Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 269: This Humble Girl’s True Feelings

Chapter 269: This Humble Girl’s True Feelings

Even after Ning Shu had jabbed at all his sore spots, Situ Qingyu still managed to suppress his anger. He reached out again to grab Ning Shu’s hands, but her hands were behind her back, so he could only place his hands on her shoulders as he said with a sincere expression, “Mu Yanmeng, I have feelings for you.”

Ning Shu responded with a grimace.

Situ Qingyu moved in to kiss Ning Shu. As his face approached, she felt the urge to spit at him.

After everything he said, the truth was that he just wanted to get her body.

Ning Shu turned her face away to avoid his lips and said dolefully, “Is General just trying to obtain Yanmeng?”

A trace of irritation flashed across Situ Qingyu’s face. The bet he made with the prince regent was nothing more than a hunting game, but this woman was actually starting to become pretentious due to it. Her attitude was ticking him off.

Ning Shu naturally noticed his look of annoyance, but she continued acting like a sweet idiot and said loudly, “General, please respect me. If you love me, you should respect me. We still haven’t gotten married yet, we can’t do something like this out of wedlock. Could it be that all General wants is Yanmeng’s body?”

Situ Qingyu restrained his expression of displeasure and pressed down firmly on Ning Shu’s shoulders. “This general had lost control for a little bit because you were too charming. Of course this general respects you. This general will have a palanquin with eight carriers arrive to formally escort you to the wedding ceremony, so prepare to become my wife.”

Ning Shu felt even more grossed out and had to lower her head to hide her disgust. She said in a bashful manner with her head lowered, “Thank you, General. General, you should leave first. This humble girl is a little tired.”

Then she turned, walked into her room, and slammed the door shut.

Situ Qingyu’s face turned dark. Then he gave a cold humph and left with his hands folded behind his back.

Ning Shu was watching through a slight seam in between the doors. After he left, she rubbed her cheek as she mulled over the situation. Situ Qingyu was running out of patience with the rules. It seemed like he wanted to directly push her down again.

Eff that. She really had to hurry and leave this place, otherwise she’d really be raped.

The next night, Ning Shu prepared a rich feast along with several jars of good wine. In each jar, she emptied a huge bag of drugs. Following that, she pushed up her sleeves, plunged her hand into the jars, and stirred vigorously to dissolve the powder.

After she finished all the preparations, she waited with an aloof expression for Situ Qingyu and Luo Junyan to arrive.

They arrived together and lit up the room when they walked in.

Ning Shu inwardly sighed. Such beautiful people, it was just a shame they were perverts.

“Please have a seat. This humble girl has invited you two here today, because this humble girl has something to say to you two.” Ning Shu politely invited Situ Qingyu and Luo Junyan to sit.

Luo Junyan looked at Ning Shu and said, “You’re very beautiful today.”

Ning Shu smiled bashfully and touched her cheek. She held her breath until her face turned red before saying, “Many thanks, Prince, for your compliment. You flatter this humble girl too much.”

“You are very beautiful. Your reputation as the most beautiful in the state truly is justified,” said Situ Qingyu.

Ning Shu lowered her head and gave another bashful smile. Then she placed a large bowl in front of each of them and said, “Yanmeng understands well how looks fade easily with time. However, it is already a great blessing that these looks have lasted long enough for Yanmeng to obtain Prince and General’s affections.”

As she spoke, she poured wine into their bowls. “This humble girl has invited you two today to tell you about this humble girl’s true feelings.”

“Yanmeng, don’t be shy and just say it,” said Luo Junyan a little anxiously.

Ning Shu held her breath again to make her face flush, then stomped her feet bashfully. “But Yanmeng is embarrassed… Please have some wine first.”

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