Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 2013: Best Place to Hide Is in Plain Sight

Chapter 2013: Best Place to Hide Is in Plain Sight

They’d escaped from the Jade Waters Ice Pond, but getting out of Death Mountain was a little difficult. There were powerful monsters and danger everywhere.

The sky, the ground, the water-everything had hidden dangers.

The twenty or so mercenaries who came here had all died, leaving only her and the scarred mercenary.

Having applied the beast-repellent medicine, Ning Shu gave off such a stink that she almost passed out from her own smell. She felt a little trembling under her feet mixed with roars from the bear. The battle over there was obviously not yet over.

As the powerful monsters fought, the other monsters hid, making the surrounding area unexpectedly peaceful.

Once the fighting subsided, Ning Shu planned to go back to the Jade Waters Ice Pond.

After all that effort to get here, she hadn’t gotten anything good out of the trip yet.

“It’s too dangerous. Right now we should think of a way to get out,” the scarred mercenary said, his expression full of disagreement.

“I think the Jade Waters Ice Pond is quite safe now.”

The place where the powerful monsters fought would have their imposing aura lingering. As a result, many weak monsters would not dare to approach the location.

She had yet to gain anything from the trip, so she wanted to go to see if there was anything good she could grab.

If any of the monsters had died, then it would be perfect.

Those three monsters were all quite powerful. If even just one died, then the trip would have paid for itself.

The scarred mercenary helplessly looked at Ning Shu’s eager expression. He had no choice but to follow Ning Shu back to the Jade Waters Ice Pond.

The Jade Waters Ice Pond area had already calmed down. The whole ground was covered with rotting poisoned corpses.

This included the corpse of the bloodthirsty spider emperor, whose stomach was ripped open. A yellow, foul-smelling liquid flowed out of its stomach which soaked the spider’s thread.

Ning Shu drew a dagger and pierced the bloodthirsty spider emperor’s head, but did not find a magic crystal.

Ning Shu was a little disappointed. Why didn’t the spider emperor have a magic crystal?

“The magic crystal should be in the abdomen.” The scarred mercenary also drew out his dagger and began to cut away at the damp and foul-smelling spider silk.

Ning Shu thought for a moment, then summoned her beast.

Ning Shu put Little Grass directly on the corpse of the bloodthirsty spider king as there should be a lot of energy in the body of monsters.

Surprisingly, as soon as the blade of grass touched the corpse, it began to take root and its leaves became greener.

Ning Shu was overjoyed. As long as it could absorb energy, things were good.

Although weak and small, the plant had strong vitality. It was a creature that could absorb tons of energy from the ground and could even survive on rocks.

Yue Shuangshuang had never thought of training her summoned beast, nor did she know how to train it.

“You’re a summoner?” The scarred mercenary looked at Ning Shu in astonishment. However, when he saw that Ning Shu’s summoned beast was a blade of grass, he couldn’t help but shake his head.

Ning Shu turned her head to look towards Jade Waters Ice Pond. The snow soul lotus in the middle of the ice pond had disappeared.

Ning Shu walked to the side of the ice pond, reached out her hand, and touched the water. She immediately felt prickling pain in her fingers. Before long, they felt numb and Ning Shu could not feel their presence.

Ning Shu hurried to circulate energy to her fingertips and they gradually returned to their original temperature.

This water was so icy.

The cold chilled the bone.

Ning Shu had intended to dive into the water to see what treasures were under the pool of blood. However, the ice pond was too cold for that. Plus, she didn’t know what powerful monsters could be lurking in it.

There had been more than twenty lotus seeds, yet she didn’t even get a single one.

She couldn’t accept it.

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