Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

Chapter 775: Temporary Base

Chapter 775: Temporary Base

'Ely, you transferred that mysterious thin marker to your body? Are you sure it will be okay?' Elena asked in worry.

'Um, yes. They'd better come to me instead. That way, we can punish them accordingly.' Elysia dared to take such a risk because it was more effective.

'In that case, I agree with Master Elysia. It would be much better if they came to us than Erina.' Rhea supported Elysia's decision.

'Well, you will be targeted now. Never mind, it might speed up our task in three more days. We can ask the girls to help us right away, Ely.' Elena shrugged her shoulders. She just needed to punish anyone who dared to come with malicious intent to her Elysia.

'I've prepared a base for us, and it's not here. Our group will work together on all matters later. This is the plan. What do you think?' Elysia shared her plan through their mind sync.

'A mission group assigned to different places but still using one base? We need teleportation for everyone to get back and forth.' Elena wasn't so sure about this new idea.

'I will ask Madam Lifa and Rhea for help in this matter. Something like a teleportation talisman might be possible.' Elysia was sure of her idea.

'It can be achieved if we try. You are already very good at this, and we just need to do some experimenting.' Rhea was happy to help.

"Um, Ellie?" Erina started the conversation. She couldn't stand the current prolonged silence.

"..." Elysia looked at Erina up and down. She indirectly made this girl suffer. At that moment, a thought crossed her mind, but she shook her head because it would only hurt Erina's feelings.

She just needed to ensure Erina and Minamoto Clan's core members were safe from harm because she needed Erina, the living marker, to return to Earth from Vrelenia.

"Erina, please forgive me. You are suffering because of me." Elysia bowed slightly in apology. She still felt guilty no matter what.

"You don't need to apologize, Ellie. You didn't do anything wrong. Now please raise your head." Erina held her friend's shoulder with a gentle smile on her face.

"No, Rin. Indirectly, I'm still the reason for your situation. Would-" Elysia wanted to know Erina's opinion if she told the truth that she was the reason for the plane crash.

However, Erina put her finger to Elysia's lips. "Sshh, I already knew about it. If there's anyone to blame, it's those villains. I can feel you intend to hunt them down, right, Ellie?"

"You can tell?" Elysia held Erina's hand in astonishment.

"Mm, I can guess if I think about it one more time. They were after you because they didn't want you to come back here. If they get rid of me, then you'll never come back. Am I right, Ellie?" Erina looked into Elysia's beautiful eyes with a sincere expression.

"Sadly enough, you are right. They are the reasons for the current chaos in the world. Those stupid wars, those ridiculous battles, and those hypocritical schemes... They also invite the wrath of nature. They may not realize or don't care that they are just being used as chess pieces of a greater scheme with the lure of empty words. But, everything will be fine. You and your family are safe from them." Elysia sighed and looked up at the blue sky outside the window.

"Sorry to interrupt, but do you mean we'll be fine now? You said that you were the cause of the calamity that befell Erina-sama and Kenji-sama, but may I know what your next plan is?" Mio raised her eyebrows. She felt angry and upset but didn't let those emotions cloud her judgment.

"I've removed Erina's prey marker and transferred it to me. They'll think I'm their target, not Erina. You better lie low for a while because turbulence is imminent. We're going to do something, or the apocalypse might happen." Elysia leaked some of the things her group would do implicitly.

"Therefore, I need to leave now. Mio, please take care of Erina. Erina, please take care of yourself." Elysia held Erina's hand tightly for a few seconds. She applied something to her marker near Erina's spirit before releasing Erina's hand.

"Ellie, why would you say such a thing? You are my friend, and I am willing to take the risk since I agreed to your request." Erina immediately held Elysia's hand. She felt Elysia would do something dangerous, but she didn't want anything wrong to happen to her friend.

"Hehe, thank you. However, I have to go now. I will keep an eye on you and watch over you from afar. Here is a guide on your new bracelet artifact." Elysia chuckled and put a piece of paper into Erina's hand.

"I see... Please be careful and make sure you come back. I'll come to you if you don't visit me." Erina could interpret many things that were not said, and she couldn't prevent her friend from leaving.

"Fufu, we'll see each other again soon. Hopefully, you have recovered by then." Elysia got up from her seat and waved her hand in farewell.

"Ellie, are you perhaps an angel?" Erina waved her hand reflexively. The question just came out of her mouth.

"Who knows." Elysia glanced back briefly, then went to the balcony. She turned into a golden light particle and gradually vanished.

"..." Erina was mesmerized by Elysia's dazzling departure. She finally figured out how Elysia came and went without anyone noticing... Elysia turned into a particle of light!

"E-Erina-sama... Is it real or just a magic trick? Sorry to say this, but I don't think it's an ability that a human might possess." Mio stammered, but she tried her best to keep her composure.

"We see it's true, Mio. Ah~, as I thought. Ellie is an angel of miracles. Her arrival is to bring peace back to this world, but those villains don't want that to happen." Erina put her hands together with sparkling eyes.

"..." Erina was silent for a few seconds after that. However, her expression gradually became cold. "And they want to eliminate me and let Ellie never come back? How am I going to let my friend fight alone against those villains? I can help her too."

"Mio, give me the tablet." Erin called out.

Mio took a tablet on the table and accessed some data. She then handed it over to Erina. "Here it is, Erina-sama. Our intel has completed their task as per your request."

"Let's see..." Erina read the report carefully. "Hmm, Ellie just rented a mid-range house not far from here? What exactly does she want to do?"

Erina looked at Mio, but they both didn't know what Elysia was planning.

"Mio, I should be able to walk again tomorrow. Please help me." Erina clenched her fist.

"Why are you in such a hurry, Erina-sama? You need at least a few days to fully recover after Elysia-sama's treatment." Mio felt overwhelmed as Erina tried to stand up despite realizing it wasn't the time yet.

"No, I want to visit Ellie tomorrow morning. I, uh, well... I can do this." Erina tried to stand up even though her legs still felt like jelly.

Mio immediately assisted Erina without saying much.

Unfortunately, Erina could only walk two steps before she lost her balance.

"Let's not push yourself, Erina-sama. Let's take a baby step at a time and don't rush. We can still visit Elysia-sama tomorrow morning regardless of your current situation, right?" Mio restrained Erina from falling and guided her young lady back to the wheelchair.

"Okay, but I'm not giving up. I'll make a full recovery tomorrow morning. One day is enough since we have self-recovery resources. Mio, please escort me to the family resource room." Erina didn't argue, but she came up with another idea.

"We will need permission from Mitsuzuka-sama then." Mio nodded and pushed Erina's wheelchair out of the room.

"I'll get permission access right away." Erina wasn't worried because she knew her grandfather would grant her request.

A few kilometers from the Minamoto Clan's mansion, Elysia was taking a leisurely stroll through the city streets. She had just picked up the keys from the rental office and was looking for her rented house.

"Hmm, why after number twenty-three straight to twenty-five? Where's number twenty-four?" Elysia looked left and right. Her rented house was missing in order.

Rhea asked the tree, and she immediately got an answer. "It's behind house twenty-three. We'll take a detour, and we'll be there."

"Mm, let's take a detour." Elysia took Rhea's hand and walked to their new rental house together.

It was a not-so-impressive mid-range house, but it possessed the comfortable and tidy charm worthy of a temporary base. Elysia and Rhea entered right away to rest for a while.

"Fufu, so Aria the little sister now?" Elena materialized herself to the outside world.

"Re- I mean, Aria is my Lil sister now. That's been agreed." Elysia hugged Rhea like a protective mother hen.

"Fufu, sure thing. Previously as a mama, and now sister, hmm..." Elena sat on the sofa and hugged Rhea too. "Anyway, we need to tell Xero about our current location, or he will get lost."

"Mm, I just told him, but he only replied to tell him the detail later. He's currently having fun fighting the Reaper God. That's what he said." Elysia nodded slightly.

"Hum, alright. Before we invite the others, let's try contacting Earth Mother. Wait, this house also needs to be checked first." Elena got up from her seat and began to inspect the entire house.

"I'll help." Rhea was ready to help.

"Good." Elysia checked the house with Elena and Rhea. After that, they prepared themselves to contact Mother God via telepathy.

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