Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex

Chapter 1456

Chapter 1456



I hear the piano from a distance.

Oh right.

Last night, Marika and Maki stayed over.

The two of them are practicing piano so early in the morning.

A lot happened last night so they didn’t get to practice.

Maki’s been hard at work on the piano since early this morning as she received a scholarship from Ruriko’s foundation.

That’s great.

It’s a nice, clear, and pleasant tone.

As expected, Maki and Marika have talent.

「 Awake now? 」

I opened my eyes and Anya, who was lying down naked with a thin blanket covering her is looking at my face.

The room with the echoing sound of piano, it’s the same bed as last night.

Turning around, I see Tsukiko who’s also awake, lying down on the bed, reading some files.

Arisu’s still sleeping.

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan already left. They have returned to their jobs.

Motoko and Kurumi are gone too. Sakurako’s preparing breakfast.

Ososo and Clito are sleeping on the other side of the bed.

On the mat out of the bed are the girl assassins, still sleeping.

「 That was a lot last night 」

After having sex with Arisu.

Anne Roze said something.

Dolly, their leader stopped her, and meanwhile…

Yin Ran and Yin Rin joined the conversation and it became a dispute.

The other girls were also whispering to each other.

Lastly, Anya told the girl assassins that they were noisy, so…


What happened after that?

「 Kou-sama fell asleep so the conversation ended 」

Tsukiko told me.

She closed the file she was reading.

「 Huh, in the end, what were they talking about? 」

The girl assassins are speaking their own language, well, it’s French with a Southeast Asian accent, and they’re doing it so fast that I have no idea what they’re saying.

Besides, the fatigue from the school festival had accumulated last night so I didn’t have the energy to listen to the girl assassins.

「 Anne Roze and the other girls said that they want to get up on the bed. 」

Anya went closer to my body and said.

She rubs her breasts on me.

「 In other words, they don’t want to stay out of bed and watch. They want to experience sex too 」

Last night, I did show the girl assassins that I had sex with my women.

Tsukiko’s Miko power made them feel the same pleasures of sex

They also experienced ecstasy from Shou-neechan, Kurumi, and Arisu’s experiences.

Furthermore, Arisu’s ecstasy was the biggest one.

「 Seems like putting only Clito and Ososo on bed have worked 」

Anya laughed.

「 Anne Roze complains to Clito and Ososo, saying that why are they not taking the initiative when they’re already in bed. What if it was her, she would’ve gone for sex already 」

Anne Roze failed to become my pet just earlier that day.

But during her hesitation, Ososo beat her to the punch.

That’s why she thinks differently about Ososo and Clito, who have become my pets.

「 So, what happened after that? 」

I asked Anya while listening to the piano.

The girl assassins have the combat skill to kill people in one blow.

However, if they start a fight, just from a small discord, then that would be hard.

「 Nothing really, the main argument fell asleep 」

Anya smiled wryly. She flaps her feet up and down to the rhythm of the piano.


While the girl assassins are talking about how they wanted to have sex with me, I just went to sleep without recognizing them.

I fell asleep on them.

That faded away the mood of Anne Roze and the girls, who were excited from watching sex.

「 I told them that they don’t have enough charm yet and that he just fell asleep. Then, Anne Roze and the girls got depressed 」

Sorry about that.

But, I can’t help it, I was sleepy.

「 While at it, I told them that if they want your attention, then they should start learning Japanese 」

Anya looks down at the girls.

「 I told them that they lack effort. That Edie mastered Japanese in three months just to talk to you 」

That’s because Edie’s a genius.

Far from learning the Japanese language, she’s much more knowledgeable in culture than me

Although the girl assassins know about Edie’s superhuman physical abilities firsthand…

They still haven’t noticed that she’s a genius.

I think it would be helpful if they could do their best in studying Japanese, thinking that if Edie could do it, then they should too.

「 Motoko-sama and Kurumi-sama were teaching them some Japanese phrases before going to sleep 」

Tsukiko said.

Motoko and Kurumi can both speak French because they’re students of the school for young ladies.


Seems like the girl assassins woke up from the sound of us talking.

Once one wakes up, the other senses it and also wakes up.

While the piano is lightly playing…

The girl assassins wake up one after another.

Then, they look at each other’s faces.

They look like they don’t know what to do.

The piano music stopped.

Then, another piece started playing.

Then, Dolly looked at me.

「 Good Morning 」

She speaks in Japanese.

Her voice sounds like she’s worried if she did it right.

She’s the leader of the girl assassins, but Dolly is also a young girl.

She’s probably worried that she might’ve gotten the words she learned last night wrong.

「 Yeah, morning 」

I look straight into Dolly’s eyes and returned the greeting.

Dolly’s face smiled.

「 Good Morning 」

Following her sister, Anna greets her cheerfully

「 Morning, Anna 」

I got up from the bed and replied cheerfully.

Anna shows a satisfied smile fitting her age.

The piano music became stronger.

「 Good Morning 」

This time, Ososo, the dark-skinned African descent girl greets me with her expressionless face.

「 Yes, good morning, Ososo 」

Ososo pokes Clito, who’s lying down next to her, with her foot.

Clito panicked.

「 Good Morning? 」

Why is it interrogative?

Oh well.

「 Good Morning, Clito 」

I greeted them back and she looked relieved

「 Gozaru Morning 」

「 Gozaimaru Morning 」

The twins, Yin Rin and Yin Ran greeted me with a slightly wrong phrase.

「 Good Morning, Yin Rin. Yin Ran 」

I looked into their eyes and greeted them back.

The twins looked at each other, pleased.

Until now, the conversation between the girl assassins and me have been through with an interpreter

They seem to be pleased to communicate with me directly without someone in between.

「 Good Morn! 」

Perhaps frustrated that the younger twins beat her to the punch, Anne Roze greets loudly.

She didn’t add the “-ing”, but…

「 Morning, Anne Roze 」

「 !!! 」

I greeted her back, and she looked satisfied

「 Good… Morn 」

She must not be a morning person, Vah Geena greeted with a small voice.

That’s bad, now they’re copying Anne Roze. they’re removing the “-ing”

「 Vah Geena, Good Morning 」

Can’t help it then, I should tell them.

「 Good Morning? 」

Vah Geena fixes it.

「 Good. You did it 」

I raised my hand to show that Vah Geena got it right.

Although, I don’t know if that goes through her since she’s not Japanese.

「 Good Morning!! 」

On the other hand, Penny Su, the Italian girl, seems energetic.

「 Morning, Penny Su 」

I called her name and she smiled.

「 Good…morning 」

The Greek girl, Acme says with a terribly languid mood.

Oh, she’s that type.

「 Morning, Acme 」

I replied and nodded lightly.

「 Good…morning 」

Kuni bows as she greets. She’s the youngest, yet she has the calmest mood. Surprisingly mature.

「 Yeah, Morning, Kunni 」

The beautiful dark-skinned girl of South Indian descent, bows once again.

「 Good Morning 」

That was a somewhat clear pronunciation.

And Olga was the one who said that.

I feel like she’s just doing it out of obligation, though she worded it exactly how it should be.

There’s no familiarity with the greeting

But, I can’t tell if she’s nervous, or if she’s a little angry at me.

「 Yeah, morning, Olga 」

I greet her like the other girls.

Olga didn’t react.

Well then, the last one of the girl assassins…

「 Good Morning 」

Fella Chiyo greets with a little tense tone.


「 You can actually speak Japanese, can’t you? 」

Did she pretend that she can’t speak Japanese?

No, wait.

She’s the one half-Japanese half-Russian.

So it shouldn’t be weird that she can speak Japanese.

「 Just a bit 」

Chiyo replied.

「 I can speak just the simple ones, but I can’t read or write 」

Oh, I guess she learned from her parents talking when she was young.

「 I’m sorry for not saying anything until now. Chiyo’s been a bad girl. I’m sorry 」

No, Chiyo was also still lost whether to trust us or not back then.

So that’s why she planned to pretend to not know Japanese.

「 No, I don’t mind. If possible, I want you to help the other girls learn Japanese 」

「 Yes, I understand. Thank you for forgiving Chiyo 」

The piano sounds melancholic.


My intuition tells me that Chiyo’s parents constantly scolded her in Japanese.

She could’ve been abused.

It’s a bad memory, so that must be why Chiyo purposely didn’t use Japanese.

「 Chiyo 」

The piano’s tone is rising.

「 Yes? 」

Chiyo looked at me worriedly.

「 Morning, Chiyo 」

I greeted her once again.


「 Yes. Good Morning 」

She seems to have understood my mood, so she replied brightly.

The piano changed melodies to a bright tune.

Good Morning

Then, Arisu, who woke up while I was greeting the girl assassins…

Greeted me happily.

「 Yes. Morning, arisu. I haven’t greeted Anya and Tsukiko yet 」

Right, the two…

「 Good Morning, Anya. Tsukiko 」

「 Yes, good morning 」

Anya purposely made the second half of her greeting sound like a foreigner who can’t speak Japanese well.

「 Good Morning, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko also greeted me again.

「 Uhm, did your fatigue go away? 」

Arisu asks me.

「 You seem so tired after doing it with me 」

Arisu blushes as she asks, remembering the intense climax she had last night.


「 I’ve recovered after a good night’s sleep. It’s another great morning today. And we also have great piano music to relax on 」

Saying that, I realized something about the piano music I’ve been hearing since earlier


This mansion was a brothel.

The rooms are soundproof, and no sound leaks to other rooms.

It would be terrible if they could hear sex in the other room or the conversations of the client with the prostitute in the other room.

Then that means…

I looked up at the ceiling.

Someone’s playing the piano music through the speakers.

The sound from the room where Marika and Maki are training, to this room.

『 Good Morning, Awake now, Yo-chan? 』

I hear Nei’s voice from the speaker.

『 If you’re awake now, then take a shower, then everyone has to gather in the dining room! We’re busy today too! 』


We’re on a holiday because of the school festival.

So, we don’t need to prepare the morning bread.

We need to go to the middle school this morning for the case of Matsumoto Miki-san, Maki’s sister.

To remove any traces of the photo Miki-san in her underwear sent to her boyfriend.

『 With that said, no morning fellatio! Arisu-chan! We’re short on time! 』

Nei’s laugh and the sound of the piano can be heard from the speakers.

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