Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 273

Complex Chapter 273. Second Negotiation ー 1

「Kudou-san seems to have called out each and every person in the underground society. Actually…most named people are in here」

The image reflected on the screen is the scenery of the first floor.

Reika speaks looking at the free people in the underground society wearing strange clothing.

「He must’ve presented quite a considerable amount of reward. In addition, the fight in this hotel is organized by『Kakka』 If you play an active part in here,『Kakka』might recognize them. It’s possible that you can be a regular of Kouzuki security service…they can also become an agent that reports directly to『Kakka』like Kudou-san」

I see…if they’re free men then today’s work has a big meaning.

「Well…it’s a full confrontation between the Kouzuki family and the famous American criminal organization. Those lacking in ability would just cower and hide…on the other hand, those people who have a name in the underground society will lose their face unless they participate in the『fight』tonight. Kudou-san distributed the information on the underground society and made it such a big event…!」

Margo-san said.

「Yes…they got no other choice but to come to Kudou-san’s request tonight to protect their own reputation in the underground society. If they don’t come then they’ll be a laughingstock…for the free people, they’re most afraid of their own reputation being hurt」

Reika explains.

「Therefore…do they intend to be our『ally』?…do they intend to be our『enemy』?…we still don’t know at this stage which side they will take」

…Does that mean?

「Yeah…there’s a lot of devil’s advocate among the free people in the underground society. Especially the strong ones have that tendency. 『It’s not fun to be Kouzuki-san’s ally』…then they’ll take Viola’s side and decide to fight against us. They just want to make a mess around a big organization like Kouzuki Security service…!」

Margo-san said smiling.

「Anyway, those who will change to Viola’s side will be presented with a decent guarantee…they might think that this could be their chance to join with Viola and move to Los Angeles base. Those people without roots will flow anywhere they want」

I see…

「…Then that means that there’s Viola’s men in there?」

When I asked, Margo-san…

「Not his minions though. In the end…they’re just『local employee』hired by Viola for tonight. Look, those foreigners that attacked before are like those」

…Is that so?

Kudou-papa was on the side of the grounds…then suddenly a group of foreigners come to attack.

「Viola has an absolutely limited number of people moving in Japan… If he want to build up troops, then he can only hire local people」

Margo-san said.

「We don’t know how many Viola’s men were brought from the US but…well, now that it came to this, we can consider that he brought a quite a number of soldiers with him」

We can no longer trust that Viola brought a small number of people to Japan.

The information of the group that seems to be Viola in the airport was all fake.

The real Viola entered Japan from a different place.

Miss Cordelia and the other set of white Viola is is also here…

It should be considered that certain number of criminals have infiltrated.

「But still…I guess the limit is around 30 people at max? It’s impossible to go any further than that. Kouzuki-san had checked all of the immigration status of all airports across the country」

Margo-san analyzes.

「Therefore…due to the padding of forces, some of them are locally hired by Viola!」

Nei-san said.

「The free people in the underground money will do anything for money! They’re especially dry when it comes to foreign business. If they can earn properly then they’d only think of getting away from their home country…!」

I see…if it’s a foreigner, they don’t mind the power of Kouzuki family.

No, even Japanese people…if you’re living in the underground society, you can calmly oppose Kouzuki house.


Everyone’s supposed to be gathered in this hotel lobby according to Kudou-papa’s request today…

As soon as it turns to battle, that’s when those who will become『enemies』show up.

With that said now…it looks like all of the strange looking people in the screen are『enemies』

「…Do you two assume that a percent of the people father have gathered are『enemies』?」

Michi asks Reika and Margo who’s leading the road.

「In this case…the number doesn’t matter」

Margo-san smiles wryly.

「That’s right…it depends on the level of the fighting ability of the opponent」

Reika answers.

No matter how many weak fries gathered…they can’t fight someone with an A-class combat ability.

「And to trouble us…those who have a perverse personality is quite strong…!」

Haa…well, that’s bad.

「Take a look…even the people in the lobby are aware of it. Look, everyone’s checking each other…!」

Just as Margo-san points out…the members of the underground society in the lobby are united per teams…and trying to distance from the other teams.

They make conversations sometime but they seem to be suspicious of each other.

They’re keeping each other, prepared anytime someone attacks.

「It’s fine to be tense but…I don’t want to stay in that place. Your mind’s just going to be grinded, I can’t bear that」

Margo-san said.


There’s a doubt that spring inside me.

「Kudou-san knows that the situation comes to this right?」

…That old man who’s prepared for everything…

There’s no way he won’t assume this situation.

「Well, that’s of course!」

Margo-san smiles.

「Really…Kudou-san’s a good man」

「…What does that mean?」

I don’t know why he would bother to make such a tense place.

「…Eh, Yo-chan, you don’t get it?」

Nei-san makes a surprised face.

「Ah, Nei-san…Mana doesn’t understand too」

Mana confesses smiling.

…Then, from behind

「Maika, are you an idiot? Isn’t it obvious to determine who’s the enemy and ally if you gather them in one place?」


You were listening?

Or rather…since when did you join in our circle?

「Everyone’s glaring at each other…the real『enemy』can’t make any actions if you’re in such a tension filled situation you know?」

Yukino begins to chatter facing us.

「Besides, they come this far making a promise『I’ll be Kouzuki-san’s ally』…but actually, some action happened, they missed the timing to refuse, and they’ll just stay as an ally to the end」

Yukino explains to us showing a triumphant face.

「The people who intends to『be Kouzuki-san’s ally』from the start are those who don’t have any hesitation in their heart but you see…those people who thinks of『changing sides with the enemy』will be hesitating until the final moment. I think there’s quite a lot of people who will wait and see and think『I’ll stay on Kouzuki-san’s side after all』」

Yukino’s guess is sharp,

I recognize that.

Yukino’s not an idiot.


It would’ve been cool if she only doesn’t dress and make-up this strange.

Even though she’s not an idiot…

She looks like an idiot…

…Well fine.

Yukino herself has completely forgotten how she looks as she speak…

「Correct…it is as Yukino-san said」

Margo-san answered smiling.

「It’s very dangerous to invite people who are possibly『enemies』inside the hotel but you see, we can reduce the number of people who would double-cross at the last second. Kouzuki security service in the hotel is completely fortified…it’ll take quite a lot of courage to change sides in this situation…!」

Once again, looking at the screen…

The uniformed personnel stationed are about four times the size of the odd group.

With this number difference…those who『will try to change sides』will be pressured.

「Besides…father has Neko-san and Banbarubie 3 on his side by all means. If you put those people in place, they can reliably deal with those who will 『change sides』quickly」

Michi said confidently.

「Well…I guess Kudou-san made this decision after agonizing. If you leave them outside, we would only be attacked from multiple sides… It would be troubling if they cooperate with Viola’s main force」

As long as they’re trapped in the lobby…they can suppress those who will『change sides』

「Ah, it seems someone’s coming again…!」

Nei-san said

There’s a black luxury car stopping at the entrance of the hotel…

While we are talking…

The members of the dissident group in Shirasaka house coming to negotiate and…

The fathers of the students in Kouzuki house…are coming in the hotel one after another.

Those who arrived were lead directly to the upper floor making sure they won’t make contact with Kudou-papa’s people

…Before long.

The image of the screen was forcibly switched to a big conference room.

◇ ◇ ◇

『Both Shirasaka-san and ours didn’t arrive on schedule however, we can’t wait any longer. Let’s begin』

Jii-chan who’s sitting dignified on the table speaks up heavily.

On Jii-chan’s side, Minaho-neesan.

Then, Seki-san stands behind as guard.

In the seats behind…the Kouzuki group’s executives.

Surrounding them is Chief Tanizawa of Kouzuki security service, and Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san as guards.

『…I’m really sorry! Just what happened to Fukushi-chan!』

The old lady speaks on the other side of the tale facing Jii-chan and others…

Shirasaka house’s branch family’s, Shirasaka Ayako.

Next to her is Shirasaka Hiromitsu who’s the representative of the local Shirasaka house’s company, and…

Yamada Hisashi, the vice president at Shirasaka house’s newspaper company Tokyo Head office.

It seems that Ayako’s son, Shirasaka Fukushi is late.

『Hmm…we also are lacking two people in here…!』

Jii-chan said as he looked at the executives behind

「…Reika-oneesan? Who’s the executive that didn’t come?」

Margo-san asks.

Reika’s one of the top at Kouzuki security service.

She knows the names and faces of the executives on Kouzuki group.

「Shiba Okitachi and Kouzuki Noboru」

「Kouzuki Noboru…whose father is he?」

There’s four men from Kouzuki branch family among Jii-chan’s students, Kouzuki Souji and Subaru, Kouzuki Satoshi, and Kouzuki Kenshi.

In short, that’s three Kouzuki executive surnames…

「He’s Kouzuki Kenshi-san’s father…!」

Reika answers.

Although Jii-chan, who’s the head of Kouzuki house had imposed an『urgent summon』to them, they didn’t come…

It’s possible that the two are『traitors』

Misuzu and Ruriko…they were attacked by the『enemies』disguising Kouzuki security service during our departure from the theater.

Those people have stolen the uniform of a man who joined in the Kouzuki security service several months ago.

These kind of things can’t be planned by Cesario Viola who belongs to a foreign criminal organization.

There is definitely a『traitor』among the Kouzuki group.

Then…those people might’ve worked with Cesario Viola.

If they don’t appear tonight.

Then, they know that this will become a battlefield later.

If Viola’s attack succeeds…Jii-chan’s life would be at stake.

There’s also a possibility of the executives being killed.

Therefore…they refuse to come to the hotel, reluctant to die by themselves.

…Isn’t that how it is?

『Shiba will be heading here from Haneda』

One of the executives answered Jii-chan

『Oh, he went to inspect a factory on the China?』

Jii-chan turned to that executive.

『Yes…the arrival of the plane seems to have been delayed a bit so I received a message from the International Terminal a while ago. He should be heading here by car. He will be arriving soon』

『Umu…what about Noboru?』

Jii-chan asks, the executive…

『I can’t contact him…his phone is unavailable. His secretary and driver also doesn’t know his whereabouts…!』

Suspicious… that’s too suspicious

『Well fine…let’s begin our talk anyway』

Jii-chan faces front

『First…I want to hear your proposal』


Vice president Yamada makes a suspicious face.

『That’s right…let me tell you beforehand, I think that the scandal of Shirasaka family is just deserts. Even if the Shirasaka newspaper or television station would go down from this…I won’t have any trouble whatsoever』

Hearing that, vice president Yamada…

『What are you talking about…our company is a traditional newspaper established since 75 years. We had a history of fighting to keep the freedom of the press!』

『…Who do you think you’re talking to?』

Jii-chan speaks coldly.

『It just lasted for 75 years at most, to say that is a history, a tradition…!』

Jii-chan laughs sarcastically.

『You know the traditional house named Kouzuki don’t you? If I go back to my ancestors, it’ll be names written in the oldest chronicles of Japan…!』

-Kouzuki house is one of the leading historical names in Japan.

『Our ancestors that can be confirmed to be real and existing are from Heian period(794-1185) 『Kouzuki』is a family name that’s from Muromachi era(1333-1573)…! If you want to talk about history or tradition then at least speak on ones that last for a hundred years or more』

Jii-chan would be the only one in Japan who could say such sarcasm.

『…This year would be your 75th year founding anniversary isn’t it?』

『Yes…we did a commemorative ceremony in April』

Frightened from Jii-chan’s attitude, vice president Yamada answers.

『Then, isn’t that a great opportunity…to be crushed』

Jii-chan smiles

Vice president Yamada trembles.

『Uhm…Kouzuki-sama, allow me to speak』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu raises his hand.

『…Very well. What is it about?』

『Ha…Thank you very much』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu seems to be a man that’s modest.

『Uhm…this is our first time meeting so let me introduce myself. I’m Shirasaka Hiromitsu from Osaka…!』

『Umu, I know. I’ve heard that you’re a capable man』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu’s forehead is already shining with sweat.

『I…there is something I would like to request from Kouzuki-sama by all means so I hastened coming from Osaka』

『No need for introductions…what do you want?』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu took a deep breath then…said

『…I don’t know anything about the Tokyo office’s newspaper, television and radio station companies. Please consult about it on Shirasaka Ayako-san and vice president Yamada about that』

『Umu…I’ve heard that you’re in Tokyo in behalf of the local affiliates』

『…Yes 』

Shirasaka Hiromitsu look straight at Jii-chan.

『On behalf of the branch office for the television, radio, and newspaper companies…I would like to say. Kouzuki-sama…would you please buy all of our companies?』

The Shirasaka house who’s dominating the media…their local companies want to be bought?

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