Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 268: Forever of Indomitable Spirit

Chapter 268: Forever of Indomitable Spirit

Ning Shu dug out the whistle that was buried deep in her cleavage, then blew it.

In just a few moments, the big brother hidden guard, who was still dressed in all black, jumped in through the window. Ning Shu felt that it was enough that he was ugly, but he still had to ruin himself this way. He was beyond saving.

“Hidden guard, prepare a carriage and some food. We’re getting ready to leave.” Ning Shu looked at him and said seriously, “Our lives are in your hands. Work hard.”

The hidden guard looked at Ning Shu. “Why are you leaving? Those two are both giants among men and they both like you, so why do you need to leave?”

“You don’t understand love at all,” said Ning Shu as she propped up her chin in a distressed manner.

The hidden guard glanced at her, then remarked in contempt, “You’re crazy,” before immediately jumping out of the window.

Situ Qingyu came while Ning Shu was eating dinner and sat down opposite her. Suddenly, he reached out to grab Ning Shu’s hand, causing her to feel goosebumps.

She didn’t say anything and just tried to pull back her hand. Situ Qingyu tightened his grip, so she pulled even harder. In the end, Situ Qingyu suddenly released Ning Shu’s hand. There was the sound of a harsh slap. Ning Shu’s hand had ended up hitting her own face and she also fell back from the sudden momentum.

“Miss, are you alright?” Yue Lan immediately went over to help her up.

Ning Shu’s butt had turned numb, but she maintained that aloof and indifferent expression on her face.

Ning Shu: This damned bastard.

“Why are you here?” Ning Shu sneakily rubbed her butt.

Situ Qingyu gazed at her with confusion and pain mixed in his eyes, it cause Ning Shu to stiffen. Fudge, this gaze was so moving.

Situ Qingyu tried to grab Ning Shu’s hands again, so Ning Shu folded her hands behind her. Upon seeing this, he said, “Yanmeng, are you still angry with me for bullying you before? Is that why you’re so cold and indifferent to me?”

Yup. Ning Shu shook her head and said, “Yanmeng knows that General doesn’t like women. In the past, you were abused by women and were forced to do terrible things like eating sh*t and licking shoes. That’s why, Yanmeng can understand why General had treated Yanmeng that way. However, Yanmeng can’t help but feel wronged. After all, Yanmeng hadn’t tormented you, hadn’t made you eat sh*t, hadn’t had you lick shoes, hadn’t made you bark like a dog, hadn’t rode you like a horse, and hadn’t treated you inhumanly. So Yanmeng really feels wronged.”

“Ding, trauma points +5, +10, +20. Current number of trauma points is 70.” 2333’s voice sounded very excited. A machine was capable of being excited?

Ning Shu saw that Situ Qingyu’s facial muscles were convulsing violently and that his eyes had turned red with rage and murderous intent.

Ning Shu hastily opened her eyes wide innocently and covered her mouth with an expression of apologetic regret. She hastily said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought those things up. Even if you had such a shameful past, in Yanmeng’s heart, General is forever of indomitable spirit.”

How could bullying women count as having indomitable spirit?

“Those women really shouldn’t have done those things to you.”

You freaking deserved it.

“If it had been Yanmeng, Yanmeng definitely wouldn’t have treated you that way.”

I would’ve just beaten you to death.

“General, you won’t blame me, will you? I didn’t talk about those things on purpose.”

What? Did I say something?

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