Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 209

「Where’s Yukino right now?」

When I asked, Margo-san…

「She’s in the『confinement room』again」

In that small room?…

「We have to deliver food to that girl too」

Katsuko-nee said.

「I’ll go later」

Katsuko-nee and Margo-san have a mountain of work to do…

Megu and Mana, it’ll be trouble again.

Megu and Mana…Yukino’s sisters have a strong inferiority complex against her…

「No, The priority is for Yoshida-kun and Kudou-san to go meet Kudou-san’s father after finishing the meal」

Margo-san said.

「It’s okay for Kudou-san to be alone earlier this morning when she brought food but…this time, we’d like to have Yoshida-kun go as the representative of『Kuromori』」

「I’m a representative?」

「If it was a business meeting then I would rather go you see…」

Margo-san smiles wryly.

「It’s too dangerous for me, Kudou-san, and Kudou-san’s father to be in one particular place in the school…!」

True…if you gather the combat capable people in one place…

Furthermore, if the enemy notices it at that time…

The enemy would infiltrate from a different entrance immediately.

「We even exposed the hidden gate for the parking lot for the staff to the enemy. They’re thinking of invading there for now I think. They don’t know the route from the principal’s office after all」

I see…they released that information on purpose…

That is to put the enemy’s attention only there…

「In order to go from outside the school to the staff parking lot, the shortest distance you could take would be through the baseball club’s road, where Kudou-san’s father is working. Or rather…there’s hardly any pedestrian there」

「But…those from the athletics are running there aren’t they? That’s why the club activities were postponed for today!」

Margo-san’s explanation is supplemented by Nei-san.

I see…this is in order to evade involvement of the students to the battle…

「…Nei, are all the students coming home?」

Margo-san asks then Nei-san switches the cameras from inside the school one after another.

「Hmmm, there are still some who are remaining」

「Once the staff meeting ends…Minaho would make the teachers patrol around the campus…」

「…Will everyone go home by 1 to 1:30?」

「It would be at least past two o’clock when the faculty and staff goes home」

Margo-san calculates.

「In short…we can’t escape from the school until 2 o’clock. If we leave this place with someone else left in the school…it’s possible that the enemy might mistake them for someone once they invade.」


「We will be leaving openly once the teachers and the students are all gone. As showy as possible. We’ll be pulling all those who were aiming at us to the『national theater』」

Margo-san said.

「But…they might take students or teachers or staff as hostage?」

Is that not possible?

「…Why would they take hostages?」

Margo-san laughs.

「The enemy knows that we’re a『Crime syndicate』 They won’t just take someone unrelated to『Kuromori』as 『hostage』…」

I see…we’re not allies of justice.

Even if an unrelated student or teacher is caught by the enemy…we won’t even make a move to help.

That’s what the enemy thinks.

「What the enemy knows is…『I don’t know what kind of ulterior motive they have but they’re hiding in this school』 They don’t exactly know the relationship between『Kuromori』and this school too. What the enemy knows is only the content of Iwakura-san’s file. In short, Nei and Yoshida-kun are students of this school. But…Nei and Yoshida-kun doesn’t have any special close friend inside the school right? Someone who you go with from house to school…」

True…I’ve gotten familiar with my classmates only on these past few days…

Nei-san’s an invincible existence in the school so nobody’s familiar with her.

「Well…the enemy thinks that they can grab Nei and Yoshida-kun talking to their classmates while going back from school. But…they can’t get any information from those children… Yoshida-kun’s relationship with Megumi-chan would rise but…Megumi-chan’s here. Then, furthermore, Megumi-chan’s friend won’t be targeted. They don’t think it would have an effect on us…」

…I see

「Would my foster parents be okay?」

Megu asks worriedly.

「They should be people under Shirasaka family…the scenario should be『Kuromori』kidnapping Megumi-chan away from the Shirasaka house」


「Therefore…The Shirasaka family should be closely monitoring Yamamine-san’s surroundings thinking that we would make contact with them. Then if Viola’s followers go there…」

…What would happen?

「They’re both not idiots to make a meaningless fight. The people on the spot hates exhausting themselves on something worthless. As long as it’s not something big…Yamamine-san won’t be caught up in combat. It would just end in glaring.」

Megu breathes a big sigh of relief.

「With that said…Yoshida-kun, tell Kudou-san’s father that『We would be leaving from the hidden garage at 2:15 with three cars』 The destination is the『national theater』 The selection of the route would be left to Kudou-san’s father. He’s much more familiar when it comes to guarding VIPs」

Margo-san told me.

「Err…We would be leaving from the hidden garage at 2:15 with three cars…the destination is『National theater』 The route would be left for Kudou-san’s father」

「Yes, that’s it…please」


「There’s a chance of being heard over when you tell this over the phone. Even more when it comes to mail. Mails could be faked…above all, it’s important to have a representative go talk directly. It’s fatal if you don’t build up a mutual trust relationship…」


Then…I should go.

Especially now, Kudou-papa attracts the enemy’s attention…

We can’t let other people go to somewhere dangerous.

「Also…don’t forget this. Kudou-san’s father isn’t on our side」

「Got it…Kudou-san’s cooperating with us due to Kouzuki『Kakka’s』orders…we don’t know when they would become an enemy」

Margo-san smiled happily from my answer./

「That’s how it is so please don’t talk on any information about us. I’ll leave the choice of what to say and what not to say to you. Also…I think Yoshida-kun would be fine but, don’t ever tell Kudou-san a lie. It would only confuse him and he’d lose trust to us」

「Okay…got it」

I answer Margo-san…

「Uhm…I’m in the same position as my father however…」

Michi’s looking at us with a strange look.

「I am here only due to Misuzu-sama’s orders…it’s unknown when I would become your enemy」


「And yet…why are you talking about this in front of me right now?」

Margo-san laughs.

「Kudou-san…are you registered in Kouzuki security service, aren’t you?」

「Yes…this is supposed to be my first job」

「What’s the content of your job?」

「I was told to follow Misuzu-sama’s orders」

「OK…then, Kudou-san swore her loyalty to Kouzuki security service?」

「…That is」

Michi makes a confused face.

「You’re not…Kudou-san is swearing loyalty to Misuzu-san in the end?」


「Then, Misuzu-san’s…Yoshida-kun’s『woman』 Then, Yoshida-kun’s a member of『Kuromori』」


「Then, Kudou-san…whose ally are you? What would happen if Kouzuki security service’s Kudou-san’s father becomes hostile against『Kuromori』」

「…That is」

「No…what would happen if Misuzu-san turns hostile against Kouzuki-san, her grandfather?」


「I am Misuzu-sama’s ally. I swore my eternal loyalty to her」

「Is that so?…Then, if『Kuromori』turns hostile against Kouzuki-san…who do you think Misuzu-san would ally with?」

Michi looks at me.

「…Reluctantly, Yoshida’s side I think」

Margo-san smiled at Michi.

「…Kudou-san, it’s about time you clarify your own position. If not, you’d only cause inconvenience to those around you…!」

Michi breathes in

「Are you telling me to become a member of『Kuromori』?」

Margo-san laughs.

「Nobody’s telling you that. Actually, Misuzu-san’s not a member of『Kuromori』 As Yoshida-kun’s『woman』…therefore, she’s on our side. That girl’s kind to Megumi-chan and Mana-chan, as one of Yoshida-kun’s『women』…she’s taking care of those younger than her. She’s respecting Minaho, me, Katsuko-san and Nei…Yoshida-kun’s a member of『Kuromori』too」

「That’s obvious…Misuzu-sama shouldn’t be a member of a criminal organization like『Kuromori』…!」

Michi said strongly.

「She’s not a member but Misuzu-san’s our ally. You can say she’s a relative. We have that kind of relationship」

To be accurate…Misuzu’s owner was Nagisa, but…

Michi doesn’t seem to know about Misuzu and Nagisa.

Margo-san is composing the logic from the information known by Michi.

「…Since it’s a good opportunity so decide about it when you see your father. If you want to be with the Kouzuki security service, then we don’t mind you staying behind with your father. We should be acting without any of our members in the future…!」

Margo-san said then thrusts away Michi.


Margo-san stops Michi who’s trying to talkj.

「Don’t answer right now…think about it. When you decide something important impulsively you’ll regret it later. It’s not needed for Misuzu-san’s guard to be acting together with us, right? You’re a member of Kouzuki security service」


Michi replied languid.


Is this okay?

We currently need Michi’s power.

As a human…she’s not bad either.

If possible…I’d like us to be together, but


That is for Michi herself to decide.

I can’t say my opinion.

「Now then…Yoshida-kun」

Margo-san looks at me.

「No…Megumi-chan and Mana-chan too, listen, after this, we have to break through the danger…」


Megu and Mana looks at Margo-san with a serious face.

「From now on, even just a trivial oversight might become fatal on someone’s life. Have the guts to overcome that」

A slight oversight might become fatal.

「There’s this famous stage director in London named Peter Brook…of course, Yoshida-kun doesn’t know him, right?」


「Peter Brook said. …There are a lot who makes a mistake of feeling『Looking good』『This is going well』when the situation progresses. That’s just a mere illusion. But…at the moment you thought『Huh, something’s wrong』『Strange』 that’s not an illusion. At that times, something’s really out of order…!」

At the moment you thought it’s『strange』…it’s not an illusion.

「It’s human nature when they think『Huh, something’s wrong』but everyone around you is calm, you would think that『It’s just my imagination』 But…it would be bad if the situation with the people you treasure become the worst than feeling a sense of crisis」


「Believe in your own senses…when you think it’s『strange』or『something’s wrong』don’t hesitate and correspond immediately. You don’t have to mind the state of the people around you. That is the secret for everyone to survive」


I engrave it to my heart.

「Megumi-chan, Mana-chan, do you get it?」



Both of them nodded big.

「Then…I’ll ask you after you eat your meal」

Me, Megu, Mana, Michi…and Katsuko-nee begins our meal.

「You don’t need to hurry that much…!」

Katsuko-nee told me who eat the soumen in rush.

「It’s still 12:30…the time you’re going to tell Kudou-san is 2 o’clock」

…I see

I eat slowly.

「Here, Onii-chan…barley tea」


I drink the barley tea Mana handed me.


「By the way…who’s going to bring Yukino’s food?」

I’m a bit worried about that.

「…I will go」

Megu answers

「Mana too」

…Mana too

But…to be honest, I’m worried about these two.

Yukino’s existence created a big trauma in their hearts.

Furthermore…like this morning…

Megu’s instability is infecting Mana…

Both of them are showing symptoms of sex addiction together…

「I’ll be going too!」

Nei-san who’s facing the PC turned to me.

「I’ll take care of her…she’s bad at dealing with me isn’t she?」


If Yukino faces Megu then she’ll just speak abusively…

If it’s Mana…she’ll order from a higher position.

Yukino’s been treated as a princess by Shirasaka house…she bullied Megu and always treat her sister badly.


When against Yukino, she’s stronger.

If she’s spoken harshly then she’ll just come back harsher…

「Un, I’ll ask you Nei-san…!」

Nei-san smiles…!

「Roger! Megu-chan and Mana-chan are coming too…I’ll teach you how to discipline that girl!」

Nei-san told the two…

「Megu-chan…why did you heat up when you saw her have sex with Yo-chan?」

Nei-san asked Megu calmly.

It’s Nei-san so it’s fine or rather…she naturally asked…

Megu also answered normally.

「Well…Yoshi-kun looked like he felt really good…」

「Right…somehow, he looks like carefree with Yukino-san…it looks like he felt better than when he does it with Mana」

Right…Mana too…

She’s been watching over my sex with Yukino in the AV room…

She was unable to endure and come to me.

「Hmm…I wonder」

Nei-san looks at me.

「Yo-chan…what do you think? Does it feel better when you do it with her than other girls?」



I answered clearly.

「…That’s not true」

「Un…you looked like you felt really good」

Megu and Mana seems to be not convinced

「That’s what I think too」

Nei-san speaks.

「That…he feels very good with that girl that won’t Yo-chan be different with the other girls?」

Megu and Mana looks at Nei-san in surprise.

「Look…that girl is not interested in anyone but herself…and she’s weak to pleasure isn’t she? Then, Yo-chan does his best with her so that girl can just get absorbed in sex. She’s drowning in her own pleasure…!」

The two nods from Nei-san’s speech.

「That’s why…it may look like much more flashy and much more pleasurable than the others but…that’s not the case for Yo-chan, I ask」

The gaze gathered at me immediately

「So…what do you think, Yo-chan?」


「To be honest…I’m already in trouble just responding to Yukino’s request during sex with her. She just throws her own desire and doesn’t worry about me」

Well…that’s what makes it feel carefree.

I know that her mind isn’t thinking about me.

「Right…he’s always earnest whoever he has sex with. You always do your best to make your partner feel good, right?」

Megu and Mana nods at Katsuko-nee’s explanation.

「I think so too…」

「Un…Onii-chan’s that kind of person」

「Therefore…I think selfish girls like Yukino-san is his ideal sex partner. Listening to whatever she says…she’ll feel good by herself」

「But…what about Yoshi-kun then?」

「Onii-chan doesn’t feel good when he has sex with Yukino-san?」

Megu and Mana looks at me.

「Hmm…well, normal」

That’s the answer I came up.


Megu looks at my eyes…


How should I say it?

「Sex with Yukino feels like masturbation」


「No…how should I say it?…it feels like I’m ejaculating with the delusions in my head?」

「Onii-chan…I don’t get what you’re trying to say」


The girls don’t get it…

「It feels like I’m playing a game」


「Yeah…I think I’m just bad at saying it. Sex with Yukino feels very irresponsible. I know that her heart won’t be for me…I know that she only sees me as a sexual tool. It feels very clear…that we’re having light sex」

「Yoshi-kun…can’t you have carefree sex with me?」


「In case of Megu and Mana…I think about various things while having sex」

「Various things?」

「I wonder if it’s okay to have sex?」

「It’s okay! Or rather, let’s have more sex! Onii-chan」


「But…Megu and Mana…Misuzu and others, we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives aren’t we? You would bear a child someday…we can’t just have sex like a game」



「Are you thinking of us that carefully?」

「No…well…we’re『family』so isn’t that obvious?」

I answered.

「Yukino’s only for now. She’s that kind of woman so we can have sex without problems…」

「You can’t do it with Mana and others?」

「Well yeah…sex with you isn’t a game」

Mana’s surprised when I say that.

「It’s okay to have sex as a game! Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave after all. You can play with Mana’s body as much as you want…!」


「I’ve been watching him since the first contact with Ojou-sama but…he has never asked for sex with a girl」

…Speaking of which, I

「During his first rape with Yukino-san…Ojou-sama and I prepared everything, then Ojou-sama ordered him『now, violate Yukino-san』…that’s when he does」

「True, you’re right. Yoshi-kun never asked to have sex with the girls by himself…!」

「The matter with Mana was also first ordered by Yuzuki-san」


「Onii-chan…could it be that you hate having sex with us?」

「That’s not true! That’s!」

I immediately deny it.

「I just…I had to do sex one after another due to a tremendous momentum, I desperately get myself into it… But, I won’t ever have sex with a girl I don’t want to have sex with. Everyone’s a girl with their own charm…so I embrace them…」

Nei-san laughs.

「In the end…everyone’s just asking too much from Yo-chan!」

「…Asking too much」

Megu looks down.

「That’s right! Yo-chan’s a person who thinks he definitely has to answer when someone asks him…!」

「Right…we’re forcing him too much I guess」

Katsuko-nee thinks too.

「No…it’s not I’m forcing myself. It’s just that the feast comes in one after another so I am desperately eating…」

What am I saying…

「This boy doesn’t know how to not finish his meals」

「Un…Yo-chan’s a boy who appreciates the whole thing…」

Megu looks at me.

「Got it…Yoshi-kun and Yukino’s having only sex where they have bad manners…!」


「You’re right…eating junk food occasionally might feel better」

「But, for Yo-chan…what he feels from having sex with Yukino-chan isn’t a pleasant sex…!」



Uhm…what are you all saying…?!

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