Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 108: Xing!

Chapter 108: Xing!

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Bi Tu was terrified. He had never even dreamt about someone possessing two Berserker Marks among those in the Berserker Tribe. Not only was it something unbelievable, it also covered the former prodigy, Mo Sang, with a thick layer of mystery.

When Mo Sang’s second Berserker Mark appeared, the sight of the tooth killing the dark python, which was formed by his first Berserker Mark, before materializing into the malicious looking head of a single-horned beast with the similar presence to Transcendence also made Bi Tu take in a sharp breath. His skin crawled, and he immediately lifted both his arms, pointing a finger towards the black bolt of lightning that was originally aimed at Su Ming.

The black bolt of lightning immediately changed direction and dashed towards the beast head that was surrounded by black fog.

The elder stood in midair with his eyes closed, unmoving. The giant head of the beast behind him howled. The black fog spread around them, casting the sky and earth in a ghastly light. This was the elder’s final resort, and also a secret he had kept hidden deep within himself.

The head of the beast that was surrounded by the black fog spreading outwards charged towards Bi Tu, howling in its rush towards the black bolt of lightning that went forward to protect Bi Tu. The bolt of lightning let out loud thunderous cracks and closed in on the head of the beast.

They crashed into each other.

Thunderous roars echoed through the sky. The head of the beast let loose horrendous howls as a large amount of the black fog that surrounded it dispersed. The black bolt of lightning stopped before the center of the beast’s brows, unable to pierce through.

As the head of the beast continued roaring, it continued moving forward, forcing that bolt of lightning to move backwards as if it was met with strong resistance.

Bi Tu’s face was pale. His eyes were bloodshot. As of then, he felt like he was faced with the greatest danger in his life. The black bolt of lightning continued retreating, allowing the head of the beast to arrive at a distance less than 1,000 feet away from him.

Bi Tu brought both his hands up, pointing at the center of his brows with one finger, and towards his chest on his already withered body with the other, offering his blood and life once again. His hair, which was originally black, turned instantly white. Dried cracks spread through his face, and his body swayed.

"That is only a presence similar to Transcendence, it’s not true Transcendence!"

Bi Tu let out a low growl. As his body started changing, that black bolt of lightning seemed to have replenished its power. A black ray of light that shot into the sky erupted forth from the bolt of lightning, and in an instant, it grew several times in size and pierced the center of the beast’s brows.

In the distance, the elder trembled and blood flowed out of his mouth. A similar injury appeared at the center of his brows. It looked almost identical to the injury at the center of the beast’s brows.

That head of the beast roared, and a strange light appeared in its eyes. It did not care about the black bolt of lightning piercing through it, but instead charged forward even as booming noises came from its head. As the black fog quickly dispersed, the black bolt of lightning entered further into its head. Yet the head of the beast did not seem to know any pain and continued moving forward until it was only 300 feet from Bi Tu from the initial 1,000.

At that moment, half of the black bolt of lightning had entered the center of the beast’s brows, causing arcs of black lightning to travel through the entire head of the creature, as if it was going to be destroyed at any moment.

However, that light from the bolt of lightning also dimmed, like the life that provided its power was no longer enough.

Black blood flowed out from Bi Tu’s mouth. He raised his right hand in one swift motion and pressed one finger on his right eye, and the light from his right eye immediately faded away, as if it lost its life, turning white.

The moment his right eye turned white, the black bolt of lightning immediately let out a strong black light again, and with a roar, most of the bolt of lightning entered the center of the beast’s brows. Yet at that moment, there was only 100 feet between the head of the beast and Bi Tu.

In the distance, Su Ming had his eyes closed. His entire body was surrounded by the blood from the Wings of the Moon. The blood gradually gathered around him and turned into a strange blood statue.

As it gradually formed, a mysterious pressure spread out from the blood statue.

Anxiety appeared on Bi Tu’s face at that moment. He raised his right hand and pointed at his right leg. It let out a bang, and his entire right leg exploded. After he offering up his right eye, he was once again offering up a sacrifice - his right leg. The moment his right leg shattered, the head of the beast was fifty feet away from him. Yet that black bolt of lightning also pierced through the center of the beast’s brows with a boom and went out from the back of its head.

The destructive force from the bolt of lightning caused its eyes to instantly become duller, and its focus to scatter, but it did not stop its charge. It continued rushing towards Bi Tu. 50 feet, 40 feet, 30 feet… As Bi Tu let out a terrified scream, he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The only thing visible was the head of the beast that had concealed Bi Tu. It turned into faint wisps of black fog and dissipated into the air.

The elder’s face was pale. He opened his eyes, and there was an expectant look in his dull eyes. Yet that anticipation turned into despair in a moment. He coughed out blood, and the moment the head of the beast dissipated, it was as if something huge crashed into him. He staggered back and fell on one of the five summits on Dark Mountain, struggling to stand.

A defiant and excited laughter traveled from where the black fog was dissipating from the head of the beast. It was Bi Tu’s voice. He had not died! At that moment, he had also thought that he would be killed, but when that beast was not even five feet away from him, a black light suddenly appeared from Bi Tu’s body. The moment the head of the beast touched the light, it dissipated.

"No one can kill me! Mo Sang, you may be strong, you may have two Berserker Marks, but you can’t kill me!"

Bi Tu panted harshly. He was still terrified by what had happened. He knew that if the mysterious man in black had not left behind some power within him, then Bi Tu would surely have been unable to survive the beast’s charge just now.

At that moment, he looked pathetic. He had lost an eye, a leg, and his entire body was withered and dried up like a branch. His face was pale, but he still lifted his head and laughed at the sky.

"I’ll kill him first. I’ll let you see him die before your eyes, and then I’ll kill you!"

Bi Tu panted harshly, lifting his right hand to point at the bolt of lightning that suddenly became larger in the air. The bolt of lightning jolted and slowly turned around. By the looks of it, it was as if it needed to lock onto its target before attacking—that was why it needed to readjust its position each time.

Yet the moment the black bolt of lightning readjusted its position and locked onto Su Ming, Su Ming opened his eyes, and the moment he did so, the blood of the Wings of the Moon circling around him surged forth, and a broken blood statue appeared in between heaven and earth.

The blood statue was not big. It was only 40 to 50 feet tall. Su Ming’s body was like a mosaic on the blood statue’s chest, but it did not materialize because of him. His body only acted as a small conduit, allowing the Wings of the Moon to gather all their power together through his body, which was how they had become the same level as Bi Tu during their previous fight.

The blood statue exuded an ancient presence. A blood-red light flashed all over its body, but the statue did not have a head. It was broken, and looked as if there was not enough strength for it to appear in its complete form in the sky.

Still, even without a head, a terrifying presence surrounded the blood statue. The man portrayed wore armor, and it was also blood-red. It made the man look like was an old battle spirit hanging midair.

Besides the terrifying presence coming from his body, there was also a devastating air around him, as if he was shouting because he was unwilling to die, and his cries reverberated through the air.

In his hands was a giant axe. That axe was also broken, but a killing intent that shook the sky surrounded it. Vague cries from the souls of those who were wronged traveled out from the axe.

This was one of the nine great statues of the God of Berserkers from the Fire Berserker Tribe taken from the memories of the Wings of the Moon. A long time ago, he was once worshipped by an uncountable number of people from the Fire Berserker Tribe. He even once fought against the God of Berserkers together with the other eight statues of the God of Berserkers after they had been granted intelligence by the Elder of the Fire Berserker Tribe.

His head was torn off by the God of Berserkers; he had already died a long time ago. His broken appearance now was an illusion created from the memories of the Wings of the Moon using their Blood of the Fire Berserkers.

His name was Xing!

Bi Tu’s mouth hung open. There were simply far too many things that caught him off guard today. However, he was not numbed towards it yet, because these things were only growing increasingly more shocking.

Su Ming’s eyes flashed as he stood on the shoulders of the headless and broken statue of the God of Berserkers. The broken God’s body took one step forward. The moment its foot landed, it was as if the sky and earth shook.

However, Su Ming knew that the shaking was fake. The materialization of the broken God was due to the culmination of the memories of the Wings of the Moon. Perhaps he truly had had incredible strength, but he was dead. He was just an illusion, and that was why the power he could use was incredibly small.

More importantly, the moment the broken God appeared, Su Ming also felt that the broken God was quickly disappearing. He could only remain for the span of a few breaths.

After a few breaths, the broken God would disappear, and all the Wings of the Moon would also die as a price. At that moment, Su Ming would no longer have the power of the Wings of the Moon, and because he could no longer suppress his injuries, he would also experience backlash. Not only would he be unable to fight against Bi Tu, he would also face serious danger from overexertion.

As light flashed in Su Ming’s eyes, the ripples caused by the broken God spread out. With just one step, he appeared before the stunned Bi Tu. He lifted the axe in his hands and swung it downwards.

At that moment, the black bolt of lightning sped towards the broken God.

Bi Tu trembled. The danger he felt right now surpassed that of when he had faced the head of the beast formed by Mo Sang’s second Berserker Mark. It made him feel terror that stemmed from the very root of his soul. He did not hesitate. He knew clearly that if he hesitated for even a moment, he would die completely and utterly, his body and spirit exterminated.

So he pointed at his left leg without hesitation, gritting his teeth. Many blood veins appeared on his body to form the picture of a complete Wings of the Moon, yet the picture spread out with a bang, causing his blood veins to be unable to gather together. Faced with life and death, Bi Tu had chosen to give up on the Transcendence Realm. Even if his level of cultivation would fall due to this, it was still better than dying here.

The moment his Berserker Mark that signified Transcendence scattered away, the black bolt of lightning let out its strongest black light and closed in on the broken God!

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