however, it was also one of Slayer's biggest downfalls. Since he knew that there was no talking him out of this, he had to make the best of the situation at hand.

"Alright, forget about retreating. We have to buy time to at least-" Silver Crux was speaking to Slayer as a silhouette flashed before him.

"You two still have time to talk?" A voice drifted by their ears that sent shivers down their spines. Fast! He was just on the other side of the shop and it appeared as if he had teleported over to them through the crowd of players!

Silver Crux reacted quickly when he heard that voice as he swung his sword next to him without hesitation, however, before his sword could even move the way he intended it to, an overbearing aura descended upon him. It was a suffocating feeling as if he were being swept away in a wave of tremendous power!


Izroth's Sword of The Storm sliced from Silver Crux's forehead all the way down to his torso. In one clean stroke, Izroth had disposed of Silver Crux who stood right next to Slayer! Silver Crux had died without a chance to even fight back!

The power behind Izroth's First Baneful Sword: Destruction as it critically hit was too overwhelming, especially when combined together with the Behemoth's Quake! It was practically overkill!

To Slayer, it was as if Izroth was intentionally looking down on him! "I can kill you any time I want.", "Look, I killed your underling and left you alive because I could.", "You're not even worth killing." Those were the things that echoed within Slayer's mind.

However, what really pushed him over the edge was that for a single moment, he swore that he could see Izroth's true figure as he intentionally lowered his speed for a brief moment. On Izroth's face with a small smirk filled with ridicule and the look in his eyes was as if he were looking at a mere insignificant existence.

It may have just been Slayer's mind playing tricks on him, however, it caused him to go entirely over the edge.

Izroth had sped right past Slayer and headed back into the crowd of players to continue his onslaught. There was chaos amongst the scattered Sage Falls player and some of them even tried to find a way to escape, however, that flickering silhouette would always show up and allowed them to leave. However, it was not in the way they wanted to leave, through death!

Right now, the players of Sage Falls all had the same thought cross their minds. This was not a fight, it was a massacre! It was carnage! Their numbers were falling by the dozen. There was one thought that could not escape them during that moment. Had they mistakenly awakened a demon?

"You would dare toy with me!" Slayer roared at the top of his lungs! There was no longer a look of sanity within his eyes. He had completely lost it! At that moment, all he saw was red!

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