Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 205

Suddenly, the door connected to the principal’s office opened.

Minaho-neesan shows up

「Okay, that’s all…broadcast end!」

I put down the camera I’m holding on top of the desk


The half-naked Yukino with her upper body covered in semen asked Minaho-neesan.

Her face is still senile from the afterglow of sex.

「Your sex just now was broadcasted live in the school」

Minaho-neesan laughs

Yukino still doesn’t get it.

「You see…this is the『emergency broadcast room』for when a disaster strikes the school In short…the video being shot by that camera is being delivered to every room in the school…


Yukino’s startled…!

「Congratulations Yukino-san…! Everyone has seen your naked body, sex, and even the face when you cum by everyone. The students and staff of this school…!」

「T-That’s a lie?!」

…Yukino’s body starts to tremble

「There’s no way I’m lying you know? Remember what I have done to you until now…!」

Minaho-neesan is laughing.

Yukino’s complexion turned pale.

「Furthermore…in the broadcasted video, Endou-kun’s the one supposed to be raping you. Therefore…you lost to pleasure in the middle of the rape, you’ve become a miserable, unbecoming, the worst perverted woman. Those would be the only eyes that look at you in this school…」

I feel people are gathering outside the corridor.

『Hey, it’s here』

『Isn’t it the broadcast room?』

『No, it’s different from the broadcast room』

『Ah…the teachers are here!』

『It’s here as expected!』

『Dammit, they’re fucking inside!』

I hear the voices of the people.

『Hey you people…we’re in the middle of class! Go back to your classrooms!』

The male teacher’s angry voice can be heard…

『What are you saying!…After seeing that much, there’s no way you can study quietly!』

『That’s right!』

I can hear the voices of the schoolboys too…

「…Since Yukino-san’s sex video has been cut off…the male students gather even more. Also…there’s seems to be quite a number of boys who ran to the toilet holding down their crotch…!」

So there are guys who wasn’t able to hold back from Yukino’s gasps?

「Isn’t that great, Yukino-san…starting today, you’re the Sex Queen of this school!」

Minaho-neesan laughed happily.l

Yukino’s trembling in despair.

「…Megumi, come here」

Minaho-neesan calls Megu.

Megu appeared on the doorway.

She’s crying?

「…Minaho-san, I」

…Why are you crying,


「…Why does this have to happen…!」

Was it that painful…

For Yukino and I to have sex?…

Is it sad…

「Megumi, Yoshida-kun…I’ve got to talk to you」

Megu looks up.

…I also look at Minaho-neesan.

「I was a prostitute but, I went to management afterwards didn’t I? Therefore I saw a lot of men」

…Minaho-neesan begins to speak calmly.

「The customers of『Kuromori』…it’s not always someone like Kouzuki-sama who play moderately. The customers who go crazy on the mansion’s『women』and fall into ruins aren’t that few…!」

Go crazy and fall to ruin?

「Getting crazy on the 20s or 30s, younger women…there were a lot of men who lost their wealth and social statuses. Found out by their wife and children…insulated, and now live in small apartments. …Without status and money, they can’t come to the mansion as a customer…those are men who really became alone in their lives」

『Kuromori』…has made a lot of men unhappy…

「I don’t feel sorry for those people. I am a manager of a prostitution ring…and we offer prostitutes to customers. How they associate with us is depending on the customer…we cannot interfere with that. Even if we know that their ruin…we never put a brake on the guest’s mind. That’s just a kill-joy you know. We are selling『dream time』to our customers. We cannot bring our customers back to reality…!」

Minaho-neesan’s looking at Megu and I with a serious eye…

「It’s a common pattern for a guest to be too addicted to a prostitute and be in ruins…men sometimes get obsessed with a woman he can’t ever understand, he can’t ever love…!」

A woman you can never understand and a woman that won’t love…

That’s what Yukino is to me.

「A far younger woman who’s way of thinking, and sense of values are entirely different makes men on their good years fall in love. In severe cases, they haven’t even made their first conversation. In the first place, the minds don’t connect. They don’t understand each other… And yet…by piling up their skins, the adult man gets addicted to the young prostitute girl…then he goes crazy. He’ll throw both his work and family…then spend all his time in the mansion…!」

Un…that thing’s true.

I can somehow understand.

「Those men…they know that the girl doesn’t love him, and she will never turn to him. Even knowing that there’s nothing but a dark future…he’ll still throw away everything and keep chasing the girl rushing to ruin」

Minaho-neesan looks at Megu.

「Megu…understand that there are men like that as well」


「But you see…it’s not determined that the man who falls for a prostitute is lead to ruin. There are men who notices the importance of his own family and escapes from the temptation of the prostitute. On the contrary…there are wife and children who sometimes regain their husband and father from a prostitute from desperate thought. Both had the『Ties of family』therefore…they come back to their『real house』…!」

…『Ties of family』

「Therefore…Megumi…think that Yoshida-kun’s got no choice but to be addicted to a woman like Yukino-san. Then…but still, if you don’t want Yoshida-kun to be taken away by Yukino-san…make an effort to make a『family ties』 You must not just cling to Yoshida-kun in this situation. If you’re only a burden to him…Yoshida-kun will go to Yukino-san more and more. …Not to the『reality』but to the『dream woman』」

Megu nods slightly.

「And, Yoshida-kun…it’s a good thing that you’re leaving yourself to your own desires. Reveal your desires even more. Play with various more women. But…if you don’t want to make your『family』cry, then see through at the critical moment」

…Critical moment.

「No matter how much you play…don’t go to a point where you get too addicted that you can’t get away from it. …Do you want to make Megumi cry again?」

I look at Megu.

Her eyes are swelling from tears.

「No…I don’t want Megu to cry anymore」

「This time…it’s Megumi’s fault for crying. Your other『women』…Katsuko, Nagisa, Misuzu-san, they won’t cry from you having sex with Yukino-san. Mana-san…she’ll be in bad mood but she won’t cry. Everyone understands. That doing it with Yukino-san is only a『play』for you. That you don’t seriously『love』her like themselves. No matter how many times you have sex with Yukino-san…they believe that Yoshida-kun would be coming back to his『family』properly…they have confidence that if something happens, they will be able to take back Yoshida-kun even by force. That’s why they’re fine. Rather, everyone thinks that you should be able to play more…!」


「Megumi…become stronger. Polish yourself even more. You’re the one with the weakest mind among Yoshida-kun’s『women』…!」




Megu comes before me and kneels.

「…Thanks for the hard work. I’ll clean this up」

Megu takes out a white handkerchief and wipes my penis.

「Now…let’s close this down」

Then…she raised my underwear and let me put on my pants.

She clings to my feet tight…

「Sorry…let me do this just for a while. I will surely become stronger…I’ll become a strong girl so…!」


「Sorry…I’ll treasure you. I will treasure Megu」

「No. Yoshi-kun always treasures me. …Minaho-san is correct, I am weak. I…!」

Megu’s determined.

「I won’t be jealous of Yukino anymore. I won’t be afraid of Yukino. Because…I am Yoshi-kun’s『woman』after all!」

I pat Megu’s head.

Megu smiled happily to me.

Yukino’s looking at that spectacle with a stupid face.

「…Now then, shall we clean up?」

Minaho-neesan told me.

「Un…what to do?」

「There’s a wagon over there, isn’t there?…Could you place Endou-kun there facing upward?」

I pull the fainted Endou and put him on it.

「Now then…」

Minaho-neesan puts on a thick toilet cleaning gloves and head towards Endou.

「This is strange if the rapist looks like this you know?」

Minaho-neesan removed Endou’s pants and exposed his penis.

「Ufufu, the stimulant and aphrodisiac is working」

Endou’s penis is still erect even if he’s fainted.

「Now then…it’s been a while」

Minaho-neesan strokes the penis on top of the gloved hands.

It spews semen in no time

「We’ve got a proof of rape with this…」

The semen’s hanging down…yet Endou’s penis is still erect because of the medicine.

「Okay…Endou-kun’s prepared now」

Following…she lifts the nearby vase…

「Yoshida-kun and Megumi, go back to the principal’s office…」

「Ah, okay」

Megu and I go back…

Looking from the doorway…

Minaho-neesan smashed the vase against Endou’s head!


The vase broke hitting Endou’s head!!!

『Hey…What! What’s that sound?!!』

It seems that the sound was heard even outside the corridor.

「Well then…Yukino-san, wait for a while here. We’ll be coming to pick you up soon」


Leaving Yukino who’s shaking from fear…Minaho-neesan goes back to the principal’s office.

Then, she closes the door.

「…I will be responding to the people outside. Megumi, bring the bath towel over there. Yoshida-kun, stay by my side and do according to what I say」

Minaho-neesan instructed us.

Then…this time…she heads outside the principal’s office to the corridor…

『Dammit…what’s going inside this time?』

『Could it be that they’re still fucking?』

『Hey…the key to this room is still not found yet?!』

The male teachers and students are making a noise outside the corridor.

…That’s where.

Minaho-neesan opens the door to the principal’s office!

「…I have the key here!」

Everyone’s gaze gather at Minaho-neesan who suddenly appeared…!


「There’s a spare key in the principal’s office…!」

Why was she in the principal’s office…they wonder.

Why does she know that there’s a key in the principal’s office…?

Minaho-neesan’s calm attitude has overwhelmed the people around.

「…I’ll open the door, make way」


The middle aged teacher in front of the emergency broadcast room yields the place to Minaho-neesan.

Minaho-neesan puts in the key to the keyhole.

Then the lock opens up.

Cheers of「Oooh!」rose from behind.

MInaho-neesan opened the door.

Inside the room is Endou with the fragments of the vase on his head…

The half-naked Yukino’s on the far end.

Semen’s dripping on Yukino’s face…

Her breasts are exposed.


Noticing the eyes of the schoolboys and male teachers beyond the door…Yukino screams!

「Don’t enter boys! Yamamine-san…bath towel!」


Only Minaho-neesan and Megu comes in the『Emergency broadcast room』

Yukino tries to hide her body with the bath towel handed by Megu but the bath towel is too small.

It only hides from her chest to the butt…

「She struck him with the vase on his head to protect herself. That’s why he fainted…!」

Minaho-neesan explains the situation to everyone like a great detective…!1

「It’s lucky that he fell on the cart…Yoshida-kun, could you please carry Endou-kun using this cart?」

Endou’s lying face up with his lower half exposed.

His penis has semen clinging to it and is erect.

「Y-Yuzuki-sensei…just like this?」

The male teacher asks…

「His head has been hit hard. I think that it would be better to carry him in this cart, however…!

The male teacher shudders from Minaho-neesan’s strong eyes.

「…W-Well, if Yuzuki-sensei says so」

「Shirasaka-san will come with me too…I’ll bring her to the hospital with my car」

Minaho-neesan insists strongly.

「Eh…what about the police? Shouldn’t we call an ambulance…?!」

Asked by the middle aged teacher…Minaho-neesan…!

「What do you think would be the future of this child if the world knows this! This girl is Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter!」

The students reacted to what was said!

「As expected, she is!」

「Wait, what?!」

「The one that was raped…she was Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter!」

「Wasn’t she just moaning, enjoying every moment!」

「A daughter of a pervert is also a pervert!」

「Could it be that she’s been exploited by her father?」

「Hey, let everyone know!」

It has completely turned to a『festival』

「Y-You’re right…Yuzuki-sensei. If this case gets known by the media, it’ll involve the honor of the school…!」

「Now that you know, please open up the way…!」

I push the cart and head the corridor carrying Endou.

「Wow…he fainted?」

「It seems that Shirasaka’s daughter beat him with a vase」

「Oh, so that’s why…!」

「Hey…his dick’s rolled out」

「Uwa…it’s smeared with semen, dirty…!」

Meanwhile…Minaho-neesan goes to Yukino at the far back…〜

「Now…let’s go, Yukino-san」


Yukino’s completely scared.

「Then, want to stay in this room? If I leave this room open then the male students and teachers would just gather one after another you know?」


「U-Understood. Please take me」

Yukino stands up.

「Oh, she’s coming out!」

「Wow, there’s semen on her face you know?!」

「Look at her thighs…isn’t that dripping wet?」

「That’s semen and love nectar?」

「Amaziiiing, they went out a lot」

Yukino heads outside to the corridor exposed to the men’s curiosity…

After all, the bath towel is too small that it can only hide Yukino’s half-naked body.

The semen splattered on her chest and on her thighs…

Everything’s exposed.

「That sperm…it was in there wasn’t it?」

The boy’s glance goes from Endou’s exposed erect penis to Yukino’s crotch.

Rapist and the raped girl…they’re exhibited side by side.

Actually…the semen on Yukino’s body is mine.

The one inside Yukino too…

But…the spectators don’t know that truth.

「Now…let’s go. Let’s proceed slowly so it won’t shock Endou-kun’s head」

Then…Yukino’s shameful parade starts.


I slowly push Endou’s cart and walk the corridor…

On the side…Minaho-neesan holding Yukino’s back as they walk.

Megu’s on Yukino’s side too.

From the spectators viewpoint, Minaho-neesan is protecting Yukino…

Actually…Yukino’s being threatened by Minaho-neesan.

No…Yukino can’t help but rely on Minaho-neesan or Megu in the current situation where she’s surrounded by the onlookers and perverted eyes.

Minaho-neesan goes around the school building on purpose.

As we approach the classroom…there are a lot of students who were watching Yukino from inside.

The boys with their vulgar eyes…

The girls with contemptuous eyes…

They’re looking at Endou and Yukino.

All of the students watched Yukino raped.

Even though she’s violated, halfway, she was pleased and looked like a nympho.

The person herself is parading through the school building…

「…What’s wrong, Yukino-san? Stick out your chest more. You’re now the number 1 celebrity of this school…!」

Minaho-neesan whispers in Yukino’s ears.


She’s walking, trembling…with a frightened face.

But…I noticed it.

A new one drips down from Yukino’s thighs.

Yukino…she’s aroused.

Her love nectar overflows even during this shameful parade…

◇ ◇ ◇

We head to the first floor with the elevator for the baggage.

Only Endou-on-cart, I…Yukino, Minaho-neesan and Megu are riding the escalator.

「Hey, hurry down!」

「First floor! First floor!」

The observers hurry down the stairs.

At the moment the door closes…

Minaho-neesan speaks to Yukino.

「How is it? Doesn’t it feel good for the perverted and lewd Yukino-san that everyone pays attention to her?」

「…This isn’t real. This is a lie…」

「Sadly…this is reality. You have no choice but to live as a perverted girl…Yukino-san」

Yukino glared at Minaho-neesan.

「…Yukino-san. When I give you my cue, pee in front of everyone」


「No way…I can’t…!」

「It doesn’t matter if we abandon you here. Won’t those bloodshot boys gang rape you…?」


「If I pat your back twice…you will pee on the spot. Okay?…」

Before Yukino can respond…

The elevator arrived on the first floor and the door opens.

Getting outside the door…it was filled with spectators again.

Minaho-neesan noticed one female teacher in the corridor.

「Izuyama-sensei…please come!」

If I recall…it’s a new teacher who just left the music college.

The female teacher with long hair and white dress comes here.

「Yes, Yuzuki-sensei…kyaa!」

Izuyama-sensei looks at Endou’s erect penis and raised a surprised voice.

「Izuyama-sensei, sorry but could you bring this boy to the infirmary」

Minaho-neesan said.

「B-But…isn’t this boy’s penis bare exposed?!」

Izuyama-sensei said with a blushing face.

Since she went to a music college…she should be quite the young lady too.

「It seems that his head has been hit strongly so please carry him as is. I have to take this girl to the hospital」

Minaho-neesan pushes Endou to this ojou-sama teacher on purpose…

Is it sexual harassment or power harassment.

The onlookers are grinning and having fun


Izuyama-sensei’s hesitating.

「Then, hide his crotch with this?」

Minaho-neesan hands a small hand towel to Izuyama-sensei


Izuyama-sensei spreads the tower and tried to hide Endou’s erection…

The hand towel is too small that the erect penis can’t be hidden


Izuyama-sensei repeatedly slides the fabric of the towel over the penis…!


Endou’s penis ejaculated again!


The semen drips on Izuyama-sensei’s dress

「This is…noooo!!!」

Izuyama-sensei breaks into tears.

The spectators cheered when they saw that!

「Then, Izuyama-sensei…I’ll leave this child to you」

Minaho-neesan smiles


A male teacher coming from the second floor speaks to Izuyama-sensei who’s confused.

「Izuyama-sensei…we will carry him」

「Yuzuki-sensei…we should just put this guy in the infirmary, right?」

I can tell the ranking among the faculty from this situation.

The staff and the teachers understand that Minaho-neesan’s the ruler of this school.

Therefore…they all ask Minaho-neesan for instructions.

「Please get Saito-sensei a medical examination. If ever there’s a problem then call for an ambulance…!」

「…There’s no need to call for the police, is there?」

The spectators quiet down when the teacher asked that.


「Endou-kun and Shirasaka-san are dating. It’s unknown how far they would play as a lovers…both of the students have their parents causing an incident in the society, you do know that don’t you, Sensei?」

「…That is, yes」

Minaho-neesan looks at Yukino.

Then, she pats her back once.

「Shirasaka-san…were you raped by Endou-kun?」


「No…I wasn’t raped by Kenji」

…That’s right

I’m the one who raped Yukino.

「It seems to be rape play. A quite elaborate mischief. A lewd and vulgar one…and halfway, this girl hit his head with something」

Minaho-neesan declared.


「There’s no way we can call the police to this sacred school for such a foolish thing. It’s about time for the athletics club tournament soon…isn’t it pitiful for the students to have their participation refused?…」

「That’s right!」

「We’re unrelated to this!」

「Yeah, we were just forced to watch that sex video. Rather, we’re the victims here!」

The spectators heat up…!

「Therefore…if in case Endou-kun needed for an ambulance, say that he bumped his head during the lesson. Please try to get matter of the schoolgirl secluded in the broadcast room and having a sexual intercourse from being leaked outside…!」


Minaho-neesan looks at Izuyama-sensei

「Endou-kun’s penis, it’s Izuyama-sensei’s responsibility on putting it inside his pants! Okay?」

「Eh…eh, eeh!!!」

Ignoring the flustered Izuyama-sensei…we head to the entrance.

We left Endou’s cart too.

Then…we get out of the school building…

「Hey…it’s her, it’s her!」

「Really, the girl from the TV from a while ago」

「…Was she seriously raped?」

「No matter how you look at it, didn’t she feel it in the end?」

「Or rather, didn’t she cum!?」

The students are looking at Yukino’s face from the windows of the school building.

The boys…the girls…

From each and every window…they send Yukino a glance of contempt

Yukino…she’s walking, looking down with her pale face.

「You can’t…Yukino-san Look up…!」

Minaho-neesan ordered her…Yukino raises her face.


Yukino’s afraid.

From first to third floor…an unbelievable amount of eyes look down on Yukino.

「…She’s a pervert」

「…She’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter isn’t she?」

「…She’s beyond saving」

「…That was a creampie」

「…She even fellated herself」

「…Yeah, she was drinking with a lewd face」

「…Could it be that she never gets embarrassed from it?」

「…She should be」

「…But, what would she do after this?」

「…No choice but to die?」

「…The whole student body saw her embarrassing thing after all」

「…She did well surviving」

Contempt, Malice…eyes of mockery.

Hundreds of cold eyes slow Yukino’s heart…!

Yukino looks up at the school building and trembles.

「Okay…now, Shirasaka-san」

Minaho-neesan pats Yukino’s back twice…



She leaked out while looking up at the school building…!

1. A pancake loving detective ↩

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