Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 299: Mu Yanmeng was a Noble Beauty

Chapter 299: Mu Yanmeng was a Noble Beauty

Qi Sheng’s face started twitching when he saw Ning Shu’s skeptical look. Her skeptical and vulgar look convinced him yet again that this woman wasn’t Mu Yanmeng. Mu Yanmeng was a noble beauty, there was no way she would be like this.

“Scram, I don’t want to see you.” Qi Sheng rubbed his nose irritatedly.

Ning Shu hastily prepared to scram.

Qi Sheng called out to her again. “Xiao Hong, wait.”

Ning Shu turned around and asked, “Young Master, is there something else?”

Qi Sheng walked to Ning Shu and asked solemnly, “Xiao Hong, I’ll ask you for the last time, are you Mu Yanmeng?

“This is the last time this young master will give you a chance, so tell the truth. Are you Mu Yanmeng or not?”

Qi Sheng’s expression was very serious, but Ning Shu just waved her hand and asked, “Young Master, what’s with you? This servant has already said that this servant isn’t Mu Yanmeng. This servant’s name is Xiao Hong, how many times are you going to make this servant repeat it?”

“Good, very good. Are you having fun repeatedly messing with me like this?” Qi Sheng’s face was ashen.

“From now on, you’re no longer my personal maid. You will now be the latrine servant.” After Qi Sheng said this, he turned and left. However, after a few steps, he turned and added, “This is the price for deceiving this young master.”

WTF? He was the one that had subjectively assumed everything. She had never said that she was Mu Yanmeng, yet he was actually blaming her?

Was there any logic?

Once she was stripped of the status of being a personal maid, the housekeeper’s attitude immediately flipped. She brought Ning Shu to the place to wash the chamber pots. “From now on, your job is to pour out the feces and clean the chamber pots.”

Ning Shu: Fuck, Qi Sheng…

How cruel! This smell was much worse than the stench that was usually on her.

The housekeeper gave a cold humph and said, “You don’t even know your place. I knew back when I first saw you that you were unreliable. You barely lasted any time before you already ended up angering the young master.”

Ning Shu extended her hand. The housekeeper asked in confusion, “What are you doing?”

“Give me back the silver I gave you back them. Back then you had said that I had a lot of potential,” said Ning Shu flatly.

The housekeeper’s eyes narrowed. “When has this old one ever accepted silver from you?”

Ning Shu: …

Fine, this old servant must already have Alzheimer’s. She said with a cold laugh, “Then just treat it as my contribution towards your gravestone.”

“You actually dare to curse me?” The housekeeper’s facial color turned ugly. “You’re just an ugly bitch, do you really think that Young Master would call you back? Stupidly arrogant wretch.”

“You’re the stupidly arrogant wretch, to dare to call my miss that. Do you know my miss’s status? How dare you make my miss do such dirty work.” Yue Lan lifted her chest and threw these words back at the housekeeper imposingly. The housekeeper couldn’t help but be taken aback.

As expected of a servant from the prime minister’s residence, she had a lot more experience.

Ning Shu shot Yue Lan a thumbs-up and Yue Lan smiled in response, causing her imposing aura to disappear.

The housekeeper glared at Ning Shu, then left with an infuriated expression.

Once the female lead fell into dire straits, it was inevitable for there to be some malicious cannon fodder that wanted to bully the female lead. Ning Shu would never admit that she had brought this on herself.

She didn’t feel any fear because there was no way the storyline would allow her to die when she was the female lead. As long as she avoided being pushed down by these seven men, the task would be counted as complete and she would have successfully helped Mu Yanmeng escape from these men and the np-sex ending.

To tell the truth, Ning Shu actually preferred dealing with these NPC passersby and cannon fodders since whenever she was with a male lead, there was a constant threat of being pushed down. At the very least, right now she was facing feces and chamber pots, so she didn’t have to worry about a male lead pushing her down.

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