Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 206 Old Faces

'No, that doesn't seem right.'

At first glance, it appeared to be thirty players working together at random to defeat a world boss. After all, anyone who saw such a scene would believe that to be the case. However, after taking a closer look, Izroth could see that something was wrong with the group of players.

From their body language and awkward positioning, Izroth saw that each group was more focused on each other rather than the salamander before them. It was as if everyone was looking for an opportunity of some kind to deal with the others.

However, the most bizarre thing about the whole situation was the fact that the salamander was not a world boss as Izroth previously thought it to be. After moving a few meters closer, he was able to clearly see the information regarding the salamander.

Name: Ragnis Salamander(Elite)

Level: 35

HP: 32,912(23%)

"Why are so many players fighting against a single elite monster?" Mirage said with a frown on her face.

"Who knows? Maybe their levels are so low that it takes thirty of them just to do any real damage to it." Present Order said with some contempt present in his voice. It was not difficult to tell that he did not think much of the players teaming up to fight against the Ragnis Salamander.

"We're wasting time here, it's just an elite monster. We should just go since it's not a world boss." Sinking Clouds said. If the Ragnis Salamander was a world boss, then it would definitely be worth sticking around. They could even join the fight and attempt to snatch the boss away! However, a single elite monster was not worth their time, especially since it was already being attacked.

"Have you noticed it as well?" Luna said in a low voice next to Izroth as she observed the battle.

Izroth glanced towards Luna as he gave a carefree smile before setting his sights back on the Ragnis Salamander and then at the players. He had a feeling that Luna would realize it as well since she was also present at that time.

Those players were not just another group of casual players, or at least two of the groups. In fact, Izroth and Luna had seen them before during their time spent participating in the event Protectors of Amaharpe.

One of the parties contained players that were with Blue Oasis at the time the event took place. They were a part of the party that Minus, one of the seven captains of Blue Oasis, had formed in order to fight against the Brooding Behemoth Basbus.

However, in the end, Izroth's party was the one who laid claim to it and walked away with the rewards for defeating it. Surely, this left a bad taste in Minus' mouth, however, Minus himself was not amongst the group.

But, there was one member of the Blue Oasis party that was not a part of Minus' group that fought against the Brooding Behemoth Basbus. Instead, Izroth had met this player once before back in Opal Town.

'He was with Niflheim at that time.'

The player who seemed to be the leader of the Blue Oasis party was Olohas, the commander under Niflheim that he first ran into in Opal Town.

The second group he recognized had a familiar face he did not expect to come across again. Although Luna may be unfamiliar with him, if Guan Yu and Zi Yi were here they would have immediately recognized the player as Gripler. He was a part of the group that ambushed Guan Yu and Zi Yi in the middle of the Towering Oak Forest where their paths and Izroth's first crossed.

While they were not exactly top-level players, they could easily be considered as being a part of the elite group of players that any top guild would welcome with open arms. Therefore, when Present Order said that it would take all of them just to deal with a single elite monster, he quickly dismissed that notion.

Although Izroth was unsure of that Headhunter Syndicate that Gripler said he was a part of, he knew that Blue Oasis was a top guild. If a group of elite players from Blue Oasis truly needed the help of 24 other players just to defeat an elite monster then Blue Oasis position as a top guild was in some serious trouble.

'There must be something special about the salamander that we're unaware of. However, I doubt they'll entertain us with any information.'

"We should not leave just yet. At least, not until the battle is over." Izroth said in a carefree manner.

Azalea looked over at Izroth and could immediately tell from the way he had his sights set onto the battle that there was something that caught the attention of her teacher. Of course, she had no complaints about waiting until the fight was over.

"Hmph, who died and put you in charge?! If you want to waste time watching this silly fight then go ahead and suit yourself. However, we'll be leaving towards the Blazing Temple!" Present Order scowled. He disliked how Izroth tried to give out orders as if he were in charge of everything that happened. It would seem that his previous attempts to show Izroth his place had no effect.

Mirage frowned and said, "You know that we can't separate too far from one another because of the Bounded Fire Domain passive, Fu Chun. Besides, I'm sure Izroth has a reason for wanting to stay and watch the fight... Right?" She turned to face Izroth with a questioning facial expression.

"Right." Izroth responded with one simple word.

"See?" Mirage said with a slight smirk on her face.

"Rongro- No, Tian Suyinrong, are you really going to agree to waste our time because of one word from some nobody?" Present Order asked with a darkened expression.

"Hmph, I see your manner are still lacking! What I decide to do has nothing to do with you! If you want to leave, then leave!" Mirage snapped back. The only reason she continued to tolerate Present Order was due to their fathers being close friends. However, even she had a limit to his incessant insults and arrogant attitude. Unlike him, she rather enjoyed meeting new people from all cuts of life.

Present Order was ready to burst with anger and Sinking Clouds could see that he was about to lose it. So, Sinking Clouds walked over and set his hand on Present Order's shoulder and whispered a few words into his ear.

A few moments later, Present Order took a deep breath and seemed to have finally calmed down.

"Fine, since you insist we'll do things your way." Present Order said in an unhappy tone of voice.

"The Blazing Temple isn't going anywhere. What's the harm in waiting a bit longer?" Sinking Clouds said with a smile on his face.

Azalea stared coldly at Present Order. If not for the fact that her teacher had already arranged a fight with him after reaching the Blazing Temple, she was unsure if she would have been able to control herself. She already considered Izroth to be her teacher and so Present Order's constant insults were like a slap to her face as well.

Mirage observed Izroth and saw that he appeared to be unbothered by Present Order's words. Anyone else would have already flew off the handle by now and would have wanted to strangle Present Order. After all, she knew just how overbearing his personality could be at times. Therefore, she was surprised that Izroth had such a high level of self-control.

A few moments later, a member of the Blue Oasis party dealt the final blow to the Ragnis Salamander. The large body of the Ragnis Salamander crashed into the ground and remained motionless. However, its body did not dissipate immediately like most other monsters. But, as soon as one of the members of Blue Oasis approached the area of the loot, Gripler stepped forward and blocked their path.

"What do you think you're doing? We all had a fair agreement, now move! Or do you wish to become an enemy of my Blue Oasis guild?" Olohas said in a demanding tone of voice.

"Agreement? What agreement? I don't remember anything about an agreement. How about you guys?" Gripler turned to ask his fellow party members.

"Nope never heard of no agreement boss."

"Hah, leave it to Blue Oasis members to make up some nonexistent rules!."

Every one of Gripler's party members denied that there was an agreement made. In turn, this made Olohas furious beyond words. He had heard that the members of the Headhunter Syndicate were not to be trusted and yet, he truly believed that they could actually be reasoned with like a fool!

"I should have just killed you and your group from the moment we crossed paths!" Olohas said with no mercy in his voice.

"Now, is that any way for a member of one of the most esteemed top ten guilds to behave?" Gripler said with a grin on his face. From his body language and words, it was obvious that he was mocking Olohas.

"Do you truly wish to do this? You'll kill us all with your greed!" Olohas shouted.

"So what! I'll make it short and simple for you. All of you get lost and we'll take the Salamander's Fire Spirit so that we can enter into the Blazing Temple. As for the rest of you, hmph, you'll just have to find another Fire Spirit to claim!" Gripler said in a threatening manner.

"Shameless! Is this always how members of the Headhunter Syndicate handle matters once they've already made a promise?!" One of the players from another group shouted. He was disgusted by how Gripler was willing to let all of them die, even his own party, just so that he could be the one to obtain the Fire Spirit of the Ragnis Salamander.

"As I said, I don't remember any such promise! Now, do you want to fight or not?!" Gripler said in a domineering manner. Ever since the event Protectors of Amaharpe ended, the power and influence of the Headhunter Syndicate had soared within RML!

During the event, many of the top guilds were weakened and suffered major losses. However, the guild who suffered the most had to be Sage Falls. As a result of at least three of the top ten guilds weakening, the Headhunter Syndicate was now sitting comfortably on the list of top ten guilds within all of RML.

Therefore, Gripler was even more arrogant and unrestrained than the time when Izroth had run into him in the Towering Oak Forest. He had a huge backer and was unafraid that someone would even dare consider taking action against him. Otherwise, they would have to deal with the Headhunter Syndicate itself!

'Fire Spirit?'

Izroth overheard their conversation and it appeared that in order to enter into the Blazing Temple, one needed to acquire something called a Fire Spirit. From what he gathered so far, it appeared that the Ragnis Salamander was a monster capable of providing this so-called Fire Spirit.

If that was the case, then they needed more information about the subject. However, it was unlikely that he would be able to get this information at the moment with how tense the current situation was. But, when there's a will, there's a way.

"I see an old familiar face over there. I believe it's only proper that I pay them a small greeting." Izroth said as he began to walk over towards the group of thirty players.

"Eh? You know one of them?" Mirage asked curiously as she walked along with him.

Of course, Luna and Azalea followed without question. As for Present Order and Sinking Clouds, they also went along with things. After all, since Mirage was going, then it was only natural that they would tag along as well.

"Hm?" Olohas heard the sound of footsteps approaching their location. Another group? If so, then this would only become even more of a headache. As he turned to see who was headed this way, his facial expression had shocked written all over it.

"It's you...!" Gripler said. Just like Olohas, his facial expression was one of shock. However, unlike Olohas, that shock soon turned into a burning rage. This was the guy that interfered with his plans back in the Towering Oak Forest. If not for him, then things would have gone smoothly and he would have been promoted by now!

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