Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 246

「You’re right! Sorry about that!」

Misuzu then reached out for the buttons of her uniform.

Eh…no way?

She’s getting naked as『Kakka』tells her?

She’s going out of this room naked?

The women in the room had their faces turned pale.

「Grandfather, that’s too unreasonable!」

Ruriko-san says but…

「No…Misuzu will leave everything given to her by Kouzuki house」

…『Kakka』replies with a strong expression.

That alone made Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san frightened…they look down.

Seki-san and Fujimiya-san are puzzled but…

They can’t complain to their lord,『Kakka』

Michi glares at『Kakka』

Nagisa and Mao-chan are smiling for some reason…

They seem to be happily watching Misuzu’s strip show.

「Danna-sama…please hide me」

Misuzu tells me as she unbuttons herself.


「I don’t want to show my naked body to grandfather…」

Miuszu looks at my eyes.

These are eyes filled with determination…


I stand in front of Misuzu and prevent Kakka from seeing Misuzu’s body.

I spread my suit and cover her up.

「We’ll help covering Misuzu too!」

Nagisa tells Mao-chan.

「Okay, Mama」

Nagisa and Mao-chan helped out to hide Misuzu.

Michi as well, she enters a covering position.,

「Danna-sama…please listen」

Tossing off her uniform…Misuzu on her underwear speaks.


「Once I’m naked…please lend me your jacket」

「Got it」

This is a men’s wear so I can somehow wrap up Misuzu’s naked body.

But, the hem would barely hide Misuzu’s ass.

When she walks…her ass and secret parts would be exposed.

「Once I put it on…I will hide in the girls’ restroom in the hallway when we leave this room」


「There’s a shop for women’s clothing on the first floor of the hotel. Danna-sama saw that, right…?」

「…Yeah, there’s definitely one」

Director Yamaoka said that the shops on the first floor are open as usual.

The clerk might be from Kouzuki security service but…

I should be able to buy clothes from there.

「Then…please buy me clothes and footwear. It doesn’t matter if it’s souvenir T-shirts and shorts. As for footwear, cheap sandals will do. For the time being, clothes to get out from here will do」

Un…we can just buy underwear later.

For now, just some clothes and footwear to hide Misuzu’s naked body…

「I see…I just have to buy it!」

「…Do you have money?」

「Minaho-neesan gave me 100k yen so it’ll be fine」

「For the T-shirt, it’ll be seen through if it’s white so please choose a dark colored one. Size is M. For shorts you can pick an adjustable rubber…if there’s none, then M. As for sandals, you can buy even just beach sandals…!」

「…Got it」

Misuzu in her underwear takes off her leather shoes…then she goes for her socks.

「Should I go too? It would be easier to buy that way right?」

「Mao can come too!」

「It’s embarrassing to buy women’s clothes isn’t it?」

Nagisa and Mao-chan offers, but…

「No…It’s dangerous to go to the first floor」

It’s still not 8 o’clock just as Miss Cordelia promised but…

Viola’s followers might’ve already invaded.

I can’t bring Nagisa and Mao-chan.

「I’ll do this alone. Nagisa and Mao-chan, stay with Misuzu…!」

「…Understood, Dear」

Nagisa smiles

「Michi…please protect Misuzu, Nagisa and Mao-chan while I’m not here」



She takes out a red whip and electric baton from under her skirt and makes a big stance.

Michi taks out a weapon, Seki-san and Fujimiya-san stands up.

They’re preparing so they can move anytime.

「Seki-san, Fujimiya-san…Michi won’t make a move unless Misuzu and others are in a dangerous situation…right, Michi?」

「Yes. It is as Master says…!」

「Therefore…don’t approach Misuzu while I’m not here」

I look at the two guards.

「…If it’s the two of us, then we can easily fight that child」

Seki-san said, but…

「Even if I throw my life away…I will only protect Misuzu-sama until Master returns…!@」

Michi’s fighting spirit flares up.

「…Just protecting you say」

Fujimiya-san tells MIchi.

「Yes. That’s only the order given to me. I will never attack anyone. I swear that in honor of Kudou style martial arts」

Fujimiya-san takes a seat after listening to that.

「I’ll trust what you say…」


Seki-san looks at her colleague in surprise.

「I also think that the duty of a guard is to protect. If that girl has no intent of attacking then I don’t think there’s a problem…?」

「But…what if『Kakka』wishes for it, what would you do?」

If he orders to go at Misuzu with all their strength while I’m away…

「I’m working as a『guard』under Kouzuki security service. I’m no『Kakka’s』private soldier…!」

「Geez…why are you so hard-headed!」

「What abut you Seki-san…I think that you don’t have any honor at all…!」

The two glare at each other.

「If I decide to fight that girl then don’t hinder me」

Seki-san said filled with sarcasm.

「Sure. Go on…I am here to protect『Kakka』」

fujimiya-san laughs.

「Normally…I’d like Danna-sama to take off my underwear, but」

Misuzu who’s barefooted turned her hands on the bra hook this time as she speak.

「Yeah, too bad」

I’m spreading my suit to hide Misuzu’s naked body…

So there’s no way I can take off Misuzu’s underwear.

「Next time…I’ll leave it to Danna-sama」

「Yeah, got it」

「Then…please take a look. At Misuzu’s naked body」


At the same time when the hook comes off…Misuzu’s well shaped boobs spills off.

Her pink nipples touches the air.

「It’s beautiful…Misuzu」

「My body’s all for Danna-sama…」

Then…she speaks to her grandfather.

「I won’t show it to grandfather…!」

Then, she puts her hands on her panty…

Then lowers it…

Misuzu’s pussy…

A woman’s crotch…is very beautiful I think1

No matter how many times I see it…


Misuzu turns to me.


I put on my coat to Misuzu.

Naked Misuzu under a suit is very sexy.


She then jumps to my chest.

「I love you…」

She clings to me and asks for a kiss.

We piled our lips while I feel her pure skin.


Mao-chan raises a cheer.

「At this rate, my chest will feel chilly so please give me your necktie too…!」


I remove my necktie and put it on Misuzu’s naked neck.

Misuzu ties it herself dexterously…

「Then, let’s go?」

First, let’s get off the room and head to the restroom in the hallway.

「You’re right, let’s go」

Nagisa said.

「I ask Master to be the vanguard…I will serve as the rear guard」

Michi holds Seki-san back.

「Un, let’s go everyone」


Mao-chan replies loudly.

「Then…excuse me grandfather. Ruriko-san, stay healthy…!」


Ruriko-san looks at Misuzu with a face of a puppy about to be abandoned.

「We’ll only be apart for a while so don’t worry」

Misuzu said.

「Danna-sama and I will never abandon you and Yoshiko-san」


Ruriko-san doesn’t seem to understand what it meant

「Let’s go…Danna-sama」

At the moment I tried to hold the doorknob…


『Kakka』stops our exit.

「Grandfather…is there anything you still need from me/」


「Though you can hide in the toilet…the hotel corridor is the same as the public road…it’s unknown whether someone can see you」

「I am prepared for that」

「Are you not embarrassed?」

「Isn’t it grandfather who gave an instruction?」

「I don’t want the world to see your shameless appearance. If that man’s going to buy your clothes…then isn’t it better to wait in this room?」

「…I don’t want that」

Misuzu looks at her grandfather with cold eyes.


「I don’t want to breathe the same air as my grandfather! I don’t want to exchange words with someone with a cold heart like grandfather」


Kouzuki old man’s speechless.


Nagisa’s tapping my back.

「…Is this okay?」

She whispers to my ear.




「It’s safer to wait in here than the restroom in the corridor」

Fujimiya-san promises that she won’t make a move unless Michi does.

Seki-san…won’t attack Michi while defending『Kakka』

Rather, as long as Michi and Seki-san’s restrain continues…

Misuzu, Nagisa, and Mao-chan’s safety is guaranteed.

「I’ll be right back immediately」

「You’re right, then let’s wait in this room…Misuzu」

Nagisa tells Misuzu.

「You may hate it but…for me and Mao, it’s safer here than in the corridor restroom」


「It’s『Kakka』after all…so there might be guards from Kouzuki security service waiting outside the corridor」

They might restrain all of us as soon as we leave the room?!

「How about this, 『Kakka』?! As you said…Misuzu and us will wait for his return. Therefore…could you not hinder him going to the first floor to buy Misuzu’s clothes?」

Nagisa tells『Kakka』smilingly.

「I won’t do anything weird」

「Do you swear?」

「I swear…I promise that」

Hearing that…Nagisa speaks to Misuzu…

「What would you do?『Kakka』says that but…?」


「Understood…I will wait for Danna-sama’s return in here」

「…I’ll be back, Misuzu」

「…Yes, Danna-sama」

I left the room alone.

◇ ◇ ◇

Running through the corridor…I rush towards the elevator.

Anyway…I can’t let Misuzu stay like that for long.

When I reached the elevator, I noticed it.

Right…it’s dangerous to board from this floor.

I jumped down the stairs and run down four floors as fast as possible.

I take that elevator then head to the first floor.

On the first floor…there’s Kudou papa’s subordinates and people with Kouzuki security service uniform.

But still…they’re operating the shops somehow.

I look for a shop selling clothes.

Ah, there’s two close by.

A decent clothes shop…

And a souvenir shop…

I dive to the souvenir shop without hesitation.

In the T-shirt corner…I grabbed a black shirt with『TOKYO』and Asakusa lantern printed on it.

I also found a rubber waist adjustable shorts.

There’s Vinyl sports sandals too…

I bring those to the cashier in a hurry…

「Please punch this! ASAP!」

The clerk is actually a person from Kouzuki security service but…he’s surprised that a shopper comes in such a situation.

But…he sold it anyway.

The three items costs 7850 yen.

I don’t know if it’s expensive or not.

Well, it’s a shop on a luxury hotel so it’s higher than the market price though.

「Thank you very much!」

I give thanks and take the good before the clerk could even say「Thank you very much」

I immediately dashed out of the store and head to the elevator again.

「My…what’s wrong?」

On the corridor, I suddenly met Neko-san

「Sorry, I’m in a hurry right now…!」

I said and run the corridor at full speed.

「I don’t get it but…do your best!」

Neko-san cheers me from the back

「Thanks! Neko-san stay safe as well!」

I shouted…

I arrived in front of the elevator.

Hurry…hurry up and come…!

I jump into the arriving elevator…

Now…what to do?>

Should I go to the same floor as before?

Or…should I go to a floor above and get down the stairs?

I don’t know which would be the best camouflage.

What was the first route director Yamaoka took?

If I recall…we took the elevator three times.

On each floor…we purposely transfer to a different elevator a bit further…


I first go to the 10th floor from the elevator.

Then, I run up two floors by stairs…

Then, I head to the 28th floor using a different elevator.

Then, I lowered 5 floors…

I don’t know if it’s a good camouflage though.

Anyway, I just did the best I can…!


I knock on the door.

「…I came back! Open this!」

My body’s sweaty all over.

There’s sweat dripping from my forehead.

「Welcome back」

The one who opened the door…is Nagisa as expected.

I jumped into the room.

I go to the room where everyone is.

「Misuzu…I’m back!」

When I enter the room…


「Welcome back! Danna-sama!」

Misuzu happily welcomes me.

The room is dark.

It’s a room originally built as a conference room for major corporations.

There’s an image projected on the screen.

My face is reflected on it.

There are also small images of the shops and the corridor on the first floor.

…Is this?

The surveillance cameras in the hotel observed all of my actions from this room?

…Nagisa’s smiling.

I know what’s this about.


She stares at her grandfather as she cling to me.

「Don’t worry about it…『Kakka』and Misuzu are only competing with their obstinancy」

Nagisa said.

「Really…their character is so similar…!」

Similar?…Misuzu and『Kakka』?

Speaking of which…true, their eyes staring at each other are similar…

「…11 minutes and 36 seconds」

Seki-san tells『Kakka』

「It’s earlier than expected or late?」

『Kakka』asks Seki-san

「He’s faster than expected until the purchase, but after that…it’s unexpected that he did such thorough actions to go back in this room」

「…Umu Right」

Somehow, I don’t get what’s going on but…

「Misuzu, wear this for the time being…!」

I hand the shopping bag to Misuzu.

「If you stay like that, you’ll catch a cold」

Even if this is a『test』…

I don’t want her to wear clothes『Kakka』told her to take off…

「Yes, thank you very much!」

「You’re sweating so much」

Nagisa takes out a handkerchief and wipes my sweat…

「…Sorry. I kept this a secret from you」

「It’s fine…just Nagisa’s thought counts. Thanks」

I thank Nagisa…

「…Danna-sama, please」

Misuzu turns her back on me…


I took off the suit I put on Misuzu…

Then I guarded Misuzu from『Kakka’s』eyes

Misuzu puts on the T-shirt right away…

She then wear the shorts without any panty.

Sandals on her bare feet…

Un…she’ll be able to go out with this

「…But, that’s quite some bad clothing choice」

『Kakka』said as he look at Misuzu’s change of clothes.

「There’s a store in the hotel that sells clothes with a better sense, isn’t there?」

『Kakka』tells me

「I just bought something as soon as possible…and something that’s cheap」

I tell『Kakka』

「Cheap?…what, aren’t you quite a stingy man…?」


I know that he’s provoking me.

「Yes…I’ve got to leave some money even just a bit…」

「Is this your wisdom to survive?」

「…It’s not」

I look at Misuzu.

「…It’s for Misuzu’s sake」

Misuzu’s eyes open wide.

「…What do you mean?」

『Kakka』looks at me.

「I don’t know about girl’s clothing. Either way, we’ve got to buy underwear later so…I kept money so Misuzu can buy the clothes she like.」

There’s still over 90k yen left.

If I have this much…I’ll be able to buy clothes Misuzu likes somehow.

「What faithfulness…!」

Fujimiya-san comments.

「It’s wrong…Fujimiya-san」

Misuzu…smiles and looks at me.

「Danna-sama always loves me from the bottom of his heart…!」

She touch her clothes lovingly…

「I like this clothes. It’s the first time Danna-sama clothes bought me clothes…I’ll treasure this for the rest of my life」

Nagisa smiles.

「You’re right…our relationship isn’t a master-slave. He’s always so kind to us…!」

「Yes…Misuzu loves Danna-sama as much as he loves me…」

Misuzu said.

「Now then『Kakka』…what will you do? Their bond is as you can see. Have you understood what kind of man he is?」

Naigsa tells『Kakka』

…This is?

Me going out to buy Misuzu’s clothes…

Is all just a test to evaluate me as a man?


「I understand his judgement and ability to act… In this situation…I recognize that he didn’t go straight down to the shop, and maneuvered so our position won’t be known immediately. A wonderful concern. Afterward, he also bought cheap clothes suitable for the condition so Misuzu can freely choose her clothing. But…!」

『Kakka』looks at me…

「You’re not a man suited to be Misuzu’s husband for Kouzuki house」

He looks at me with cold eyes.

「You would be a perfect lover for Misuzu but…your honesty is a problem if you want to live in Kouzuki house. Business owners should be more dull. A man who stands on the top is needed to be egoistic…!」

He evaluates me.

「Got it. Very well…I will accept Misuzu having this man as her lover. However, it would be trouble unlessyou accept an official husband that’s suitable for Kouzuki house. I don’t care if it’s a fake couple…there are a lot of men who wants to be Misuzu’s husband even just in paper. Well…as for the heir, it would be troublesome if you don’t bear the official husband’s child…」

『Kakka』says that.

In exchange of acknowledging my relationship with her…she’ll marry another man?!

Furthermore, she’ll give birth to that man’s child…!

「Don’t give me that bullshit! Misuzu’s my『woman』 I don’t intend to let any other men embrace her…she won’t bear any child other than mine!」

I told『Kakka』clearly


Misuzu clings to me.

The women in the room pays attention to me.

「She’s already mine! She’s not your toy!」

『Kakka』glares at me with cold eyes.

…I won’t lose.

…Like hell I’ll lose.

…I’ll never lose!!!

「Grandfather…you seem to be misunderstanding something…」

Misuzu said.


「My Danna-sama won’t enter Kouzuki house in whatever form」

「I know…I’ll place him in a suitable company and give him a reasonable salary. Is that okay?」

「I don’t mean that…!」


…Making a fool out of me

「I’ll make a bakery!」


「Yes. Therefore I won’t accept your offer!」

Nagisa looks at me.

「Dear…what about my flower shop?」


「I’ll work hard on both the bakery and flower shop Either way…I don’t need help from the Kouzuki group」

I strongly reject it…!

「yes…Danna-sama does his best on his work」

Misuzu informs her grandfather.

「Therefore…please be relieved. I will be the one to steer Kouzuki house…!」


「What foolish thing are you saying? What can a woman do?」

『Kakka』tries to laugh at Misuzu but…

「How can grandfather say that I can’t do what he can?」

『Kakka』takes on Misuzu’s provocation.

「…Are you mocking me?」

「What grandfather does is only managing talented people and adjusting the interests within the inside and outside of the group. The people doing the real creative work are the people of each of the company in the group, not Grandfather. Grandfather adjusts the problems in the group…select talented people, and eliminate the problematic ones…isn’t that all of it?」

「Are you saying that you can do that?」

「I don’t have to…either way…grandfather will be gone soon…!」

Misuzu conflicts with her grandfather.

「Ruriko-san’s gentle and honest so that kind of role is impossible for her. However, it’s obvious that the『fiance』grandfather has chosen would be the coordinator and will be the one to run the group. Even if each of the company’s management is entrusted to a capable person…the group’s whole coordination would be in Kouzuki bloodline…I think that I’m the only one who has grandfather’s blood that can do that…!」


「As I mentioned earlier…I will enter Tokyo University and become a national bureaucrat. Then, I’ll make a pipe in the central political financial circles…and I’ll return to Kouzuki group when I’m 30 years old. Not belonging to any faction in Kouzuki group…if I have my own route to the countries political and financial world, the people in the group will silently grand my return. Everyone should know that it’s more stable having a person coming from the original top Kouzuki bloodline…」

「But…that would be grave for you. Being the top of Kouzuki will always be followed by very ambitious people…!」

「Therefore…I need Danna-sama!」

Misuzu embraces me.

「As long as I have him…I can overcome any difficulties. Just being held by him calms my mind…I love him!」


Misuzu thought about the whole Kouzuki house…

She worries about her and Ruriko-san’s future…

She’s suffering all this time.

What can I doー

To relieve Misuzu?

「Got it…Misuzu. I’ll never let you go. I’ll always be by your side…!」



She kneels in front of me.

「…Your hand」

Misuzu holds my hand and kisses it.

「I, Kouzuki Misuzu…in rainy or sunny day…in sickness or in health…for richer, for poorer…I’ll be your『woman』…I swear to God to dedicate my constant love only to you…!」

Smiling, Misuzu looks up at me.

There’s tears of joy shining in Misuzu’s eyes.

「Misuzu…is yours. I’ll never, ever let go!」

Saying that, Misuzu stands up and gives me a passionate kiss…!



Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san’s impressed by our hug.

Seki-san and Fujimiya-san are stunned.

「Nowadays…if you ask, it’s something a man should do to a woman, right?」

「Well, that’s true in most of the cases. Misuzu-sama’s just too leading…!」

「D-Does this mean…T-They got married?」

Fujimiya-san asks Seki-san…

「I don’t know! Marriage…even though there’s no priest, is it okay for them to make the vow themselves?」

「But, Misuzu-sama…has sworn to God…!」


Legally…I’m still a first year high school, this isn’t good at all…perhaps.

Not caring about the realism…Seki-san and Fujimiya-san are『Maidens』who sticks to the『Swearing love in front of God』


1. He actually says “A dickless crotch of a woman”-something along that line, so I removed the dickless part

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