Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 272

「Hmm…It can’t be helped you know?」

Nei-san speaks to the gloomy Megu with a lively voice.

「Megu-chan wants Yo-chan to be by her side all the time right?」


「Well, that’s true…but」

「But what?」

「I don’t think I deserve to stand beside Yoshi-kun」

Nei-san smiles.

「You want to be needed by Yoshi-kun?」

「Because…right now, I need Yoshi-kun. Therefore I also want Yoshi-kun to need me…but, Yoshi-kun got Misuzu-san and Nei-san, there are much more stronger, much more beautiful onee-san than me…I think that I’m just becoming a drag…」

Megu’s having a gloomy face.

「Even earlier…Misuzu-san went all the way to comfort me…Misuzu-san’s so composed…caring so much for me…I’m losing. I’m completely defeated…!」


…I see. Oops.

Earlier, when Misuzu comforts the depressed Megu…

Then Megu was crying…

I was sure that Megu’s feelings had settled down but…

It did the opposite.

Megu’s feeling a strong inferiority towards Misuzu…

She’s holding a sense of rivalry for being with me…

And with the rival, Misuzu being gentle to her…she cried miserably. I just strengthened the inferiority complex.

「Do you hate losing?」

Nei-san asks Megu

「…I hate it」

「Then, what do you intend to do?」

「…I don’t know. I’m not an amazing woman like Misuzu-san…I’m can’t be kind to everyone like Misuzu-san…no courage, no strength either…!」

Megu’s body trembles.

「Megu-chan…you’re making a big misunderstanding」

Nei-san said.

「Mii-chan isn’t as compost as Megu-chan thinks」

「But…Misuzu-san’s strong. Much more than me」

「Then…are you just going to leave Yo-chan too Mii-chan?」

Megu raised her face.

「I can’t let that happen」

Nei-san smiles

「Then…there’s no other way but to struggle!」


「You see…I also used to think of this. I want to be needed by the one I love. When Kei-chan was alive…I’ve been clinging to Kei-chan, and it saved me」

Nei-san recalls her past.

「But you see…there was nothing I did for Kei-chan. As a sister, as a woman…I couldn’t do anything. I was really a nuisance for Kei-chan」

Nei-san’s lost twin brother.

He was continuously violated by Cesario Viola so he can protect Nei-san.

In the end, he killed Viola’s sister and got killed by her.

「But you see…Recently, I’ve been thinking. As long as you’re alive, that’s good enough. 『I’ve got to do something』or『I want to be needed』…are just your own desires. Just blow away those thoughts…there’s no need to like me, I don’t care if I’m hated… I just want to live」

Nei-san laughs lonely.

「Kei-chan was Christian you see…did I talk about it already?」

Nei-san looks at me.

「Yes…I’ve heard about the story of him praying at night with Nei-san when you were confined by Viola」

Nei-san back then tried to give her body to her brother.

However the Christian brother refused to have sex…

The two of them prayed to God and let the night pass.

「You see, I hate to pray to a God that doesn’t help no matter how hard you try, but…Kei-chan said『God is always by our side』 Yeah…just beside us. He won’t come to help」

Megu and Mana are listening to Nei-san’s talk.

「You see, in Christian churches in the US…you often see『GOD IS LOVE』on walls. When you translate it in Japanese, it says『神は愛なり』…1 Those words often come to my mind…!」


「If the God’s love means staying beside us and not helping…then『love』is just an act of snuggling together. Being needed by the other, helping them out…isn’t that just useless? Just staying by the side…existing…just living…I think that’s enough」

Kei-chan’s no longer here

「Nei-san…I’ll stay by Nei-san’s side forever」

I…I promised to be Nei-san’s brother in substitute for Kei-san.

「I know! I’ll stay with Yo-chan forever too!」

Nei-san smiles.

「Megu-oneechan is overthinking…I know how it feels though」

Mana said.

「Mana also keep troubling Onii-chan. Mana’s the one who’s a luggage to Onii-chan. If Onii-chan hates me and abandons me someday, I won’t make any complains…!」

Mana leans her body on me

She’s putting my head on my chest…

「…There’s no other place for Mana to live other than Onii-chan’s side」


「Therefore, when I give birth to Onii-chan’s child…then I feel like I can have a passport to stay by his side」

The wound in her heart is deeply rooted…

「Megumi-oneesama and Michi-imouto is worrying too much!」

Michi who’s been silently listening to the two speaks up.


『Megumi-oneesama』is fine but…『Mana-imouto』what?

「Master is like a big tree. We should just enter the shade of Master and take a rest…that’s good enough…!」


「I think so too. Just being by Yo-chan’s side heals us. That alone is fine」

Nei-san too…

「No, but…I can to anything…」

In reality…I’m not confident that I’m useful to everyone.

「Why? Yo-chan is always listening to us seriously you know? You always think with all your best…you even say that you like me right?!」


「I love Yo-chan! Also…Yo-chan likes Megu-chan, Mana-chan, Mii-chan…Katsun, Nagisa-san, Mii-chan, Ruri-chan, Reika-san…Sensei and Maru-chan, Shige-ojii-chan, Seki-san and Yoshiko-san right?」

「Yes…I do」

「Yeah. Everything Yo-chan thinks comes out of his face…he’s someone who doesn’t lie. He’s kind to everyone he really likes…he makes a thorough wall for people he hates」

「Is that so?」

「That’s right…Yo-chan you hate that elitist guys over there right?」


More than hate…I’m not good at dealing with them

「Those people are basically rejecting Yo-chan but Yo-chan’s also shutting out his heart from them. Really…that’s so easy to understand」

Nei-san smiles at me.

「With that said…if Yo-chan’s not rejecting us then we can just stay by Yo-chan’s side. We can stay under the shade of the great tree called Yo-chan. Then, if Yo-chan stops accepting us someday…then that will definitely be shown in Yo-chan’s face…then, you can just go away from him」

Nei-san tells Megu and Mana.

「But…I I want to be helpful to Yo-chan」

Megu speaks in pain.

「I’ve said it earlier. There’s no choice but to struggle desperately. Bet with your life」


Megu’s surprised from what Nei-san said.

「That’s right. When Yo-chan dies…and he said『I’m really glad I have you, thank you』then it’ll be Megu-chan’s win. You just have to stay with him for a long, very long time. Isn’t that the only way?」

Nei-san smiles.

「I don’t want to have regrets like I did with Kei-chan before. Therefore, I’ll do anything I wasn’t able to do to Kei-chan for Yo-chan. I already know that Yo-chan will accept whatever trouble I give him…! So I just have to spend a long life with him!」


「If you think you want to do something then do it…Yo-chan will accept whatever it is anyway. If you can’t do it right now then don’t force yourself. Don’t rush, don’t panic…life is long after all」

Nei-san promised her virginity to me.

But…that is only until Cesario Viola’s case is resolved…

Kei-san’s memorial service isn’t over yet for Nei-san…

We won’t be able to embrace each other.

Nei-san and I know that.

Therefore we don’t rush.

We can just take our time slowly

「Really…Yo-chan’s a big and splendid big tree. He’s rooted firmly, unmoving. I love you…Yo-chan」

「Me too…Nei-san」

I look at Megu and Mana and Michi

「I love you all girls」

Michi and Mana smiles

「I know…Master」

「Mana also loves Onii-chan!」


「Yoshi-kun…do you love Yukino?」

Yukino who’s been listening to our conversation endlessly turned over here.

「Hmm, I like Yukino but look…Yukino doesn’t like me」

Yukino’s looking at me.

「Therefore…the distance between us won’t shrink anymore. No matter how many times we have sex, even if Yukino gets pregnant with my child…I don’t think it’ll change」

Yukino’s the same as during the entrance ceremony

Just the same…woman from far away

Back then…everyday, I thought that I could just look at Yukino from a distance…

The distance between our hearts, I noticed that it’ll never approach.

「…You’re right」

Yukino speaks

「You see…I don’t understand what you’re talking about at all. Why are you so obsesses with this man? Isn’t he just a disgusting man you don’t understand what he’s thinking…!」


Someone like Yukino will never understand me.

Rather than understanding…she doesn’t want to, she feels disgusted.

「True, this guy’s good at sex but…that’s not all. He’s head is completely empty, he’s just a stud who’s dick is always erect…!」

So that’s Yukino’s evaluation of me?

「Got it, then Yukino-san shouldn’t have sex with Onii-chan anymore…!」

Mana said


Yukino panics.

「If you feel disgusted then you don’t have to right? Yukino-san won’t have him anymore. Ah…but it would be a problem if you don’t get pregnant」

「In that case, we can just put Yo-chan’s semen in a syringe or something…We just need to pour it into her womb! If you ask Katsun, then she’ll take out some syringe from the mansion」

There should be some kind of instrument like that used on Shirasaka Sousuke’s perverted plays.

「Yeah, Nei-san, let’s do that!」

Mana smiles!

「Then, Mana will do the pouring of semen inside Yukino-san!」

Mana’s sadistic blood boils up.

「With that settled, Onii-chan has to ejaculate inside Mana with twice the amount! Mana will put the semen released into a syringe then we’ll use that to fertilize Yukino-san…!」


「…Michi-san, could you come over here?!」

While I was troubled how to reply…Margo-san calls Michi.

Reika, Nagisa and Mao-chan are surrounding Margo-san.

Everyone’s watching over the image on the first floor lobby projected on the screen.

「Yes, I’m coming right now…!」

Michi replies

「Let’s go too」

I try to go to Margo-san’s side


「Yoshi-kun…I’ll do my best」

Megu whispers.

「I don’t know what I should do but…I’ll do my best」2

With Nei-san talking sense to her…Megu seems to have recovered her thoughts a bit

「You don’t have to do your best…Just stay by my side」

I also whisper on Megu’s years.

「Just staying by my side is good enough」

「…Yoshi-kun, thank you」

Megu mutters.

◇ ◇ ◇

The first floor lobby has the security guards of Kouzuki security service and the free people brought by Kudou-papa.

The image on the screen is from a surveillance camera?

「Reika-oneesan taught us how to use the surveillance systems」

Margo-san pulled out a device on the wall and pushed a switch one after another.

Reika is one of the elite members of the Kouzuki security service.

As this is a property of Kouzuki house, she seems to be familiar with this hotel which have been used many times on important meetings.

「However…Kudou-san’s really amazing. Didn’t he gather most of the people working in Tokyo underground」

Margo-san said.

Ah, I see the Banbarubie 3 ladies.

「Ah, that woman’s nipple is exposed!」

When he saw Ruby’s nipples on the screen, Tsunoda shouted…!

The students stopped talking and focused on the video.

MArgo-san then switches the camera quickly.

「However…it’s really filled with unique people」

Nagisa said amazed.

Kudou-papa’s colleagues are truly flashy people.

Most have a solid figure…wearing a leather jacket but.

There’s a lot of people wearing strange clothes.

There’s a mohawk guy with a huge thorns on his shoulder protector…

A fuke monk having a braided hair…what kind of person is he?

There’s another guy who’s dressed like a pilot of a jet fighter(there’s an oxygen mask on the pilot helmet)…and a F1 Racing person(with a proper sponsor logo, covering his whole face with helmet)

Even though it’s a hotel lobby, there’s one wearing a wet suit, SCUBA, and even has a flipper…I can’t understand the aim.

With this, Kudou-papa and Neko-san who can be seen as a middle school girl even though she’s a mother becomes the ordinary people…

Banbarubie have their triangular bikini, hotpants, and a Japanese sword…

I can see a lady wearing pink nurse clothes and have a huge syringe, like she’s cosplaying for some anime or manga…

Or rather, there’s a group of nine wearing white scarf and red clothes…what’s that?

Red, yellow, or green, or group wearing colorful Japanese clothing.

A gentlemen wearing a pure white suit and having a glass of brandy on one hand.

「Hey hey…is the first floor having a cosplay competition?」

Kouzuki Satoshi mutters.

「Oh, Ito Shiro, Komatsu Masao, Minami Shinsuke, and Yamada Takao are also here」

Margo-san speaks.

I wonder if all of them are known figures in the underground community?

「Yes, father is well known after all」

Michi speaks proudly

Knowing such people…I wonder?

Well, Kudou-papa is also a strange guy.

「Michi-san…is that『Mars Doug Ram』and『Uchuu Gyaos』?」

Margo-san asks

Looking at it…there’s a pair of men wearing a silver suit on the screen.

One is a white guy and the other is Japanese.

Both of them are wearing dark sunglasses.

「Yes, that’s right. Both of them have have been requested by father for work several times」

Michi answers.

「Oh, I’ve seen then only on files but…aren’t they quite a combination of skills?」

Margo-san speaks laughing.

「What is that『Mars』and 『Uchuu』」

Mana asks

「It’s their code names」

Reika answers

「The white guy is Douglas Ramsay…he’s originally from the American Special Forces, his codename back then was『Mars』 Then he lived in Japan’s underground society, his name was shortened…thus『Mars Doug Ram』

「Eh, why? Won’t『Mars』just do?」

Yeah. I think that Mana’s right.

「Well…the codename『mars』is more familiar to the Japanese underground society since a long time…」

「To be accurate, it’s『Getter Mars』-san」

Michi supplements Reika’s explanation

Oh, because the code name overlaps…he changed his name after coming.

「What about『Universe Gyaos』?」

「『Universe Gyaos』-san’s real name is 『Naito Uchuuta』-san」

Michi answers Mana.

「Uchuuta, so『Uchuu』?」


「…Then what about『Gyaos』?」

「…Because he’s Naito」

Michi speaks confidently but…I don’t get it.

「However, not only『Mars Doug Ram』…there’s quite a few foreigners」

Margo-san said

「…Kudou-san’s so drastic」

…Does that mean?

「Someone among them should be communicating with Cesario Viola…!」

Margo-san smiles.

1. hah! ↩

2. Reminder that she slapped Mana for asking what to do ↩

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