Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 266 Slayer's Two Options, The Prelude To A Massacre


Everyone looked around in a confused manner. They had no idea where that voice came from!

"Eh? Who was that?"

"It sounded a bit close, yet far at the same time. Strange..."

"Look! Someone's in the sky!"

One of the players nearby pointed towards the sky as he spoke in a tone filled with disbelief. He couldn't believe his eyes!

What? Someone was in the sky? Was it some special kind of NPC?

Everyone set their sights on the sky above. There really was someone up there! They were standing at around twenty to thirty meters in the air. In other words, they were flying!

"A special event?"

"I think that's a player..!"

"Don't be stupid! How can a player possibly fly?"

The person in the sky rapidly descended and fell like a meteor crashing into the earth! However, just before they were about to hit the ground, their body straightened up and they landed safely without any harm to themselves.

When everyone saw who that person was, they immediately recognized him. He was the owner of the Mystical Realm Palace! Of course, that person was none other than Izroth.

Mariposa had enough spare Returning Scrolls for them to return to Amaharpe without the long journey. However, the spare Returning Scrolls she had only returned players to the nearest Amaharpe town or village, not to the capital itself.

But, she did have two Returning Scrolls that could take the user directly to Amaharpe. However, those scrolls were quite costly going for double that of a regular Returning Scroll! It was definitely a luxury item.

Of course, 200 gold coins to her was nothing compared to what she would make in the long run being partnered with Izroth's shop. Not to mention, he had just basically handed her an epic ranked weapon. Needless to say, even one hundred higher grade Returning Scrolls would not be enough to pay him.

In the end, Mariposa gave Izroth one higher grade Returning Scroll to make his way back to the capital city Amaharpe while everyone else used a normal Returning Scroll to reach the closest town or village. After all, there was nothing they could do inside of a safe zone and Izroth was the only one with absolute authority over his own shop.

"What a grand entrance..." One of the players couldn't help but sigh in envy. A player with the ability to fly?! This was huge news! You could actually fly within RML! This was something that players would kill for!

Valkyria, as well as, Slayer were both shocked by Izroth's sudden appearance.

"What an incredible skill..." Valkyria muttered to herself. Flying! That was definitely in every player's top three things they wanted to do within RML!

As for Slayer, he quickly regained his composure. Just as he was about to open his mouth to speak, Izroth cut him off.

"You have two options. Get lost and disband Sage Falls or get lost and I'll dismantle it for you. The choice is yours. Choose!" Izroth said in a domineering manner. His usual carefree demeanor had taken a back seat when it came to dealing with someone like Slayer. He was a patient person, but this had crossed his bottom line.

Slayer's facial expression darkened. He was fuming on the inside and ready to boil over with rage. Just because this nobody before him owned the first shop and had ties with the Pill Emperor did not mean that he was anyone special. In fact, if not for the Pill Emperor, then he would just be some random trash not even worth paying any attention to!

First place in the event? So what! In the end, he was only one player without any solid backing. Therefore, what gave him the right to speak such arrogance words?

Everyone was completely speechless when they heard Izroth's words. No matter which option Slayer chose, it would mean that Sage Falls was being disbanded as a guild! They were a top guild, therefore, no one really took Izroth's words at face value. However, there was one person in the crowd who knew that Izroth was not just speaking empty words.

Valkyria saw that look in his eyes and knew that he was dead serious! He really was planning on facing Sage Falls head-on! However, she had a hard time believing his words. After all, even Sleeping Gardenia would not be able to force Sage Falls to disband! What could one person possibly accomplish?

Izroth found that the more time he spent in this world, the more he found himself becoming lenient. This was mainly due to the fact that this world was nowhere near as dangerous as the Seven Realms. However, he knew that one would only be provoked when they are seen as being weak. Was he someone to take such nonsense lying down? The answer was obviously no!

He planned to make an example out of Sage Falls so that those who wished to provoke him and block his path would see that which lies ahead of them. After all, Izroth had one simple rule when it came to situations like this. He always repays kindness tenfold and contempt a thousandfold!

Slayer suddenly chuckled and in just a few moments, that chuckle turned into laughter. The surroundings players were surprised by Slayer's reaction. In truth, they expected him to snap and start spewing out curses and insults. Needless to say, laughing was the last thing they thought Slayer would do in this situation. Even the other members of Sage Falls next to Slayer were shocked.

Slayer finally stopped his laughter and responded with a grin on his face, "I see you're not just a successful shop owner, but a comedian as well." He spoke in mocking tone with a hint of disdain present in his voice.

He then continued, "I've come here to continue our previous discussion. You'll do well to reconsider, otherwise, don't blame me for taking extreme measures. You should know, I always get what I want, one way or another."

Izroth was not sure how Sage Falls had managed to survive so long with that kind of terrible leader, let alone become a top guild. However, it appeared that Slayer had already made his choice. Therefore, Izroth did not respond to him and simply walked towards his direction.

"Heh, what? Do you plan on trying to attack me in a safe zone? You're wasting your time. Besides, even if we were not in a safe zone you still wouldn't have the ability to face me. Now, why don't you j-" As Slayer was speaking, Izroth ignored him and entered into the Mystical Realm Palace. He had completely ignored Slayer as if he was nonexistent!

Slayer believed that Izroth did it on purpose just to get under his skin and this made him even more determined to make an example out of Izroth. It would be a constant reminder to all of those who dared underestimate and look down on his Sage Falls! He immediately called one of his players out to open up the capacity limit and entered inside him.

Even if Izroth kicked everyone out, he would just send in a new wave of place holders. Izroth would not be here to watch over the shop 24/7. He was even willing to make others create a second or even third account and send a high-level player to guide them over to Amaharpe just to fill up space.

He would do everything in his power to make sure that was long as Izroth turned down his offer, he would never have a successful store without troubles!

However, unlike what Slayer believed, Izroth had no intentions on using the ejection order to kick everyone from the shop.

Izroth understood that for people like Slayer actions spoke louder than words, and he planned to make sure that even if Slayer was deaf, he would still receive his message loud and clear. Izroth was finished using words, now was the time for action!

Valkyria furrowed her brows as she watched Izroth and then soon after Slayer entered into the Mystical Realm Palace. She wanted to go in and see what was going on, however, it was still full inside so she could only wait. But, she expected that this would all be over soon since Izroth would just kick them out and reclaim his shop.

While Valkyria was correct about two things, she was wrong about one. Indeed, it would be over soon and Izroth would reclaim his shop, but would he just let them go after all the trouble they've caused?


When Izroth stepped into the Mystical Realm Palace, all eyes immediately fell onto him. Opal was waiting by the door and gave a respectful bow when Izroth walked in.

"Handler Izroth, should I-"

"Opal, cancel and refund all the transactions of the players currently within the shop and then blacklist every individual." Izroth said without giving her a chance to suggest the ejection order.

"You will lose a substantial amount of gold coins if you refund all products. Also, the fee and personal shop tax will not be refunded. Do you still wish to proceed, Handler Izroth?" Opal responded without hesitation.

"Do it." Izroth replied.

"Understood." Opal wasted no time executing Izroth's commands after receiving his confirmation.

The members of Sage Falls were dumbfounded. There was a function like that within the shop? Most of them were regretting that they did not consume the pill before Izroth returned!

"You-!" Slayer was not prepared for that kind of function. He did not even know such a thing existed! Thousands of pills were lost just like that! If they were not in a safe zone, then he would have already brought Izroth to his knees!

Slayer glared at Izroth and said, "If you want to make things difficult, then you only have yourself to blame for what happens next! You better be prepared to sleep and live in this place!" He spoke in a threatening way. Slayer wanted to see just how long Izroth could keep his arrogant attitude! Within a few days, he was confident that Izroth would be begging to make a deal with him!

Izroth walked to the center of the room with players giving him a nasty look as he passed them. When he reached the center area of the room, all eyes were locked onto him. The next thing he did confused everyone and even caused some of the players to chuckle in response. Even Slayer smirked when he observed what Izroth did.

Izroth had unsheathed his Sword of The Storm as if he was going to confront them within the Mystical Realm Palace.

"Is he really a shop owner that doesn't know what shops are also safe zones?"

"Something must be wrong with his head. He was probably dropped on his head a few dozen times as a child!"

"A few dozen? Try more like a few hundred. It's common knowledge! This is what happens when you try to act tough."

Everyone was mocking Izroth and spewing insults at him for his idiotic action. Even if he was wielding a legendary weapon right now he would not be able to cause any harm to them. The safe zone was absolute!

〈System Alert: Warning, you are about to enabled Trespasser mode! This will disable all safe zone parameters within your shop! Do you wish to continue?〉

As everyone showered Izroth in ridicule, they received two alerts from the system.

〈System Alert: Trespasser mode has been enabled!〉

〈System Alert: Safe zone parameters within the shop have been temporarily disabled!〉

〈System Alert:...

However, before they could even sweep their eyes across the system alert, they felt the entire Mystical Realm Palace Tremble as if there was an earthquake taking place within Amaharpe!

"What the heck is going on?!" Slayer said as he tried to maintain his balance.


A scream could be heard coming from near the center area of the room. It came from a magic caster who currently had a look of disbelief on their face. A few seconds later, they turned into particles and disappeared!

There was an eerie silence as everyone watched what had just happened. He had actually managed to kill someone within a safe zone!

"Impossible...!" Slayer said as he trembled. Could he be hacking? No, that should not be possible! Everyone knew that it was impossible to do so!

Izroth swept his gaze across the rows upon rows of players with no hint of mercy in his eyes. His usual carefree look had been replaced by one that was calm and cold.

"Since you seem to be indecisive, allow me to extend you a helping hand. Today, Sage Falls is no more." Izroth said in a calm and steady tone of voice.

Soon after those words left his mouth, a powerful energy surged around him as the tremors intensified!

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