Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks

Chapter 2012: Time to Run

Chapter 2012: Time to Run

As for the lotus seeds, Ning Shu lifted her head and glanced at the peacock that was flying in the air, taking in the sight of Miss Mu who was standing on the peacock’s back. Seemed like there was no hope.

“Elder Li, let’s quickly leave!” Miss Mu yelled towards Elder Li while she threw two lotus seeds at him.

Elder Li caught the lotus seeds, glanced briefly at the monsters who were about to start rioting, and then set his gaze on the trembling mercenaries. His summoned beast then quickly swam to where the mercenaries were and took a bite out of a mercenary.

The mercenary who was bitten immediately wailed in pain and Elder Li stuffed the lotus seed into his mouth.

Ning Shu reacted almost instantly with the urge to flee.

This snake was extremely poisonous.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the mercenary with the scar, so she quickly grabbed him and ran.

When Elder Li saw Ning Shu escape, his expression became ugly. Once he put one lotus seed each into the mouths of two different mercenaries, his summoned beast uncoiled itself and instantly vanished into the distance with him.

Elder Li did all these things extremely quickly.

Meanwhile, the mercenary who was bitten by the big snake was already starting to foam at the mouth.

One shouldn’t assume that monsters are stupid. After they cultivated and became powerful, they’d naturally gain intelligence. Furthermore, was it not true that the longer one lived, the wiser one would be?

The three powerful monsters directly trampled on the corpses who had been fed the lotus seeds, trying to dig the seeds out.

Elder Li had wanted these monsters to swallow the mercenaries’ poisonous bodies.

But there were three monsters and only two lotus seeds.

How would they divide it between them?

So it seemed the monsters wouldn’t be able to escape the schemes of the humans after all.

The atmosphere between the three monsters became tense.

Acquiring a lotus seed would make their abilities increase.

Ning Shu dragged the mercenary and ran for a while before she eventually stopped. She didn’t dare to run around randomly in the jungle.

There was danger everywhere here.

Ning Shu was panting slightly, while the mercenary with a scar on his face had to plop down on the ground to catch his breath.

Sure enough, the Mu family had been planning to use the mercenaries as cannon fodder. Furthermore, all they lost in the process of this plan were two lotus seeds. It was seriously infuriating.

“Thank you for saving me,” The scarred mercenary said to Ning Shu, catching his breath.

“No problem.” Ning Shu waved her hand. This person gave her a bottle of medicine earlier. She could save him, so she did.

“We’re the only two still alive,” Ning Shu said. “We should figure out a way to get out.”

When this matter was brought up, the mercenary’s expression became worried. “We may not be able to get out. There are too many powerful monsters.”

This was not even the center of Death Mountain yet the odds of the two of them surviving were relatively small.

“We’ll figure it out.” Ning Shu thought for a while. “What if we go back to the ice pond?”

“What are you going back to do? The monsters are so powerful that if we go back, it’ll be like asking for death,” The scarred mercenary disagreed.


Ning Shu faintly heard a mournful cow cry, it sounded like it was the voice of the iron bull.

After two mournful cries, it stopped. By then, all the birds in the forest had flown away in alarm.

“Did the iron bull die?” Ning Shu asked uncertainly.

“The bloodthirsty spider emperor can spin thread that’s very difficult to get free from, but its body is frail,” The scarred mercenary said. “I don’t know what the situation’s like right now.”

Ning Shu felt the ground under her feet shake. The cause of these movements was probably the bear.

Fudge, she could hear its movements even when she was so far away. These monsters were seriously just giant killing machines. Humans were simply too fragile in comparison.

“Put some of this on your body. This is the smell monsters despise the absolute most. It is extracted from plants by medicine masters.” The scarred mercenary took out a bottle, poured the green liquid out, applied it to his skin, then gave the bottle to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu took the bottle and sniffed it, and immediately couldn’t stand the stench. The smell was really indescribable.

Ning Shu poured a little and smeared it on her body. Her nose was filled with the strange smell. It hadn’t driven any monsters away yet and she already couldn’t stand it.

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