Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 208

「Un. Mr. Viola’s quite pissed off at this time I think!」

Nei-san laughs.

「I did appear as Kei-chan after all…Viola hates that kind of joke…!」

「Eh?!…But, doesn’t Viola himself have a disguise hobby?」

If I recall…he always pretend to be a character on a movie when he does his underground work…

「Viola’s a person who won’t feel good unless he’s the leading part therefore he always disguises for himself!」


「Before…there was this young child Viola liked…at that day, knowing that Viola disguised as『Doc』from『Back to the future』he appeared on the meeting place as『Marty』」


「Yo-chan…you don’t know Michael J. Fox’s role?」

In the first place, I don’t know about that『Back to the…』something something…

Because of this, it would be hard for Nei-san to tell the story…

「Oh, it’s fox…Fox. Got it」

Fox is a movie company isn’t it?

Un…I somehow got it

「…Then, what happened?」

「He’s tortured by putting a large headphone playing『Va Helen’s』song so loud it would tear your eardrum…in the end, it seems he was electrocuted at the clock tower」


I don’t get it…

「Well, it can’t be helped…Before Viola appeared as『Doc』he showed up as the leading role『Marty』 At least, if it was『Biff』then he might not be killed…」

Now then…What is『Biff』?

No…let’s not ask.

「By the way…Yo-chan, my manly look completely looks like Kei-chan, doesn’t it?」

Nei-san’s laughing brightly but…

I know that it’s actually not.

That is to provoke Cesario Viola, a painful method to get his eyes glued on us…

Nei-san herself doesn’t really want to look like Kei-san I think.

「…I don’t know whether you completely look alike. I’ve never met Kei-san…」

I answer looking straight at Nei-san’s eyes.

「For me…whatever you wear, Nei-san is Nei-san…」


Tears gather in Nei-san’s eyes.

「I don’t know anyone but Nei-san. Kei-san…or Kei-san’s twin sister Neiko Yasuko-san too, I don’t know them. What I know is only you…the always beautiful bright and kind Nei-san…」


Nei-san jumps to my chest.

I firmly caught Nei-san’s bod.

「…It’ll be fine. I will protect Nei-san」

「Un…Un…thank you…thank you…Yo-chan…!」

I embraced Nei-san’s crying back for a while.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Sorry…this is all I can make」

Katsuko-nee puts down the noodles on the table.

The garnish is omelet and salad.

「I didn’t have much time today, I can’t afford to take time either」

Katsuko-nee has been watching inside and outside the school in turns since last night.

Last night…Minaho-neesan and Margo-san and Katsuko-nee were taking turns in sleeping breaks but…

Minaho-neesan has been doing school work since morning…

「It’s fine when it’s just checking the surveillance camera videos but…I also have to check the TV reports this morning and induce the opinion over the internet」

Wow…that’s trouble

「Nei-sama is helping out but…she went out with Margo-san earlier to collect Yukino-san. Therefore, I had to manage alone in this room …!」


Minaho-neesan has been with us all this time…

「Sorry for being useless」

Mana lowers her head to Katsuko-nee with a gloomy face.

「It’s fine…Mana-chan doesn’t need to know the work behind the scenes!」

Katsuko-nee smiles at Mana gently.

「…Minaho-neesan’s still on staff meeting?」

When I asked…Katsuko-nee operates the surveillance camera monitors…

The staff room appears on the monitor.

「…It’s not over yet it seems」

Wow…Everyone in the meeting are making a sour face.

Well…Endou and Yukino both have their parents in trouble…

They can’t be easily disposed.

「Ojou-sama’s having fun」

Katsuko-nee looks at Minaho-neesan and said.

Minaho-neesan’s participating the conference with her usual cold eyes.

「Minaho…as expected, she’s prepared to quit as a teacher…」

Margo-san who’s job is to watch the monitor has muttered.

「She intends to completely finish her『revenge』and Nei and Viola’s fate by the end of the Golden Week…!」


「It’ll be late if we wait for her return. I feel sorry but let’s go ahead…Megumi-chan, help me out here」


Katsuko-nee and Megu line up the Soumen and small bowls on the table.

「Nei and I will continue to monitor so Katsuko-san and Yoshida-kun and others can eat first」

Margo-san said.

「Huh…where’s Michi」

Speaking of which, I haven’t seen her.

「She keeps on training with her whip on the secret garage…that girl’s a hardworker」

Saying that, Margo-san shows the image in the garage

Michi’s swinging a red whip…

Cutting the wind…the tip of the whip splits the empty can into two.

She can easily cut down a steel can…

Margo-san holds the mic.

「…Kudou-san, come back」

『…Is it an enemy attack?』

Michi on the screen immediately replies.

「It’s not…it’s time for lunch」

『I’d like to do a bit more training before it’s too late…』

「You eat when it’s time to eat…it’s an important job for soldiers」

『…I’ll return immediately』

Michi has completely made Margo-san her second master…

「She’ll be coming back so wait for her…」

Margo-san really cares about Michi…

No…Michi also needs more『Bonds』…


Calling her out, Mana comes to me like a puppy…

「What is it Onii-chan?」

She snuggles to my chest so I hug her and pat her head.

「When Michi comes back…tell her『Please become my Onee-san』」


Mana’s making a blank face.

「Mana is a year younger than Michi…there’s nobody here younger than Michi but Mana. I think it’s hard for Michi to breath since it’s all elders」

「Therefore, Mana’s going to become Kudou-san’s『little sister』is that it?」

「Yeah. Michi’s staying with us because of Misuzu’s orders for now but…I think we should strengthen her reason for acting with us positively」

「Right…it’s better to give her the『want to protect』feeling to Mana-chan who’s younger than the older ones like Yoshida-kun and others」

Margo-san agrees.

「But…Mana’s got a bigger breast than Kudou-san」

Mana said then rubs the tip of her breast to me.

「It’s true that Mana’s physically better than Michi but…Mana’s much better when it comes to the『little-sister』-ness」

「…Is that so?」

「Yeah. You’re very cute」

I say then embrace Mana’s body.

「Got it. Leave Kudou-san to Mana. Mana also wants to do something about Kudou-san」

「What do you want?」

「…Kudou-san’s scheduled to be Onii-chan’s sex partner too right? Kudou-san’s really cute like a doll…and her way of speaking is very interesting so Mana likes her. I thought that she can enter the『Sister’s association』…!」


「I agree」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「I think that Kudou-san would be a good partner for you」

「Eh, why…?!」

「It’s different from when you do it with Mana-chan…you are actively taking care of her don’t you? Nagisa and I are older…Megumi-chan’s on the same age…of course, we cherish you regardless of your age but…younger one’s have a different way of approach don’t they?」


「Not Mana-chan’s『Onii-chan』but…try being『Onii-san』1」


「Uhm…Katsuko-san. What is 『Misuzu-san’s』standpoint for Yoshi-kun?」

Megu asks…

「Misuzu-sama’s a bit sly. That one’s very clever and her expression is very abundant」

「…What do you mean?」

Katsuko-nee smiles at Megu.

「She changes her approach to him at that time and at that situation. There are time where she’s『a year older Onee-san』who leads him kindly, then there are times where she acts as『the same age girl』on purpose…thee are times where she turns completely to a『pet』he controls. She’s using all of them perfectly」

Speaking of which…

Misuzu’s got a lot of faces.

「Right…she’s completely on the『Young generation』leader in front of Mana but…Misuzu-san’s very spoiled when having sex with Onii-chan」

Mana states her impressions.

「…Misuzu-san’s very charming indeed」

Megu’s getting depressed again…

「Megu…stop the habit of comparing yourself to others. Megu has Megu’s own charms」


I close Megu’s lips that’s trying to speak up.


「I love Megu…that’s all to it right?」



「Megumi-chan…let me teach you something good」

「…What is it?」

「Later, when he have sex with Misuzu-san…after the sex, try handing Misuzu-san a towel and say『Thanks for the hard work』」 Then, smile gently」

「…Smile and hand Misuzu-san a towel?」

「That’s right. 『I don’t mind it. Thank you for making him feel good』tell your gratitude. Keep it firm」

「…No way」

「If you want to be his lawful wife then you need that kind of skill. 『Whatever happens, I know that this man will come back to me』have that attitude. You can just pretend at the start.」

「Un…you’re right, that kind of attitude might work on Misuzu-san」

Mana agrees with Katsuko-nee.

「We may be『sisters』who love him but…we’re in a battle competing for him. That fight is to polish the 『woman』in you…1」

Katsuko-nee winks at Megu and Mana.

「So we should steal Onii-chan with our own charms?」

Mana takes on Katsuko-nee’s words.

「Okay, I won’t lose to Nei-san!~!!」

Mana calls out Nei-san who’s facing a pc.

「Eh, me…?!」

「Well, among Onii-chan’s『women』Nei-san’s the most beautiful! Nei-san is Mana’s goal…!」

…Now then

We finally lost the chance to say that Nei-san’s still a virgin.

「Therefore…if Megu-oneechan has the time to feel depressed then attack Onii-chan with your own charm!」

「My charm?」

Megu doesn’t know what it is.

「You see…Megu-oneechan, you’re really the type of woman who likes to devote herself. The same as Katsuko-san」

Mana begins her analysis.

「Very Japanese…or rather, you’re a woman who suits taking care of her husband, And yet…!」


「If Megu-oneechan feels depressed at this time…won’t Onii-chan be the one who devotes himself to you all the time? I think that’s a bad trend…!」

Having Mana talk about what she thinks to someone else…she’s really Yukino’s sister.

However, unlike Yukino…Mana’s overwhelmingly smart.

Her observation and situation assessment are excellent.

Although…Mana’s got a too good observation power that she realized that her grandfather and mother didn’t love her…

Mana abandoned her family because of that observation.

If that was Yukino…she won’t be aware that her grandfather abandoned her and she’ll wait for her family’s help forever…

Speaking of which…where’s Yukino right now?

「You’re right…I can’t keep troubling Yoshi-kun!」

「Look, you’re feeling down again! You would feel depressed if you just keep looking at yourself. Megu-oneechan only needs to look at Onii-chan!」

「…Only Yoshi-kun?」

「For example…what do you think Onii-chan needs right now?」


Megu thinks.

「Okay, time out! Megu-oneechan…Onii-chan doesn’t have any chopsticks」

「Ah, sorry…Yoshi-kun!」

That was the talk while they set up the table.

Megu hands me a chopstick in panic.


Katsuko-nee talks to Megu.

「You see…what I’m most worried about is『whether he’s eating his three meals』 The good balance of nutrition and if it’s delicious… Right now, I feel sorry for being able to prepare only this much」

Katsuko-nee said as she look at the Soumen, omelet and salad on the table.

「No, it’s enough. It looks very delicious」

I tell Katsuko-nee.

「It makes me happy that you say that」

Katsuko-nee smiled happily.

「But, really…all I’m worried about now is food. I wonder what kind of food I should make for you next…」


「Haha, Katsuko-san’s like Yoshida-kun’s mother…」

Margo-san said from the side then laughed…

「No, you’re wrong! Margo-san!」

Mana rebuts.

「Mana…Maika-san’s mother never worried about Maika-san’s food even once.… Even though she’s a food critic, she always leave the food on the house to the maids. LAst year…when Yukino-san wasn’t home on a middle school trip, the maid was on day off. She knew that the maid would be absent that day beforehand and yet…Maika-san’s mother completely forgot about it and didn’t make any meals for Maika-san but…she just said『My, sorry』and laughed it off…」


「Sorry…that was a verbal slip」

Margo-san apologized to Mana.

「But, my aunt in Shizouka doesn’t do that. She always calls then ask『Are you eating properly?』 『What was your meal today?』 Therefore…it’s not the parents who worry about food. It’s those『who loves you』…!」

Katsuko-nee loves me…

「Mana…my house is like that too. My mother is a woman who doesn’t care if I have eaten properly or not…」

I look at Katsuko-nee.

「Katsuko-nee…thanks for the delicious food as always. I’m very grateful」

「What are you saying…aren’t we『family』」

Katsuko-nee said.

That’s right…

…We’re family

「Katsuko-neesan…thank you very much for your delicious meals」

Megu thanked Katsuko-nee

「Un! Katsun, thanks! I love the meals you make!」

「Katsuko-san…I always thank you」

Nei-san…Margo-san too

「KAtsuko-san, Mana will be helping out from now on so please teach Mana how to cook!」

「Yes, I don’t mind. Mana-chan!」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「What can I do for Yoshi-kun?」

Megu thinks…

「Hey hey, you’re thinking inside again! Megu-oneechan, at those times, you should look at Onii-chan!」

Mana warns Megu.

「Onii-chan…what would you like to drink?」

Mana asks me.


「If it’s something cold then there’s barley tea and oolong tea in the fridge…!」

「Then…barley tea I guess?」

…It’s soumen after all.

「Hey hey, Megu-oneechan…Onii-chan said barley tea」

「Got it, I’ll go get it right now!」

「Onii-chan’s very easy to understand so just stare at her then you’ll easily know what to do!」

「Un…you’re right, Mana」

Megu smiled at Mana then heads to the kitchen


「I have returned…!」

Michi comes up from the underground passage

「Just in time…let’s eat」

I talk to Michi…

◇ ◇ ◇

「Kudou-san…please make Mana your『little sister』…!」

While eating… Mana speaks to Michi


「Does that mean you want to be my disciple?」


「I’m still inexperienced as a warrior so its still too early for me to take a disciple…!」

If she doesn’t talk…she’s really a cute girl with black hair…

Her warrior way of thinking is very disappointing…

「Kudou-san. I don’t think Mana-chan mean it that way」

Margo-san helps from the side.

「…Then, what does it mean?」

「Mana-chan is asking for your protection…」

Michi puts down the chopsticks.,


「Kudou-san…you’re 15 years old aren’t you?」

「Yes, I’m in third year middle school」


「…Mana’s 14 years old. Second year in middle school」

「A younger girl is saying that she wants your protection. What should a warrior do?」

Hearing Margo-san…Michi looks at Mana’s face.

She’s actually a year older but…

Their height is almost the same.

No, Mana might be taller.

Mana’s completely winning when it comes to the size of the chest.

Mana’s tiny boobs is in the middle of growth but…Michi’s a complete flat.

When you look from afar…you’ll be convinced that Mana’s older.

No, Michi’s calm and style is somewhat adult, proud.

Anyway…from their looks, that’s what you would see.

「I had various things happened to me and I threw away my house and family. I can’t return to my real family anymore. Therefore…I want Kudou-san to become my『Onee-chan』…!」


「Got it…if that is what you want then I’ll become your『sister』 Call me『Onee-sama』…okay?」


Michi’s spine shivered from Mana’s response.

「…Try saying that one more time」


Michi smiled satisfied.

「Somehow…this feels good」

Oh right.

Michi’s a lesbian.

「I’m the youngest of three brothers and sisters therefore it feels very fresh to be called『Onee-sama』」


Michi has elder brothers and sisters…

Both of them belong in the Kouzuki security service…

However, her elder sister is still a high school student and yet…she’s the top on Japan’s Karate wasn’t it?

She’s a famous Karate girl.

「Then, please take care of me in the future! Michi-oneesama!」

Either way…it’s important for Michi to have her『bonds』with us increased.

I think it’s good that Michi and Mana becomes『sisters』

「Once you’re done eating…Kudou-san and Yoshida-kun, could you two go to Kudou-san’s father?」

Margo-san told us.

「I’d like to have a meeting about our escape from here」


「Now that we’ve used the card showing Nei…there’s no choice but to aim for a short decisive battle」

Margo-san said.

「But still…we lack people with combat skills. If possible, I would like to reduce the enemy force」

…Reduce enemy force.

「We’ll escape the school in the afternoon then we’ll all head to Misuzu-san’s presentation. The guards of the distinguished families of Japan would gather there. There’s nothing safer than that place」


「Also…we have no power to act decentralized. If we’re moving then we have to move as a while. In that process…we have to take out the enemies one by one. I’d like to have everything settled by tomorrow morning」

Does that mean…

We’re going to abandon this place and move…

The battlefield would be Kouzuki『Kakka’s』hotel tonight…and we are going to take Cesario Viola’s head?


No…perhaps, Minaho-neesan too…

「Uhm…we’re all moving?」

Mana asks Margo-san.

「That’s right. Everyone’s going. If not we I can’t protect nor make an attack」


We can’t just split into attack and protect groups.

Those who have fighting capabilities among us are…

Margo-san and Michi only.

「With that said…we’re going to bring that person too?」

Mana said『That person』

「Yeah…we’re going to take Yukino-san too of course. It can’t be helped. Until Kouzuki-san’s『reconciliation』with the Shirasaka family ends…Yukino-san is a precious『hostage』…!」

Margo-san answered naturally…


Yukino’s going to move with us too…?!

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