Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 1457

Chapter 1457

「 I’ll take them to the bathroom 」

Anya speaks, putting on her bathrobe and looking at the girl assassins.

There are 11 of them in the room so it’s better to have them go to the main bathroom rather than the one attached to this bedroom.

「 You look after the two of them, they’re your pets now so keep the difference between them 」

This time, she looks at Clito and Ososo.

Yeah. I’ll wash my pets.

「 I’ll go with them 」

Tsukiko said.

Anya has physically conquered the girl assassins with force.

Tsukiko prevents the girls from going out of control with her mental power.

That’s good, but…

Will Clito and Ososo be okay with me?

「 I don’t think you need to worry about it 」

Tsukiko read my thoughts and said.

「 Nei-san won’t just leave it alone 」

Right, Nei’s watching us from the cameras at this very moment.

The piano music still continues from the speakers.

『 That’s right, Nei-oneechan doesn’t cut corners! Kufufu 』

Nei’s voice comes from the hidden speakers in the ceiling, and then I hear a knock on the door.

「 I’ll open it 」

Anya goes to the door.

The door to the room is locked to prevent the girl assassins from leaving the room in the middle of the night.

Shou-neechan, Rei-chan, Motoko, Kurumi, Sakurako, and the girls left the room this morning, so they unlock the room, once outside, they lock it back.

They can’t be elites of Kouzuki SS without that caution.

Anya’s joined our family, and she’s familiar with our mansion’s system.

She opens the door by unlocking the fingerprint and pin number on the door.


「 Kudou Michi has arrived. 」

Michi has the same expressionless face as always.

Michi’s already dressed in her school uniform.


「 Good Morning! Onii-chan! 」

「 Good Morning! 」

Mana’s in good spirits this morning, and Megu looks scared of the girl assassins. The two of them are still wearing pajamas.


「 Excuse me, good Morning! 」

「 I’m here to wash your back, Danna-sama 」

In comes Misuzu, and Haiji, who looks sharp as the bodyguard.

Haiji’s also dressed in her school uniform, just like Michi.

Misuzu’s wearing a yukata.

「 !! 」

Michi releases strong qi as soon as she enters the room.

The girl assassins immediately rose and froze to one side of the room.

They feel Michi’s strength on their skin.

Michi gets Misuzu to the empty space.

Furthermore, Haiji’s guarding them.

「 You don’t have to be that cautious, these girls are fine 」

Anya smiled.

「 Yesterday and the other day, he did quite the deboning for them 」

Showing the girl assassins that there’s a life other than assassination.

I did a lot to make the girls think that way.

Even in sex, they shared the sensation and guide them to want it themselves.

Especially in sex.

Most of the girl assassins were born in the prostitution caves of Southeast Asia.

They likely think of sex as something as accepting a man’s desire to receive money.

They’re that kind of girl, so I don’t want them to make the mistake of thinking that the price of being here is to have sex with me.

In our family, sex isn’t an obligation, nor a right.

Having sex with me and having my child in the future is the minimum requirement to join the family.

I want to show them and make them feel that everyone’s having fun with sex.

In that sense, I think the sex tour the other day and last night went well.

「 But, I think it’s about time we get him out of their sight 」

Anya’s right, the good morning contest earlier had brought the girl assassins closer to me.

Even when Michi’s present, they look at me more than they look at Michi.

Anya said something in French.

The girl assassins nodded to Anya.

「 I told the girls to wash their bodies. He doesn’t like stinky people. You don’t want to be hated, do you? 」

Anya smiled.

But, Anne Roze says something and points at Clito and Ososo.

Anya immediately answered and shut up Anne Roze.

「 She said that it’s not fair that the two of them are staying behind, then I retorted that it’s her fault for not raising her hand sooner 」

When I asked who else wants to be my pet after I took in Clito, Anne Roze…

She hesitated, and so Ososo got the spot.

It’s Anne Roze’s fault for failing to raise her hand before Ososo.

She should regret it for a while.

「 Okay. We’re switching 」

Anya told Michi.

It means taking over my security.

「 I’ll take care of the rest 」

Michi greeted Anya.

「 Then, I should too 」

Tsukiko also left with Anya.

「 Yeah, thanks. Anya, Tsukiko. Sorry that you have to do a lot of stuff 」

Both of them helped out in group sex last night.

Despite that, I haven’t done it with Anya and Tsukiko.

If they had sex, they won’t be able to do their job as the coordinator.

Anya and Tsukiko looked at each other after hearing me and laughed.

「 Kou-sama, you seem to be misunderstanding something 」

「 Yes, we started our mornings happy 」

「 Anya-san and I slept with Kou-sama… 」

「 I know that men can’t get satisfied unless they put it in and ejaculate, but women can be satisfied with just skinship 」

「 Yes, we’re satisfied 」

They smiled.

「 Ah, I’m sorry that for a lot 」

Arisu who had been quiet all this time, bows to Anya and Tsukiko.

I guess she was embarrassed from climaxing so hard last night.

「 Arisu-san, you can depend on Kou-sama more. 」

「 Yes. You’re our little sister, so get spoiled. If you go too far, then we’ll just scold you, you’ve been holding yourself back too much lately 」

Tsukiko and Anya said.

「 But, Motoko-sama and others left Arisu-san here instead of waking her up 」

Tsukiko’s right, when I woke up, only Arisu and the girl assassins were sleeping.

Shou-neechan, Rei-chan, Motoko, Kurumi, and Sakurako have already left.

Anya and Tsukiko were already awake.

「 You should also join and wash him. Oh wait, you can’t, they’re the ones on the schedule 」

Anya smiled, looking at Michi, Mana, Megu, Misuzu, and Haiji.

「 That’s right, so we’re swapping!

Mana jokingly said.

「 Yes, we’ll do that. Let’s disperse. 」 Later! 」

「 Excuse us 」

Anya and Tsukiko brought the girl assassins and left.

I noticed that the piano music also stopped.

Marika and Maki’s training finished.

I have to hurry.

Marika and the girls have school today.

Their high school is about an hour’s drive from the mansion.

We have to leave sooner than the other girls.

They can’t just leave without seeing me first.

I also want to check on Maki and Izumi’s mental state.

「 Okay, let’s go to the shower room 」

I got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom, still naked.

Together with the naked Arisu, and Clito and Ososo from behind.

「 Ah, wait, I’ll prepare the bath first 」

「 Mana will help out 」

Megu and Mana run into the bathroom before us.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Master, tell them to remove their collars when taking a bath 」

Michi told me.

Oh yeah, Clito and Ososo had their collars attached, despite being naked.

We shouldn’t get their leather collars wet.

「 Michi, tell them, they can’t understand me 」

I can only speak in Japanese.

Clito and Ososo speak in French with a Southeast Asian accent.

They could probably speak another language like Chiyo, but it’s not Japanese.

Unlike Chiyo who had one or both parents as Japanese, Clito’s Persian, and Ososo is African

There’s no evidence or past exposure to Japanese culture.

「 Okay. Master has to speak first then I’ll translate for them. It’s important to keep that relationship 」

Michi speaks of that relationship.

Meaning, owner and pet.

Should I thoroughly remind them that the orders are coming from me?

「 Clito, Ososo 」

The two looked at me as soon as I called them.

「 Take off your collars when taking a shower. Collar. Off. You don’t want hot water splashed on it. That’s why you should take it off 」

Michi translates.

Ososo nods first and then she looked at Clito.

Clito also nods.

They seem to have understood.

They bring their necks to me.


So I have to take it off too.

「 Oh? I’m jealous 」

Misuzu looks from the side and said.

「 Misuzu, you should bring your collar too. Let’s have a party wearing collars tonight once we get back home 」

I suggested.

Apart from Misuzu, some girls have their collars.

「 That’s delightful, but maybe not tonight 」

Misuzu says while taking off her yukata.

「 We might go home late after the Mizushima house’s case 」

Oh right, we’re going to the Mizushima house tonight.

This is a case of Karen, of the main house, getting bullied by the girls from the branch families.

「 Right. Then tomorrow night 」

I say that while taking off Clito and Ososo’s collars, and putting them on the basket in the dressing room.

「 Michi and Haiji, are you not going in? 」

Apart from Misuzu, Megu and Mana also got naked.

But Michi and Haiji aren’t undressing.

「 We’re here as bodyguards for now 」

「 We already washed our bodies beforehand 」

The two said.

「 Still, I think there’s another one who would like to join us 」


「 Err, if possible… 」

Haiji said while blushing.

Misuzu’s here, so it’s got to be that.

We don’t have time so we might as well get it all done at once.

「 Sure, but get your bodies clean first 」

I had sex last night and slept covered in sweat.

「 Yes, the shower is already heated 」

From inside the bathroom, the naked Mana peeks out and calls out, so I went inside with arisu.

「 Onii-chan, shower 」

「 Thanks, Mana 」

Mana gave me the shower head and I first washed Arisu’s body.

「 Hyauu 」

Her body trembles after feeling the warm water.

I wash Arisu’s body with my hands.

I can feel her nipples with my fingers, which had dried saliva, and the hot water dissolves and washes it off.

「 I’ll wash below too 」

I also cleaned up Arisu’s crotch.

「 Here, sponge 」

Megu’s also naked, and she prepared the sponge with soap and handed it to me all foamed up.

「 Thank you, Megu 」

「 Yoshi-kun, I’ll wash the sponge too, give me a moment 」

Megu puts shampoo on the second sponge and lathers it up.

I rub the sponge on Arisu’s body gently.

「 Ahn~ It feels good 」

Arisu turned to me and smiled.

「 It felt so good that I got wet 」


「 That’s okay but you have to hold it, Arisu-chan 」

Mana washes off, received the sponge from Mana, and started washing my back.

Megu took out the next sponge.

「 I think it’s good that you’re accustomed to sex, but, it’s not good to get too much of it 」

I say while washing on Arisu’s armpit.

「 Yoshi-kun. That’s impossible. it can’t help that the girls get addicted to it. I was also like that at first 」

Megu says while washing my legs.

「 Yes. Mana was also like that, and Agnes-chan also was a handful 」

Mana’s right, after Agnes lost her virginity, she got addicted to sex for a while and I had to give her a creampie every day.

「 But, Agnes-chan also calmed down after a while 」

Lastly, Misuzu enters the bathroom and said.


「 Misuzu, that… 」


Misuzu’s head…

「 It’s a shampoo hat, right? 」

「 Pupu 」

I said. Mana bursts into laughter.

「 Hey, Onii-chan, shampoo hats are the things that make you look like a kappa, right? Misuzu-oneechan’s wearing a shower cap! 」

Misuzu’s wearing something like a white hat to keep her hair dry

So it’s a shower cap.

「 I don’t want my hair to get wet since I still have school after this. I don’t have time to dry them 」

Misuzu said.

「 Uhm, Danna-sama, does it look weird? 」

Misuzu asks me worriedly.

「 No, not really, you look cute. That’s cute on its own 」

Misuzu has a beautiful naked body, and the fact that she wears only a hat to cover her hair is also attractive.

That aside, it has a subtle eroticism.

「 That’s great 」

Misuzu looks relieved.

「 Here, Misuzu-oneechan, we haven’t washed Onii-chan’s front yet 」

Mana hands the sponge she’s using to Misuzu.

「 Thanks, excuse me 」

Misuzu washes my neck and chest.

「 Megumi-san, you can clean up Danna-sama’s precious part 」

「 Okay. I’ll do it 」

Megu smiled and washed my crotch after my legs.


「 Arisu also has school today, maybe I shouldn’t have wet her hair 」

I just realized.

But her hair is already wet.

Today, it’s Monday.

It’s just that we’re having a break since we had a school festival the other day and yesterday.

Arisu’s middle school is also a regular one.

「 I can dry it right away. I’m still in middle school, and I also don’t need to be as perfectly groomed as Misuzu-sama 」

Arisu said and smiled.

Arisu was also a student of the school for the young ladies until a few months ago.


「 Yes, that. Besides, Mana and everyone is separated from the rest of the students, so we don’t have to force ourselves to dress up for school 」

Arisu, Mana, Eri, Rie, and Kinuka, are going to the same school, the middle school that Minaho-neesan found for them.

「 By the way, back to the conversation earlier… 」

Mana says while washing her body this time.

「 It’s natural to get more sensitive after you learn sex and do it a few more times. Humans will always get better when they keep repeating things. It’s hard to get bad at things 」

I see.

「 It’s like cooking, if you want to feed someone, then you want them to eat something delicious, so you’ll get better. From there, reaching the professional level may involve talent, but up until that part, everyone can get better. As long as they have someone in mind 」

「 On the other hand, if you don’t like it, and you don’t consider the other party, then you won’t get better even after years 」

Megu said while washing the back of my testicles.

「 Yes, that’s right. So that’s why the girls Onii-chan’s having sex with are getting better at sex, and that’s why they become more sensitive. I mean, Onii-chan, you know that right? 」

Mana, who’s all foam now, looks at me.

「 Huh, what? 」

「 Onii-chan’s better in sex compared to before 」

「 Yeah, I also think so 」

Megu looked up at me with foam on her nose and said.

「 I think so too, Danna-sama’s getting better in sex, that I’m feeling more pleasure compared to before 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Ah, Misuzu-oneechan, let’s swap 」

「 Okay 」

Mana washed my back with her foamy breasts.

「 I have to do it like this 」

「 I’ll do the same 」

「 Me too 」

Megu and Misuzu foamed up their breasts and rub them on my body.

「 U-Uhm 」

Arisu looked at Misuzu and the girls.

「 Of course, come here Arisu-chan 」

Arisu thanked Megu and rubbed her foamy body on me.

「 I think we should go to the next stage 」

Michi comes from the dressing room and told the girls in the bathroom.

Haiji’s smiling wryly behind Michi.

「 Right, you should also come here, I’ll wash you 」

I speak to Clito and Ososo who were watching us from the corner of the bathroom.

Michi translates it immediately.

Clito’s tense, but Ososo comes to me right away.

I show Ososo that the sponge isn’t scary and wash our bodies.

Ososo’s got black skin, a small face, and long legs

She’s petite, but she has nicely shaped breasts. Anyway, she’s slender.

Her body is almost like an African Soldier.

But, Ososo’s half-blood gives her blonde hair and blue eyes, and her nipples are bright pink.

But, we don’t have time so I washed her in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Misuzu, Megu, and Mana washed themselves.

Arisu helped the three sisters wash their bodies.

After Ososo is Clito.

Ososo lightly kicked Clito’s legs as she was standing still in confusion, and urged her to go to me.

Then, Misuzu also speaks French kindly, and so Clito came to my front.

Then, just like Ososo, I washed Clito’s body.

Her body is much more slender than Ososo’s, of course this is the body of her age. Ososo’s at the same age though.

She’s quite tanned because of her Persian blood, but she’s also half-blood, so she has a proportion different from Japanese people Her hips are high, and her legs are long.

Her nipples are caved in, and there’s only a bit of pubic hair.

「 Okay, you’re good now 」

「 Okay, let’s rinse them off 」

Mana took charge of the shower and rinsed everyone in order.

Everyone’s bodies got clean.

「 Well then, it’s about time…Michi will also participate, right? 」

That is to say…

「 Err, Misuzu. That’s how it goes, right? 」

「 Yes. I’m sorry, this is a life work to me 」

Misuzu’s lifework is to show herself peeing in front of me.

Ruriko, the other young lady of the Kouzuki house has filming sex as her lifework.

「 Then, Danna-sama. Please watch Misuzu’s embarrassing moment. 」

Misuzu said, and she squat before me, spreading her legs so I can see clearly.

Before long…

「 Auu 」

She leaks out a hot breath and peed in front of me.

The transparent liquid comes out of Misuzu’s slit and drips on the floor tiles.

「 !!! 」

Clito was surprised, but Ososo’s long legs slapped Clito’s ass to calm her down.

Everyone’s not showing any agitation, so it’s a sign that she should also calm down.

「 Aaah, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu pees while looking up at me with wet eyes.


「 Huh, Onii-chan, your penis is standing 」

Mana noticed the change in my crotch

「 No, look 」

I’ve been watching Misuzu pee like waking up and sleeping in the same building, but…

「 Somehow, that naked look but with shampoo hat…it’s kind of fresh, or rather… 」

It’s strangely sexy.

The only covered part is her hair, and she’s peeing.

「 I’m so happy. Danna-sama 」

Misuzu’s happy as she pees.


「 Yoshi-kun, you got it wrong. It’s not a shampoo hat, but a shower cap 」

Megu said.

Oh right, my bad.

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