Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 300: Rapturous Smell of the Reincarnation of Grains

Chapter 300: Rapturous Smell of the Reincarnation of Grains

Yue Lan covered her nose as she asked, “Miss, are we really going to do this? It stinks so much.”

Ning Shu dusted off her hands and said mildly, “Your miss is a noble and aloof character, how could your miss possibly do something like this? Even doing laundry is more elegant in comparison to this.”

“Then, Miss, let’s leave. Didn’t Miss say that you were going to travel the world? Then let’s just leave now. Miss, blow the whistle and have the hidden guard get us out of here.” Yue Lan was holding her breath so much that her cheeks were red.

Ning Shu tilted her head back forty-five degrees and used her charming and sorrow-filled eyes to look towards the sky. Paired with her clown-like face, it was an indescribably creepy sight.

“Your miss still has matters to take care of and will leave soon,” said Ning Shu with a sigh.

Yue Lan: …

“This servant can’t understand what Miss is trying to do at all?” Yue Lan then nodded firmly. “But no matter where Miss goes, this servant will follow.”

Ning Shu’s tears cascaded down as she said, “This smell is too much.” The smell of feces and urine was overwhelming.

“Exactly.” Yue Lan also had to wipe at tears.

“Xiao Hong, my miss is looking for you.” A servant shouted towards Ning Shu from a distance.

Ning Shu saw that it was Li Yufei’s maid and all sorts of possible dark scenarios flashed through her head. Perhaps Li Yufei noticed that Qi Sheng no longer favored her and wanted to take this chance to torture her?

She was going to be disfigured!?

“Xiao Hong, hurry up!” The maid saw that Ning Shu wasn’t moving, but she didn’t dare to walk over, so she just shouted impatiently at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu walked over and the strong stench she carried with her immediately caused the maid to retch. The maid hastily delivered the message ‘the miss is looking for you,’ then ran.

Ning Shu couldn’t think of any possible reasons why Li Yufei would look for her.

She didn’t bother to wash up and headed straight towards Li Yufei’s courtyard. Ever since she had arrived in the Qi Residence, she had been inventing all sorts of stenches to apply to herself. Now that this reincarnation of grains was added in, her smell was even more rapturous.

Li Yufei covered her nose the moment Ning Shu walked in and cried, “What’s that smell!?”

“Go wash up first. I need to talk to you about something. After you bathe, make sure to apply some perfume powder,” said Li Yufei with tightly furrowed brows.

Ning Shu was even more curious now. What exactly was Li Yufei planning?

Could it be that Li Yufei really wanted to become friends with her? That wasn’t possible. The female lead possessed an halo that attracted envy from all women. It’d cause females to feel irritated towards the female lead for no reason and cause trouble for her.

Could it be that the halo had disappeared because she was a cannon fodder?

That wasn’t logical, it wasn’t fair! For better or for worse, she was also a female lead right now!

Ning Shu went back and washed up. Following that, she did as Li Yufei requested and applied some perfume powder – an entire box’s worth.

Ning Shu was now very fragrant, fragrant enough to suffocate someone.

She entered the room with this intense fragrance and Li Yufei immediately sneezed. Li Yufei covered her nose as she asked, “How much perfume powder did you apply? Are you unable to smell?”

“This servant can smell, it smells really good. See for yourself, Miss Yufei…” Ning Shu walked to Li Yufei and lifted her arm towards Li Yufei’s nose.

Li Yufei turned slightly pale and she hastily backed away before saying, “Xiao Hong, I called you here today because there’s something I want to ask you.”

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