Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 109: One Flag Pole!

Chapter 109: One Flag Pole!

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The bolt of lightning closed in on the broken God, charging at its upper back. The moment it touched, thunderclaps reverberated in the sky, but that broken God did not stop. He was not at all bothered by the black bolt of lightning, even if there were numerous black electrical arcs traveling all over his body.

Nevertheless, the Blood of the Wings of the Moon that created the broken God were rapidly disappearing after it was attacked by the bolt of lightning that had gathered all the power Bi Tu had sacrificed from the Transcendence Realm. It made the amount of time that the broken God could exist become even shorter. According to Su Ming’s calculations, before the axe could even fall down, the statue would disappear.

Yet even if that axe only contained a tiny fragment of the power of the former Xing, killing a mere Berserker in the Transcendence Realm was nothing!

Xing raised the giant battle axe, and countless moaning voices rose from within, as if a large number of angry spirits that had died under this axe ages ago also came into existence. They surrounded the axe as it swung down.


Despair appeared in Bi Tu’s eyes. As the battle-axe sunk down, he felt as if the pressure of tens of thousands of mountains fell upon him. He could not fight back. He trembled and raised his hands instinctively, trying to block death falling on his head.

A black light flashed in his body at that moment. The black ray of light that had helped him to avoid death last time appeared again. It surrounded his entire body and turned into a spherical ball of light.

This was his last resort. Nonetheless, the giant battle-axe surrounded by the numerous wailing angry spirits continued slashing downwards. The moment the axe touched the black light, it shattered. It didn’t even manage to stop the axe for a fraction of a second. The light might as well have never existed, allowing the battle-axe to slice through and head towards Bi Tu, who sank into despair.

Bi Tu was about to die. Su Ming’s hatred for this person filled his entire body. Yet the moment the axe was about to fall on him, the space before Bi Tu twisted, and a person in black robes walked out.

He raised his right hand and a brilliant light flashed around it. A purple shield appeared and clashed against the approaching battle-axe.

Booming sounds shook the sky and earth. The shield in the newcomer’s hand shattered. He retreated and grabbed Bi Tu, who was at that moment filled with despair and excitement. They quickly withdrew until they were 1,000 feet away before stopping. The person’s face was hidden under his black robes, and there was no way of telling whether he was injured.

Su Ming smiled wanly. The moment the battle-axe was blocked, the broken statue of the God of Berserkers formed by the Blood of the Wings of Moon reached its limit. It disappeared into the air like a large cloud of red dust scattered into the wind.

He felt a force charging towards him, and his body tumbled backwards, turning into an arc before he crashed on Dark Dragon Mountain. He coughed out blood and trembled. Since he was no longer capable of suppressing his injuries, they all appeared like a tidal wave crashing into his body, including the ones he had sustained when he forcefully increased his level of cultivation.

His vision became blurry. That was the feeling of death. Su Ming bit his tongue with his remaining strength and forced himself to stay awake. He struggled to sit up and looked at the person in black robes standing before Bi Tu in the distance.

"My Lord!"

There was lingering fear on Bi Tu’s face. He knew that if the person in black robes had not arrived when he did, he would have certainly died.

"Looks like I’ve underestimated the tribes located at the borders of the Alliance of the Western Region. First, the two people in the Transcendence Realm from the weak branch of Miao Man could combine their Qi and use three attacks with the power of the later stages of the Transcendence Realm. Now, I see a young lad like you training the pure Fire Berserker Art. You even managed to summon Xing’s broken statue! That attack just now… if it were not because your power is too weak and could not provide enough strength, I would not have been able to withstand it."

The person in black robes spoke with a hoarse voice. His body trembled slightly, and there was lingering fear on his face. If it were not because Bi Tu was still useful to him and because the power of the axe from the broken God was not enough, he would not have come forward to save Bi Tu. Blood trickled down from his lips, which went unnoticed because of the black robes covering him.

"Bone Sacrifice Realm… You killed Jing Nan?"

The elder stood on another summit. He no longer had any strength left to fight. He spoke unhurriedly as he looked at the person in black robes.

"They are, after all, from the Great Tribe of Miao Man. With how protective Miao Man is of their own, killing them would just be troublesome."

The person in black robes cast a glance at the elder, and he laughed suddenly. His laughter was hoarse and ghastly. He looked at the elder and brought out a black plate from his bosom with his right hand. There was a complete spine carved on the plate, and it was exuding wisps of cold air. He threw it, and the plate charged towards the elder before it floated before him.

When the elder saw the plate, his expression changed, and he looked incredibly sour.

"Besides looking for the ruins of Fire Berserker here, I also came to find you! Mo, you did not let us down. If you died in Bi Tu’s hands, then you wouldn’t be one of us. But you must pay the price for the mistake you committed in the past."

As the person in black robes spoke, he retrieved the black plate and no longer paid any attention to Mo Sang. Instead, he walked towards Su Ming.

"I didn’t think I’d be able to find an heir of the Fire Berserker’s here…"

Su Ming let out a light sigh. His expression was calm. Even without the presence of the person in black robes, he would not have any chance to recover. There was only death waiting for him.

He did not even look at the person in black robes, but turned his eyes towards the elder standing on another summit. His gaze was gentle. He had already done everything he could.

‘This is the end… I’m sorry. I couldn’t take care of him properly.’

The elder fell silent. He think that what had happened was entirely due to him accidentally joining that frightening group of people in the past. He closed his eyes bitterly.

Yet at the moment the elder closed his eyes, his body suddenly jolted. A yellow light suddenly appeared on his body, and in an instant, it grew so bright it blinded everyone’s eyes. A presence that did not belong to the world appeared, erupting forth from the elder’s body with a lofty and mighty air.

The moment the presence appeared, the person in black robes who was walking towards Su Ming stopped and turned his head back abruptly. There was a hint of amazement and shock on his face, which was hidden underneath the black robes.

He saw the piercing yellow light erupting forth from Mo Sang’s body.

As the light glowed, it gathered on Mo Sang’s clavicle. A muffled boom echoed in the sky, and a small yellow flag the size of a palm flew out from Mo Sang’s clavicle before coming to float seven inches above his head.

Mo Sang trembled. He opened his eyes abruptly and lifted his head. When he saw the small yellow flag, he was stunned.

"You… Why are you here?!"

The appearance of the small flag threw the elder into disbelief. He had thought that this thing would never appear in his life, because the person who had given it to him had fused the flag into his blood. The elder had tried countless times in the past, but he could not sense it. He could only vaguely feel its presence.

The elder was stunned. He took in a sharp breath and abruptly looked at Su Ming. There was an absentminded look in his eyes, as if he had just understood something.

He struggled up and grabbed the small flag. The moment the elder held the flag in his hands, it shot up to at least 30 feet tall. It was no longer a flag, but a giant flag pole!

Its color also instantly turned to black from yellow, but the flag banner was not completely black. There were stars shining within, a brilliant sky shining with stars!

That sky was unfamiliar. It was not the night sky seen by all the members of the Berserker Tribe when they raised their heads. It belonged instead to a place far away. Perhaps the people there would find this sight familiar when they raised their heads.

The heart of the person in black robes trembled furiously. A feeling that something bad was about to happen turned into a strong sense of danger within him. It made his expression change, and he quickly moved forward, wanting to stop Mo Sang’s actions.

Yet he could not stop Mo Sang from lifting up the giant flag pole and standing on the summit. He stood on the peak of the mountain and stretched out his right hand, causing the flag pole to lie horizontally. When the elder swung it to his left, it stirred up wind, making the entire banner spread open like a wave. When the person in black robes got closer, Mo Sang had already drawn a circle around his body with the flag pole in his right hand.

The banner danced in the air, and once it gently touched Mo Sang’s face, he swung it in the air, and it changed once again. It became larger, and in the blink of an eye, the stars on the banner suddenly started glowing incredibly bright. The banner even flew from the elder’s hands and started rotating on its own in the air.

It became larger, wider, and in the span of a breath, the banner became as large as a patch of sky filled with stars. As it danced in the air, the colors of the sky and earth changed, the wind and clouds tumbled backwards, and with a cry that reverberated through the air, the banner flew into the sky, and their sky was replaced by the gigantic banner!

The night sky was suddenly replaced by the starry sky on the banner, causing the night sky to change in a heartbeat!

This was an Art that changed the sky. This was an Art that made the night sky disappear by replacing it with the starry sky in the banner. Right then, Su Ming was stunned. He lifted his head and looked at the sky. That starry sky above was completely unfamiliar to him.

Bi Tu was also dumbfounded as he trembled. He could not see any familiar stars. The night sky in his eyes was foreign. This was a patch of sky he had never seen before.

None of the stars in the sky were familiar!

The starry sky at night was a sight that everyone saw every day since they were young. Each and every one of the stars would bring about familiarity to those who saw them. The distance between the stars and the pictures they form would slowly be engraved inside people’s memories.

If, someday, that were to suddenly change, then everyone would immediately notice it. That sort of unfamiliarity would make panic rise in their hearts!

The person in black robes trembled furiously as he looked at the unfamiliar starry sky. Even if he was a powerful Berserker at the Bone Sacrifice Realm, the terror did not diminish, because he knew certain things…

"The sky of another world! This is the sky of another world!"

The moment the starry sky appeared, the elder coughed out blood and staggered backwards. Nonetheless, he quickly shouted to Su Ming, who was staring at the sky with a dumbfounded expression.

"Su Ming, remember this sky!" When he finished shouting out his words, the elder fell, completely drained of his strength.

Su Ming jolted, then looked at the unfamiliar stars in the sky.

The sky suddenly lit up with a strong burst of starlight. The stars flashed brilliantly and started moving. Right before everyone’s eyes, the light from the stars joined together and formed a faint outline of a person.

The person was so huge that he seemed to cover the entire sky. As the light from the stars grew brighter, the person’s face also became clearer.

It was a middle aged man!

The moment the light from the stars created the face on the person, Su Ming shuddered and disbelief appeared on his face. He stood there, completely stunned.

The face of the gigantic person formed by the light was greatly similar to Su Ming’s own!

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