Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 206

「Wow, that’s dirty!」

「She leaked herself!」

The spectators move away from Yukino in panic.

I don’t part from her.

Since I don’t get away…Megu doesn’t as well

「…What will happen to me from now on?」

Yukino mutters as she look up at the sky.

「…Who knows」

I don’t know

「Whenever it is…it is up to Yukino-san」

Minaho-neesan answered.

「But…you have always made the worst choice as always…」

Yukino’s staring up at the sky absentmindedly.

「A really foolish child…there has been a lot of ways to save you before you fall into this point and yet…!」

Minaho-neesan tells Yukino…

「…Is that really the case?」

「That’s right…Yukino」

Megu said coldly.

「Mana who should’ve been disposed the same manner as you has become happy as Yoshida-kun’s『woman』 That girl chose for herself in the end. She chose to come to our side…!」

Yukino…once again looks at the school building…

From each and every window…eyes of curiosity and scorn downpours on Yukino.


「I…I don’t deny that I’m stupid」

She mutters as she look up at the school building.

「But…it’s fine. This. I am myself…!」


「I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not my fault. I was just fooled by the cunning ones…!」

Then…Yukino waved towards the school building…!

With confidence…dignity…!


A cheer come from inside the school building.

Shirasaka Yukino right now is the school’s number one heroine.

All of the students…were watching Yukino raped…

No, the scene where she indulge herself in a lewd sex…

Nobody here doesn’t know Yukino…!

「…I won’t forget this. This view…this frustration」

「…Is it frustrating? Yukino?」

I asked instinctively

「Isn’t that obvious? I was fooled and was made to experience such cruelty…this is frustrating. I will never forgive you people…!」

「…Is it only frustrating?!」

「What do you mean?」

Yukino sent me a glance.


I better not tell Yukino…

Falling into such a situation…she doesn’t think of it as『embarrassing』but only『frustrating』

Even though her figure she never want everyone to see has been seen by all of the students…

Yukno…doesn’t feel 『embarrassed』about it

「You…your world is really centered on yourself…」

To be honest…I think it’s amazing she’s got this far.

「Isn’t that obvious?…It’s my life. I live for my own sake」

In the end…this girl…she’ll look down on people no matter what standpoint she is in.

Believing that she’s special…dominating a high place.

Therefore, even if she feels『frustration』and『hate』from such humiliating experiences…

She won’t feel『embarrassed』it seems.

With the pride that’s too large and her insensitivity to others…growing up into the consciousness that the Shirasaka family is a privileged class…Yukino has grown up to be this shameless woman.

「…I will never forgive you people」

Yukino tells us as she wave her hands towards the school building windows.

「I’ll never forget…I will never forgive you people even if I die…!」

This mental strength…arrogance.

That’s what Shirasaka Yukino is.

「It’s fine and all but…what do you intend to do?」

Minaho-neesan asked Yukino with a smile.

「I won’t do anything…I know that I can’t win against you people in my head. Therefore, I will just keep this frustration in my heart. That’s all I can do right now…!」

Yukino answered with wet eyes.

「I can’t stay in this school anymore…fine. Either way, I will transfer. Any where’s fine…better, I’ll leave Japan and go to an American school! Let’s see…I’ll ask Ichikawa Ojii-sama…!」

Yukino said then smiled.

「…Any place will do as long as you people are not there!」


「I will restart my life to a place where you are not there! Even love…I can redo it! I will become happy in a place without you people. I will show that I definitely can…that is my revenge against you people…!」

Yukino…speaks about a『dream』convenient to herself


Yuzuki Minaho isn’t a naive woman that would let that happen.

「My, Yukino-san…I won’t let you escape you know」

Yukino froze.

「You will stay in this school…Until graduation. You will continue to spend your life here accused of being a perverted nympho woman by the students. When you get pregnant and your stomach grows bigger, let’s have everyone take a look. After that, shall I exhibit your childbirth too? You giving birth before all of the students watching…!」

Yukino turned to Minaho-neesan.

Minaho-neesan’s eyes are cold as usual.

All as usual…

In short…Minaho-neesan’s serious.

「It’s really fun to play with a mentally strong child like you. Your heart won’t break for just most things」

Yukino’s back trembles.

「Rebel against me more! I will be crushing you thoroughly…I look forward to it…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「It’s okay…I will make sure that you won’t go crazy. You won’t be interesting if you break. Let’s have fun for the next three years…!」

Yukino despairs.

「Look…someone came to pick you up」

Minaho-neesan…looks at a car coming from behind the school building.

That’s a black Benz.

What’s in the car is…


Margo-san and Nei-san!?

Why is Nei-san here…?

What would they do if Cesario Viola’s scout finds her?!

Nei-san waved at me through the glass window.

The Benz crossed the ground raising a sand smoke then stopped in front of us…

The door opens up…

Margo-san and Nei-san comes out.

Both of them…are wearing a black leather jacket saying『Kuromori』

It’s the delinquent look at the night city…

No…Nei-san usually wears a skirt, yet…

She’s wearing a perfect fit leather pants right now…

…Boots on her feet.

Her hair is tied up and covered by a hat.

She’s dressed to look like a boy…

「…Shirasaka Yukino, is that you?!」

Margo-san shouts in a loud voice so she can be heard by the spectators from the school.

Margo-san’s wearing sunglasses.

Margo-san who’s blonde and tall, having a good build can be seen as Yakuza from far sight.

「We came here from the request of boss Kanemoto from Kansai Tatejima Union, we came here to take you. You do know that your father has a lot of debt with boss Kanemoto don’t you?!」

The students are shaken by what Margo-san said.

「…Speaking of which, that appeared in the television too」

「…So it’s true that Shirasaka Sousuke’s related to the gangsters」

「…Borrowing money from the gangsters and he goes wild merrymaking」

「…He can’t repay that money so he ran away to Australia didn’t he?」

「…No, from the rumors I heard over the internet, he ran away with the gang’s money?」

Anyway…it seems that the relationship of Shirasaka Sousuke and the gangsters is totally known by the public.

「You will pay your father’s debts with your body! Shirasaka Yukino, you’ll be a high school prostitute!」

The spectators spring out from what Margo-san said.

「…A high school prostitute!」


「…Can I fuck her if I pay enough?」

Hearing the spectators…Margo-san

「This one will earn from rich old men! She can’t be cheap that can be sold to high school students!」

Margo-san goes in front of Yukino…

Then she takes off Yukino’s bath towel…!


The remnants of the white blouse Endou torn to pieces was also pulled by force.

Yukino’s naked upper body is exposed to the people.

Margo-san holds down Yukino’s back strongly.

That’s when Nei-san comes in

「…Okay, there you go!」

She pasted a big tag on Yukino’s naked back.

What’s written on the note…

…『Foreclosure items』

「Listen! This girl is a security for the loan! You don’t touch her! Those who try to make a move on her even on secret would be beaten up! That’s not all…it would include your friends and family, remember that!」

Margo-san threatens the students!

…That’s where.

Yamaguchi, the physical education teacher comes…

「You, weren’t you the international student who graduated last year?! That other one’s second year, Natou…?! Just what on earth are you doing?! Huh!?」

Yamaguchi…he’s been on the best four on the national Judo convention during his school days so she knows the delinquents of the school.

With his gigantic figure…he’s supposed to be the toughest guy in the school.

「Oh…speaking of which, she is!」

「It’s the delinquent seniors!」

「Idiot, both of them are beyond delinquent level」

「…They’re very heinous」

「There’s a rumor of them hunting hoodlums in the town, right?」

「I’ve seen it…they beat up real Yakuza」

As expected…Margo-san and Nei-san’s combination has a well known bad reputation

「As usual…what an annoying teacher」

MArgo-san clenches her fist and steps in front of Yamaguchi


When Yamaguchi responded…it was already over


Yamaguchi’s big body danced in the air and dropped to the ground.


In just one attack…the gigantic figure of the PE teacher was blown off and fainted…

It became a scene to the surroundings…

「You see…I’m working underground…!」

Margo-san laughs.

「Is there anyone here who want to fight the people from the underground society?!」

Nobody’s responding.

「Then…we’ll be taking Shirasaka Yukino! No complaints!」


There should be none.

「From today onwards…this girl is our『goods』 Those who try to get involved with her don’t have a guarantee with their lives…!!!」

「…Hey, get in the car!」

Nei-san pushes the half-naked Yukino on the back seat of the Benz.

Then, she gets inside the car herself…

「With that said…Shirasaka Yukino’s an untouchable…!」

Then, the Benz starts again

「…We’ll be recovering Yukino-san from the parking lot for the faculty so don’t worry」

Minaho-neesan whispered to me.

「Is it okay to use the secret garage? Nei-san also went out of the surface…?」

When I asked, Minaho-neesan…

「It’s about time for the tide to change…!」


「When you shut yourself up, they’ll only get behind your back…it’s about time we make a different response and take advantage against Viola…」

Minaho-neesan seems to be thinking of something…

Then…I just have to leave it to her and trust.

「…Return to the classroom with Megumi for now. I will handle the staff meeting. We’ll be ending the morning class with this…」

Minaho-neesan said then went back to the school alone.

I look up at the school building once again.

There are still a lot f students gathered in the window.

Everyone’s looking at the Benz going away.

Yukino’s right there now…

「Let’s go, Yoshi-kun」

Megu gives her hand to me.


I hold Megu’s hand.

We walk towards the school building.




「Sorry for various things」

Somehow…I can’t come up with what to say

「I’m the one who should be sorry…」


「Minaho-san…she really knows about Yoshi-kun. No, it’s not just Minaho-san…Katsuko-neesan and Margo-san too understands Yoshi-kun. They know so they can calmly watch over you」


It seems that she doesn’t have the composure to have the confidence.

「Well you see…everyone’s smarter than me…I’m a simple man after all」

I answered.

「Everyone can guess how I will act. Those ladies you see…」

「Un, you’re right…I had to know that Yoshi-kun would never turn a blind eye at Endou-kun beating up Yukino」

Megu said sadly.

「I thought I wanted Yoshi-kun to act as I wanted. I’ve been spoiled. I think it’s arrogant…Yoshi-kun is Yoshi-kun after all. Yoshi-kun will always act like himself. I liked you because of that and yet…I’m so stupid…」


「But…Megu is just being worried about me as Megu? Then, there’s no helping it」

「I…in the end, I was just thinking about my own self…!」

「…I wonder? Megu’s worry is all our worry. Megu wants to stay with me forever…that’s why, right?」


「It’s fine if you think that you are wrong, we can fix that. We’ll always be together so let’s take time and get to know each other little by little」

「I…is it okay to be beside Yoshi-kun…?」

Megu’s still worried nonetheless…

「…There’s nothing good or bad about it. We’re together」

I answered in imperative…

「Megu will be with me forever…if Megu’s not with me then I would be troubles. It would be sad. I need Megu. Therefore, stay by my side…!」

I embraced Megu.

Megu snuggled close tome.

「…Yes, dear」

Megu replied happily.


As expected, this is the right answer…

People…each of them have a different way of getting along.

For Megu…she’s not confident with her relationship with me.

Therefore, she worry immediately.

Even though there’s no problem between is…she’ll fall uneasy by herself.

As a result…this early morning sexual addiction symptoms…

Her excessive fear to Yukino…

Then…I’ll just become slightly more aggressive and pull Megu…

When Megu’s lost and depressed…then I have to pull her forcibly.

Perhaps…in a commanding tone too.

I’ll have that kind of relationship with Megu…

「…Yoshi-kun, what are you thinking?」

Megu peeks into my face.

「…About Yukino?」

I pull Megu in the shadow of the shoebox and kiss her forcibly…

「…I’m with Megu. I’m only thinking about Megu」

「…I’m glad even if that’s a lie」

I rub Megu’s tight ass.

「It’s not a lie…kiss me, Megu」


「I want Megu to kiss me」


We overlap our lips again…

「…I’m very glad, Yoshi-kun」


「Yoshi-kun’s the one who asked for it」

We embraced each other

「So stupid…Megu just approaches too close before I would even want something」

「Right…recently I’ve been coming too close to Yoshi-kun a bit too much」

「Even I would ask for Megu once I wanted you」

「Un…anytime. Just say it when you want me…!」

We hide ourselves in the shadow of the shoeboxes for a while

Embracing and kissing each other…

◇ ◇ ◇

Now then, when we come back to the classroom…it would be a big fuss.

Self-study lesson.

The teachers are in an urgent staff meeting.

Everyone’s excited on the talk about Endou and Yukino.

Fortunately…Megu who’s Yukino’s relative and the fiance, me…were left alone.

It’s been told this morning that Megu and Yukino are unrelated…

Therefore…nobody tried to talk to us.

Everyone’s excited among themselves.

Tanaka and others left us alone too.

Megu and I held hands and stayed in the corner of the classroom.

Silent all the time…

Sometimes, Megu smiles.

Holding hands was just enough.

We had the『bond』

After that…there was an explanation broadcast from the principal to all of the students.

It was Minaho-neesan’s instructions…

Endou and Yukino’s case became a malicious prank.

In short…that was just a rape play in between lovers and that was broadcasted to the whole school…it wasn’t really a rape.

「Hey, there’s no way that’s the case…Shirasaka was beaten up seriously」

One of the schoolboys said so.

「Un…Yesterday, everyone was watching Shirasaka ignore Endou in the baseball club ground…!」

「Endou had a grudge on it and that’s why he hit Shirasaka I guess…」

「By the way…Yukino-chan was feeling goof that she was moaning halfway…」

「That’s what they call a nympho」

「Could it be that she’s done it with Endou before?」

「No, Endou was a virgin…there’s no mistake there since he declared it on the welcome party of the new members on baseball club」

「With that said…Yukino-chan has been trained by her perverted father is a much more credible thought」

「I think so too…Shirasaka Sousuke,

There’s no way he won’t make a move on his daughters」

「No matter how you think abou it that should be the case」

「Shirasaka…that fellatio was great」

「Yeah, as if she’s an AV actress」

「Showing that kind of technique to a classmate…that’s unbearable」

「Idiot, don’t make a move on Yukino-chan. Isn’t she already a source of money for the Yakuza…?」

「…High school prostitute?」

「She’d be selling high on those rich fat oily men」

「Don’t make a move on Yakuza’s goods…」

The principal’s broadcast continues in the middle of that conversation…

For the time being…Endou and Yukino would be put on an indefinite suspension by the school.

『Either way…this cast isn’t a big crime. It is very vulgar and nasty prank but we think that this event shouldn’t be reported to the police』

The principal said but…

「Well…I get that they don’t want to make this a police case but…」

「Time is time after all」

「It won’t be ending well if the activities of the athletics club would be self-controlled with this…」

The principal’s judgement on not making a call on the police was mostly accepted.

『Endou-kun and Shirasaka-san who caused this accident…everyone, as you know, their houses are attracting the attention of the media. They’ve been unstable in such circumstances that they have gone and made such a ridiculous mischief… Everyone, please understand that』

「…You say that but」

「What about the guy who said that they would sell Shirasaka’s lewd photos to the press?」

「No…they just took the photo from the screen right? That’s too bad that they won’t use it」

「Un…there’s already those who are uploading over the internet but…」

「What’s the net’s reaction?」

「…There are a lot of people who are saying that it’s a『fake up』」

「Well of course. Nobody would believe at someone saying『the daughter being raped is broadcasted live in front of the students』just in time the father is being reported」

「How about the photos in the corridor after the rape?」

「That’s bad…it’s too good to be true. There’s semen on her face too」

「Un…They would just reply『Isn’t this just an AV actress?!』」

「They can’t see that as a first year high school girl no matter how you look at it」

「Well, unless you saw the live broadcast like us…you’d normally think of it as a faked information」

For the time being…it seems that the event of Yukino being raped in school won’t be spread to the world.

It’ll be kept as a rumor at most.

「Or rather…that video’s not left on the broadcasting room?」

「No way that would be? If he have recorded that then Endou would be a real idiot」

「No, Endou’s a genuine idiot you know?」

「Well…if ever it was recorded…the school is already collecting it」

「The 『emergency broadcast room』is connected to the『broadcast room』isn’t it?」

「They are but there’s no such recording system. It’s a broadcast room where the principal gives evacuation orders during disasters after all」

「…I see」

Minaho-neesan…she perhaps have taken a video.

In case Endou’s house sue the school…

She surely recorded Endou beating up Yukino…

…Speaking of which

What happened to Endou?

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