Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 238

「Are you seriously saying that?…!」

Seki-san said sullenly.

「No matter who it is, their body cowers once they feel fear…once you’re caught resisting, it’ll be Master’s ruin…」

Michi said.

「Believe me, Michi」

I look at Seki-san.

「I believe Seki-san after all…!」

Seki-san got startled.

「…Believe me?」


「If you kill me who’s not resisting in front of Misuzu, Ruriko-san and Fujimiya-san…won’t you become a shameless person then?」

I slowly walk towards Seki-san.

Same pace…same speed.

「Wait…don’t approach me」

Seki-san said but I will not stop walking.

「Why. I’m just surrendering to you. I’m not doing any martial arts…so you should know that I’m not someone dangerous


I repeat one-two rhythm in my head.

That’s all I think about.

I don’t have to think everything else.

「Don’t come…don’t come closer…!」

「Like I said…I’m not resisting」


When you’re a child…

When grandma just died…

When neither father nor mother took care of me.

My existence only dissatisfies them both…

Therefore, I…

I’m always erasing my presence in the house.

I’m not here…

I am nowhere…

Nobody can see me…

I am air…

Thinking so…I hid from my parents’ gaze…that time.

I’ll return to that time.

I’m not here.

I’m not a man who existed in this world from the beginning.


I’m just counting the numbers 1, 2…

I carve the same rhythm and head towards Seki-san.

「…Don’t come!」

Finally…I’m in a distance where Seki-san’s attack can reach.


Seki-san lets out a fist to me who’s approaching her without stop.

But…I know.

Seki-san’s fist won’t hit me.

I’m not here after all.

I feel wind on my cheeks coming from Seki-san’s fist.

But still…I move forward


I finally jumped into Seki-san’s bosom.

Seki-san feels fear and she screams.

Now then…what to do?

If this continues, Seki-san will take me down.

But, brakes won’t work now that I’m here.


「…Excuse me!」

I just then…

Embraced Seki-san’s body with both my arms.

I don’t know why someone surrendering to her should hug her but…


If I don’t do this, my energy moving forward can’t stop…!



I bury my face into Seki-san’s rich breasts.



Seki-san’s mature body stiffens in my arms.

「W-What are you doing?」


「I didn’t resist Seki-san…so I tried surrendering but…」

Seki-san’s trembling with her face blushing.

「L-Let me go!」

「Does Seki-san understand that I have no intention to resist her?」


「I-I get it…I already get it so let go!」

Seki-san said…I let go of her.


Seki-san glares at me…

「You…hugged my body…」

Seki-san’s right arm extends to my neck like a phyton…!


Seki-san didn’t grab my throat but…

A thick metal cane…

「I think you should stop there…Seki-san」

The beauty in British gentleman dress…informs her senior guard.

「If you hurt him here…Kouzuki『Kakka’s』excellent guard named 《Seki Show》will cry」

The beat to death swordswoman, Fujimiya-san smiles.

「…I get it」

Seki-san lowers her hand.

「It’s my defeat this time」

Great, that helps.

Turning back, Misuzu and others seem to be relieved as well.

「But…what’s going on. He’s able to penetrate in between my attack smoothly」

Seki-san seems to be unconvinced by what just happened.

「I think it is as this boy said…」

Fujimiya-san look at me.

「…As he said?」

「Yes. This boy had no intention to resist Seki-san at all. And, he believed that Seki-san won’t attack a helpless man…」

Seki-san looks at me too.

「…Why can you trust me who’s an enemy?」


「In the first place…Seki-san’s not the enemy」

How should I explain this?

「Seki-san…you only thought that this boy is a vulgar man who has tricked Misuzu-sama?」

Fujimiya-san spoke in my place.

「But…it seems to be different.」


「Misuzu-sama is also a talented woman who has received『Kakka’s』education on a daily basis. She won’t be fooled by just a delinquent boy」

Misuzu comes forward as Fujimiya-san speaks.

「Yes. Seki-san…I thank your loyalty to grandfather but, I’ll have you fired if you go too far…!」

Ah…this is.

Minaho-neesan’s behavior.

I can tell.

Misuzu has changed a lot after meeting various people from『Kuromori』

She’s gotten stronger.


Seki-san kneels on the spot due to Misuzu’s majesty.

「Grandfather only set you up to see how Fujimiya-san and I would respond. He purposely made you fight because it’s interesting. He actually didn’t order to take away Danna-sama’s life here」


Seki-san’s getting smaller.

「That’s enough already…it’s absurd to have conflict among ourselves while heinous criminals from US are coming to Japan」


「Onee-sama…is that true?」

「Yes. A criminal named Cesario Viola and his party is approaching our surroundings. Today’s guards were alert because of that…」

「Well…indeed, I think that the security for this year’s symposium is much more heavy compared to the usual…」

Yoshiko-san’s surprised.

「…Seki-san, return to your original work」

Misuzu orders the senior guard


「I am ordered to bring Misuzu-sama and that boy befor『Kakka』」

「Then, let’s go right away. Let’s have this end soon…」

We should better prepare for Viola’s attack.

When I say that…

「Grandfather is going to leave the theater right away, isn’t he?」

Misuzu asks Seki-san.

「Yes. He should be reaching the other exit soon」

I see…When it comes to VIP like『Kakka』

He even came in barely before it started…

He’s also leaving the theater through a special route.

「Misuzu-sama’s asked to meet up in the Imperial hotel」

Seki-san said.

Right…we’ve got to negotiate with Shirasaka family at the Imperial hotel after this.

Then…Cesario Viola would be raiding.

「I’m still dressed like this. It’ll take a while before I leave the theater」

Misuzu’s still on her stage costume.

She’s still wearing make-up.

「I understand…I will stand as a guard」

Seki-san said but…

「Wait. I am Misuzu-sama’s guard」

Fujimiya-san said in dissatisfaction

「Why don’t you just guard Ruriko-sama?」

「Chief Tanizawa asked me to protect both Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama」

「Then, I’ll change the order…I’ll protect Misuzu-sama You’ll be guarding Ruriko-sama」

「Sorry but…Seki-san’s not my boss」

「My…Fujimiya-san, you’re not going to listen to your senior’s order?」

「…I won’t」

Fujimiya-san holds the steel cane with warm eyes.

Seki-san sets up her fist.

「Stop this already!」


「Both of you…did you not hear what Onee-sama said?!」

Ruriko-san who’s usually docile and composed gives her honest opinion…the two elite guards fixed their stance.

「…I’m very sorry」

「We were being foolish」

Seki-san and Fujimiya-san bow their heads to Ruriko-san.

「I will meet up with grandfather along with Misuzu-oneesama. Therefore, Seki-san and Fujimiya-san will be guarding Onee-sama and me…」


「…By your will」

Misuzu speaks to Ruriko-san.

「Ruriko-san…it’s dangerous to meet with grandfather in the Imperial hotel. It’s predicted that the foreign bad guys will raid there」

「There’s no way a place where Misuzu-oneesama and grandfather stays in can be dangerous…!」

Ruriko-san said clearly.

「I also have to talk to grandfather」


「The bad rumors inside Kouzuki house…I’d like to shake off the lie about Misuzu-oneesama and me being hostile using grandfather’s power. I adore Onee-sama…Onee-sama’s kind to me. We’re cousins, we get along well…!」


Misuzu admires the speech.

「It’s meaningless for people inside Kouzuki house to fight. I think that it shouldn’t exist…!」

Ruriko-san said but…

『Kakka’s』the ringleader who scattered the spark of conflict in Kouzuki house.

Seki-san and Fujimiya-san was fighting earlier because『Kakka』purposely ordered them so they will fight…

Seriously…what a troublesome man

「Understood…anyway, let’s hurry back to the dressing room and change clothes」

Misuzu replied.

◇ ◇ ◇

「…Michi, why did you come here?」

I ask Michi while we walk in the hallway.

「Kuromori-sama has sent me to protect Master」

Minaho-neesan’s worried about me so she sent Michi?

I see…just like Seki-san earlier.

Since I went up the stage as Misuzu’s lover…she thought of the possibility of me being assassinated by『Kakka’s』subordinate…

Really…Minaho-neesan’s clever

「…You should call them」

Misuzu whispered to me

「Danna-sama…you’re worried about them?」


Margo-san’s there to guard them…

Katsuko-nee’s eyes are sharp too.

Of course, Minaho-neesan won’t misunderstand the situation.

I can leave Megu and Mana to them in peace



Minaho-neesan hates Yukino completely…

I don’t think she’ll be abandoned in the theater.

But still, I’m worried.

「…It’ll be fine」

Misuzu guessed what I’m thikning.

「Mana-san and Yukino-san are important last resorts until the negotiation with the Shirasaka family is over」

「But…Shirasaka Moritsugu has abandoned those two. They’re under Cesario Viola’s hit list」

「Yes, therefore…they’re an important card」

Misuzu answers.

「The head of the Shirasaka house tries to kill the minor daughters to protect the honor of the house. If such facts were made public, it’ll be the end of Shirasaka house」

For nwo it’s just a matter of trying to hush up the matter about the criminal, Shirasaka Sousuke using the power of their house.

Though it’s a big scandal…it’s not a big problem related to the root of Shirasaka house.

But…if the head of Shirasaka house made a deal with a foreign murder organization.

Furthermore, even trying to kill Yukino and Mana who’s a member of their clan just to seal their mouths…

It’ll exceed the level of a scandal.

The authority of the house itself will breakdown.

「Therefore…they should be bringing Yukino-san as well」

Misuzu’s consideration is right…


「If you’re worried then call them while we’re taking a shower」

Un…that would be better.

…We have returned to Misuzu’s dressing room

Today’s performers…Misuzu, Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are heading to the shower immediately.

「Seki-san, please come with us in the shower room. Fujimiya-san and Michi, please stay in the dressing room and protect Danna-sama」

Misuzu said.

「Just like Seki-san earlier…there will be someone who intend to take Danna-sama’s life thinking that it’ll be a helpful move to Grandfather」

Misuzu speaks sarcastically against Seki-san, but…

That possibility is certainly there.

Thinking that I’m a bad guy who fools Misuzu…there might be other people who will try to assassinate me.

There are a lot of people who will do anything to gain『Kakka’s』favor

Besides…guards from famous families are in here.

Even if they’re guards…there are some who are good at killing instead of protecting.

They should have enough talent to be an assassin.

「I don’t mind protecting this one though?」

Seki-san looks at me with suspicious eyes.

「I have promised that I will take you to『Kakka』, I won’t make any moves on him」

Her fascinating eyes…smile.

「Besides…I have found this one to be interesting…」


「That one is my ‘Danna-sama’ I won’t allow any impoliteness」

「I won’t do anything as such」

Seki-san said but…

「No…as Misuzu-sama orders, I will stay in the dressing room. Seki-san, you can guard the two」

Fujimiya-san tells Seki-san.

「What?…are you intending to order me?」


Why does these two in bad terms?

Knowing their bad chemistry,『Kakka』dispatched Seki-san…

「I don’t have that intention…however, I think that it’s better to use my notoriety in order for other guards not to come in this room」

Fujimiya-san’s notoriety…

…The beat to death swordsman.

「You’re right…that suits you better」

「Yes. Seki-san is the only one with a good reputation from the outside…」

「What do yo mean by that?」

「I’m only saying that your surface is very good…!」

The bewitching beauty and a crossdressing beauty…

The atmosphere between them becomes tense again.

「Now, let’s go to the shower. Seki-san!」

Ruriko-san said strongly.

「Yes, let’s go…Seki-san」

Yoshiko-san calmly enters in between them

「…Fujimiya-san, remember this」

「Well…we’ll have to settle this someday」

Their faces are smiling but their eyes are scary.

「Then, Danna-sama…we’ll be going」

To change the atmosphere of the place…

Misuzu leans close to me.

「I’ll be back soon so please wait for me」

Saying that…she gave me a kiss.


Seki-san’s surprised.


Fujimiya-san’s in wonder.


Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san are speechless.

「…It’s the usual」

Michi said calmly.


Seki-san asks Michi.

「Yes…the two of them are a couple that love each other after all」

Ruriko-san’s ears are red.

「…I’ve read about lovers kissing however…it seems to be true. Yoshiko?」

「Yes…it’s my first time seeing it as well」

The two who were not given any sexual knowledge are stunned.


Misuzu sticks out her tongue.

I suck up that tongue.

Our tongues entwine.

「…Y-Yoshiko, what are they doing?」

「I-I wonder…I don’t know」

Misuzu releases her lips way from my mouth…

「I’ll be serving you a lot later okay?」

「Yeah…I’m looking forward to it」

Misuzu speaks the women who are puzzled except for Michi.

「Thanks for the wait! Let us go!」

◇ ◇ ◇

Misuzu heads to the shower room…

「Then, I will be guarding outside the door.」

Fujimiya-san said.

「No, there’s no need. I feel bad to make you stand in the hallway. Please stay here」

I said, but…

「If I don’t show myself in the hallway…the demonstrative effect that I’m guarding you is none」

True…if she stays inside the dressing room, the people won’t know that Fujimiya-san’s here

Well that’s true but.



「Won’t Kuromori-sama be calling someone?」

Ah, she’s listening to our conversation a while ago?

「I do not have a habit of eavesdropping so I will take my leave」

I-I see.

「…Sorry. Thank yo for the consideration」

Fujimiya-san stares at me.

「You really are peculiar…Kuromori-san」


「From what I see…it’s as if you’re not someone from the underworld」


「I do know what kind of house『Kuromori』is」

Right…this person is an elite of the Kouzuki Security service.

There’s no way she’s unaware of『Kuromori』

「However…I don’t remember Kuromori having men with your age…」


The Kouzuki security service’s『Kuormori』file…

It doesn’t have me existing on it.

「Well, that’s fine. Whoever you are…I’ll only protect you according to Misuzu-sama’s orders」

Fujimiya-san laughs.

「Besides…Thanks to you, I had the privilege of feeling refreshed multiple times today」


「First…you stood up and applauded for Ruriko-sama’s sake. Second, you went and bring flowers for Misuzu-sama. Third, you also gave Ruriko-sama flowers…and lastly」


「You made Seki-san panic…plunged into her unarmed, and even embraced her…To be honest…I was bursting in laughter inside my mind…!」


Fujimiya-san have a bad relationship with Seki-san…

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