Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 245


Suddenly…『Kakka』laughs out.

The head of one of the Japan’s leading names, an elderly with power…laughs at me and his granddaughter.

「Interesting…very interesting. Just how far are you going to betray my expectations…!」

『Kakka』…his voice and mouth seem to be happy but his eyes are sharp.

…He’s angry.

A human who’s laughing when angry is scary.


『Kakka』calls the elite young man he’s educating directly.


Timidly…Shiba Takahiko turned to the charismatic old man.

「I’m sorry…but please give up on Misuzu」

Shiba Takahiko…

「But…then what about me? W-What’s going to happen to me?」

Coming this far…Shiba Takahiko’s only interested in himself.

「Chose a suitable woman for you. Therefore, forget about Misuzu…」

『Kakka’s』eyes pierce through Shiba Takahiko’s mind.

「I think it’s better not to be involved with Misuzu any further. If you marry Misuzu as is…you will be in an disadvantageous spot in the Kouzuki group」

That’s in short…

『Kakka’s』going to impose a penalty on Misuzu…?!


「You don’t want to marry such a shameless woman who has been defiled by another man already?! Don’t you think that this lady over there is a disgrace to Kouzuki house?」

『Kakka』smiles maliciously.

Far from punishing Misuzu…『Kakka’s』going to expel Misuzu from Kouzuki house?

Either way…if he marries Misuzu who’s abandoned by『Kakka』, he won’t have success in Kouzuki group.

Rather…being Misuzu’s husband would become a hindrance…

「U-Understood…I-If that’s the case. I will leave everything to『Kakka』」

Shiba Takahiko accepts『Kakka’s』proposal easily.

In the end…this man doesn’t see Misuzu as anything but a tool to becoming a relative of the Kouzuki house…

「It’s my fault to raise such a delinquent girl like Misuzu. I’m very sorry」

「No…that’s not, 『Kakka』」

「Therefore…if Takahiko-kun finds a daughter of a house you find interest in then you can talk to me」


If『Kakka』creates the engagement directly…any house under Kouzuki house can’t refuse.

「…T-Thank you very much!」

Knowing that he’ll be given a special favor…Shiba Takahiko’s face brightens.

「Oh…is there a girl you’re interested in?」

『Kakka』asks, Shiba Takahiko…

「Uhm…『Kakka』well you see, for example…Ruriko-san, would that be okay?」

Shiba Takahiko shows a grin.

Ruriko-san got frightened from what he said.


Next moment…『Kakka』makes an angry face…

「You should know your limits!」

「Ha…Uhm, I’m very sorry!」

Shiba Takahiko’s surprised from『Kakka’s』sudden boiling of anger.

「Ruriko is the eldest daughter of Kouzuki family! She’s the legitimate successor of Kouzuki family! There’s no reason for an outsider’s son like you to be married to her! What blasphemy for a subject…!!」

「…I-I’m very sorry, I-I was impolite!!」

Shiba Takahiko gets off from the chair and kneels on the floor!

「I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m very sorry!」

Rubbing his forehead on the carpet on the floor…Shiba Takahiko desperately apologizes.

「Enough! You can retire…I’m disappointed in you! I never thought that you forgot who you are that much…!」

『Kakka』forcibly holds back his anger…

「Anyway…I’m cancelling your engagement with Misuzu. Fortunately, this matter hasn’t been leaked outside so there’s no problem in cancelling the engagement. I will talk to your father myself…okay?」


「Then…return to the room and wait with your friends. I will forget about your disrespectful remark just now. I expect you to study more…very well」

「…Yes. 『Kakka』」

Shiba Takahiko drops crestfallen.

「What are you doing?!…I’m telling you to get out of this room!」

「Yes…right away」

Limply, Shiba Takahiko stands up then heads to the door leading outside.

「…Continue your loyalty to Kouzuki house from now on. That’s your way to live」

『Kakka』told Shiba Takahiko.

「…I-I’ll keep that in mind. E-Excuse me!」

Shiba Takahiko opens the door and went out…

His whole body’s trembling…and his waist is limp.

It’s an unstable footstep you can only see as running away.


When the door closes…Misuzu asks me.

「Danna-sama…what’s your evaluation with that person?」


「My evaluation?」

「Anything will do…please tell me what you think about Takahiko-san」


「I can’t trust someone who says『I’m making efforts』」

I gave my honest impressions.

「…What do you mean?」

「That’s because they’re not making any effort…」

My bad memories from before revives.

「My mother’s like that. 『I’m making so much effort』『I’m always working so hard』A nature where she just screams to anyone…」

Ah…I don’t want to remember this.

But…it can’t be helped.

「My mother owns two stores…well, it might be hard for a woman to be the owner but…the『effort』my mother speaks about is『A complaint came from the guest』or『The worker’s job is bad』or『the part timers aren’t gathering as scheduled』…she’ll complain to the management of the shop…then it’s natural for the management for them to resolve them one by one…that’s not『effort』at all It’s the job she chose」

As I thought…I hate her.

As the owner…she insists the『work she has to do』…as『effort』…

Then she finds it hard to deal with it…she never did anything as a wife, as a mother…

She never tried to fulfil her role in the family…that woman just continued to blame me, my father, and grandma…

「That person’s the same. He’s the one who decided that he’ll reach the top on the Kouzuki group? Then, it’s normal that you should work hard for your dreams. And yet, he shouldn’t be saying that『I’m making so much effort』…!」

That’s what I think.

「I hate those kind of people…I never trust them」


「I agree with you Danna-sama!」

Then, she smiled

「Since when have you thought of that?」

『Kakka』asks me.

Since when…?

「Uhm…perhaps ever since I met Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee」

Yeah…that’s right.

「Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Margo-san…even though there’s things『they have to do』they never complain. Always smiling…they deal with it without saying a complaint. Everyone understands. If it’s something that must be done then they won’t say it’s troublesome」

I learned by looking at the back of my『elder sisters』

「Hmm…true, the girls over there are hardworking」

『Kakka』looks at me…no, he’s looking down at me.

He’s trying to analyze what kind of human am I…a cold, sharp glance…

「Grandfather…why did you make such a fragile person my『fiance』?」

Misuzu asks her grandfather.

「What do you think?」

The grandfather answered the question with another.

「Takahiko-san’s father…Shiba-san has grown greatly over the last few years on the division in Kouzuki group he’s in charged with, he currently holds a huge influence in the current group. In any case, he may be the top of the management team of the corporate group. Therefore…I can understand the story why Shiba-san’s son and a daughter of Kouzuki clanーme would be married…

「What…you already know the reason」


「Takahiko-san’s father…Shiba Okitachi-kun is a competent person. I’ve never met such a talented person in my entrepreneur life. Though his son is a little unreliable as you can see…if we leave it to him then Kouzuki group would be at peace. Therefore, your engagement with Takahiko-kun was necessary」

『Kakka』purposely speaks in past tense.

Because of Misuzu and me…that『engagement』is broken, and it’s said to be serious damage.

「But…Shiba-san isn’t from a distinguished family. Shiba-san has succeeded his position with his own power. For Kouzuki house, he’s a newbie…a outsider vassal. People who came from Kouzuki family, branch family lineage will never like him

Misuzu said.

「If Takahiko-san and I got married…Shiba-san’s power will be strengthened, and it’ll become a full war against the old-fashioned lineage. Kouzuki group will be split into two.」

『Kakka』doesn’t answer.

He’s just looking at Misuzu with a grumpy face.

「Also…there’s a rumor that Shiba-san’s ambitious. He can’t continue enduring as the vassal of Kouzuki house」


「I don’t care about the results. Either way, I will be dead when the conflict occurs. No…Everyone’s waiting for me to die. They’re thinking that they shouldn’t stir a conflict in the house while I’m still healthy…」

『Kakka’s』bad temper grows stronger.

Seki-san and Fujimiya-san on the side feels restless.

They seem to have not seen such displeasure.

「Do you know what will happen after my death? The living group will be destroying, killing each other…」

Is that『Kakka’s』real intent?

「…Understood, I!」

Suddenly…Ruriko-san opens her mouth.

「IN short…grandfather is giving us a『trial』? We would be saving Kouzuki house’s predicament with our own hands!」


There’s that in a sense but…

This old man’s behavior feels more reckless.

「I don’t want do do such『trial』」

Misuzu tells her grandfather.

「What grandfather’s doing is only increasing the trouble for the next generation. I don’t want to have such pointless hardships. I don’t want to exhaust my important lifetime just to restore the human relations and the trust grandfather had broken…!」


「I want to be happy. I want to spend my time being happy with Danna-sama. I don’t want to waste my time on such a stupid thing…!」

Misuzu and『Kakka』glares at each other…

「Then…get out of Kouzuki house」


「Yes… understood」

Misuzu responds immediately…Ruriko-san…

「Misuzu-oneesama…what have you done!」

Misuzu turns to Ruriko-san…

「It’s fine…I was ready for this long ago」

Though she say that…Misuzu’s body is trembling.

I hold her hand tightly.

Misuzu grasps it back strongly…

「Kouzuki house…and Kouzuki group is mine. I’ve raised it and made it big. It’s mine so I’m free to overturn it and break it」

『Kakka』looks down on Misuzu coldly.

「But…you’re going against my will. That’s inexcusable…Misuzu!」

Misuzu’s trembling stopped.

「Therefore…I will leave Kouzuki house. Grandfather can keep playing in his own little world」

Misuzu retaliate calmly.

「What will you do after leaving Kouzuki house? How would you live? You won’t be able to continue school」


「I will be depending on Kuromori Minaho for a while」



「The owner of a prostitution organization!? It’s easy for me to put pressure on Minaho-kun and make the『Kuromori』unable to stand by themselves you know? If it’s with my power…」

…This is bad.

Misuzu’s going to bother Minaho-neesan and『Kuromori』

Nagisa gently whispers to my worried ears.

「It’ll be fine…so make a calm face…!」


「You’re a『Man』aren’t you? Believe us…!」

Nagisa smiles.

Un…got it.

I also prepare myself.

「Grandfather is someone who doesn’t understand anything」

Misuzu tells her grandfather

「…What do you mean?」

「Kuromori Minaho is determined and strong」


「I’ve understood it from Kuromori-san’s actions these past few days.」 Even if grandfather uses all of his power…Kuromori will never be crushed. If you rampage so much then we’ll just flee of the country for a while. Perhaps, Kuromori-san has already pooled money overseas that even grandfather can’t discover」

Un…Minaho-neesan should have done that much.

「But before that, I’ll use the power of the state and arrest Minaho-kun. I won’t let you leave the country」

『Kakka』opens a card in his hand.

「If grandfather moves the police officials…then we will take action. You don’t seem to understand even though you’re watching Shirasaka family’s incident…Kuromori-san’s judgement and ability to get things done is wonderful」

Un…if it’s Minaho-neesan.

She can move the public opinion over the internet.

She can manipulate the media.

We can escape overseas in the middle of the disorder.

「The, I will use the underground power as well. Wherever you try to escape…Kouzuki security service people will chase you」

『Kakka』opens his next card.

「Father…we have Margo-san…Michi as well. We’ll be able to repel whoever you send」

Misuzu says so but…if a number of people on the same group as Seki-san and Fujimiya-san follows…

On the contrary, if Kudou papa is the one to chase…then we’ve got no chance of winning.

「Ufufufu…speaking of which, Misuzu doesn’t know」

Nagisa smiles.

「Kouzuki-sama, have you forgotten? Kyouko-san is our ally…!」

Nagisa laughs at『Kakka』

「Kyouko…is a woman I sent over. Her being on your side is…」

『Kakka』says in panic but…

「Kyouko-san is our ally…! Right, Mao!」

「Un. Mao loves Kyouko-chan!」

Mao-chan happily shouts when she heard Kyouko-san’s name.

「…Kyouko-san, no way」

Fujimiya-san mutters.

「Yes…if I say『Kyouko Messer』you’ll know right away, don’t you?」

Fujimiya-san and Seki-san are in shock from Nagisa’s smile.

「……Kyouko Dothnomechey」

「…She’s a leader of a Brazilian underground organization isn’t she?」

「No, the whole world’s underground organization cooperates with her」

「If it’s overseas…Kouzuki security service’s power won’t be able to reach」

The two top elite responds this much just after hearing her name…

Kyouko-san’s really an amazing person「」

「…Well, there’s no actual need for Kyouko-san’s help thought. Minaho-san doesn’t even need to flee abroad!」

Nagisa looks at us with a smile

「You can just come to my house with Misuzu!」


「Our shop still have vacant rooms…you can stay there and go to school. You’ll help out with the shop too. Also, Misuzu will do housework. I will be training her the general things」

No…you see

『Kakka』has such a tremendous power…

It’s a power that Minaho-neesan must think of fleeing abroad and『Kuromori』can be instantly killed…

Nagisa’s flower shop would be gone in a blink of an eye…

「Kouzuki-sama…there’s no way you would try to crush my flower shop, would you?」

「…You won’t, right?! Ihihihhi!」

Mago-chan covers Nagisa’s words.

「In the theater a while ago, I know it very well but…it seems that my old fans love me. If ever『Kakka』tries to destroy my shop…what would everyone do…?」

…I see

『Kuromori』is an illegal criminal organization…

If『Kakka』applied pressure…then we won’t be able to maintain our internal activities.

That’s why we have to run away overseas.


Nagisa now is a retired prostitute, she’s now just a florist.

If he applies pressure to a commoner Nagisa who’s working hared raising her small daughter…

Nagisa’s old guests won’t stay silent.

Everyone might not be as powerful as『Kakka』but…

They have decent power in political and business circles.

If they become a group…『Kakka』won’t be able to ignore it.

「Besides, I’m a talkative woman…I might tell everyone that Kouzuki-sama has driven Misuzu out of the house and treated her badly!」

With this…『Kakka』won’t be able to make a sound.

For the time being, if we run to Nagisa’s house…then『Kakka』won’t be able to intervene

「In case of Misuzu’s school, she can just transfer to Minaho-san’s school. Katsuko’s a director so there’s no problem」

Nagisa continues to talk.

「I can secure your safety at the time of going and leaving school」

Michi said naturally.

「Right, of course, Margo-chan and Kyouko-san will also help out…!」

Misuzu looks at her grandfather.

「I will live thanks to everyone’s help. Goodbye, grandfather」

「W-Wait…Misuzu-oneesama! You should discuss this further with grandfather!」

Ruriko-san tries to detain her but

「No. I think that father won’t understand whaever I say. Don’t worry…It’ll only take a while. Let’s see…wait for ten years. Ruriko-san」

Misuzu tells her beautiful younger cousin.

「…Ten years?」

Ruriko-san doesn’t understand what it means.

「Yes. Today, grandfather has expelled me from Kouzuki house…nothing will change in my life plan. It’ll only be delayed for ten years」


「…What do you mean?」

The silent old man asks…

「I will advance to Tokyo University. Then, I’ll follow my father as a national government employee…pass the senior examination and become a high class bureaucrat. Then, I’ll make connections with the political and business world. I’ll show that I can crawl up with my own strength. Even if I’m chased by Kouzuki house, it won’t be any hindrance」

Misuzu’s eyes are filled with strength.

True…she doesn’t need Kouzuki house’s name to go to Tokyo University.

Even when taking examination as a government official…

「In ten years…Grandfather will be 92. Even if he’s alive, he won’t be the front of the management. At that time…If I stand out as a competent person of the government, Kouzuki house will be the one to approach me」

Un…when『Kakka’s』prestige wanes down…

Kouzuki house will try to accept Misuzu again.

「I will do my best so I can become that」

Misuzu smiles at Ruriko-san.

「Therefore…we’ll be apart for ten years. I’m sure that I will be back…!」

Misuzu approaches Ruriko-san.



The two embrace each other.

「I’m not someone strong like Misuzu-oneesama」

Ruriko-san says saldy.

「That’s why I’m sure to marry the man grandfather choses, I think that I will live as that person says. Eventually, even if a conflict occurs in Kouzuki house…I won’t be able to do anything…I can’t do anything!」

「Are you choosing that kind of life?」

Misuzu asks.


「Ruriko-san, if you’re accepting such life from the bottom of your heart then I won’t say anything. But, if you hate that life…」

「…If I hate it?」

Ruriko-san’s frantic eyes look up at Misuzu.


「…Against grandfather?」

Misuzu laughs…

「No…against your own weak mind that’s swept away by the fate…!」


Ruriko-san hangs her head.

「Now, our talk with『Kakka』has ended so let’s go! Minaho-san’s waiting」

Nagisa smiles.

「Un, let’s go!」

Mao-chan’s energetic

「…Yoshiko-san, please take care of Ruriko-san」

Misuzu entrusts Ruriko-san to Yoshiko-san…

「There’s no need to answer immediately but…please think about what I just said」

Then…she turned to her granfather

「Then, grandfather…」

She smiles refreshed.



「Let’s go, Danna-sama」


Is this okay?…

Misuzu and『Kakka』will part like this.

Leaving Ruriko-san behind…



『Kakka』speaks with a sharp voice.

「…What is it? Kouzuki-sama?」

Misuzu calls her grandfather『Kouzuki-sama』

「You’re not banished by me but you chose to leave the house by yourself…」

「Yes. It is as you say」

Misuzu glares at her grandfather strongly…

「Then…leave everything that’s given by Kouzuki house to you…!」

…Does that maen?

「Take off everything you’re wearing from this room and leave naked…!!!」

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