Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 205 Blazing Tempris Domain

"Ha!" Present Order gave a small battle cry as he lowered his stance and dropped his greatsword to a lower angle before swinging it sideways in an arc and cutting through the torso area of the Lava Beast.


The Lava Beast's body was split in half from its torso area, however, it soon attached itself back into place as if nothing happened. Although it still took some damage, it was not as bad as it looked to be.

At the same time that Present Order finished his attack, three magic missiles that were each around one meter in size soared through the air and slammed into the Lava Beast's body. As soon as the magic missiles made contact with the monster's body, they exploded and created a loud crashing sound.





However, the attack did not stop there. Around 1 second after the last magic missile was shot, a sphere no larger than 25cm crashed right into the Lava Beast.


The sphere that was made out of a pure form of concentrated mana, as well as, the precious magic missiles were spells that were cast by Sinking Clouds. In just a few moments, he was able to remove more than 4,000 HP from the Lava Beast!

Izroth, Azalea, and Mirage joined the fight after the first few initial moments. As for Luna, even though she did not exactly like Present Order, she still played her role as a healer properly.

Mirage darted forward. Her movements were delicate and nimble as she closed the distance in the blink of an eye. She stopped around a meter away from the Lava Beast and used her initial momentum to slide across the ground and arrive right before the monster.

During her sliding movement, Mirage shifted her entire body to the side at a slight angle and dropped her forearm in a clockwise motion. She continued in that manner until her hand approached the six o'clock position and then with an open palm, she lightly tapped against the body of the Lava Beast.


A powerful burst of energy in the form of a wave suddenly appeared behind the back of the Lava Beast. It was almost as if the energy itself traveled throughout its body before being forcibly expelled.

Right after the energy was expelled from the Lava Beast, it formed a rune and imprinted itself onto the same spot where Mirage's palm struck. As the rune was being imprinted, the Lava Beast seemed to roar in anger from the pain. She then quickly twisted her right foot inward and adjusted herself as she used the other palm of her hand to strike the exact location of the rune.



«Critical Hit»


Izroth chose to keep to more basic attacks as he approached from the side of the Lava Beast and allowed his palm to flow freely. As a result, hundreds of palms rained upon the Lava Beast with only one true palm hidden within.


Izroth's attack dropped the total HP of the Lava Beast down to 76%. He decided to take this opportunity to perfect the execution of his current lower ranked skills. There was also the possibility of learning a larger variety of lower ranked skills that would allow him a more diverse arsenal. After all, the higher ranked skills usually had a high cooldown timer set on them.

Although the lower ranked skills cost energy to use, their cooldown times were extremely low due to that specific restriction. Not only that, but Izroth had received an additional fifty energy points for advancing his Heavenly Golden Body to the next level. It would be a waste if he allowed such a benefit to go to waste instead of putting it to good use.

When Present Order saw the amount of damage Izroth dealt, he could not help but mock him inwardly. Just a few moments ago Izroth had the guts to challenge him to a battle and yet, that nobody with a trash class was unable to even deal as much damage as someone like him who was a tank.

A new wave of confidence washed over Present Order as he grew more vicious in his attacks.

Luna observed how Present Order and Sinking Clouds fought and came to a conclusion after the first few moves. While the two of them were definitely not top players, both of them were still above the average player within RML.

But, with the level of skill Present Order had displayed so far, Luna knew that he was still unable to come anywhere close to matching up against Izroth.

Azalea, on the other hand, had a look of disdain in her eyes. She was the type to never underestimate her opponent and therefore did not immediately dismiss the possibility of Present Order being strong enough to back up how words.

However, after seeing that proud and smug look on his face after a few attacks against the Lava Beast, Azalea was in disbelief. Someone with that level of skill wanted to fight against her teacher? He was welcoming a disaster!

The lava flowing from the Lava Beast bubbled and the heat intensified as it swiped outward with its arm. It made a fanning motion with its arm that spanned at least four meters.

Izroth and Mirage reacted quickly enough as they avoided the Lava Beast's attack. However, Present Order chose to face the attack without retreating. Though it appeared that the Lava Beast used a magic-type skill since he was incapable of blocking it.



12,337/14,832 HP Remaining! (Present Order)

Luna cast a simple Healing Essence on Present Order. Given Present Order's large amount of HP and the fact that she had maxed out her Healing Essence, it was more than enough to sustain him against the attacks of the Lava Beast.

Skill Name: Healing Essence

Skill Level: MAXED

Skill Rank: C

Requirements: Level 12 Cleric

Mana Cost: 140

Cast Time: Instant

Active: Heals an allied target for 16% of the user 'Healing Factor' +3.5% of the allied target's max health every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

In the end, the Lava Beast was only a level 30 normal monster and did not require much effort to defeat. However, Izroth did come across something unexpected that piqued his interest and did not really pay much attention to the fight.


The group made quick work of the Lava Beast and in less than ten seconds, the Lava Beast turned into a puddle of lava before ultimately losing its entire source of heat.

〈System Alert: Congratulations, you have defeated Lava Beast〉

〈System Alert: You have been awarded 2,052 EXP〉

'After dealing with the monsters inside of the Chaotic Dogma Realm that naturally gave more experience, the areas outside seem a bit lacking. Though I suppose given the unique nature of the Chaotic Dogma Realm, that much is to be expected.'

Monsters within the Chaotic Dogma Realm granted more experience than those monsters outside. Not only that, but every monster within the Chaotic Dogma Realm was either elite or a boss monster. Also, there was the fact that Izroth was four levels higher than the Lava Beast itself, therefore, the amount of experience he received would be even further reduced.

"Did you see that? I-" Present Order stood there in a victorious manner. He did not truly care about defeating the Lava Beast since it was not even an elite monster. Instead, he was secretly gloating because of how strong he was compared to Izroth. It was obvious that he held the upper hand in both attack power and defense. In simple terms, Izroth truly did not stand a chance against him.

It should have been more than enough of a demonstration to open Mirage's eyes, but she was not even paying any attention to him and was currently talking with Izroth.

"That skill with the hundreds of palms that you used, did you really create something like that yourself?" Mirage asked with a bit of eagerness hidden within her voice.

Izroth nodded and replied, "It's called the Myriad Elusive Palms. Although it may seem like hundreds of palms, in truth, there lies only one true strike."

"What a great name! If I was a Combat Master, I would have gone with something like Hundred Palms. Though to be completely fair, I've never been that skilled when it comes to giving things names. Like this one time, I had the most lovely crimson rosella and when it was time to name it, I chose to call her Niao Niao. My mother still tells this story to everyone she gets a chance to, it's embarrassing you know?" Mirage said with a smile on her face as a small giggle escaped her mouth.

"If it's so embarrassing, why did you share it with me?" Izroth asked with raised brows.

Mirage blinked a few times as she was not prepared for Izroth to ask such an inquiring look on his face.

"Pfft...! Ahahaha, what's with that look? Of course, it's amusing when I tell it, but embarrassing only when my mother tells it. Don't you know that certain things become embarrassing by default when a parent has anything to do with it?" Mirage said jokingly.

"Is that so?" Izroth said as appeared to be in deep contemplation about the subject. However, he was just concentrating on specific memories of the life he gained in this world and swiftly came to a shocking conclusion.

"You're correct, it does seem to work that way." Izroth responded.

"We should get moving. According to the Realm Chart in Wraith's possession, it should only take us around thirty minutes to reach the Blazing Temple." Luna said as she stepped next to Izroth and shot a side glance at Mirage.

For some reason, she felt agitated and irritated as she sat back and watched Mirage smiling and laughing while talking to Izroth. Without really thinking about it, she ended up stepping up next to Izroth and suggested that they be on their way.

"Yes, we should hurry to the Blazing Temple!" Present Order said in a polite tone of voice with a smile attached to his face. At first, he only wanted to teach Izroth a lesson and use his fight against him to impress Mirage. However, he still planned on letting him live just to show his benevolent side. But now, he wanted nothing more than to tear Izroth to shreds without mercy.

With that being said, Izroth and his party moved out as they continued their journey towards the Blazing Temple.


Twenty minutes later...

On their way to the Blazing Temple, the group came across another thirty Lava Beast. In total, Izroth gained a bit more than 60,000 EXP in the process, however, he was still quite far away from reaching level 35.

As for the loot that dropped from the Lava Beast, needless to say, there were no fire cores and it was mostly just some junk that would only fetch a few bronze coins in the auction house. But, Izroth did not truly expect to receive a fire core from a normal monster like the Lava Beast in the first place.

Not to mention the drop chance was probably around 0.0001%, even then the fire core would be a D-ranked at best! Izroth needed a fire core that was at least C-ranked or higher and in order to obtain it, he had to defeat higher level elite or boss monsters. Even then, it was not absolutely certain that a rare item like a fire core would even drop!


"What was that?" Sinking Clouds asked as he jumped slightly being startled by the sudden noise. He looked over towards the direction of the loud roar.

In the distance, he saw a huge salamander that was at least twenty meters long with a line of flames running down its back. From its mouth, it spewed fire at a group of players in front of it. In fact, there were at least thirty players confronting the salamander which was the most frightening aspect of the situation!

Izroth and the others looked over towards the fight to see what was going on. The moment he saw the salamander surrounded by a group of players he understood what was happening. However, the players seemed incredibly disorganized. It was almost as if they were just a random group of players that all got together by chance. There was no teamwork and everyone was out of sync.

'That's... A world boss?'

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