Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 776: Alleviate the Pandemic

Chapter 776: Alleviate the Pandemic

After checking every room, Elysia was satisfied with her choice. It was a two-story rental residence with four quite spacious bedrooms, a dining room, and a reasonably satisfying living room.

She chose the residence because it was her best choice, where the furniture was fully provided at a price that was still reasonable.

"Let's try it?" Elysia asked and got a nod in response from Elena and Rhea. They returned to the living room to try to contact Earth Mother.

Elysia sat on the sofa with Elena and Rhea on each side. She clasped her hands together and closed her eyes. 'Please assist me.'

'We can use the inner eye technique and start looking for Eart Mother's telepathic connection deep underground.'

'Yes, let's do that.' Elena joined Rhea to assist Elysia in searching deep underground with their combined inner eye.

They were looking for not items or objects but supernatural threads that they believed belonged to the Earth Mother.

After a few seconds of searching, a neutral voice suddenly came to Elysia's mind, disrupting everyone's concentration. The incident forced them to return to their respective consciousness.

'I see, so you come with three God-level beings. Are you going to work with nature spirits to restore peace to Earth and heaven, Elysia?' Earth Mother opened the conversation with a half-sleepy tone.

'Uh, ah, yes. That is our promise to Sky Spirit and the nature spirits before we go to Heaven Realm. Before all, let me leave a mark on this telepathy channel.' Elysia was still taken aback, but she tried to keep her composure. She had to take advantage of this opportunity to pave the way for contacting Mother Earth.

'You can do that?' Earth Mother marveled.

'I should be able to do it, but please don't remove my telepathy mark. Here we go.' Elysia used the telepathy line to channel a mark to Earth Mother.

'Very well...' Earth Mother received the telepathy mark willingly.

'First of all, thank you for everything. Sky Spirit has told us a lot about what happened in the past month, but can you tell us about your current situation? We may be able to help you.' Elysia offered a favor.

'Hehe, that's not necessary, good girl. I will recover gradually, but it will be much better if the wars and chaos stop. The destruction of nature they have caused has hindered my recovery.' Earth Mother chuckled weakly.

'We'll do it. Uhm, is it possible that your recovery will be more optimal if nature is maintained? Something like reforestation and pollution reduction?' Elysia could interpret between the lines but still needed to ensure it.

'You can put it that way.' Earth Mother heaved a subtle sigh.

'I see... Let's get back to the main topic. I want to confirm a few things and ask you about a few topics, Earth Mother. Can you be with me until the end of our conversation?' Elysia went straight to the key to all the problems. However, she was still considerate enough to consider Earth Mother's condition.

'Sure, I will accompany you to the end. You come with four God-level foreign entities, including you. I will not seal your power, but I ask you to help me to repair the world's law which will be broken because of your otherworldly magics.' Earth Mother didn't mind. She welcomed Elysia's statement of help with joy even though she had predicted it beforehand.

'Yes, we will be fully responsible for the damage to the world's law caused by our magic.' Elysia glanced at Elena and Rhea before answering with an agreement.

Elysia and Earth Mother then talked about many things. The former asked, and the latter answered, and vice versa. That vital conversation started from the current world situation as a whole.

After sharing a lot of information Earth Mother told how she got injured and why nature spirits were furious. 'It happened in the middle of the day when my avatar checked something between the twin cliffs in a remote area of Nepal. A bolt of divine lightning struck my avatar from heaven. My avatar should be fine, but the attack was so weird. My avatar perished, and I received heavy backlash. That's the moment where all realms are sealed from all forms of access.'

'I believe it was the work of the Ruvoid God, Alashor. The oddity in the Council was because of him. Perhaps, he is aiming to exterminate you so he can rewrite the laws of heaven and Earth? He is probably also aiming for the underworld and hell, hmm... He has enormous ambitions in world domination.' Elysia put her hand to her chin.

'You're saying that the one responsible for all this chaos is the Ruvoid God named Alashor? He had already infiltrated the Council and seemed to have brainwashed them? The situation in heaven is so bad. Ileus and his Divine Association are probably fighting the Council seriously by now.' Earth Mother fell into deep thought. She just found out about this shocking information.

'Yes, we will help take care of the problems in heaven after the chaos on Earth is over. You are the absolute ruler here. Can you coordinate with us? I know you're still hurt, but we're not asking you to jump into action.' Elysia voiced her request.

'Understood. I have received your telepathy mark, so you can talk to me anytime. The nature spirits are also ready to assist you in various situations. As you requested, they just sent a warning letter to all GOd Game participants. I will send a representative to you soon.' Earth Mother agreed without hesitation. She would bet on this group because she already has her own consideration.

'Mm, thank you. Oh, one more thing. We intend to stop the pandemic. Do you know the cure to diseases caused by Virus-22?' Elysia immediately raised the issue they almost overlooked.

'Hmm, the virus spread by Earth Spirits, huh... That virus is truly tricky to deal with. However, the diseases caused by that virus were a major factor that kept the war and chaos from worsening. Nature spirits thought it would be better if the number of humans was reduced a little. To stop the pandemic, you must stop all the chaos at once. Can you do it?' Earth Mother was unsure if ending the pandemic right now was a good idea.

The greater chaos could happen if everyone returned to health. Still, she was sure Elysia's group had other plans for that.

'I am fully aware. We will only introduce the cure to the world after the chess piece of power hunt, two days from now. After all, the high-ranking fools could make things worse.' Elysia nodded slightly.

'If that's the case, then you need to come up with an antidote that can alleviate the disease caused by Virus-22, not cure. Let some of them fall to warn others in the future. It's the wrath of nature, also a request from nature spirits. I can't just help them when they reap what they sow.' Earth Mother was a bit reluctant because she could feel the wrath of the nature spirits. The humans disappointed them, after all.

'I see... For a warning, huh...' Elysia widened her eyes and looked out the window. She could experiment to create an antidote for the disease caused by Virus-22, but she would displease the Earth Mother and nature spirits.

'I will give you a temporary antidote for Virus-22. Please use it wisely. The pandemic will disappear gradually within a year, or two, so please understand the nature spirits decision.' After saying that, Earth Mother shared the antidote recipe with Elysia.

A few moments later, Earth Mother and Elysia's conversation ended. They had reached clarity and mutual agreement.

"Huff..." Elysia heaved a subtle sigh. She was told not to end the pandemic, making it hard to discover that so many people would die.

"Ely, you don't need to feel responsible. That is the will of the world, and you should respect the laws of nature. Earth Mother provides a solution to alleviate the pandemic, right? One year during a world pandemic is not bad considering natural disasters are not enough to make them aware of nature's wrath." Elena stroked Elysia's back.

"But, all of that was caused by about a thousand participants in the God Game. Those idiots caused all this, but millions of people were also affected." Elysia covered her face with both hands.

"It's okay. The antidote is enough to help them fight that diseases." Rhea held Elysia's arm and nodded in agreement.

"Alright, the situation isn't as bad as I imagined. Yes, that's it. We'll make the antidote according to the recipe and help everyone. With the right scheme, we can end the chaos well." Elysia started discussing their new plan to end the world's chaos with Elena and Rhea.

After a few minutes of inner discussion, Elena raised her hand and smiled slightly. "Ely, isn't it time we summoned all our group members here? We'll be working as a group, I mean a benevolent organization, right?"

"Mm, now is the time~" Elysia put her hands together with an enthusiastic smile.

She then touched the green gem on her necklace and cast the spell. A dimensional portal opened before her and widened to the size of a big door.

A warm and beautiful tropical beach scene came into view. A gentle breeze and the distinctive scent of the ocean approached like an irresistible invitation.

"Hmm?" Ai raised her head. She was enjoying her time under the sun, only in her underwear. Yet, a portal suddenly appeared next to her. "Oh, it's you, Ely. Have you arrived on Planet Earth yet?"

"Mm, we've arrived. Ah, looks like they're having fun at the beach." Elysia waved her hand and looked at the group of girls playing on the beach sand.

"Well, they are just waiting for you. They will leave their activities once they know you have arrived on Planet Earth. Let's prove it." Ai got up from her lounge chair and shouted. "Hey! Ely has arrived on Planet Earth and came to pick us up! Do you want to come or stay here? Anyway, I'm the first."

After saying that, Ai immediately put on her dress and passed through the portal. She became the first to set foot on Earth than the others.

"Eh, Ely has arrived on Earth?"

"Wait for me!"

"Of course, I'll come along."

"Please wait a moment. I need a little preparation."

The girls immediately left their activities to approach the portal. They feel enthusiastic about visiting Earth for their respective reasons.

"Oh my, they are so excited to visit Ely and her master's homeworld." Lifa covered her mouth and invited Nell to go with her. She didn't forget to tell Gio and Cherub it was time for them to leave. Everyone's presence was probably needed on the other side.

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