Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 237

「Nadishiko-sensei…has given me the oral tradition」

Misuzu’s having tears in her eyes.

「What do you mean?」

I asked…

「In the Japanese traditional dance, there’s no such thing as manual or instruction book. Everything that’s important is taught by the master to her disciple…directly by word of mouth」

In the current situation where Misuzu might be chased out by Kouzuki house and have to quit the headmaster’s class…

And yet, Nadeshiko-sensei gave Misuzu the oral tradition…

「Isn’t that great…Onee-sama. Nadeshiko-sensei has recognized Onee-sama as her disciple」

Ruriko-san said.

Misuzu’s no longer a student on the classroom for the children of political and business bigshots.

She’s officially recognized as a disciple of Nadeshiko-sensei.

Therefore, she said that she can pay her tuition when she succeed in life.

She’ll teach Misuzu after this regardless of her relation with Kouzuki house…


Misuzu cries in my chest.

「It was conveyed to Nadeshiko-sensei that Misuzu worked her hardest」

Misuzu nods.

「To be honest…I’m a bit envious. Right, Yoshiko?」


The master and the『attendant』three years older smiles at each other.

Both of them are smiling for Misuzu.

「Here…don’t cry. Nadeshiko-sensei’s dance is starting」


「Yes! Danna-sama!」

She looks up at me with her moist eyes

…It seems that the stage is prepared

Konpeki school headmaster – Konpeki Nadeshiko-sensei’s dance begins…


From the moment the lute sounds…sensei lifts her face…

I feel my body pierced…

No, it’s not just me.’

The entire hall shook from every stroke of Nadeshiko-sensei.

…W-What’s this?

Nadeshiko-sensei’s dance changed to a young maiden’s dance.

She looks like a teenage girl.

An innocent girl who doesn’t know love.

Behavior…movement…and her heart.

It has become a young maiden.

The girl soon…discovers love

A shy gesture.

Eyes yearning for a man…

Then the girl is also stared by the man she loves.

From there, she immediately became a『mother』

From a small child to a young mother

That amorousness.

The glamour…and her affection for her child.

The love for her husband

The mind and body at the prime of womanhood dances beautifully.

Then light narrows from there.

In accordance to the change of light…the woman turns old.

The old lady staring at her grandchild dearly.

She would like to play with her grandchild but the old lady can’t catch up the movement of the grandchild running around her.

The old lady stops and puts her hand on her waist.

She recollects her past days.

When she was still young, a small girl.


The olod lady turns back to a girl again.

Returning to the innocent bright girl, dancing…dancing.

Then, climax…

At the moment the lute’s sound stopped…

The girl returns to the old lady.

She thanked the audience as an old lady…

Nadeshiko-sensei’s dance ends.

The reverberation of the dance is too impressive…

The hall was silent…


The guest from US first stands up and gives a standing ovation!

The other spectators back up that voice.

The grand applause and cheer wrap the theater

A lot of children…and adults alike.

They show up under the stage holding a bouquet.

Nadeshiko-sensei smiles and accept all of the bouquets.

She entrusted the bouquet she can’t hold to her disciples…

Nadeshiko-sensei receives the flowers from each and every one personally.

…It’s the opposite of Misuzu and Ruriko-san.

Nadeshiko-sensei receives the flowers from the guests equally…

She accepted all of the flowers.

「Thank you…Makie-chan」

「Thank you, Yoshikawa-san. It’s been a while」

「Thank you, Tano-san. Are you doing well?」

「Thank you for every year. Kawasaki-san」

She surely say something with a smile.

That is the person that stands on the school…the duty of the headmaster.

When the bouquet presentation was over…the stage assistant handed the headmaster a microphone.

「Everyone…thank you very much for watching till the very end」

Nadeshiko-sensei bows her head and another big applause occurs.

「This gathering is a presentation of my students. To be honest, for someone with my age, I’m no match against their young one’s vigor and greatness」

Nadeshiko-sensei said with a smile.

「In a normal dance, an old woman like me forces to dress young and dance but, everyone’s saying praises such as『the elders are always working very hard. It went well』however…this gathering is a place where genuine young girls work so hard to show their achievements to everyone, my usual『dressing younger』loses to them. Therefore, every year, we show off a dance with a different taste than usual」

「…We look forward for that every year!」

A voice of an elder comes from the second floor seat.

「Thank you for each and every year…」

The audience applauds at the headmaster’s words.

「A year period seems long but it’s over in an instant. The children are progressing very well. The children who performed their dance in front of everyone…next year, they’ll practice even more and will become a dancer who’ll make a big progress」

I look at Misuzu.

「Huh, the performers today won’t go up the stage to make a greeting?」

Normally, isn’t that how you end the show?

「Well…there are girls who have returned home already…」


「The elementary school girls who came out first…when their turn is done, their family will pick them up and go out for a family dinner」

Not watching the other’s dance at all…?!

「They’re not interested in anyone but their own grandchild」

Oh…so the rich people in the upper classー

are that kind of people.

「Of course, most of the girls remain in the end but there’s also a party that doubles a social gathering」

But…if the performers are incomplete, the last greeting would be impossible.

Rather『Why is this girl not in there?』…and it’ll be discovered.

Rumors like『That house is impolite』and it might develop into some strange opposition between houses.

「The headmaster’s work is really hard」


Misuzu answers.

「…Then, see you next year. Please look forward to the further growth of the children. Thank you for coming today…!」

Nadeshiko-sensei bows to the crowd…!

Thunderous applause comes from the audience seats.

The stage curtain comes down.

The headmaster keeps her bow until the curtains close down completely.

When the curtain closed and the applause quiets down…she raised her face.

She speaks to the staff with a smiling face.

「Good job everyone」

Today’s performers gather around the headmaster.

Girls who are still in their costume and girls who have changed their clothes as well.

There’s also a girl who’s halfway in changing her clothes…having only make-up on her face.

「Thanks for the hard work…Sensei」

「Thank you very much…Sensei」

Diligent girls are in here as well.

They’re all not a child of an egoistic parent.

「Yes, cheers for today. The staff will be cleaning up in here. It’s dangerous so let’s go back to the dressing room so you won’t get in the way of the men’s work」

Saying that…the girls head to their dressing room.

On the way, she turned to us and smiled.

We bow our heads.

「She’s really a good person」

「She’s our teacher after all…!」

…Now then

Now that the curtains have fallen…the assistants comes to clean up things.

Organizing props…removing the sleeve curtain.

Extracting the color filter from the backdrop lights.

We would just hinder them by staying here.

For the time being…we go to the stage side where there’s no people.

「…Thanks for the hard work today. Ruriko-san. Yoshiko-san」

Misuzu thanks her cousin and it’s『attendant』once again.

「Thanks for the hard work. Misuzu-oneesama」

「Thanks for the hard work. Misuzu-sama」

Both of them returned their greetings.

「Today’s symposium was wonderful…I was able to get along with Onee-sama」

Ruriko-san said.

「Onii-sama…thanks for the flower」

She also smiled at me.

There’s two roses from Ruriko-san’s hand…

「Yoshiko…I want to keep this flower as a dry flower」

「That’s a good idea」

I’m glad she’s that pleased.

…Now then,.

「Misuzu…I should go back to the audience soon」

Misuzu and Ruriko-san’s are still in their stage costumes…

Their faces are still white with make-up

They’re going to fix in the dressing room…

I’d be in the way.

I’m worried about everyone in the audience too…

「Danna-sama…it’s impossible right now」

Misuzu speaks strongly.

「That’s right! Onii-sama!」

Ruriko-san too…


Or rather…what impossible?

「There are still some guests remaining…if you go back to the audience seat right now, Danna-sama will gather a lot of attention…!」


I started the standing ovation on Ruriko-san’s dance…

I even handed a bouquet on Misuzu who’s not supposed to be given flowers…on top of that Misuzu embraced me and we disappeared on the side.

Everyone wants to know my true identity…

No, there would be some who’d like to kill me.

Especially Misuzu’s fiance.

「I think you should stay in our dressing room for a while」

Misuzu proposed…

「But…you three have to change, right?」

Misuzu aside…Ruriko-san and Yoshiko-san must hate to have a man in their dressing room.

「My, I don’t mind」


「Kuromori-sama is Onii-sama…it’s a bit embarrassing but I don’t mind. Right, Yoshiko?」

「Yes. Kuromori-sama is someone Misuzu-sama trusts…so we do trust you」

I’d be troubled if you trust me like that…

Well, if they tell me to close my eyes, I’ll just do that…

「Besides…we’re heading to the shower room. Should we change clothes in there too?」

「Right, Ruriko-sama」


「There’s make-up on my face…the light on the stage is hot. It’s sticky sweaty under the Kimono」

Misuzu said.

「We’ll take a shower right away so Danna-sama can wait in the dressing room」

「That’s fine but…I have to contact Minaho-neesan」

「How about calling them using the phone in the dressing room? They should be able to receive radio waves in the lobby」

I guess…

「Yes…there’s no need to return to the audience…!!!」

A sudden voice comes from the back.

I feel chills from my back.

That is bloodthirst.

「『Kakka』is waiting for both of you to come…!!!!」

Turning round…a smiling beauty is standing there.

That woman is…

One of Kouzuki『Kakka』three guards…

If I recall…it’s Seki-san.

Earlier,p she’s the one who beat down the man who spoke to『Kakka』

「…What do you mean?」

Misuzu glares at Seki-san.

「It is as I just said. I’ve received an order from『Kakka』 He asked to bring the two of you… If they resist…I can twist the neck of the man. I was ordered to bring him even if he’s a corpse…」

Seki-san looks at me.

Bringing me even if I’m dead…?

「Then…what shall you do?」

Seki-san smiled beautifully


I asked…Seki-san;

「My, sadly…you’re resisting aren’t you?」

Seki-san’s body approaches me!


…I’ll get killed!

At the moment I thought of it…!


A small figure jumps in between me and Seki-san.

「…That’s far enough!」


「My…were you erasing your presence?」

Seki-san’s mouth distorted from Michi’s appearance.

「It’s different. It’s impossible for normal people to approach me without affecting me…you’re a somewhat interesting child…!」

The heart of Kuodu style ancient martial arts is to turn over enemy’s Qi and remove their concentration.

Seki-san has already grasped Kudou style already.

「…Michi, stop」

I said.

「Don’t make any more move. She’ll see through it」

Michi glares at Seki-san…

「However…If I don’t confront her in full strength, I can’t take her down!」

Michi’s frightened by the blood thirst Seki-san emits

「You don’t have to」

I said.


Michi’s surprised.

「That’s her move. She emits blood thirst and lets the opponent attack. Thus, she’ll be able to knock you down legitimately with self defense. If we attack, we lose」

Seki-san’s surprised.

「My…for a man like you to see through, I must be losing my edge」

Seki-san’s blood thirst disappears.

Michi also fixed her posture.

「Understood…I will report to『Kakka』」

Seki-san smiles.

「The boy didn’t stop resisting by all means」

In a moment…while her blood thirst is gone, Seki-san jumps towards me!



The whole stage shook.

「W-What? Earthquake…?!」

I can hear the surprised voices of the people in the theater.

「Look, the stage light is shaking」

「But, it’s too short for an earthquake…」

「Could it be that there’s an explosion outside?」

No…that’s not it.

In front of me…

There’s a special metal cane…

The tip of the stick pokes the pillar of the stage side…

She pierced it with a hole.

「…You’re overdoing it, Fujimiya-san」

Seki-san look at her colleague with a grumpy look.

Just to stop Seki-san from attacking me…

Fujimiya-san seems to have used her stick to the fullest…

…at Seki-san

Then, Seki-san barely avoided it…

The tip of the stick has pierced the pillar in the theater.

「If the blunt force hits me, what are you planning to do?」

Seki-san strongly protests to Fujimiya-san.

「I’ll prepare a million roses at your funeral」

Fujimiya-san said calmly.

Pulling the cane from the pillar…she prepares it with welcoming eyes once again.

「Rather than that…you’re the one who’s overdoing it. Seki-san」

Fujimiya-san enters a guard pose in between Seki-san and I.

「Our duty as guards is to protect. Since when did you become an assassin?」

Fujimya-san said…Seki-san;

「It’s a bonus. That’s what『Kakka』wishes for after all…」

『Kakka』wishes for me to be dead?

「If not…he won’t order a woman like me『if he resists, you can twist his neck』」

Fujimiya-san snorts.

「If he resists…but this boy isn’t resisting at all, is he?」

「That’s a difference in opinion…I can only see this man to be resisting however…」

Hey wait a moment…!

「I’m not resisting. Or rather, I don’t feel like resisting at all!」

I said clearly.

「Is what he says」

Fujimiya-san said…Seki-san.

「That’s all coming from his mouth…」

Oh…this person.

She’ll forcibly attack me and if I try to shake even a bit…she intends to look at it as a『will to resist』

That’s how she intends to kill me.

「Rather than that…why is someone unrelated to you interfering with me?」


「My…you haven’t heard? I’m in charge of guarding Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama right now」

「That boy isn’t related…」

「I wonder?」

Fujimiya-san asks Misuzu.

「Misuzu-sama…what about it?」

「Protect him. He’s Misuzu’s beloved ‘Danna-sama’. Please, protect him…!」


「If Seki-san kills this boy…Misuzu-sama’s heart would be hurt. It’s my pride as a guard to protect their hearts」

Fujimiya-san points the tip of the cane at Seki-san.

「You’re thickheaded as usual…even though you’re skilled, what a waste. If you were a bit more flexible, you could’ve been recommended as『Kakka’s』exclusive guard」

「I have my own resolution. A snob like you won’t understand though…」

The two takes distance from each other.

Shit, this is bad…

I’m grateful that she’s helping me but…

If Fujimiya-san and Seki-san tries to kill each other, we’re putting the priorities backwards.

If this goes wrong, Minaho-neesan and others will be bothered…

「…Fujimiya-san, please back down」

I prepared for the worst.

「What do you mean?」

Fujimiya-san’s surprised.

「I promise…I won’t resist」

I head towards Seki-san determinedly.

「…Danna-sama, that’s dangerous!」

Misuzu shouts…

「It’s fine…Seki-san’s the top of Kouzuki security service. A first class guard」

I go in front of Fujimiya-san.

「I won’t resist so…try me」

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